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Another Country

Julian Mitchell
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In rugby, the player in the

position of halfback who
1 scrum-half 8 "​everyone's idea of a scrum-half"
puts the ball into the scrum
and waits to receive it again

English film actor and

director who did short
"Charlie Chaplin would want a
2 Charlie Chaplin 8 comedies and silent films.
man-to-man talk with you"
His most notable character
is a bowler-hatted tramp.

The adverb form of

"He'll stand a moment, winsomely
3 winsomely 8 winsome:attractive in a
young, innocent way. No Image

"sniffing the wind like a dappled Marked with spots. (like a

4 dappled 9
deer" fawn)
Bourgeoisie: the middle
class. Bourgeois: a mark of
5 bourgeois 9 "and incurably bourgeois" the middle class. Marx: the
upholding of capitalism
instead of communism No Image

a social order in which all

"communism is simply the logical property is communal and
6 Communism 10
result of people's ​feelings" people receive aid based on
their need.

The Greek Goddess of

7 Hecate 10 "Hecate." sorcery, witchcraft, and all
things supernatural

Union of Soviet "Nowhere in the Union of Soviet

8 10 The U.S.S.R.. 1922-1991
Socialist Republic Socialist Republics is ghastly"

An official of the communist

9 Commissar 10 "Commissar Judd!" party. (Particularly Russia or
China) No Image
The political theory that the
community should regulate
10 Socialism 10 "my future under socialism"
the exchange of goods and

"the appropriate chapters of the the criminal laws set forth in

11 Soviet penal code 10
Soviet penal code." a Soviet Society No Image

"Carefully applying the rule-book to

12 Great Unwashed 11 multitudes of dirty people
the Great Unwashed!"

A social order in which

13 Bureaucracy 11 "Bureaucracy!" elected officials make
decisions for the masses

"a self-perpetuating oligarchy of A social order in which a

17 oligarchy 12 mutual congratulation is not small group of people make
democratic" the decisions for the masses

The teacher in charge of a

18 housemasters 12 "appointed by housemasters"
house in a boarding school No Image
An older student authorized
19 prefects 12 "like ordinary prefects" to oversee the others and
enforce discipline No Image
a virtue of one's position or
20 ex-officios 12 "apart from the ex-officios"
status. No Image
Roman statesman who
23 Cicero 13 "Have you looked at Cicero yet?"
established prose.

"Skulking with the juniors and to sinisterly or cowardly

24 Skulking 14
giggling" keep out of sight

A derogatory term for a

25 conchie 15 "It must be odd, being a conchie"
conscientious objector No Image
"get him down the week after the
27 Dedica 15 short for dedication
Dedica" No Image
"No one believes in you and your the woman who escorts you
28 usherette 18
usherette" to your seat in the theatre.

corporal "all threats of corporal punishment physical punishment for a

29 20
punishment are forbidden" crime

"people like my own appalling

30 forebears 21 ancestors.
forebears" No Image

"Fowler will go from the King's

King African A British Colonial regiment
31 21 African Rifles straight into Colonial
Rifles in East Africa (cr.1902)

32 OBE 21 "He'll end up with an OBE" Order of the British Empire

A social seaside resort in the
33 Bournemouth 21 "Will he retire to Bournemouth"
southern coast of England

A Seaside town in east

34 Bexhill-on-Sea 21 "I think-Bexhill-on-Sea for Fowler" sussex with many
archaeological sites.

A seaside resort in sussex in

south England. It has a
35 East Bourne 21 "Or Eastbourne"
military museum and art

No Image(If you really want to

An STI presenting itself in a
36 Syphilis 21 "Syphilis?" you can look it up but be
The political act of obtaining
full or partial control of
"There's nothing decent about
37 colonialism 22 another country and then
occupying it and taking
advantage of its economy No Image

"Has an eagle descended on your A trojan youth so beautiful

39 Ganymede 22
Ganymede?" Zeus took him away.

a judicial inquiry intending to

40 inquest 23 "there'll have to be an inquest" gain the facts surrounding a
particular incident. No Image
slang: taken down. sunk in
41 sunkered 24 "Who needs people sunkered?"
an unpleasant way No Image
42 rugger 26 "How good he was at rugger" slang:rugby No Image
43 pi 27 "Don't be so bloody pi" slang: pious No Image
44 barmy 29 "Don't be barmy" slang:crazy No Image
slang: tedious moralizing
45 pi-jaw 29 "a lot of pi-jaw"
talk No Image
the working class. Normally
"One reason for the proletariat is so
46 proletariat 32 used when referring to
Marxism No Image

The belief that the course of

life is predetermined and
47 fatalism 32 "Wharton, is its fatal fatalism"
therefore all its happening

"This ghastly school persuaded him

49 footling 35 irritating
its footling" No Image

a rough woolen material

50 baize 36 "behind the green baize door?"
similar to felt

51 shag-spots 36 "he's got such awful shag-spots" pimple No Image

someone who sexually
54 pederast 39 "I'm not a ​pederast" involved themselves with
men or boys. No Image
Scottish slang; Bosom. like
55 Bolsies 39 "Bolsies!"
saying "Aww tits" No Image
German political philosopher
"Marx should be a set book for the
57 Marx 40 who wrote the Communist

A critique of political
58 Das Kapital 42 "​JUDD is deep in 'Das Kapital'"
economy by Karl Marx

A beautiful peninsula
"people that age going off to Cap
59 Cap Ferrat 46 commune in the south east
of france

Someone who sucks up to

60 sycophant 47 "Contemptible sycophant"
another in power. No Image
A Czech-Austrian
"what Lenin called the renegade Karl
61 Karl Kautsky 47 philosopher and Marxist

a conceptual approach
"he substituted eclecticism and which does not buy into any
62 eclecticism 47
sophistry for dialectics" one concept but draws from
many. No Image
to use unfounded arguments
"he substituted eclecticism and
63 sophistry 47 sometimes in an attempt to
sophistry for dialectics"
deceive No Image
"he substituted eclecticism and the art of investigating or
64 dialectics 47
sophistry for dialectics" exploring the truth No Image

a Russian communist
"but what Lenin wholly failed to see
65 Lenin 47 revolutionary and political

66 sunkered 48 "You'll be sunkered" slang: taken out, sunk No Image

permission from the
67 exeat 48 "I've got an exeat" boarding school to
temporarily leave. No Image
Italian: Love conquers all.
Amor vincit
68 49 "Amor vincit Omani" Also a painting by

short for "Fagging" the

practice where younger
69 Fag 50 "Fag!"
pupils must act as servants
to the older ones. No Image

Victorian "contents of the Victorian elaborate wicker furniture

70 55
wickerwork wickerwork" from the Victorian Era

An Italian Dominican Friar

71 Savonarola 56 "Savonarola Judd" known for his prophecies of
civic glory.
a whip used for punishment,
72 scourge 56 "the scourge of the school!" also a person who causes
great trouble

"his palisade hands will scurry to our a barricade made of wooden

73 palisade 58
fresh pink" stakes fixed to the ground

The german emperor or the

74 Kaiser 61 "Greater even than the Kaiser" head of the holy roman
empire No Image

One of the most popular

British poets. Poet Laureate
76 Tennyson 64 "Then Tennyson, then Byron"
during Queen Victoria's

A widely read and influential

Byron 64 "Then Tennyson, then Byron"
British poet.

A boarding school in
Bedales 66 "like Bedales and Dartington Hall"


"if you persist in your cult of the practice of being self

individualism 67
bourgeois individualism" reliant


"your middle-class selfishness and being excessively full of

Egotism 67
egotism" oneself


A very green country in the

Monmouthshire 68 "It's very nice, Monmouthshire"
South of whales


Epping 73 "Epping." A town in Essex in England


a person who makes or sells

char-wallah 74 "But there's the char-wallah"
tea. (Middle East and India)

imprisonment with hard
penal servitude 79 "that's ten years' penal servitude"


the brass finary on formal

and military wear. (Belt
Buckle, cufflinks, buttons)
brasses 80 "Have you done your brasses yet?"
Brass tarnishes very quickly
so polishing is often
a system of politics based
on practicality as opposed to
Realpolitik 81 "A triumph for Realpolitik"
morality or ideological
87 considerations. No Image
88 quixotic 85 "I don't approve of quixotic gestures" extremely idealistic No Image
gift bags, bags that display
bags of swank 86 "I asked for bags of swank"
89 the wealth of the giver No Image
90 piffle 89 "I think it's all piffle" nonsense No Image

"it's with a civilian cane or a military a short cane carried by a

swagger-stick 89
swagger-stick" military officer

a feudal tenant beholden to
villeins 92 "to the unpaid labour of villeins"
the lord of the manor


"opened for Somerset between 1890 A country in southwest

Somerset 93
and 1914" england bordering bristol


the writer on the sport of

Wisden 93 "I wasted my youth on Wisden"

a long whip used for
horsewhip 98 "Get a horsewhip?"
controlling horses


The largest town in the

Cirencester 101 "Cirencester won't be that much fun" Cotswold district. A market
town in England