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Tami Hager

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Please Send me
and problems in
Word and Power point
and I will try to
answer them
during this session.

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How do you skip a word?

•To skip one word forward or backward press

Ctrl + Right or Left Arrow

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How do you move paragraphs?

•Use Shift + Alt + Arrows to replace the

location of paragraphs in the document

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How do you change cases?

•Stand inside the word you want

(or select the entire wanted text),
press on SHIFT + F3

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How do you change the font size quickly?

•Mark a word / sentence or paragraph and

press Ctrl+ [ OR ] to increase or decrease
the font size

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How do you change the spacing quickly?

•Change the paragraph spacing by pressing

Ctrl 1, 2 or 5 for single, double or 1.5 spacing
within the paragraph

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How do you apply a wanted format to
multiple objects?
•Double click the format paintbrush to apply
the formatting you copied to multiple
locations in the document
•Mark the formatted object (text)
press Ctrl + Shift + C ,
mark the objects (text) you want to
format the same way and press
Ctrl + Shift + V

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How do you change the format
back to default?

•To restore the paragraph formatting back to

default press Ctrl + Shift + N

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How do you split your document properly?
(I hope you do not use enter… enter… enter…)

•To split your document properly, stand at

the end of the line after which you want to
start a new page and press Ctrl + Enter

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How do you locate a picture within the text?

•To locate a picture within text in the

document use the wrap text option
from the picture toolbar

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How do you add a row at the
end of the table ?

• Stand in the last cell of the table

and press the Tab key

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How do you delete rows / columns ?

• Select the columns / rows you wish to delete

and press the Backspace key

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How do you insert multiple
columns or rows to your table ?

• Select the same number of rows or columns as

the number of rows or columns you want to
insert, press the right click on them Î insert
columns / rows

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How do you mark the whole table ?

•In order to mark your table bring the mouse to

the table, click the little square at the top of the

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How do you insert a table between text in a
document ?
•Mark the table, press right click on the table Î
Table Properties Î Table, and choose – Text
wrapping - Around

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Have you ever find yourself trying to
adjust the table to the page but
no matter what you did you could
not see the entire table ???

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How do you adjust the tables’ width
to the page ?

•Stand inside the table, go to the Table menu

Î Select Î Table ,
click again on the Table menu Î AutoFit Î
AutoFit to window

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Bullets and numbering

• In order to go from one of the levels to another –

stand at the beginning of a new paragraph and use
the TAB to increase indent and SHIFT + TAB to
decrease indent.
• To go down a line but stay inside the
numbered paragraph use
• In order to end the numbering on the
next line press twice on ENTER.

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Tab Stops

• Choose the wanted tab on the left side of the ruler

and place it on the ruler, use the TAB key in order
to jump to that stopping point.
• In order to remove the tab stop –
drag the tab stop mark off the ruler.

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• Mark the text and press ALT + F3

• Use AutoText for long text, pictures, tables, etc

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Usage of styles – headings

• Document Map

• Numbering the headings

• Table of contents

• Outline View

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Using word with other programs

• Opening an excel interface within word.

• Copying into word from other programs.
• Creating a power point presentation out of
a word document.

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What is the smartest way to create a
Power Point presentation ?
• Open MS Word (yes...yes word)
• Go to View Î Outline (where you type in headings):
– what you write in Heading 1 will be the title of
each slide
– What you write in Heading 2 will be the
inside text of the slide
– To move from heading 1 to heading 2 use Tab
– To move from heading 2 to heading 1 use
Shift + Tab

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What is the smartest way to create a
Power Point presentation ?

… Then go to File Î Send to Î MS Power Point

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How do you define the same format to all the
slides ?

• Go into View Î Master Î Slide Master ,

format the text, background, add a picture (logo),
custom animation, etc.

At the end click on Close Master View

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How do you hide the logo from the slide

• If you want to hide the logo of a presentation (that is

located in the slide master) only in one slide: choose
Format Î Background Î Omit Graphics From Slide

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How do you save a presentation to
open in “presentation mode”?

• Save the Presentation as Power Point Show (*.pps)

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How do you save the presentation with it’s
• You can save the fonts you are using inside the
presentation, this allows you to over come some
compatibility issues. To save the fonts inside a
File Î Save As – in the dialog box press
Tools Î Save Options Î
Embed True Type Fonts

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How can you print the presentation with

• to print your presentation with notes

(or blank rows) aside each slide go to
File Î Send to Î Ms Word

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How do you transform the full presentation
into Word?
Make Sure you create the presentation by
using the slide layout !!!

• Save the presentation as a Rich Text Format (rtf)


• File Î Send to Î
MS Word Î Layout Only

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How do you copy a slide into word?

• Copying a slide and pasting it in word adds the slide

as a picture inside the document

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How do you save a picture from within the

• You can save a picture or a background picture from

a presentation as a file by right clicking it and
choosing Save As Picture from the menu

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How do you compress the size of the

• If you have many pictures in the presentation – use

the Compress Pictures button

from the Picture Toolbar

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How do you connect shapes?

• Use Auto Shapes Î Connectors to connect shapes

and maintain the connection while dragging the

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How do you make the shapes menu
stay as a toolbar?
• Open the Auto Shapes menu and drag its heading

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How do you create multiple
objects to the document?

• Double clicking an object from the draw menu

allows you to create multiple objects instead of a
single object at a time

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How do you drag an object
in a straight line?

• To drag an object in a straight line hold down the

Shift and drag the object

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How do you drag an object to an exact
location and without snapping to the grid?

• To drag an object to an exact location without

snapping to the grid hold down the Alt and drag the

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Displaying the Presentation

• Press F5 to run the presentation from the first slide

• Press Shift + F5 to run the presentation from the

current slide

• Press Ctrl + to display the

presentation in a small view on
the side of the screen

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Presentation Mode
• Press Ctrl + P to turn the mouse to a pen
• Press ESC to return to arrow state
• Press E to erase pen marks off the slide

• Press W to get a white screen

• Press B to get a black screen
• Press S to stop the Show

• To jump to a certain slide - type the

slide’s number and then Enter

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on s
est i
q u
ip s
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