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Posibile intrebari la interviu:

* Ce studiezi la facultate? In ce an de studii esti? De ce ai ales aceasta specializare?

* De ce vrei sa participi in programul Work and Travel USA? Ce asteptari ai de la acest
program? De ce ai ales acest angajator si acest job? Ce stii de acest anagajtor?
* De ce crezi ca acest job este potrivit pentru tine?
* Povestestemi despre experienta ta de munca de pana acuma? Unde ai mai lucrat si ce ai
facut? (orice job, voluntariat merita de mentionat)
* Ce vrei sa vizitezi in SUA?
* Ce planuri ai dupa terminarea programului? Ce planuri de viitor ai?

CIEE Interviewing Tips:

CIEE has over 60 years experience in international exchange programs and we are committed
to your success on the Work & Travel program. One of the first things you will need to learn
about U.S. culture is that employers have particular expectations when interviewing a
prospective employee. You will have a very short time to demonstrate your English ability and
engage with the interviewer. Interviewing virtually is even more difficult as many important
parts of human communication are lost compared to a face to face conversation. We hope that
you study and practice the points in this guide.
· Research typical interview questions on the internet.
· Rehearse with a friend. Practice asking and answering interview questions with each other.
· Smile.
· Always study the website and read the job profile before the interviews. Tell the interviewer
· Your appearance is the first impression you make.
· Be prepared to state the basic duties of the position.
· The interviewer will only ask so many questions. You should never answer a question with a
simple “Yes” or “No.” Always elaborate, even if it means repeating the question as a statement.
· Look professional and dress appropriately.
· Ask two questions to the interviewer about the company or location that is not on the job
profile! This implies to the interviewer that you have seriously considered working for the
· If you do not have experience for a position, be able to explain why you are a good candidate.
· Be prepared to give three strengths/best characteristics that you have.
· Smile again.
· Be able to explain a difficult experience you had and what you learned from it.
· Use examples of how your skills and abilities fit the job you want to have. Sell yourself!
· Listen carefully to the interviewer. Ask them to repeat a question if you don’t understand it.
· Talk about your experiences: work, community service, school activities.