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Name: ​Shakira Johnson

Juan Moreno

Cecilia Rodriguez Gonzalez


Activity: LEVEL # III WEEK # 18


TIME: ​30 mins

EQUIPMENT: ​Cones, Hula Hoops, Beanbags, Bouncy Balls, Bibs and Yarn Balls

● To learn the basic rules of basketball
● To practice in a self-directed manner in basketball drills
● To work with teammates in basketball lead-up games

Introductory Activity​: 3.1 Demonstrate how to warm up muscles and joints prior to running,
jumping, kicking, throwing and striking.
Fitness Activity​: 3.9 Meet age and gender specific fitness standards for aerobic capacity, muscular
strength, flexibility and body composition on the state mandated fitness test.
Lesson Focus​: 2.3 Explain how to adjust body position to catch a ball thrown off center.
Game​: 5.1 Work outside of school to improve personal best on one fitness component and one motor


Activity Teaching Hints
Place one hula hoop in each of four corners and in Beanbags must be taken from the center hula
the middle of a square playing area. Distance hoops and placed on each groups home base hula
between the hoops should be 25-30 feet. hoop. It is not acceptable to pass or throw
Beanbags are placed in each hoop. There are four beanbags. No more than one beanbag may moved
teams, one beside each hula hoop (home base). at one time.
The object is to take the beanbags from the center
hula hoops and return them to their home base
hula hoop.
Name: ​Shakira Johnson

Juan Moreno

Cecilia Rodriguez Gonzalez


Activity Teaching Hints
Students find a partner and lead each other in Tape alternating segments of silence and music to
aerobic activities. Partners switch leader and signal duration of exercise. Music segments
followers roles after each partner resistance indicate aerobic activity (1-2 minutes), while
exercise. This routine assumes that students have intervals of silence announce partner resistance
previous exercise. This routine assumes will have exercises (45 seconds - 1 minute).
to be led by the teacher. The teacher exercises first; see chapter 13 for
complete description. A sign with aerobic
1. Bounce with Body Twist 1-2 minutes activities on one side and partner resistance
2. Directional Runs 45 secs-1 minute exercise on the other help students remember the
3. Bounce and Clap 1-2 minutes activities. The signs can be held upright by cones
and shared by 2-4 students.

Walk, stretch and relax for a minute or two Take 6-10 seconds to complete a resistance

PART 3: LESSON FOCUS (15-20 mins):

Activity Teaching
Review and introduce previously learned skills from last Give corrective feedback if students are
week’s lesson (#17). Introduce the following new drills: performing skill incorrectly. Positive
feedback to those students performing
Passing skill correctly.
Students are partnered by the toe to toe method. They will Check for safety concerns when
learn to chest pass the ball to each other. Ball is held in throwing, do not throw towards face.
both hands and passed straight towards partner at chest
level. Then once they have understood the chest pass will
move on to the bounce pass. The bounce pass entails the Use one ball per student and then have
students passing the ball to their partner by bouncing the them switch with partner and continue
ball on the ground first.

Name: ​Shakira Johnson

Juan Moreno

Cecilia Rodriguez Gonzalez

skills always checking for accurate
Dribbling passes.
Students will line up and dribble from point A to point B
with dominant hand. Students will repeat with non
dominant hand. The jump shot drill may be inappropriate
for less strong players. They can choose
Jump-Shot Drill to shoot the layup shot in lieu of the jump
The jump-shot drill is similar to the layup drill, except that shot.
the incoming shooter receives the ball. stops, and takes a
jump shot. The line of shooters should move back so that 1. Use chest and/or bounce passes.
there is room for forward movement to the shooting spot. 2. “Lead” the receiver with the pass.
As soon as the passer releases the ball to the shooter, he 3. Follow your pass, going behind
moves to the end of the shooter’s line. The shooter goes to the receiver; then cut for basket
the passer’s line after shooting. awaiting receipt of a pass.


Activity Teaching Hints
One- Goal Basketball
This is an excellent class activity if four or more
baskets are available. The game is played by two
teams according to the rules of basketball but with
the following expectations.
1. When a defensive player recovers the ball,
either from the backboard or interception,
the ball must be taken out beyond the
foul-line circle before offensive play is
started and an attempt at a goal is made.
2. After a basket is made, the ball is taken in
the same fashion away from the basket to
the center of the floor, where the other
team starts offensive play.
3. Regular free throw shooting can be
observed after a foul, or some use can be
made of the rule whereby the offended
team takes the ball out-of-bounds.
Name: ​Shakira Johnson

Juan Moreno

Cecilia Rodriguez Gonzalez

4. An offensive player who is tied upin
ajumo ball loses the ball to the other team.
5. Individuals are responsible for calling
fouls on themselves.