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Will you please bow your head for this morning’s word of prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We come at this time to talk with You. We come at this time, dear Father to pray and to
thank You for loving us as you do. We thank you, dear God, for bringing us here – into
Your house – and for allowing us to worship with You here today.
We are young Father, and we want to do what is right. So we thank you right now for
our parents, our grandparents and for all those that you have placed in our lives who love
us. We thank each and everyone of them for taking the time to guide us and for showing us
the right way to go each and every day. Be with the adults that you have placed in our lives
dear Heavenly Father – help them to guide us and to continue to encourage us as they
prepare us for the many challenges we will face in this life.
We thank you this morning dear God for this church – a place where we can come and
learn the way you would have us to live in this world each and every day.
We pray this morning for those who are sick and unable to come to church this
morning. Bless them now and heal them dear God. We pray for the men and women, boys
and girls both here, and all others around the world this morning. Help us to learn to live in
peace in this world together. Allow us, dear God, to show your love and peace to all those
around us each and every day.
We thank you right now dear God, for the Girl Scouts. For an organization that exists
to help young girls like me, learn the values and the morals that will make us all Christian
adults one day.
Bless the minister this morning dear Heavenly Father. Allow each of us to hear his
message, as he speaks to us today.
This is our prayer to you this morning dear God – as we thank you for all of the many
blessings that we have,
Amen… Amen…Amen!