The Amazing Reading Technique

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The Amazing Reading Technique
By sawahid Brain Optimizer Coach
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To subscribe to the mailing list go to: The material presented in this report is a collection of free information that is available on the internet – it can be from product websites. This report is given free with the subscription to my mailing list. Minnesota 55305-2335 • USA .The Amazing Reading Technique Page 3 of 15 Copyright © 2006 sawahid – www. Any duplication in form of physical or electronics still has to get permission from me. The PhotoRead ® technology and all of its related technologies (PhotoFocus ® ) are trademark of Learning Strategies Corporation of 2000 Plymouth Road • Minnetonka. with the copyright is still own by sawahid of www. forum and product reviews Copyright This report is a free report.dzikry. Please check the resource section for information about Learning Strategies Corporation .

which are come with guarantee. Since this is a free report. My advice is for you to buy the actual PhotoReading products. PhotoRead® requires a little bit of leap of faith to work.soon to be dear PhotoReader. Please refer Learning Strategies web site..The Amazing Reading Technique Page 4 of 15 Copyright © 2006 sawahid – www. So please open your mind before you start reading this report. As I mention in the introduction Dear Reader… . My purpose is just to give you enough information for you to judge if this is something that you want to pursue further. You might even try it and works than its good for you. Thank you for downloading this free report and become member to my mailing list. and not responsible for any outcome of the method that describe in this report. I might include these new findings into the next version of this report.dzikry. I have learnt a lot during the process of writing this report. I should put out my disclaimer – that even I have tried my best to give you the most accurate information there is no guarantee that there is no mistake in this report. There are so many unknown phenomenas and misteries in the world that we as human being still can not fathom. I also don’t guarantee any outcome. For any comment of feedback write to me at sawahid@gmail. There actually a lot of other technologies that I have encountered during the research of this report. Before I go .

There are always new things to be read at work and at home. I found out that this method has been used by for hundred thousands of people successfully. megazines. and even can be 10 times faster. It takes more time just to flip through pages of books that contains that many words. The computer flashes 20 pages of contents in one second to the participants. 700. Even if you spend 1 second per page it will take 350 seconds which is equivalence to 5. .something that enable you to read at least 3 times faster.dzikry. After that the participants took test to test their comprehension of the flashed contents. books. And using this silver bullet people has been able to actually read up to 700.000 words per minute. how can people read that fast ? For example. Yes. Let say if some one offer you the silver bullet…. But when I researched through the source. 700. Some of the testimonials come from high regarded people in self improvement arena such as Anthony Robins and Jack Canfield.The Amazing Reading Technique Page 5 of 15 Copyright © 2006 sawahid – www. then you also don’t have time to actually catch up on your reading. and internet? If you are like me and thousands of other people. then maybe you can read up to 2000 words per Introduction How fast do you read? Few hundred words per minute? Or since you just attended those speed reading seminar. this article has around 2000 words in a page.8 minutes. when I first heard this story.. Actually this experiment is done using computer screen at Cray Research. With this “common” speed from few hundreds to few thousands word per minute have you been able to go through all the information that you want to know in the newspaper. I thought it was full of crap also. forget about actually try to understand and memorizing the contents. Left alone all those leisure readings which we wish have time to do.000 words per minute and comprehend 75 percent of the contents.000 words is equivalence of 350 pages of written material.

On the contrary our subconscious mind has been demonstrated to be able to absorb 10 million bits of information at one time. Speed reading is to speed up the common reading method that is going through our conscious mind.dzikry. Most of the abilities of our mind lie in the subconscious area that not that many people can control. So what is this method called ? It is called PHOTOREADING. not speed reading. But PhotoReading requires leap of faith because we are handing part of the process to our subconscious mind – which we don’t know. It teaches you how to read more words at a time. What I found? What I found out is that in order to be able to take in this much of information to our brain we have to use SUBCONSCIOUS method. Why we have to use our subconscious mind ? This is because experiments have indicated that our conscious mind only able to goble seven chunk of information at a time – that is why we group our phone number into 7 This make me interested to learn more about the system. .The Amazing Reading Technique Page 6 of 15 Copyright © 2006 sawahid – www. and how to scan through the printed lines faster. Because of this we are said to have been only using either 1 percent to 10 percent of our mind. since our conscious mind ability has been limited by our environment and education system. Photoreading on the other hand focus on how to tap into our subconscious mind and use it for our benefit. It is easier for people to understand the underlying principle in speed reading because it is just an incremental enhancement to what is normally done.

Off course even the simplest thing in the world can be very hard to do.dzikry. There are 3 steps: 1. This is where the “Photo” part in PhotoRead® comes from. Off course this has to be done in stages – since we don’t know how to tap into our subconscious mind.The Amazing Reading Technique Page 7 of 15 Copyright © 2006 sawahid – www. and try to recall either using our concscious mind or subconscious mind. Simple does not mean it is easy.Getting ready 2. .com/blog How to PhotoReading? In very simple word PhotoReading ® is to read using our subconscious mind. it captures the whole page just like photo taking process. When our subconscious mind is exposed to the reading material.Doing it…the PhotoReading 3.Activation…using it That’s all to it.

We also know that self affirmation can have big influence to our mind on what can be achieve. Once you get your intention straight – and your mind (or your heart) agree with it you can further prepare your mind by previewing the material.dzikry. You can also create list of keywords representing the structure. What you want to achieve from the reading. How do you tell your brain to be ready? First is to tell your mind the intention. . The goal is for your brain to understand the structure of the information that it will need to capture. This keywords are called trigger words.somehow. Since the information flow will not be controlled by us (remember. Studies shows that this specific physical posture helps you read faster and comprehend more: place your feet comfortably on the floor.The Amazing Reading Technique Page 8 of 15 Copyright © 2006 sawahid – www. Other than collecting trigger words. sit up straight. These are all conscious steps that we hope able to get through our subconscious mind . which later can be used during activation session. at least we have to inform our subconscious mind to be Getting Ready The goal of this phase is to put you into accelerated learning state. some people represent the structure in form of mind mapping. Next is to prepare your mind on what is coming. and get it into the correct state – to absorb the information. and fully relax your shoulders as you exhale Then prop up or hold up the magazine about 45 to 60 degrees and slightly tilt your head downwards. Mind map also can be used during the activation session...subconscious). Go through the table of contents and just flip through some of the major headers and titles.

This is where our knowledge on brainwave is useful. Studies have shown that the brain generate electrical impulses.5Hz . . Then.The Amazing Reading Technique Page 9 of 15 Copyright © 2006 sawahid – www.With your dominant hand. We also know that for different type of activity. in order to bring your mental state to the Alpha. a technique called “tangerine technique” is used. These impulses cumulatively form electrical signal waves that we call brainwave.14Hz 14Hz . Touch that area gently with your hand and imagine the tangerine floating a couple of inches above your head.30Hz State of mind Deep sleep Drowsiness (also first stage of sleep) Relaxed but alert Highly alert and focused If you want to sleep. Imagine its color. Pretend this magical tangerine always stays there no matter how your head moves. This is how a tangerine technique is done: 1.dzikry. Using electroencephalography (EEG) device scientists have been able to categorize the relationship between human brain state and brainwave: State Delta Theta Alpha Beta Frequency range 0. skin texture. but if you want to learn and read your brainwave should be at the Alpha state. lob it from hand to hand to sense its weight.8Hz 8Hz . then your brainwave should be at the Theta then move to Delta states. position the imaginary tangerine on the upper-rear portion of your head. the brainwave that is generated is also different.Use your hand to reach out in front of you and pick up an imaginary tangerine. 2. In PhotoReading technique. tangy smell.4Hz 4Hz . Bring your hand down and relax your shoulders completely. and maybe even the The next step is to actually physically (or biologically) bring our whole brain (both conscious and subconscious – left and right brain) into state ready to accept information.

It is just one of the method to get into the state. You can get the list of brainwave entrainment devices here. 4.Close your eyes and let the tangerine float above and behind your head a few inches.The Amazing Reading Technique Page 10 of 15 Copyright © 2006 sawahid – www.dzikry. Make sure your book is properly propped up.Maintain this feeling. and gently open your eyes. . Personally I also recommend those special audio and video brainwave entrainment 3. Tangerine method is not a must for PhotoReading. Imagine your field of vision opening up. and read for another 20 seconds. Notice how much more relaxed and alert you feel.

while maintaining the same state. Most of the time. and the one that we use in PhotoReading is called “PhotoFocus” or “soft focus”. If you see this "blip" (not everybody does) everything else becomes a blur.dzikry. and sometimes the blip can be many different shapes and sizes for most Opened the book until you can see the book's corners and margins. 3. propping the book at a 45-degree angle. it generally takes on the form of a long. 4. Flip through the pages.htm The technique use in stereorgram is called “soft gaze”. If you can not see the 3D image in a stereogram. then you might have problem to get the blip page also. skinny cylinder. This is called a "blip" page.The Amazing Reading Technique Page 11 of 15 Copyright © 2006 sawahid – PhotoReading Session Now you are ready to PhotoRead®. 2. It's always down the center crease/line of the two pages in front of you. Some people have hard time to get their eyes diverge to a point beyond the book page. “Blip” page is also sometimes referred to as “cocktail winnie” ? There are lots of different answers for how it's supposed to look. This is the same method that is used when people looking at the 3D stereogram. Then you are ready. an imaginary cone sprouts between the two pages. If you stare long enough while diverging focus on the white area in the middle part of the book.magiceye. . Maybe the instruction to view a stereogram can help – check it here http://www. 1. Stare at the fold between the two pages.

Keep asking with the aim that at certain point your brain will start to answer the questions. Rythmic perusal The below description about rythmic perusal technique by its own inventor is taken from a section in a document “Private Pesticide Application Training Manual” that is available here: . This is when you do a recall on what you have read. This is where you just scan through the book – at the center part of each page and dig deeper when your brain tell you there is something interesting there. There are reports of how the information that was PhotoRead® just come up in people daily conversation or their writing. You can use trigger words or mind map. Using the Pareto’s 80/20 rule it has been proven that we can select 20 percent of a content as keywords or trigger words that represent 80 percent of the information. How to do manual activation? Proposed method for activation is to do SuperRead.dzikry. It is good to let the information settle in the subconscious for at least 5 to 8 hours before you try to activate it (or plain language.The Amazing Reading Technique Page 12 of 15 Copyright © 2006 sawahid – www. For example if you have to present something or sitting for a test.. Remember that list of trigger words or mind map of the structure of the contents is done during the preview stage. It happens unconsciously. Manual activation is where you want the information to be available when you want it. Automatic activation is Activation The hardest step for most people is the activation.recall it). During the PhotoReading session don’t try to memorize or recall anything. There are 2 ways how the PhotoRead® information can be activated: automatic or manual. Another method is to ask questions about the subject material to yourself.

The Amazing Reading Technique Page 13 of 15 Copyright © 2006 sawahid – www. PagexiiPrivatePesticideApplicatorTrainingManual The following are the steps to take when practicing Rhythmic Perusal: A.umn. the eyes move across the line in jerky little movements called saccades. The lessons learned up to this point must be consistently and rigorously executed to make Rhythmic Perusal work. tro. Smooth is the same thing for all of us.extension.dzikry. Move your eyes smoothly and rapidly across each line in a left-to-right progression. attempt to traverse each line in one movement. http://www. The critical difference between Rhythmic Perusal and “normal” reading has to do with eye movements. This more or less natural habit is tiring. Therefore. When you make the return sweep to the next line. B. It is. The average adult reader. Practice moving your eyes across the tops of the words. do it very quickly. nor is it an extreme departure from standard reading practices. while at the same time doubling or tripling your “normal” reading speed and your long-term memory. Review in your mind the common good and bad reading habits and their relationship to your reading skills. Read and think about the title of the reading selection you are about to begin. Consequently. for instance. in processing words in different ways because of the importance of certain words in conveying meanings the author intended. a waste of time. not quite . and so on. until you are finished. The term Rhythmic Perusal refers to an ordered recurrence of eye movements conducive to careful examination and consideration. That is Rhythmic Perusal. the efficient reader will want to develop proficiency in thinking selectively. and unnecessary because all words do not have equal importance. however.pdf This step is a specific reading style called Rhythmic Perusal. That is. D. Do not allow your eyes to fixate on each word — just keep moving. sufficiently different to warrant special attention. fixates on almost every word. rapid will vary from person to person. Rhythmic perusal is not an especially radical form of reading. Then begin a smooth and rapid examination of the next line.

With practice. not the idea you are reading for. THINK AHEAD OF THE PRINT. It is an interesting oddity that most English-language sentences can be comprehended even if you can see only the top half of the letters. Skittering – reading each paragraph at an angle instead of normal horizontal orientation. but by focusing on the upper half of the sentence. You needn’t go quite that far (at first). increase your reading comprehension of thoughts and ideas. but across more of the top than the center or bottom. Notice phrases and word groups (ideas). E.The Amazing Reading Technique Page 14 of 15 Copyright © 2006 sawahid – www. and keep your mind alert. not for words. you will learn to rely heavily on Rhythmic Perusal as your “workhorse” reading style. and notable words— Think with the writer about ideas and topic development. It is not slow. The word is not the thing. In rapidread you scan through page contents from top to bottom very fast. you can resist fixations and increase your reading rate. and with the confidence that results from practice. This step acts as confidence builder to beginner PhotoReader. . word groups. F. Last step is to do RapidRead if needed. Read for thoughts. you can avoid giving undue attention to minutiae and unnecessary words and. it is just one of many options for expressing the thoughts and ideas of the writer.dzikry. Other styles may demand this of you. This is the safe one! There is not much selectivity going on because you are not asked to skip any print or leave anything out. Don’t worship between the lines. The benchmark speed is 500 words per minute. but Rhythmic Perusal is careful and sure. Look at each word as you rhythmically scan each line — See phrases. as a result. Also. however.

accelerated learning. good for you. You can look up for keywords: brainwave entrainment. . Is there any other method that can help you to use your brain better? Yes off Conclusion There. This report only serve as an introduction to PhotoReading concept – I don’t give you any guarantee as what given by the actual PhotoReading seminar and home study kit. If you are able to improve your reading speed based on the information in this report. There various methods to improve your brain consciously or subconsciously. But if it does not work then before you saying that PhotoReading does not work you should get the actual PhotoReading book. Please refer to the resource section if you want to find out more about what are available commercially in order to help you with PhotoReading. subliminal Good luck with your journey.dzikry.The Amazing Reading Technique Page 15 of 15 Copyright © 2006 sawahid – www. or even attend the seminars. you have it some basic information on PhotoReading. or the home study kit.

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