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(South Campus)
(Hosur Road, 1KM before Electronic City, Bangalore-560 100)
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Question Bank


1. Explain any five components of IC engines and specify the material used for its
2. What are the various methods of engine cooling? Explain thermosyphon system of cooling
with advantages.

3. What is the necessary of cooling the valves? explain sodium cooled valve with sketch?

4. Sketch and explain 4 types of combustion chamber in SI engine.

5. Sketch and explain SU carburator?

6. Sketch and explain Carter carburator?
7. what is the necessary of lubrication system explain dry sump lubrication system.
8. Explain with sketck AC Mechanical pump and Electronic fuel pump
9. Distinguish between Supercharging and Turbocharging?
10. Explain different methods of supercharging
11. What are the effects of supercharging on Engine Performance?
12. With a neat sketch explain Centrifugal type and Root’s supercharging.
13. Explain any two method of Turbo charging with neat sketch?
14. Mention the limitation of turbo charging and what is Turbocharger lag?
15. What is supercharging Limits?
16. What is meant by Pulse Turbo charging? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
17. What is Ignition Advance?
18. With a neat sketch explain the working of centrifugal advance mechanism
19. Explain the following with neat sketch
a. Capacitive Discharge Ignition System (CDI)
b. Transistorised Coil Ignition System (TCI)
20. Describe with neat Sketch Battery Ignition system for 6- cylinder in line engine
21. Compare Battery and Magneto Ignition system.

Department of Mechanical Engg. PESIT, Bangalore (South Campus)

22. What are the various factors on which the Ignition advances requirements of an engine
23. Explain with neat sketch working principle of Vacuum Advance Mechanism
24. With the neat sketch explain the following
i. Hotch kiss drive ii. Torque tube drive
25. Define the following and explain their effect on steering.
a). Camber b). steering axis inclination c). Included angle d) Castor and e). Toe in & Toe
26. Explain the various methods used to reduce pollutants in Automotives.
27. With a neat sketch explain the working of Swinging and Sliding Caliper type Disc brake.
28. With a neat sketch, explain the working of Telescopic type shock absorber.
29. Explain with neat sketch Drum and Disc brake system.
30. The car with a wheel base of 2.2m weigh 12kN. the car has a brake on all four wheels and
center of gravity of it is 1m infront of the rare axis and 800mm above the ground level. the
coefficient of adhesion between the road and wheels is 0.5. If the sine of incline on which the
car is moving uphill is 0.1. Determine i) Load distribution between front and rear axle.
i) The stopping distance of the car, assuming vehicle speed of 50km/h and only rear wheel
brakes are used
31. An automobile weighing 13445N makes an emergency stop at 95km/h at which the total
resistance is 805N. Assuming the coefficient of adhesion as 0.5. Calculate i). The
retarding force, if the brakes are applied to locking point ii). Heat flow per minute at each
wheel at the beginning of breaking.

Department of Mechanical Engg. PESIT, Bangalore (South Campus)

Department of Mechanical Engg. PESIT, Bangalore (South Campus)