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Lesson reflection:

estimate, measure and

record mass

Name: Salama Mohammed Alneyadi

ID: H00357762
The lesson that I taught was a math lesson about estimate, measure and record mass. In this
lesson, the standers that I am addressing is teaching the students the difference between (G,
Kg). By showing the students the different types of scales and how to read the measurements
from them. Finally solving the different questions in the math book.


This lesson is for grade 5 students it takes place at AlNaseem school. IN this lesson the
students were should know how to measure different objects by learning about the different
types of measurement unites like (G and KG). The students in this lesson were measure by using
two types of scales (balance scale and kitchen scale). Looking at the example in the math book
for the different types of objects and try to find them from the classroom and think and decide
what they will use to measure it. Furthermore, another activity the students were doing is find
different objects from the classroom and estimate what they think the measure of the objects
and write there guess and then they use the scale to see if their estimation is right and write the
information and numbers on a schedule.
The students respond the way they did because they were involved in the lesson by let them
try by themselves. I think if the students try by themselves that will help them understand more
because that will give them experience. My teaching for this lesson was related to the student’s
prior knowledge because before I start explaining the lesson I ask the students different types of
questions to know their level and background knowledge that helps me to hoe to choose the
information for the students and what types of tools I should use for further explanation.

In this lesson students were happy that they were engage in the lesson because they have the
chance to try by themselves. Furthermore, students were estimating and giving their ideas and
thinking about the different objects measurement and writing their ideas on the board. My
teaching for this lesson meet my goals because after the class I checked students work on their
book and I notice that most of the students follow my directions an instruction and they solve
the questions in the right way.

In the future, I will try to find more scales for the students to use in their groups, so they have
the opportunity to do them as a group together. What I learned from this lesson is the materials
that the teacher will use for the lesson should be prepared for students and lesson.