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United Arab Emirates, Ras Al Khaimah, Khatt, Airport street



Marital status: single

Nationality: Emirati
Date of Birth: 6th- August-1994


A responsible and hard-working teacher graduated with the capacity to work independently with the
public under pressure. Committed to professional ethics, standards of practice and the care and education
of young children. Teacher who is proven abilities in problem solving, students’ management and
motivation. My occupation goal is to be an influential English teacher who applies 21 century skills

within learning environment. I am endeavoring the position of primary teacher in the organization that
will give me the opportunity develop more skills.


Bachelor of primary education English, math and science, 2018.

RAK women higher college of technology
Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE.

High School Certificate, completed July 2012

Alhamham Secondary School


English Substitute Teacher, Ruffidah primary School, RAK, UAE, 2018-2019

• I taught grade 2 and 4 students English for ten weeks.

• Participated in weekly lesson planning meetings and school collaborations.
• Implemented teaching strategies within the classroom and maintained discipline.
• Provided modified instructions to facilitate the learning delivery.
• Explored the use of technology to implement the smart learning.
• Delivered creative and critical thinking activities to an average of 28 students.

English Student Teacher in Ruffidah primary School, RAK, UAE, 2017-2018

• I taught English subject for grade 2 and 4 students, for eight weeks.
• Developed and implemented daily and unit lesson plans.
Science Student Teacher in GEMs Westminster private School, RAK, UAE, 2017-2018

• I taught grade 1 students for six weeks.

• Planned science experiments by using the 5Es stages of teaching Science.

Mathematics Student Teacher in Ruffidah primary School, RAK, UAE, 2016-2017

• I taught grade 3 students for five weeks.

• Designed activities using manipulatives to convey math concepts.
• Conducted group and individual math activities.
• Considered the exploring math activities.

English Student Teacher in RAK Academy British Curriculum School, RAK, UAE, 2016-2017

• Teaching literacy for grade 1 students for three weeks.

• Participated in faculty and parent conferences.
• Communicate with parents on a regular basis, via meetings.

English Student Teacher in ALBustan primary School, RAK, UAE, 2015-2016

• I taught grade 2 & 3, boys students, for four weeks.

• Adapted teaching resources in order to meet the varying needs of students.

English Student Teacher Ruffidah primary School, RAK, UAE, 2015-2016

• I taught grade 1 students English for three weeks.

• Applying new teaching strategies such as (KWL Strategy,
• Developing the way of implementing the assessments while and after the lessons
(formative assessment, summative assessment, self-evaluation assessment).

English Student Teacher in Ruffidah primary School, RAK, UAE 2014-2015

• I observed grade 1, 2, 3, and 5 girl students for two weeks.


Library organizer at Khatt Primary School in RAK, 2017

• Developing a long lasting relationship with students by creating a safe and positive
reading environment and identifying the importance of reading.
• Emphasizing the importance of education and learning depending on developing reading
• Sorting the books into sections.
Participated in the education event, Education Department – RAK Women's College, 2017

• Organizing the event’s place.

• Preparing reading activities.
• Helping in organizing the event and welcoming guests.

Organizing school visit, Higher College of Technology- Ras Al Khaimah Women's College, 2017

• Helping in organizing school visit during the program orientation session for school
students as per the following: 1- Receiving the students 2- Registration process 3-
Assist the Career Advisor during the workshop 4- taking the school students on a tour
in the college 5- Closing and ending the school visit day by reporting main issues to
be resolved.


Language Skills

• Arabic: native speaker

• English: fluent
• International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Band 6

IT skills

• Creating websites.
• Using Microsoft office applications.
• Several Education Applications (Prezi, Padlet, Nearpod, VideoScribe).
• Using the Smart Boards in teaching.

Interpersonal skills
• Communication with various ages.
• Strong team collaboration skills.
• Collaborated with teachers during a seminar on how to integrate affective grouping
strategies in class.
• Critical thinking skills
• Problem Solving Skills.


Participated in school activities, workshops, assemblies, and classroom activities.

Implemented lessons with differentiation strategies, and learning styles.
Prepared lesson plans independently for every teaching practice as student teacher.
Collaborated with teachers in seminars, observation, tests given for students.

Technical Report Writing Workshop 2016-2017

Self-Reflection: A Strategy For Success Workshop 2016-2017
Note Taking Skills Workshop 2016-2017
Goal Setting Workshop 2016-2017
The Road of Success Start with an Idea Workshop 2016-2017
Brain Storming & Creative Thinking Workshop 2016-2017
Decision Making Workshop 2014-2015
Self-Exploration Workshop 2013-2014


Eager to participate in extracurricular activities such as cheerleading, cross country, and

track and field.


Mr Allan Mutambo / Dept of Education Divison / Direct: +971507402488 / Email:

Ms Fatema Al Awadi / Dept of Education Divison / Teaching Assistant/ Direct: +97122067038 /