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Physical Project Self-Evaluation

Name Kyle Mitchell Date May 4, 2018

1. Date project started: January 24, 2018

2. Date project ended: June 1, 2018

3. Estimated total hours spent on project:

4. Look back at your task analysis. Look at your planned steps.

Time Involved in each task:

Step 1 Download app to track nutrition, 10 minutes

Step 2 Do research on nutrition, 2 hours
Step 3 Set nutritional goals for myself, 5 minutes
Step 4 Track my macro intake daily and make sure I reach my goal, 30 hours 55 minutes

5. Materials (if any) used:

● App to track nutrients
● Calculator

6. List the people who helped you. Please put a star ( * ) by all those who could
potentially help future seniors.

Shane Van Beek

Tyler Johnson

7. Please give a number response of “1” to “10” with 10 meaning “a great deal” and “1” meaning
“not at all” or put NA (not applicable)

A. How much did your mentor help? 8

B. Have others helped you as well? 10
C. Did the task analysis help you plan your project? 5
D. Would you recommend your project area for future seniors? 9
E. Please explain your answer in letter “D.”
I would really recommend doing a project similar to this because obesity is a big problem in our
country, with people’s bad eating habits being one of the causes. Doing this project really helps
people understand more about how what they put into their body affects them.

8. Would you feel threatened to show your project to an expert for evaluation?

I would definitely like to speak to an expert in nutrition because I am thinking about studying in
nutrition and I would like to see if they think the goals I set for myself are what they would
recommend. I would also like to ask them more questions about many things retaining to

9. List three things you now know after completing this project.

1. I now understand more how the body uses nutrients

2. I now know how to make dietary goals

3. I now understand the importance of setting dietary goals

10. List any personal satisfaction or knowledge you gained from this experience.

1. Learning how to make dietary goals

2. Being able to stay consistent

11. What comments about your project have you heard from students, parents, teachers, or
community members? For example: “I never knew you knew so much about motors.”

Our schools physical trainer told me that I should go into nutrition or dietetics because during a
conversation I stated information that he said would be sophomore or junior year information
learned in college.

12. Describe what risk(s) you took in completing this project. Consider not only a physical
risk, but an emotional or intellectual challenge.

The biggest risk to me for this project would to not stay consistent, because my project is
something that could only be done a little every day, so if I slack off for a week, there may be a
chance that I can't make it up.

13. List or describe any problems you encountered.

My biggest problem is constantly adapting my nutritional goals to make sure I reach my personal
goals. For instance my personal goal is to build muscle, and during the track season I would burn
a lot more calories and break down muscle more, so I have to increase my calorie and protein
intake to counteract this.

14. Is your project original or creative in any way? If yes, explain how.

I believe my project is unique to me because my personal goals and nutritional goals are created
for me, and therefore will not work as effectively for anyone else.

15. How do you feel about having your paper, project, and evaluation form on file as a model
for next year’s students? Explain why or why not.

I believe my project could be used to show different ways projects could be done. Instead of
doing a large project that takes a few days, it could be used to show that your project could easily
be done over a couple months.

16. If given the opportunity, what would you do differently now that you speak from

I would not change anything about my project, I would just like to learn more about nutrition.
Although I learned a lot from my mentors and independent studying, I would like to have a
professional around where I could ask whatever questions I have.

17. Beyond the project itself, what did you learn about yourself?

I learned how disciplined I can be, with how adamantly I could stick to my diet and

18. What grade would you give yourself for your project? Justify your grade in about 25 words.

My grade: B+

Justification for my grade: I believe I deserve a B+ for my grade because it was a lot of work
making sure to always know what I consumed, and there are some times that I lacked in that.