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Ds el | cy a in action gD: \ ES. Sg —— ine . ' | Pa S a ee ! | eon agel publications — j AIRCRAFT | NO. 23. $4:9 a es j ) suas oS. in action by LOU DRENDEL Z A ea squadron/signal publications pagements: A lot af people put a lot of time and effort into sec "got maximum support in puting this book togelner, end at obligated 10 thank thom in print lor their snflagging support, As sivas, Ex Gol Shiney Bach, Chalo! the Magazine and ook Bronch, SAFON gsi ie pointed in the right diecion. At SAC’ Headquarers T'was. wairy ‘eeelved by ther chit TO, Colonel John Walton, whe put me inthe aie hands of my long-auifering excor, Cap Al Forster, who shepherded me thvough th extensive bietings provided by SAC and saw fot thet | got on 4nd off the B-a2 at Biyhevile AFB. Ken Buchanan surrendered fp Ni nie collection of sides tor‘me to pick snd ch Hye slowed ego, hen sls. at@ "personal ‘momorabli elleted while serving in a'B-£2 wing, And; of course fot of othe private collectors did the seme. Their names appear onder many ‘1 the photoe herein. My profound thanks to one anda Cinerin Aetionthies A Suan in Seton tas Thuaserchietn Action Art nase Acton BY Corsair i'n Beton 'y Lou Bren! and Capt. Don Carson Fron Det Dart in Acton cited ana itustrateg by Lou Brendel ‘The Now Latwsite ln Aetion also rom Sabadron Signal By Leu rend nd RM igs Cover] 8.820 of the 42d strategie Bom Wing, flown by Major Bit Stocker leeds mission of "20 ‘December. 19/2 "“Airbote ihisaton ‘Colonel James R. McCarthy rides In IP seat ‘COPYRIGHT © 1975 by SQUADRON/SI GNAL PUBLICATIONS, INC. NO PART OF THIS BOOK NAY BE REPRODUCED IN ANY FORM WITHOUT WRITTEN. PERMISSION FROW THE PUBLISHER, 1118 CROWLEY OFINE, CARROLLTON, TEKAS 75000, ISBN osor4ran22 Photo Credits nasa Norman €. Taylor Paul Savon emets Introduction Aree Dan eeianeaies ene To say that tne 2-924 hyperotc conservatism dequately deserve te Stat Ents US. foreign poley ane Unthinkable in terms. of going 1 liserealted“fonblarospores of com ‘hepragratc onkamansnip oto ingles nt oniy i's ow ‘humpions of Uw manned bombers jevtrm the mission dete by the goin “ina 32 bapan fein’ sho same year Victorious allied nations, had all but abandon Tecltiniam in favor of the fle of global pareakespe™ “The Ale Fores realaing the seseasiy of tong 1 Inolement ths poli), setup tne ronurements for the 5 ‘Mardes'.coniae! a" enginearng sludias ang preliminary os The BARE ade i ro igh in Oar of 1967, Bale he atthe glaconics, They plonesred use of the AGM20 Hound Dog superscnis 1S Gucisrsemed statdalt mnie: They alo were used to develope the ew luce penetration Teenmiques wnicn nave been tne mainstay of SACs Wwiglang.gice the ite'S0e, The “e" mace hold The laincion of SDaoigecce! ct al Staioforvese's corning it st jon un Ale fer copy. Ore hunared € modete were bull Ss nde iat Hg n May 08H wn hat of ne me provecewsors, dierng Vn veious" fale ot ihe ant SG aauipped win tno ST-P-£0M anges tat ‘I 1GK0remtne tt publ announcement trata pair of expe ‘modelos "Fs wore Bll ava nla" Baay ordered woe mado in September. 1907 fe, the "mode, was rolled out in Foie apath anced betere tne" tet proteiya roles ott PSM tno ialowing Octcber twas the fret produce fovember 29,1953. This wes the X82, and I wa " thst stad nee, and a shore vertical in make os manta estore tno ol Ths ret of the 19) production a wat 3, 1080, Thefolow!ng August tho Air Fores fe is penchant fx rac Hanis wih 26 ha, ana was a0 eicok 8.526 over every state capital Is tine att fm aes coi cle) then retuned to the costal missle Pr Fonca tora sucvesstl ting o he Hound Dogs. Tne 22 neut Fvered 10,899 mis nonston, S324 came’ oi the progucton lines on September 30, the e-38m, but eared sy adtona 4,709 gallons of fun. 35."C" i May tee sae Yee Ie eat potion 620 cae AEB. A total of 170 +b" models were bull, 6 of Thess. com ‘Wichita. Bi 5.920% were ater gvon the “big belly” moat incensed their eanvntonal bot carting con ty” cts fa or the Bu820 fo modiied wae Bf sx0Ib bomos cated Intel ‘cannon. Th now angi Gave the H meas an unetasadl range of 12200, Pounders on the wing MERS) - fie, 82,900 tiie savantage over the © modal A total of 12 M models ‘(8 was a signeant year for the 8-52 in other waye lao. In “nur bui PH ris Major changes incluced. wera new engines, Bueet@raliver machine guna in the tal witha sifgia Vulcan 207m AIR FORCE — “sre IDS S7R4. yoraericss 52 hes of on « a to ty. (USAF) Sie months Statofoess to ly. 2. though completed es test thane. v8.5 a 0-52, New S months: Delors the NRASE VB. was. the Ml big Blanket] shroudea the rollout of tne X8-82 in the mide of the night of "258. (Bosna Lots of minh ol as burned 3 Bosing in th inal phase of 8.2 pradection. 00-8-52A, B.C models wore producad st Soving's Sete Frity Boeing) IW of the T980 Sept. os taking olf Wom Columbus AFB, Mayer) Hound Dog: AGMe. (Chafee 8 8.325 ploneered the lowlvel dlery fcbigues thal ae SAC Sane f-warandercherada today. Win shown Reve Hound Dog Misilo under the wing ofa 8-520. AGM.2¢ was 42 fot long, cared Blane the Washington coast [bocinel 1 2magaton miciear wamead, and coud enue fr 800 mies at mach 2 entered ‘SAC'serce ia December, 1888: [Boeing] Kelly AFB, Texas was the specialized maintenance depot forthe 8-52. Hers 8 1962. tt ehistoned “First 6:520 undergoes rehurbishment. Note the foki-down yertes Tal, (USAF. via Normon ©. Tayler] Norman Taylor) toey of Glacgow" [amold Armament Detail [RB-528-10-B0 Serial number 52-8714 [+0" pratix_on_ tall number duly alert approaching their twentieth eagnsiee the alrerst™ ar being obeolae, © i Inte to tently avert hat haa ten frclics" the ‘ir'Fores practice has Been dinesntinoed| Photographed st Chanute AFB. Ih ars sonice. with many active May of 1965 by Roger Besecter. (va Nermen E, Taylor 12:520-35-BW, serial number $8.75, of the 92nd Stratgic Aerospace Wing. Falrcild AFB, Washington, May, 1870. Norman E, Taylor) ‘8-524 60-0028 of tne 716th BS, 440%h BW, based at Kincheloe AFB, Mich. pen drag chute door bohind ail tas photographed a Kelly AFB in March, 1873 By Norman Tayo. Note 26 answers scramble. call du that cary thom (USAF) tanter in pre-camautiage cold war days 1USAP] 18.826 during landing approach. White. paint used on undersides of effects of nuclear Mash. [Boeing 18-820 launching ADM-20C Quall decoy missile. Quall was designed te imitate femoved ejection seat. Open nose sitords excellent siew 9! of Ne 6-92, and ean be programmed to simulate 6-52 attack profes Up 12 taaers (Norman €. Taylor {our Gunls’could be coniedy and they had a range of 250 miles, [Boeing] Exploded view of 952 ingiates components bulltby Boeing, [white] and those subeenioctes {0 onde [shaded (Saeing] “ Te takes a whole fot of nylon to slow « 8-52 down! (Bosing] applied to thie 9-526 bet ol USAF to whe pant Highly wsble ever he Geer. and haps to ceect ironies sd ea ceo (Boolng| Na, S80 of he BETH BS, soe BM was, Ine lomo cam, onal, Iv iso ber, 1272 anol ai 1 ether the best srrat anc crows of obviously not allowed to tach unit The alrrat Used ate indiniaualized by the unit ast, who '3 (Al photos by Ken uch *, WWIl heavy bomber artwork for retaronce, n) fabove) [USAF} noon Ker .. Testing. Testing... ND sm carne he bdo fA Fore Syne Command ons nse, I Ewart AFB Ihay, 1972, [Duane Kasuika a Norman ©. Toyo NB-S2A Sorat number 52-0909 with tho X16. All three ties win tne hr Force, [USAF va Norman E- Taylor) Below! Two views of NB-S2R X15 ca {seamutln of misione on scrsbont te i ighty Onc” (Duone Kevlta va Noten Es Taio) Bottom proto Take very eatly in X45 prggram. [Note X15 nose gear extended] [Boeing] 15 under the wing of “The High and Mighty One. ater oot sh wos elpnd ih janns. woe) Tepmigatono 1-5 texting ot pal teen ot epratonal et ue af N fre they are seen carrying the 248 (fp), andthe MLE? Potton) tng Sasso aoe. iting ogy anaes fined {wo views {lop and bottom! of the X-15 drop at 42.000 foot. 8:52 was | ‘deaty suited to mission of earring Kis and iting Bodies to hgh sitedes tor eunch, Ibouing) Contol Configured Vehicle NB-52E sported the most colorful pain job of al B52 with bright red forward fuselage, vera! Fin engine cov ombodiea rons aused by 3 ‘system ite inthe photos a fotal ang vertical canards on ve nose, esting of the aystom Bogan” In 1873, under the rection of the Ar Foren Fight Oynamies Laboratory, Funding FS imtiiondottars wil allow extensive 8 & D of tho RCS. 8-52 Sos chosen se Weal frge srt for study while Fa Phantom Was chosen se smaller sirettt testbed. [Boeing) Rotary Launcher for SRAM 2 lane. (Boeing) NB-S2A Se No. 52.0009 Its lf from Edwards AFB, Calorie ‘withthe 315 underwing, 20008 SAR FORCE: he od 1520 shows off SEA copnbat ca rmoutlage pattorn ‘38 ground crew Toads it tora mmission. (USAF) \b. 8-520 cockpit canon EP, 'B-52H 60-0008 of the 19th Bomb Wing, 8th AF as it appeared during Despite this admonition, none of the three SAC representative bomb competition at RAF Markham, England, 1967. Insel crows managed 10 bring home @ trophy. faselage reads; “Dear Rocky, not'to'win Is a very bad Over-the-shoulder look at the tet ‘seat of a 6-526. [Author Hound Dog equipped B-52H shows off pre-camou- Jluminum and gloss white. ‘concenvation in Wer Zane. Two 8 ttton (USAF! ‘one month test paiod in whic Wnts and dropped 1.487 bombs on v4 anaes and’ Honda. (Boeing) ‘Two of 28 8.525 releasing thet bomb loads on VC staging area 30 miles trom Salgon, 18-527 on Gusm awalt loading of 750 Ib. bombs. luring dy 7, 1988 missions: [USAF] -S2F Ser. No, 57-004 ‘Wing CO Parker] On External bom® loading on “Chain of Thunder”. Note ing a lack pant on undersurface, and snort pylon: which can be compared to normal long pylon [Retow used on ssc (Charles 8. Mayer) Competition”. Though tradition ing alvore wi x nbs. Big Belly mould “D” ie capable usar loading ofthe Big ally “0” ivivaly | [USAF Linebacker Il Atter7 yes of SAG service, the 8-52 nay lad 10 rest any doubts which might Nave lingered anoui ine abilty 10 pevlorm the tategle Soria mission Dung? cya in Dacerer of a72 he BES Fitary of coral wartare to put tho loads precisely on twgat | "pe ‘angels. were mitary and’ ingustrl” completes the Hanoi Haiphong area of North Wisisam, They wate atuck ne a rosult of 8 {omining ana'gence snd fatness bargining poston ofthe snery find 'e-demantrae 1 the enemy that the United Slates had the means thee i do whale ha to bo done 0 negate Perel of the end Wshonest in nie igning of 3 a0-clied”"peaca agteomont demonstrates beyond a) doubt hat fhe hed hae! the moans 0 effectively feat Ine aural Gnalaugh of Lineoxcker he would have dane so, Fer 11 Sopot oye he Una Sao wa arin bl paps Uae, a ‘While at Blyinevile AFB, Arkansas, | interviewed Brigadier General James" iscartny, nha fs now eommandor of the 4znd Air ONasion Campaign, remisiacert of the reat 6-29 armadas assembled during WUT Sn'the Paatie. Botm "be and °C" models were employes. USAF! During te Linebacker I eampaign ne was Wing Commancor of the 4a Strategie Wing, based af Andersen AFS. Guan. He Was one’ of the plan ty the a rg tha amion an ce te ous Cicgs ae Airborne Mission Commender, ‘ying in We fod bomber Sh the “specisoular migsion ef 26 December 972. "These are Ms nk you aly want s60 he signiticance of these aid, from fan aimanship Mandpeint, you have to-go pace m history an eninge item fo som of the big aide of World War Far the Plossl ld, ae 0" ‘Shampies a Gempleye mockup ef te target wa Bult im the Lyblan dase Sn the barber crews pratiené an practiced, an prailoee. Our raid of Becembar 25, 1572 employed improved facies. We had nove” practices Shemaral fors nae’ many fie hg fal of Won ae sh Stporences. The overall Linabackerl losses wore about 25) The tates icra vary eomplex, and te timing was plus or minus 20, Noval SAC ‘ew Wlning le aaa or minus tie mitutes. Tis had to be zero. From that stangpsint sone. Ya go up and ao the iret ime around. without ‘rer nating nad tne banell of practice, and to co i with some’ pretty finonnoeponencoa guys fying naa prety fantastic. As a4 weample | hacne pict wno, onthe four mission as an lira: corimande, Tow this mission _- at night, evar North Viinam. TRa's cling fora hel of © ‘Thare was a lt of controversy about whether you chould be allowed to manewer or not. A B52 6 not Ie an 4, for example. With an Fos you {ould luc in lose and fy 2 prety good formation while mancuvering. A 8:52, on the ater hand, [every Raton he eonils, so Irtakes a ott Bhysial poe anc coorsinton fo wiane aru ne sy sro Fit erving a Mack Truck On th third sight, we rally got sapped bed. so ‘asa concerted sift ins command geveloped nev tactics. We N ig Irom the northwest, down Thud Ridge Al a ake tac fn 49 ae ut ote arb, Thal eae ut Sefenced as" Hanol/Haiprona was, the lethal zone was pretty large Naturally, you dan want fo spend any more time in that ervifonment th SESS te hth Rh an ul Soa bE eaten aataeny ot Soe 88 mas {ecall thinking at we flew up that night How thankful | ad been, back in SER Laden a fee Wh at tne nortnwest was attacking a targei Just three miles away! True. they DV ooetne as ORs stan a ‘wth tei families. In alton, we had worked out a plan wnereby we veg. Wel, ‘oul tend ara crews nome by doubling up on some ofthe ‘then the wow 0a Linebacker Ireamo dow, | had to call a mesting of the elt commandarsIYold them that everyone was restricted 10 aso, that they were not going home, that they ware not allowed to make iy istarhone calle, and inet wo ‘ware going to fly some extremely importent mission Wai had geventy-some crews, and as Is normally the case, four of ve Wen DRE (Oo Not Ply) bocausa of colds or sinuses, or other minor “Mimente The fet question 1 got after breaking the news was, "Sr, those us thal are grounded. do.we have your permission to ty 10 tak ee ight dargeun inte ating ws Hy?" Well that showed moa ot and before {he tampaign wes ove, thy gave me many more ressons to be proud of Them, There were tne 9-62 wings partoipating In Linebacker I, the 43 nich I'eemmanded, the ab7th, when was bane 9 Viapao ATAB, and the Jone also baa at Andersen The Ard and the 307th wore tne “B wings ‘ails ine 72nd few tha 6G" modal. During the entre operation, | aid not veo gy we tian fy and I as allow a ane rarer teed he ot any of the B52 wings. Neturaly,wo wanted fo know \ihy end eondusted a “monday momiap quertrback" session alter he ‘We had sessed mutual protection, staining the aliaclous types’ of munuevere some guye ware making in an attempt to dodge the She You cant dooge a SAN. AL least, not ina B52. A Tot of gure fhoughe they could apd Jl of thom tied. ut we stressed basio ar siping, heoping’ he formation together This taxes 2 ot of guts, HesreeShe miss distance he syater i designed fo give you makes it uslyimpeysite fo tf the SAM fo geing to ty ght un your nase, cr Inise you, So fora bores pilot to Keep boring In, straight end tev when {he SAN areal srcund, takes a otc? Intestinal frtuso, That's rot the Seis a ghter. na fighter you could wal unt tne missle wes within Blur chet o you tem bresk dawn int, va tity two yeu couldn do ea he arta cout take moh of thai Kind of @Yores, Sota my ira at you eraak formation to dodge a SAM, Ill court-martial you!” ASetinat fant go down too wel tliat, but afer about Your days they eet caming tore and admntting that h was the best way. we OTe Ieeing le sptanes ane getting our bom on the targets bets, Now, It Tee dans Godslng Sade, hevnot only highlights mimealf, ne degrades ae a itecivences of tre formation, We recover one Grew that was ‘Rardown, ana tne plot somites thai he fe, boen breaking oft every ares Sakic nas fed at hie The fret ight ha got away wih I and thought feted the answer” Weil, on te third night the SAMS were ova fe ap rang lune wae aout The miles oto he formation” He got eappec. ‘Now, te dl maneuver some, but was avery gentle manowver, and it kept the formation fog Gee of the advantages of the D model Thariisled tcl hore. We gave the tall uaners ais Lamps, and with {hater ey cout pretty Welt tll where the traling Bombor was, When tas mansuvores, te gunner wouls las his lamp Toit the ooing B-S2 omnis way totum And, f we kept the formation together, the burner SS aie eight engines were wale tothe rallng Bsa. This made sare ot dao Inicaton an we got ‘so that we could make these ‘Tension personited. 2ces of 8-52 crewmen miror thet feelings 88 Hanol target forthe fet time, 18 December, “ore (OSA ie ” 8-520 ready for @ mission. Weathering of camou ‘he minenance siete eaused by the tropic Tsar maneuvers ang stil keep the formation intacl. This was no mean feat ‘Since many of snoge nights wore moanless, and aot ot tne guys were felaivaly lvrtlma plats (1200 heure taal lima, uth maybe 800 in he 1:82) Now, you expect that kind ot flying ftom 2 guy ity four or tie Thousand hours, bul to get Wom inaxoeiencea pitta eYaly fame! sthnbute our suécess fo that frsning elenativentligenes and fo thet ne for that traning: at Andersen we had a requirement for two “over the shaulder” missions, enw inthe da) and ne might. with ar ‘oxerlenced icra commander and vada navigator te mate sre that he Fad the procedures down, boforo we ft them go es aera! commancers ‘nei oun, That was f ne was doing DO0d tuning. Alot othe G ane model pilots had rouble vanstantng tne ©. N was 2 much Naat Silane oy particulary with Bombs ranging on the orlrnal Tacks, Ane ita Ines power nan me Gand modalss 20 the average guy might ke Ute or four missions fo get quaiieg inthe ‘Thore wae a signeant change. naliiude a=. the campaign prooresse. nialy, thd aot of guys come up to me and say: “Colonel Poontming taling you Ym esl soar” fa nave soil ham, “Bor feel Thathe Lone Ranger, tens!” Ana here ie where the valu of Heung tha wing commande ty the missions realy pala etm "vom he od thool"| belle 8 commandr should be in the tick of Mt leading Ms "We, 2s Nigh ranking afices, had aot of Information thatthe enemy would dearly hava foved ta ge and, normaly speating, we should new He bas alowed fy. Be we caczand addres et the le fying would have: Gn every mission tat we launched, wo had an aiboene ‘chance to get set for us on the 26th really had ine guys worried. Gut Our ee eel recovered, told me how he was shet down. They were within seconds of ‘woul bof egal. Thay hel ll ofthe electron inciations thatthe ‘SAM wavered fr a'secand is te osilon in he windscreen was rae going 1 hi hem "in fac oe of Ine cals on the intercom just Tootball. Forunatety, they were able to bal oir, and were recoveen ater ‘lad to have had ihe chance to participate. Kamipg “pot er" ine Narn Wattanese"Seetio W‘cclnwed 8 Vietnam. Colona! Bobinson Aisner-& POW of te Nor Visas for knew ne was under attack until ihe bombs started falling. And the bomb be going back t© Hanor the next day, and that | would be leading the ristion-and he would fy with me. He’asked ma to-go down to the D.O.X. Hin ech iticharen eshcey pebki2s ala Stent fad fo pronare that any flight lnenes at one time. and they really had to indke sure that spares were in position {o go itn aiiplane aboried, was a OP ey ee tequesied permission te taxi inta position and hold, ewaiting my time out the aosan to bum otf Concertina wire protects the Might line a Utzpa0 ATAB from woukl-be SAbotuore: Are Light misione ageinat enemy woop concentrations Wore Sipplamented 1872 by Bullet Shot. which Infeduced the rst Teal Etinegie bombing elfed fo the Vieinom Wer. [USAF] (row Chiet rece osded D tom it's parking epaco at the beginning of 2 Inission. Ground erows regulaly worked "2 and 14 hour days to keap the Burs tying pot morale was aon alltime nigh. as Ot AP posted the flghest eateelrecanlisiment aie for SAC uring’ the. 1974 ‘bombing Camoalane [USAF umping fuel) Dunn his om he other two engines on ne same sce ‘aught on fire, ang he hao ta shut ther own. He got permission to Jetttan fla Bombe ito the ocean and cid 20" As is $0 ofen the case, re problem was compoundea by ancther snoriy thereafter AS he wa ranking in ihe rudder tim to old agsinel the four dead ongines it rote! this e very rae. t'had never heard of if heppening but ur ‘planes wore old, ana the cotoaive atmospnere of Guam slet help {jing te mainiain thom In top condition, He anc ne Co-plet adjusted {Rebar mama vere an tae hr manag 1 tnd on the radger geal hard enough fe heap the airplane fying stag. (ol a” G25) Job there fat feat 80 to 60 pounds of proseure). possility Shs dinging lt on the funway, and eanetined about sl the {eloming panes they would have te tesven dosicod Mt would bo Best te bailed out and tet the alpine go erty argued against ms and Sovincoa han athe Gould fans sty. When he wae Gown frinimu landing weight he-began his approseh.(animem landing ‘folgnt inthe 6-220 ta 280000 pounds) Tavone time i had toon considered real bad sea to ty to land the 2-82" witout Tape. there just didnt seem to be enough ‘unway ‘Saale wo get ove sted without thom. But eventually somene had fyi having had an engine Slow up, wnlon camaged the fape and mes them inaperabe, After he got down na ported tea twas hot neay 9S fad se wae made out fo soem, and that te had Yo land with three or four enginos out on one side, ne would profr to dot lage up, ince he Would ave lace drag and meee power to work with, Well they casos ‘ies. on that, and geclvee that he was ght. the ichnigus wa than any 6f the B-22 The book aay I dovsn' have enough power wih four engines out to maka'9ge-around, # you get Uelow 200 fest AGL” On his frst approach, Jey was too high and too hol, But Father ten oreo « fora 16 hour mission against communist targets In North Vietnam. (USAF) tne aly made tne decison 1 go-round betore ne desconded boiow 2,00 leet. Ox hs second ty he got It down and stopped sale He sas narod the Distinguished Fijng Cress fora super pros of We had a cet. air rusting area whico, ue to coneigerations anit alr utes ould ot be changed. In lf of ut faa tbe area ae large enough to allow sight ertions of te trace, [Baths aria tie large tere was no room for maneuver nd ws ware foxcad to elu ilo ihe sun hed anieipated the problem and had made Imysel cardboard cade, witha window out init to back out the au By isaning 2 bi to one sia! was ante to get my gs without too much roubi, but we were very concerned about how te young iets would ‘Well, ney handled ft wemendously well, and I didn’t nave a single plane that eidnt got is gos {A litle by-olay that occured during the launch ilusrated the stan of the force, ant the time required Yo. gt it irborn, A wos In Aeparre. a commercial airiner callad Agana Approach Cantal. (Agana Is the commereal aifiison Guam, and wae’ ine only. other ‘concrete Ballabie, so they were holding I open In case of emorgencies) His Sonversation won! something lie hiss Agana approach, thesis Pan Am Might'sa and 30. Request landing Instuctons, ovr." "Pan Am, his fo [Agana Dessena to ano toro tovsane, procsbd south and orsit at 70 tles, 180 dope raga, Agana. and say your endurance fuel “Agana, thie ie. Pan Am. We’ hove sah, a¥2 nous fuel-.S9. you havea fmergency? How tong ® delay can we axpect?” "Pan Am, thie le ‘Agana. You Gan expect up to a. four ‘lay. No evergency.” Tactical Considerations" His veaction was spontaneous, and unprntse, ur tes bia cession on whether to. abort the mission wae caused by Tonks! probioms. Ataner eat" whige was sunsoring ne Local isblity was sharply reduces a0 the 8-52' fied the Stiog over Andersen with black exhaust with thelr one in te intra taketfe on Linebacker i missions. [USAF] es Sobers was slayed wenty mini because op an emcanney siutlon tr macona yal ight, thi shouls have cauaed a migaion scrub for one Ertwo of ibe bomoer eels. we fat that, ceina vp agset the targets we hers ehlaching, faa of the utmost importance fo have all of our ited ‘om tonnage: We nad taker off one mncte apa, ive minutos between ela, tee aca in ote" te spread tha fofce Gut for refusing. Aer feiveling we had fa fiy 8 comple serieeof boxes, which Took aout an Four te get ine foe tec together. “The twenty minute. delay on the bord tubkar cel could Mave Been snough 2 doatfoy tha timing, Authors ote: Remornber hat 117 822s were over thee targets wun 13 mies, Anion requires exquisite timing) Wel, we did some quick ene dy fight Dlonting, and Colonel MoCarhy orerea the second wave leader fo adjust Als atuling eonedule to reageavous wih follow-on tankers. t worked snd the aborted are cal ally made tf ona took tna 2rd wave Teasers Inaiustions to compiete an etlectva ciioad. The second wave leader was 1 Walor Leer, ande sto his ere athe Ga his eels ofuetod ard back intone stam ot the proper timo, and Inthe proper seau ‘The force was together now. and” we ehesed ine setting sup westward. When it finely want down, wo wete confronted with beautiful ‘loan eae ok ‘ita hea six nours of tying, we finally reached the coast of South Visinam, ang tured novinwara. A soon 28 Wo paced the DMZ, we Dagan fo get indletions on tha ECM gear that Me enemy radars wee Tedking aus, 20 we knew they would heve ampia warning inthe target tons, We were fying aimact doe north, sping the Gut of Tonkin. | icoxaa out te igh front windsereen, ang there was Hainan Telard i up like Christmas Tee: 2ad; "Geo, we've ewtuly clos fo that ducal I wa {Inking out Toug, ara’ remember thst"when | had flown my 100 Fo Imissions, we nad always avoided Hainen Because the Chinase Would fvidence ofthe consant acibity required. for suppor of ‘Biesiona! (USAF from strike 18-520 tases out for Begining ofa mission. Graph inebacker lane ig oof tae Yo gto I we got tin a oro Siauace fie Naniator most nave sensed my cones, because he came Beer win, Nanr weve got plenty ef room". Gut In frat of us wae Ne eatine ot China fooae up. and you could pice out al the ile Gast fowns gleaming Iie a sina of Joma i the iar might i ‘Onur ie was, the coast” ot North. Viena. andy ae we watcha, scold age ha the Fits and A's hoe bagun tl eck Shine SAM anes. al of sudcen, you would pees flare-up of AAA, thon tho berspe would go off knew thelr times on Tage and a | consued inp waren Wao Ceetoring Yo note tat they were rant en time, The fc Tad guar vo th ny wold Hoey ihe. Si an wns NaBnag ay We nad sep with “Fine, but gon wore thom ox to Rarsretnoyta lousy shots, ancl If you get them all, thay might bo tebloed by someone who better Wo cut sno ot the Chinese coat eng neagea iia, When we aot oe noheaat allnay ie St to the 90uth a Reed fot our art, Giich as the Fano rand, gh aeoss the atest om ia bam Itpor."We coud really fel wnen we had rsshed the SAM lines for thoy ‘NaPcd coming up sos! fastor than we could coum them. A'SAM lucy sthign is gute @ ght: fue war_a tom undecoot, owe caught ‘Taualy abe the ground inate would ace wae fash of lah under the {iSads? Sic’ reaty faced snd prese by tne cleues as Stace san explosion. Then, prety s00n, you woud ee the tail fra aime up'iNough the Clowes, accelerating an‘mazing rae, You Kaew fron nat waa SAN Wha you drt xtow, an often coun tel unt Moras oat, wag whet oF nt ian Vest oryeu, and, becsuse of thstcomrgence of the dfeent omven: tere was = starting umbe” of | IMemnsible fo vs was pretty busy fying the eetene end keeping the {it egather with he a, a ait Mave tine fo get too worec about oe ra eh eae eee ee hao Ecconas tn bomb feleass call ne hed counted 26m he a, wsble tous the windscreen, He gave up ater that they were just coring up too last We aw some trie A, but I really didnt concom us too fost ‘eacon, they new soemod to fre AAA ans GAM at tho ame time, £0 iinen ie shu the AR. we know we were geting s breaner trom" the ‘SAMs, Thoy came close though. Oe that we clant see gering couldnt fave miaaad us by more than tap fest It'was just suddenly ther and ore, but for afew seconds It was Itorally as bright as daylight inthe {Eee Ue mare ust damn lucky thatthe thing appetenly malfunctioned late dant go off when It was suoposod to, “The. ilercom ‘communveations during the tom. cur and just befor ana after mage an ineresting contrat with the fat few missions. Viner we fret wont to Hanoi geting © SAM hat at you wae enough to ‘aise everyone's voice stow staves: ang atta you woul heat the EI bun our samen. tke "PILOT! SAMTWELVEOCLOCKTHAEERINGS- COMINGTHISWAYTII” On tho night et tna 26im 1 roramber call that ‘went something ike hs! “UN. Pil, SAM. dciook the and a alt Fings.unno biggle, ross on" And on te bomb run, you dent know tater (byTosking sutlae) you woule have swam You wae on a ner RBS back, in ihe slates. ‘The guys "were cou! personified as Mey ommentee;" (Locking al "the. radar" scope) "Yeah, theres the Target there's the eflsts 0.4, ng eweat" | guess it si gous 10 show you thal you can adjust pretty qulexy to any situations If youve Mad tho airing ana experince Bus the. avain sometines manilested itself inspite of what a uy showed outwaray” ty navigator ad been In Meaduarers, ana haa ‘ot boon ona ow for aout ss Years unt he cae to seutheast Asia. fae bosn on my craw forabout the months, and tas apparent at Me ad not lost ary of his expertise, because Te dic ah outstanding Job as [ena navigator. Ae wa cama off the tergot that right, ho call "Pt, alt tum, two sx zero "Wl, 260 degrees was f0 the igh of course. 50,10 [ab him in thabutt 8 litie Bi, (le wore tie same tanky and were oten Hibbing each other bout ou eapeciive abs.) aaid. Vou mean RIGHT ‘Unison you hac Ny DAMMIT Paid LEFT TURN “Uh May You'want me te\make’2' 389" degree tum to come around to two she a0?" pregnant sllenee_Un, wel, go whatever you ant ol". Naw ‘Jou want me to give you a Yeah to old in'ona hana? Wal that ctaasod ‘eyone un, coring a5 1°01, lust as we came of he tarp, with SAMS ‘uhezing rough the ei all afound ua. and’ realy broke some’ of the TRe we came off the target, the shy to the northeast it up with a tremendous ‘ire, se a B52 tle up ia he at io knew me wore fosing ome, thou! even hesing tha calls When you gjoct your booper local ‘Seuacn an your sural tadlo automaticaly tare tnemiting onthe {bara Trequancy. As sale, hac boon niger. and had heard a Yow of them But when you loss ® 882, and everfane goto out, there ao se of {hem gaing simultaneously Andi! you Tose wo er thes inthe sare time Devod. ths boeging is enough to ceive you bananas! You cont shut out, Sindyou know youve lost big ona, Every now and nen that ound wl come back to a song that reminds you of an event...1 guess it aunt ma forever Wine we wee inthe. precetermines real area, (a st of geographical ccosinees) nas horde Reep tack of al f my aipanes, Sethe Common ada equency” aioe here was aft of wate concerning SAM isonchos. tig cals, "rm hit"ealls, beepers, ete. So, baeed on my fxperiance fom my two presous Linebacker f'masiona, came up th {he folowing ptooasure: As each col entrad the teat area. fey wOUle goo acres requoncy- wan would alow the cl ied fo hat track St Mis arplanes. an that “applied to. them. witout fnertewnes, Upoe aren, they would 90" Back 10 Ihe omen frequency and atemateaiy check In‘with me. tasked th to copie ana lat gva me’ vas Dele. hi hey Ned goten tr bombs ‘he trae) outwit treet thoy has thai imtace) they hae lost ‘he, er had some afer problom: ty wore to elaborate. Wel, hey start ‘checking in, and you oul jt fos! everyone heling thelr brenh as the tepori Eamein Wren the lat cel checkodIn'as ote, out ih iter" 4nd wehnew tat we had gotten all he bombs on the target without sing “Inyone exclaimed: “SHIT HOT! Las take am homel That rely rout ihgtenitons and you could hea al kins of chatter up and down the rao het. Alters fow Secondo, eskad thom 0 ooo tare Set power and Shmded Tor our recovery alttuse of 7.000, Reasino ack to Rndereen T'was exhavaies, a I gave the airane to the copilot. setied backline sea and went to Slap. He woke me soout thee hors ltr. ss we ew info ihe sunign We weve prety fw bck inthe steam due to Surposttarget posison, and we Taras wv eSulé see ovr tne horaon, thors ‘were seta of tee cons, erscraasing as the cel navigators mace Inet Iminuo coretions. Iwas sn impressive right, and ones again Sought “the Inst Linebacker "sorties were flown on Deoomber 20, 1972. in the bit lime tht te campaign Nac lasted. the 882 ac dropped tore than 49,000 bombs onthe enemy homeland, They had Geatoyed ot damaged" over 1800" miltaystrocures"and 373" plecee of ralrosd fauioment. An estimate tee milion gallons of peioleum products were ‘Satrayed the all syetom snas Inordietd In at Teact S00 plseae, ana impor’ tom Fustla and China were recice fom 160,000 tors To 90.600, {One per month. Addtonaly” enemy aisles wore iterdictod in at lent ten-sepaate places: No Bests were Yoat to Wigs and 852 guoners were Cedtad witt two contimed Mig hls, Fiteen, B82 were lost during {inovacier (an cveral Tse rate of 2%) and'8 crewmembort Tost that tives 23 credmembers ae sti eavied es missing m-cton Thirty theo °° Fade nad ace ee lf Gefenses. Inthe two ais, mo 6-425 were ht and it waa apparent that they were Bombing the anemy"nameland with vitual impunity at the and ofthe campaign Setiany of SiaiaHemy” Kissinger lopped short at categorcaly sedtng Linebacker i'ith ending US. gartlpation In tho ‘nar but ol ay much. Innis words” "There was a deadioge whien was {eseribed'n the middie of Dacember, and here wes a rala movernen tater regolattons sumed on the fecha avel n tanusry 2, sn0 on ihesubatanive lev ana ih. these foe ave fo be aaa By ang lt inom! usar) Mejor Bi Stocker flew his. 300%% 0:52 mission in Notomber, 18721 and. was appropistely hosed. down ‘he only 8-52 to cary the sharkmouth into combat operated fom An Sion 'de plnaing. With nim ‘we Squasron’Commanger Toe Was ze decorated by te ground crews, with Me indulgence of 3rd Strategie Wing L/Gol~ Maynard ell) and "Wing. Commander Col 9 Gal. James Mccarthy. [80 James McCarthy] Carty: [USAF vo Maj Bil Stocker) AIR FORCE ‘Are Light Memorial at Andersen AFB conststs of plaque and permanently C185 tanker ofthe 410ath Refueling Squadron, Koret RTAB, July, 1972. laplayed B-s20. l commemorates the sacrifice of Bez crews who didnot Tei eee es tlanded by Col sams he'MeCariny. Possisy te anly relum’ Flanking the memaral ave Lt Gen. Goorgo H. MeKee and Col. Ke-126 ever any 8 sharkmouth. [8G James McCarthy ‘mes Ru MeCarty. [USAF] B-52 Today Twenty yoors. afer the Air Foros took dalnory of ie test 8-52; the siatotertaze remains an effecting someamat ec. weapons system. In iiscorer the 8:52 hes peslomed every mission, haa bao tekod with Serve ol which wore norer envisioned Tor W./SAC and the B:S2 nate Sullned ine iifed war philosophy of the sixties, ana ara_once again {hiuinig the role of "theft team’ In America® dotonse posture “the etiy concept Ie emphasized by General Russel E” Cougherty CINGSACS whom | ntrvewed while to! research for this book. Genera Beusherty # ustNaoy prous of al of the people In SAC, and Ne gave a Eoadel mention to he tanter crews, whose aerial yao sialons give the Gee and Foss ther worse ouch ‘kilo orsaiing the "TRIAD" concep! of eamplomentary retaliatory systems, ne rasa the lew blity ofthe manod borer. Ina iis the [Einbor can be launched ana bo Kept on alborne ale amost indefinite {han maslied hon tho situation coca in this peste They ae fr Tose Seaton yi fe ena ageesion, Manion are weapons Hopeful, Isa fo negotisten and peaceful retrenchment Bath ar wal Mee ial ae ee poopie, and our bomber force 18 iN head. of Modemizaion. The @:52\nas bean a remarkable act fora romarkable fuimber of year, but Hs career len the glosring. The 8-1" on the Rofzon, its seuistlon wil ensura continued viabity for TRIAD, and Te thie srlton. SAC ls hopetul of eeaving the 8-1 but thoy are also committed fo maintaining thet 8:52 free ler several yeais In the future ‘fe pioteslonelsmn and dediealion of SAG peeple wil add the recoetary Ten years i Ihe B52 sence life, enc hen t tinal relives. Wom the Seine nveioy te Sifaatores il ave ered spec ene me Nie fortunate enough lo accompany a 6:62 crew of the Qin Bom Wing ov atypia! taniog mssion rom Blythe AFB, Arkansas. These Flanring for the mission Began the day betore it was flown, and occupied al of the time a the cfen, which eensieted of Plot Major John Ewing, Co Piles Lt Lao Antnamation ane Lt ave Vendenbura, Radar Navigiior Capt lan’ Robinson, Navigator Lt Jerry Leafod, electron Worlre Offiger Major Charles Masa, ana Gunnar Mgt James Csrman. "Tkool! tive was O70, onion maant geting ne ola Biclegeal Cock (Gpuretigns t O44 and they had lrdy done’a'good deal ofthe day's mies he weather was Duy and tna frst aray ght of sawn made “ippearane se ne beard the crew bus fr ths da to tho fight line. SAC fhovan they got up inthe mda cf he night every day, they made Sra tah wile | was sth tying fo el my baln to midelo-tchowtay Siarenexs Once we ples up tothe allan, toy ware al buses 1-526 engine start. (Author Taxing to the aetv. (Autbr] accompanied Lt, Vandenbura on the preflight walk around He plates ha ie plight wae more ual chest for fuel r hysrale teas than "anyinitg else since tne Teal preightInapecion ms. be ‘ccomplished by nine ren, and aes serra Nore: Yous tink theta ‘minutes, Not so. would probably take five minutes [ust to walk around 3 Bisz Cochin for enka In altho possible placa thay coud oozur adda Ser mpreceed with ine gu oF the BiG Ugly. von". Fal ‘rou hres othe UF. fom a haleh dct” inde ne, orew conparmerts, Enroute tothe fit deck, you pss through the cubbynole SEdlpul by the Nowgetor and Radar Nangutr: tarde way apatan ftatbors fies Us one move Right, ana eu ont fight doce ove) ‘about Hiting i. Even when you know what you're doing with s parachute, {ling anon in therm Comparmant ot the B21 no mean fat, Ab compartment. In fact, you cannot stand upright. ‘ace slid | waehed Ne Pt and COPD ao though te pretign tree ere aula to bing thas engines tof i hea varia hey Ma Eving eeced ne ‘Dolor tant" lom was checkod of the checklist and we wore ready to go. beginning to wonder if we were going to taxi into Base Operstions. the ‘eas sung mjstcaly ote rah and we heased Gown te Toxay. O8 the tastany the pts sasegeged she srosouin pest poston hoot and Interesting features of the 8-62, I allows the allot to compute the correct {rnb ang for's'gnon cresewind decton end seas, en tne he Siplar imo tne wind, hie he landing geat acs salght down the tint na 9 takeot or landing te abaottoly oss to be tang aa Sone we, nae nose Sings ome eres at en et Bropary”iney set Inthe prasomauted angle for our theo! We Stopped short ofthe active and watched another 832 returning toma nghtlong salon mote apes aaing af el au wn ees ‘naa obser Several times during the Mision, SAC erewa shoot fer Iajor John Ewing, USAF. [Author 'ALO7GO we were rolling, This was a water-injection takeoft, 20 the coh aie esl io econ sy Ane a {considering our takeott weight of over 401 090 pounds. Meantime, down in Salt et ieee Sle Zo teitoudloneq tng bth’ SSS Sa somone wha i sharing a lcs bit of information when ne replied that ‘iso's B82 thst mao bearing down on the aniner (No, I Son know Winy.s-t can ony know nna heard) ‘hisen we amved in the Tyhda area. was Eack 1 tho helmet and \gnint aracnte, We were advised by Winetone Conia thet the Feht ‘Sis nawng radio giienes, and ould’ be ate in geting. up. In the Mosntime She would give us seeios tate un and down ta Cost. Ten (minutes passed, tnn'ine controller atsed us of urter delay deck 110 {ho contale that ha wanted vestoe to'gat us to the anil point ol tho area ‘ine nour (Eve fafa othe fight pian.) The coli gered nat ‘hon sed postecit of hi awn for aut ealfteaton. "Med Twe Four, bo {vise that "Fighter uote Dot Boter" but they can enty oI biter winen hey ean getup!" Everyone gota enuchle cut of ta, since ghter Pile som prone to\come up ath eute slogans, srs the fomar is on 3) {het trons. “ine Finnie finaly got off, and we heard his contoler giving hin bearing ana Gstance vedtors 19 vs, He had ame fortwo Nead-on passa tity Stem rattacks, I felt almost Ie Werld Wari watching him come S106" Gf course, we area fet higher, 40,00 Fee ad the rate oY ctosure (tae much ste, but isi! nad the favor The fisting youd spot was {he ighiars conral, whieh had the appearance of a squlgaly, hard white ‘lua Then he woul appear ana before you know what was Mapoentna, {he diatineto panfor othe 108 wes bay up to you aa he broke and ‘dove under your The BUF Ia ini by age and inciation whan ft comes fo salve action, but warmade some attempts. The tal weapons ogsict 2 {fgnier are your EOM Sna Chali. "snd he fs shud enough fron in ‘loss on estar attack: the taitery of Tour 30% mounted inthe iil and fader dirested. Our gunna elaimed a “Kil” nthe last pase, ae te chat! {Spperenty fed tha 108 pilot momenta ad he Bulzed past the al lose enough for 2 50 clloer shower” [Pity callor aoral gunnery might Stem a iti olg hatin tho age of supersoni fighters, nut when the Bus ‘were challenged by Wigs over Norn Vietnam, the inal score was Buea 2 vige: 2p) ‘Out of Witetsione contol atea, we eaded back north for our rensezvous with “Cut Nine Eh, tie KC—158 tanker who woul ae. Fefuol foros, We ware at 27000 fat, In ayer of rau, Vesoity ae bout two fo thes mies. ‘sometimes less. The radar nanigater was fling distenes ard bearing te the lanky contnusuely. The KETS5 wae fiving the "ack, «rcacourse shaped path inne sky. ite were on time, ‘he would rollout at's tum rght In front of us, racy to pasa ua the JP “nother estimonil 19 SAC Hight planning. We spotted the tani us as feos ai oie ur, wo mle in ont as Te was ove ote faplsyr ten alghea Ms sped ae the “boomer” gt Ms ving umblit ‘ul. Then ne Craree us info the contact position. We moved nan wih Sith ease most seemed anicimarie, comiact wae mae ith an Audible double “clunk’ The eluting sipway ic almast decty over the IP eat eo had no trouble soning the very postive contact “ine 8-52 auiopist has @-vTeueling ™ede which allows, contol movements that simort teem obecane, and Jack wae eally working To ‘Maintain contact s2'we toot on 2800 ibe of JP." Aerial elveling has [esome a taker-orgratied adjunct to ai operations, but You hare To perience the sight of that Beom waving around a foot in font of your Sincere appreciate the sell reulea to make jhe rakine Theppening tal fat was begining Te appreciate. the pride. Gonetal Dotigherty had shown inns taka caws. Not only go tha pets have to My. rocksteady pat but ie boon operator hes to hana h's lances probe wth the delency of surgeon” We nag oniy hae the most moderate {Uroulenee, and | nae deciged thet | wouldnt The 10 be watching operation if fnge fell got buat “Ater ws dropped of ste take, we turned and Peadea tor Southern Nonh Cooling, whee ie would Tel down for our ‘Ove Branch Feute (thie is the low Tove nawgaton and bomeing couse, whieh use to. aleu "Ot Bumer Baute"va'name whicn made some Waual sense, what sith the great ack clouds of ameka those eight engines Nout belch st tow ive Winy they changed the nama to “olve Brann” 1 dont now, ltnough I could rake several guesoos.) "Pa letdown wee gradual and precee, The checkpoints rolled ny, night ‘on fimo, while we Rept the cent advised of eur progres. There was on ‘thnost continual coneretion wth the FAA conialors as wo progieasea, [End the Co-Pilot was tep! plenty Busy eharaing frequencies and Tooking ‘ules tov our postion onthe chart. We ware south of Far Sree, Noh Carling nat mused thatthe last tie (had sean this ew OFM terrain R'was rom the open door of » G-¥8, whe essgned to the 2ng Kireome Briton 1 yea percusi. ean guaranties yu tha the ground ‘aasn' going by anywhere nea’ as fas.) We roared soutnwesteny aci035 Seu Geran ay rod wel en our bom rane wore now 5000 fet and cinsing along at Sa0 kts. was ony clatively bumpy, 50 1 {eule almost enjoy tne senaaton of speed asthe checkpoints disappeared tar the nase wandered how he iocalsreaied to sight ot something thle big, going this last, af lated out the sun. even tough te Oliva Braneh Rates ae al and Fequonii uae ean imagine anyone getting ties to. ihe simultaneous. impact on tie senses that 200. tons ot Unmgsled pawer rouring along at something near 400 miss per hour ould make We made tue rans on the Taw lol larget are then hence {ack toward Biynevii, climbing towards light Towel 910. We were 8s eure into tna mission, andthe navigator had us on te wihin a minute | ‘We mage some detouts getting though tha front that the waathsr man nad promised vs woulon? get tor alyinvile un after we had fumed Bot umn, wit the unering canninass ofa tad weathar had Gocised 0 nd moot us halfaay name. Onee thugh the front he eactiallyunimied. Tispottes "he Missin mesndering south a2 we. approached Bineie rom The sas. We draned over tha ace at 20,000 Teel as the piles got out thelr charts anc prepared to make the approach. Over the OR ahd tn back fhe sat. et he gear anda Tum na Tine up wit tunway ane seven for ong final. ‘Set te crab angle on the landing ‘gost tower slears us to land. Appfoach speed 148 ¥nots urway Somiog op uk plants t eo smoothly that | am gled tal the fomnmey has some. bumps in itd novar know we waro. down | Compliment nim the acing, and We says that al 32 anlage te ke that’ Sur think kre beter he lust gid fantastic [ob all day Tong, And thia was m iting elma 1 the Hight imum range of 100 sone mac 2 ot meg VS equipped 8-526 Ser. No. 58-0259 of the 8th BS, 42nd BW, Loring AFB, Me, as It appeared at “Glant Voice” Bomb competition, Barksdale AFB, La. 19