True Meaning of Beauty

The true meaning of beauty is what pleases the eyes from the depths of one's soul. Beauty is not merely the perfect placement of the physical features or of the anatomy. Beauty transcends more than that and until the person or thing of beauty shows or displays the outward attitude that is indeed pleasing to the receptive should the term be used. One would say beauty is in the same category of what is pleasing to the eyes as saying that someone is pretty, gorgeous, handsome or attractive. The similarity would be a falsehood because even when spoken, the sounds of the phonetics does not roll from the mouth and into the surrounding atmosphere as fluently. The one of beauty or the thing of beauty emits much more than the aforementioned words of pretty, gorgeous, handsome or attractive. Beauty transcends all human magnification because it is the strength of character that remains and is timelessness even in the worse of human circumstances of conditions. Specifically, beauty emits the world with the passion for its existence and is not selfish or dominant with its power. The power of beauty is a quietness that makes it unnecessary to shout out or to raise the silence of a room or a place with negative emotions or feelings that would make for a event not so common from the beholder. In that regards, beauty is not a passive trait of character but one that is stronger than the conviction of the conditions in which the one of beauty or the thing of beauty finds itself having to struggle with. Beauty is not found in a species of humans, animals or man made concoctions or spells. Though beauty to the beholder is not always evident as to other people, true beauty is real and can not be erased with time or the text of that which was written long ago. Beauty has the ability to be true of itself without defying the soul, one's self or one's environment with lies, untruths and deceit that makes for something less of beauty in nature. One may ask, where can true beauty be found. What department store can beauty be purchased? Is there a bank where beauty can be withdrawn and if so can beauty be invested? Can beauty now be found on line and if so is there a discount as in using cash for play as you pay purchases? Can beauty be grown and if so is the organic more beautiful than the natural? All of these questions can not be answered because beauty is not obtainable, invested or grown. True beauty belies all of the mankind perception of having to get ownership, distribution and dispensed to the populace. True beauty is the solace to the person beholding that which is pleasing and non-threatening transcending all that man think of as unpleasant to the psychic. Beauty is not love because love can be unkind and can hurt the one disillusioned into its trenches. Beauty is not a fairytale of rescue. True beauty is the strength of character that emits a glow of pleasing qualities seeable only in the eyes of the one needing the rejuvenation of faith in humanity or another hierarchy of need only of one's own knowledge

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