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1. If the area of cross section of a wire in a circuit is doubled , its resistivity : (ch#13)
a. Becomes one fourth c. become half
b. Remains same d. doubles
2. The magnetic flux is measured in the units of: ( ch#14)
a. weber c. weber . m
b. Tesla d. weber/m
3. Consider a slit of width a producing a diffraction pattern, if m is either positive or negative
integer then diffraction minima occur under the condition : (ch#9)
a. mλ=a sinƟ c. 2mλ= a sinƟ
b. mλ=2a sinƟ d. (2m+1)λ=2a sinƟ
4. If Q1 is the heat absorbed from the hot body and Q2 is the heat rejected to the cold body, the
efficiency of a Carnot Engine is given by : (ch#11)
a. (Q1 – Q2)/Q2 c. (Q2 – Q1)/Q2
b. (Q1 – Q2)/Q1 d. (Q2 – Q1)/Q1
5. Which one of the following group contains all vector quantities (ch#2)
a. Velocity, acceleration, power e. force, wok, energy
b. Speed, temperature, work d. displacement, velocity, energy
c. Displacement, velocity , momentum
6. Which of the following is/are true for transver wave : (ch#8)
a. They are all electromagnetic c. they can be polarized
b. They can travel vacuum d. they all involve the oscillation of atoms
7. Three arm of balanced wheat stone bridge of 50Ω each resistance, what is the resistance of
fourth arm : (ch#15)
a. 100Ω c. 150Ω
b. 50 Ω d. 200Ω
8. Isotopes of a given element all have the same :
a. Charge/mass ratio c. Neutron number
b. Nucleon number d. Proton number
9. In the photoelectric effect light falling on metal surface causes electron to be ejected from
the surface which statement is correct : (ch#17)
a. Electrons are ejected only if the wavelength of the incident light is greater than some
minimum value.
b. The maximum energy of the electrons is independent of the intensity of the incident light
c. The maximum energy of the electrons is independent of the type of metal.
d. The waves associated with the ejected electron have the same wave length as the incident
10. An apple is dropped from the top of building, if it takes 5 seconds to hit the ground find with
what velocity it strikes the ground (g=9.8 m/s2) (ch#3)
a. 29m/s c.39m/s
b. 49m/s d. 59m/s e. 19 m/s
11. What is the projection of E=2i -3j + 6k on the direction of vector F= i+2j+2k: (ch#2)
a. ½ c. 8/3
b. 3/5 d. 5/7 e. 7/9
12. A 400gram ball is tied to the end of chord and whirled in a horizontal circle of radius 0.6m if
the ball makes the five complete revolution in 2 second what is the balls linear speed (ch#4):
a. 4.42 m/s c. 5.42 m/s
b. 7.4 m/s d. 8.42 m/s e. 9.42 m/s
13. Find the gravitational force of attraction between two balls each weighing 10kg when placed
at 1 meter apart: (ch#6)
a. 6.673×10-9 N c. 7.71×10-9 N
b. 8.891×10 N -9 d. 9.91×10-9 N
14. When a 7000N elevator moves from street level to top of a building 300m above the street
level what is the change in gravitational potential energy : (ch#7)
a. 1.1×106 J c. 2.1×106 J
b. 3.1×10 J 6 d. 4.1×106 J
15. A body of mass 4kg attached to a spring is displaced ____ m from it equilibrium position
and then released if the spring constant is 400 N/m find the time period of vibration :(ch#8)
a. 4.567 s c. 3.416 s
b. 2.315 s d. 0.628s
16. In S.I units, the unit of candela is used for the measurement of : (ch#1)
a. Heat intensity c. light intensity
b. Energy /time d. Energy/area
17. What will the position the object, when a convex lens of length 20cm, is used to form an
erect image which is twice large as the object : (ch#10)
a. 2cm c.4cm
b. 6cm d. 10 cm
18. Find the heat transferred to or from the system when a thermodynamics system under goes
a process in which its internal energy deceases by 300J. if at the same 120J of work done on
the system : ( ch#11)
a. -120 J c. -220J
b. -320J d. -420J
19. What will be energy in joules when an electron acquires a speed of 106 m/s : (ch#12)
a. 3.61×10-19J c. 4.55×10-19J
b. 5.13×10-19J d. 6.13×10-19J
20. A 3cm length of wire is moved at right angle across a uniform magnetic field with a speed of
2 m/s. if the flux density is 5 Tesla what is magnitude induced emf : (ch#14)
a. 0.03V c. 0.3V
b. 0.6V d. 10 V
21. A car is going around a certain curve at a speed of 25km/hr has a centripetal force acting on
it of 100N. if the speed of car is doubled the centripetal force is : (ch#4)
a. Quadruples c. doubled
b. Is multiplied by √2 d. is reduced ½ of original values
22. A hand ball is tossed vertically upward with a velocity of 19.6 m/s , approximately how high
will it rise ? (ch#3)
a. 15.8m c.19.6m
b. 25.6m d. 30m
23. One kilowatt hour is equivalent by a factor _____ in joules : (ch#7)
a. 1.2×105 c. 1.2×106
b. 3.6×10 5 d. 3.6×106
24. The resistivity in S.I units is measured in :
a. Ω.m c. Ω.m2
b. Ω/m d. Ω/m2
25. To trigger the fission process in 92U in a nuclear reactor needs to use: (ch#19)

a. Slow neutron c. slow protons

b. Fast neutron d. fast protons
26. The numerical value of planks constant is : (ch#17)
a. 6.63×10-34 JK-1 c. 6.63×10-34 J.s
b. 8.63×10 JK-34 -1 d. 8.63×10-34 J.s
27. The vector product of position vector r and force F is called as : (ch#5)
a. Weight c. torque
b. Normal reaction d. tension
28. The force of attraction between earth with mass M and another body with mass m at a
distance r is given by :
a. Mm/r2 c. GMm/r2
b. Mm/Gr 2 d.