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Simple Past Tense build built Construir

Regular verbs buy bought Comprar

Regular verbs: adiciona-se –ed aos verbos catch caught Pegar
infinitive + -ed choose chose Escolher
come came Vir
Algumas vezes há exceções ao se adicionar –
ed: cost cost Custar
1) Regra do CVC: conta-se, de trás para frente da
palavra, uma consoante, uma vogal e uma consoante. cut cut Cortar
Nesse caso, dobra-se a última consoante. deal dealt Lidar
S t o p – stopped
CVC do did Fazer
draw drew Desenhar
2) Verbos com -e no final: adiciona-se somente -d.
love – loved drink drank Beber
save – saved
drive drove Dirigir
3) Verbos terminados em –y: eat ate Comer
a) precedido de vogal (a, e, i, o, u): adiciona-se
–ed. fall fell Cair
play - played feed fed Alimentar
b) precedido de consoante: troca-se –y por –i e
adiciona-se –ed. feel felt Sentir
hurry – hurried fight fought Lutar
Irregular verbs (most common) find found Encontrar

Simple Past Translation fly flew Voar

to go Went Foi forget forgot Esquecer

I go I went Eu fui freeze froze Congelar

he goes he went Ele foi Conseguir, obter,

get got
I don't go I didn't go Eu não fui
give gave Dar
he doesn't go he didn't go Ele não foi
go went Ir
grow grew Crescer
Simple Past Translation
hang hung Enforcar
be was/were Ser/estava
have had Ter
I am I was Eu fui/estava
hear heard Escutar
he is he was Ele foi/estava
hide hid Esconder
we are we were Nós fomos/estávamos
hit hit Bater
Infinitive Simple Past Translation
hold held Segurar
beat Beat Bater
hurt hurt Machucar
become became Tornar-se
keep kept Manter
begin began Começar
know knew Saber
bet* bet Apostar
lay laid Colocar
blow blew Explodir
leave left Deixar
break broke Quebrar
lend lent Emprestar
bring brought Trazer
let let Deixar, permitir


lie lay Deitar win won Ganhar

light* lit Iluminar write wrote Escrever
lose lost Perder
* regular form (+ -ed) also possible.
make made Fazer
mean meant Significar EXERCÍCIO 01:
Forme perguntas utilizando o Simple Past.
meet met Encontrar Example: When / he / to visit / his uncle
When did he visit his uncle?
pay paid Pagar 1) what / he / to have / for lunch
put put Colocar 2) the cat / to run after / the dog
3) to be / the boys / in the sun
read read Ler 4) where / your father / to repair / the sofa
ride rode Montar 5) why / the teacher / to check / the computer
6) why / Julia / to ask / questions
ring rang Tocar 7) when / Eric / to phone / his friend
8) what / Paty / to throw
run ran Correr
9) when / you / to watch / the film
say said Dizer 10) how / they / to ride / their bikes
see saw Ver
sell sold Vender Escreva a negativa das frases abaixo:
Example: He walked to the park.
send sent Enviar He did not walk to the park.
set set Colocar
1) Phil talked to his friend.
shake shook Sacudir 2) The boys read books.
steal stole Roubar 3) They came out of the house.
4) We ran to the tree house.
show* showed Mostrar 5) Lee drew a picture.
shut shut Fechar 6) The parents were in the restaurant.
7) My brother made a lot of noise.
sing sang Cantar 8) She was late this morning.
9) It rained yesterday.
sit sat Sentar 10) Andrew invited his friends.
sleep slept Dormir
speak spoke Falar
Coloque os verbos no Simple Past.
spend spent Gastar 1) they work - they_________________________
2) they play - they_________________________
spring sprang Aparecer, mostrar-se 3) you live - you___________________________
stand stood Permanecer 4) we arrive - we___________________________
5) I carry - I_______________________________
swear swore Prometer 6) she visits - she__________________________
swim swam Nadar 7) you enjoy - you__________________________
8) we like - we___________________________
swing swung Balançar 9) I listen - I_______________________________
10) he tries - he___________________________
take took Pegar
teach taught Lecionar EXERCÍCIO 04:
Marque a alternativa correta e em seguida justifique a
tell told Contar sua escolha.
think thought Pensar 1) Which negative sentence is in the Simple Past?
a) We did not speak Russian.
throw threw Arremessar b) We not spoke Russian.
c) We spoke not Russian.
understand understood Entender
wake* woke Acordar, despertar 2) Which sentence is in the Simple Past?
a) She has read a book.
wear wore Vestir
b) She read a book. 10) They ______________something to drink. (to
c) She reads a book. order)
11) Last summer I______________to Stuttgart. (to go)
3) In which sentence is the Simple Past used correctly? 12) She _______her homework in the afternoon. (to do)
a) The hotel room was very nice. 13) He _______________ to 10. (to count)
b) The hotel room were very nice. 14) Our cat ________________a big mouse. (to catch)
4) Which negative sentence is in the Simple Past? 15) In 2001 our class _____a trip to Norwich. (to make)
a) They did'nt sing a song. 16) The weather_____________really nice. (to be)
b) They didn't sing a song. 17) The secretary _______the file yesterday. (to delete)
c) They don't sang a song. 18) Paul ______________nothing to me. (to say)

5) Which question is in the Simple Past? EXERCÍCIO 07:

a) Did you saw her? Escreva a interrogativa das frases abaixo. Utilize o
b) Did you see her? Simple Past.
c) Have you seen her? Example: they / their friends? (to meet)
Did they meet their friends?
6) Which question is in the Simple Past? 1) you / the door? (to close)
a) When did Anne find the keys? 2) Claire / the housework? (to finish)
b) When found Anne the keys? 3) he / a bath yesterday? (to have)
4) the boy / into the lake? (to jump)
7) In which sentence is the Simple Past used correctly? 5) Ronald / the Tower of London? (to visit)
a) Steven forgetted his homework. 6) Peggy and Olivia / after the baby? (to look)
b) Steven forgot his homework. 7) she / the invitation cards herself? (to make)
c) Steven forgots his homework. 8) the girl / the ketchup bottle? (to drop)
9) Tim / the green T-shirt last Monday? (to buy)
EXERCÍCIO 05: 10) they / karate this morning? (to practise)
Marque as alternativas corretas e em seguida justifique
suas escolhas. EXERCÍCIO 08:
1) Which sentences/questions are in the Simple Past? Complete as frases com was ou were.
a) He didn't learn for school. 1) I _______________in Canberra last spring.
b) I fell from the tree. 2) We _______________at school last Saturday.
c) I've found a pen. 3) Tina _______________at home yesterday.
d) She was in Hamburg. 4) He ________________happy.
e) We were watching a film. 5) Robert and Stan _______________Garry's friends.
2) Which of the following words are used with the 6) You ______________very busy on Friday.
Simple Past (signal words)? 7) They _______________in front of the supermarket.
a) at the moment 8) I _______________in the museum.
b) in 2002 9) She _______________in South Africa last month.
c) two weeks ago 10) Jessica and Kimberly ____________late for school.
d) while
e) yesterday EXERCÍCIO 09:
3) Which verb forms are in the Simple Past? Complete as frases com was not ou were not.
a) had b) has c) plaied 1) They _________________ill.
d) played e) was f) were 2) You _________________tired.
4) Which verb forms are correct? 3) The children _________________quiet.
a) lived b) liveed c) planed 4) Max ___________________in Helsinki last week.
d) planned e) tried f) tryed 5) She ___________________home for dinner.
6) The water _________________cold.
EXERCÍCIO 06: 7) There ______________a good film on TV yesterday.
Preencha as lacunas com a forma correta dos verbos. 8) We __________________in Brazil last winter.
Utilize o Simple Past. 9) Betty and Florence _________at school this
1) Jane__________________a film. (to watch) morning.
2) He __________________a box. (to carry) 10) I _________happy when I heard about the accident.
3) They _________________their father. (to help)
4) I _________________to Andrew. (to talk) EXERCÍCIO 10:
5) Susan ______________with Peter. (to dance) Reescreva as frases do exercício 08 na sua forma
6) The boys _______________basketball. (to try) interrogativa.
7) We _________________a trip. (to plan)
8) She __________________her hair. (to wash)
9) The car ________at the traffic lights. (to stop)