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Sydney Geyer

PA Common Application Essay

10 April 2018

The Most Important Qualities of an Outstanding Teacher:

My Philosophy of Education

As a teacher, one may spend time learning techniques and teaching methods to

utilize in the classroom, or memorize behavior modifications that you might need to use

one day but the most crucial idea that is frequently overlooked is the classroom itself. How

will it look? How will it operate? These ideas are timeless in education and inevitable to

plan and design. My classroom will be a home, where my class community can grow,

explore and learn without limitations. I want boundless thinking to have the ability to be

nourished in my classroom.

Montessori style learning is something of which I really see my classroom taking the

form. I appreciate the technique and styles of allowing children to develop their own ideas

from my prompting. I also see great benefit from children having a hands-on classroom. I

am always prepared to question anything and I want to promote this habit in the everyday

life of my students. In a hands-on environment the children cannot just ask questions, but

can see and touch and learn with their own experiences. This is something crucial to all

young children but especially those with special needs and learning disabilities. A child

with autism may struggle to understand a lesson that is being lectured but to hold and

touch that item that is being taught, the child can then gain a full understanding. Every

single child learns a little bit differently and has their quirks when it comes to learning. As

a teacher it is important that I understand this and alter my teaching and learning styles to
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better meet the needs of every child.

Although the children are the most important people to a teacher, it is also vital to

maintain positive and strong relationships with the parents. This is very important with

students whom have an IEP or GIEP but those are not the only students who require

teacher-parent relationships. It is convenient for teachers and districts to keep good

relations with students that do have an IEP because of the required annual IEP

meeting. The students that do not have this requirement are more of an obstacle when it

comes to teacher-parent relations because there is no obligation for the parent to visit the

school. This can be done in very simple ways though. For example, a weekly classroom

newsletter or a regularly updated website encasing an online classroom could be effective

for this cause.

Parents, students and learning will all be equally important in my classroom. I will

incorporate all of these aspects in a happy, healthy learning environment that focuses in on

positive reinforcement and freedom to explore different types of learning. I will include

differentiated instruction, responsibility charts and behavior modifications and goals in my

classroom but also student artwork and high achievement on assessments. Our classroom

will harvest learning and help to create a place for our class to grow as a community.