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Cisco Certified Technician Learning@Cisco

Data Center Datasheet

Certification as a Cisco Certified Technician Certified Technician Program

shows that you have the skills to successfully
Cisco Certified Technicians have the skills to diagnose, restore,
perform onsite support and maintenance of repair, and replace critical Cisco networking and system
Cisco networking and systems devices, and devices at customer sites. Technicians work closely with the
work effectively with the Cisco Technical Cisco Technical Assistance Center to quickly and efficiently
resolve support incidents. Cisco authorized training is available
Assistance Center. online and can be completed in multiple short sessions,
enabling technicians to stay productive in the field.
Give yourself the best possible chance of
passing your certification exam by completing Key Features Key Benefits
Cisco authorized training.
Cisco product-specific Reduce time to resolution on
Intended Target Audience training Cisco Data Center related
support calls
The primary audience for this certification and training is onsite
support technicians, who need product-specific technical skills Designed by engineers in Resolve common support cases
to diagnose, restore, repair, and replace critical Cisco Data the Cisco Technical independently and work
Center Solutions. CCT certification is available in multiple Assistance Center efficiently with Cisco Support
technology tracks, providing an opportunity for support
Modular online format Minimize time out of field by
technicians to expand their area of expertise. completing training in short
Cisco Certified Technicians become members of the largest
community of networking professionals in the IT industry and One-year subscription Access current product
have the opportunity to expand their support, implementation, information
and design skills through Cisco’s other training and certification
Certification based on Increase customer confidence
programs. proctored assessment exam and loyalty in onsite technicians

Certification Process
Certification is obtained by passing a proctored exam at a
Routing and Switching Foundation
Cisco authorized testing center. Certification exams are Many of today’s high-value services and solutions are
closed book. Exam topics are posted online at the Cisco delivered on an IP network connected via routers and
Learning Network ( Candidates can switches. For this reason, support of advanced technology
prepare for the CCT certification exam by taking the solutions such as telepresence or data center systems also
associated recommended Cisco training: Supporting Cisco requires a basic understanding of routing and switching
Data Center System Devices. infrastructure. Cisco recommends onsite support technicians
are familiar with the content of Supporting Cisco Routing and
In addition to reviewing the exam topics, certification candidates Switching Network Devices training.
can use the discussion forums, document sharing, and other
interactive features of the Cisco Certified Technician Study
Group, also available online at the Cisco Learning Network.

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Cisco Certified Technician Learning@Cisco
Data Center
Specifications Cisco Authorized Training: Supporting
Cisco Data Center System Devices
Certification Cisco Certified Technician
Category: Give yourself the best possible chance of passing your
certification exam by purchasing Cisco authorized training.
Certification Title: CCT Data Center The online course teaches the most efficient and effective
maintenance and troubleshooting procedures, as developed
Required 640-893 DCTECH and used by the Cisco Technical Assistance Center.
Certification A 90-minute multiple-choice exam, taken at any
Assessment: worldwide Pearson VUE testing center
Training Module Topics

Recommended Supporting Cisco Data Center System Devices

Training: Module 1 Understand data center networking
fundamentals including storage area
Training Format: • E-learning uses text, audio narration, networking, unified computing fabric,
graphics, and video unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) and fibre
connectors, and data center server options.
• Technician-focused content takes no more
than 5 – 6 hours to complete
• Modular format can be completed in Module 2 Identify and work with Cisco Unified
multiple short sessions Computing System component models,
accessories, cabling, and interfaces.
• Accessible online 24 hours a day
• Sold as a one-year subscription
Module 3 Gather information in Cisco Unified
System Accessible via common Internet browsers and Computing System and Cisco Nexus
Requirements: audio and video players Operating System environments and from
commonly-found software, to evaluate and
diagnose data center operations.
Prerequisites: • None for the training.
• CCT Data Center certification requires a
passing score on the 640-692 RSTECH Module 4 Know and use procedures for effective field
exam. servicing and equipment replacement,
including hot swap, with the support of Cisco
Availability Training: Cisco Learning Network Store at Technical Assistance Center.
Exam: Pearson VUE at: www.
Training is available for purchase direct from the Cisco Learning
Recertification CCT certification is valid for three years. Network Store at
Recertification is achieved by passing the
current CCT Data Center exam (DCTECH), or
by passing one of the other Cisco Career Learn More
Certification exams. For more information, visit
About Recertification at: More information about Cisco Career Certifications and Cisco Learning Products is available at the Cisco Learning
_about_recertification.html. Network at:

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