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Project Title: Potential of Ready mixed concrete in ‘IHB’ sector

Prepared by: Prosenjit Roy

Date: 24.04.18

Questionnaire on RMC

1. How can a buyer of ready mixed concrete be assured of the quantity supplied?

Apparent ready mixed concrete shortages are caused by:

Miscalculation of form volume or slab thickness when actual dimensions exceed the assumed
dimensions by even a fraction.
Deflection or distortion of the formwork.
Irregular sub grade & its settlement.
Smaller quantities wasted or used in incidental works for large pours.

To ensure sufficient supply of ready mixed concrete:

 Measure formwork accurately & order sufficient quantity to finish the job.
 For large pours, include an allowance of about 2% over planned dimensions to account for
wastage & potential increased thicknesses.
 Towards the end of large pours, carefully measure the remaining volume & confirm the closing
quantity to the RMC supplier.

2. Can water be added to the ready mix concrete on site?

No. Masons ought to be restricted & transit mixer operators ought not to be forced to add water.
Consequences of such actions could be severe. Properly designed ready mixed concrete contains
optimum water. If the workability (slump) of ready mixed concrete is not as expected, the RMC
supplier should be informed. If required, dosing of admixtures along with a small quantity of
water would be done by the RMC supplier's technical personnel.

**But at present we are giving supply of RMC where water is added on site in a proper ratio
suggested by company. This must be drinking water where the pH level is between 7.0-7.4.
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3. How can the quality of the supplied RMC be ascertained?

Ready mixed concrete is supplied only after exhaustive laboratory & plant trials. To ensure
consistent quality, incoming raw materials are regularly tested. Sampling & testing of ready
mixed concrete is done every day as codal stipulations.

**After 7 days customer gets the primary result and after 28 days company will provide the final
result of the RMC to the customer.

4. What is the duration for which RMC remains usable.

Depending on the workability, RMC would be usable for up to 3-4 hours.

5. Is there any time limit for unloading the RMC on site?

International standards specify that RMC must be discharged from the transit mixer truck within
2 hours of the time of loading. It is also mandatory to make arrangements at site to ensure that full
load of ready mixed concrete is discharged within 30 minutes of arrival on site.

6. Can Acc Provide the bill to the Dealer?

Yes We can provide the bill to the dealer.

7. Which company supplies the add-mixtures?

Add-mixtures is supplied by sikha, Bsf, Crizo.

8. What is the size of stone that Acc Use?

The size of stone is 20 mm down & 10 mm down.This is used in 60-40 ratio.

Cement is used 650 kg and 550 kg accordingly.

9. When the mixing is prepared?

Mixing is prepared before 2 hours of supply. Suppose delivery time is 10 A.M in the morning the
mixture will be prepared at 8 A.M in the morning.

10. What is the strength of 1 cubic mtr. Concrete?

The strength of 1 cum concrete is 25 MPA (megapascal pressure unit).

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11. Can the dealer/customer pay the total amount to the company after finishing the
total process?

No,The dealer/customer has to pay in advance as there are special benefit is added already in the
total cost of RMC.

12. What cement is used to produce RMC?

ACC generally use ACC F2R and ACC Concrete cement to produce RMC.

13. What is dealer’s payment?

Dealer will get Rs.60/cbm.

14. What is the price of 1 cbm. Concrete?

The price of 1 cbm concrete is Rs.6580/-(M20 grade) and Rs.7000/-(M25 grade).

15. What quantity of RMC required for supply of 1000 Sq.Ft casting?

For 1000 Sq.ft------

(4/12)=0.33 1000*0.33=333.33
333.33/35.28=9.439 cbm
9.439 cbm RMC required without beam.
Including beam it will require (9.439+4.70) =14.139 cbm RMC.

16. What is the minimum amount of RMC supplied by company?

Company supply min 6 cbm RMC as a transit mixture can carry 6 cbm concrete.
**Lesser amount of RMC is also supplied by company as per requirement. But not in transit

17. What should be the maximum distance for supplying the RMC from plant?

The distance should be 20 KM. Max for supplying RMC without any charge. Where an extra
charge is added per KM if the distance of the delivery site is more than 20 KM from plant.

18. Can the company supply the RMC at night?

Yes, company also supplies the RMC at night if required.

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19. What space should be required to enter a transit mixture to the site?

It should be min. 12-15 ft. road to enter a transit mixture on site.

20. If the site is in a small space or in a by lane, can the company supply RMC?

Yes, in that case there will no supply of RMC in transit mixture. Raw materials will be supplied
into bags on the site.

21. Is it possible to supply RMC directly to the 5th floor of a building?

Yes, it is possible.

22. How can dealer’s/customer’s trust on the RMC supplied by company?

Company will hand over the Cube test result of RMC within 7days (primary), 28 days(final) to
the dealer’s/customer’s.

23. Is there any wastage in that process?

Yes, we consider at an amount of 2% wastage in the total process.

24. What are the benefits of using RMC?

The main benefit of using RMC is its quality. However the process is time saving and cost saving
We can stop environment pollution occurred at the time of casting by using RMC.

25. What is the volume of cement used to produce 1 cbm RMC?

We use 350-370 Kg. cement to produce 1 cnm RMC

26. What volume of sand and stone used to produce 1 cbm RMC?

We use 2 ton (2000 Kg) stone and sand to produce 1 cbm RMC.

27. What volume of add-mixture is used to produce 1 cbm RMC?

We use 3 Kg add-mixture to produce 1 cbm RMC.

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28. What volume of water is used to produce 1 cbm RMC?

We use 140-150 Litre water to produce 1 cbm RMC.

29. Where are the different plants of the company located?

There are three plants of ACC in Kolkata. Sonarpur , Rajarhat and Mahestala.

30. What are the different types of RMC that ACC is supplying currently?

There are mainly 3 types of RMC that we are currently supplying.

1. ACC Adhaar (Column mixes)

2. ACC Suraksha (Slab/Roof mixes)
3. ACC Neev (Foundation mixes)

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