What is Prowess?

Prowess is a database of the financial performance of around 25000 Indian companies. It has been created by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt. Ltd.(CMIE). It covers listed as well as unlisted companies, large and medium public limited companies, government owned companies, some privately held companies, some cooperatives and even some business entities that are not companies. It is a database of the financials of companies.

Guide to Using PROWESS
Following is the home page of PROWESS that will appear on your screen when you click on the PROWESS icon on your desktop.

it searches companies in the database. profit. It is useful to understand the Prowess software as a system that undertakes two tasks for the user – first. Each is explained a little more below: Suppose you want to know the sales price. it presents information on companies in the form of tabulations and charts. There are tools to search companies in the database that match search-criteria provided by users.Prowess is designed to help users access information for individual companies. Prowess presents several tabulations (such as financial statements) and charts (including those of share prices). You can run the query and generate the output in the following manner . and secondly. For processing this query you need to follow these mentioned steps. address. Please click on the Query by basic information Please click on Address & pin code to open the below page. You will find that screen is organised into various sections These sections contain the parameters that need to be specified in order to run a query and generate the output. pin code etc of all the companies registered in Madhya Parades. These presentations help the user in quickly analysing the companies in the database.

say. fax. This can be done by clicking on ‘New’ Buttton . Madhya Pradesh. you will select the state for which you need to generate data. Email.State & District : Here. Website Adress Execute Commands: Having specified all the query parameters above. Select Address type to search by: Registered Display Data: Show address with tel. you need to run the query by using one of the execute commands.

the data will be generated in an Output Sheet as given in the following illustration.After the query has been executed. . For getting the sales and profit data for the above mentioned companies. you again need to process a query on the same output sheet (current output sheet) REMEMBER ALWAYS Before going to process another query. first you have to click on clear button appear on the tool bar in the red cross form so as to clear or unmarked the previous selection otherwise one has to suffer from data duplication problem. This is a list of companies registered in Madhya Pradesh.

Then Click on Query by Finance/stocks. a below mentioned screen will appear. For getting the sales data follow the following below mentioned steps .

yyyymm’ format. you can enter ‘L5’. the output generated by using the ‘L’ facility. you need to process the query on the same output sheet and your latest output sheet will automatically added sales and profit after tax column for the given mentioned years) After the query has been executed. The distinct advantage of using ‘L’ is.dd/mm/yyyy’ format or in ‘yyyymm . a data series at the selected frequency and expression type is generated for the date range specified in the ‘Query on year’ area. Hence. Click “S” for the both Query on Year : This will define the range for which the data series has to be generated. ‘L’ refers to ‘latest’. that you need not be aware of what the date of the latest data is. Execute Commands: Having specified all the query parameters above. will display ‘L’. if you specify ‘L6’ as output date then you will get sales and profit after tax for the MP registered companies for the latest six years. Thus. instead of specifying the date in the ‘dd/mm/yyyy’ format. ‘L1’. For instance. the data will be generated in an Output Sheet as given in the following illustration.Click on the Audited financial result on the extreme left hand side Select expression: Click on Sales and profit after sales Financial: Here S & C is given . The date can also be specified using the letter ‘L’. This can be done by clicking on ‘Add col’ Buttton ( The reason behind of clicking on the add col button is that. However. ‘L2’ and so on against the data. . S means Stand alone figure and C Means Consolidated Figures. you need to run the query by using one of the execute commands. This can be specified in ‘dd/mm/yyyy .

The tabulations have been created by CMIE’s analysts. They are designed to help the user quickly understand the strengths and weaknesses of a company. The condition could be as simple as the name of the company the user is interested in. years of experience in dealing with hundreds of thousands of Annual Reports and interim financial statements of companies and. The reports are designed to help the user understand the company’s performance in great detail. you will find a same screen. it will come under select company name on the extreme right hand side.Prowess finds companies that satisfy conditions set by the user.These tabulations and charts (seen in Prowess as the Report Viewer and Charts Plotter) embody a great deal of understanding of disclosure practices of companies in India. say ACC. . Then you have to follow the following steps Firstly click on Select company by name. Double Click on Company name. Suppose you want to see the report of ACC company. most importantly. Then the companies whose first name start with the word ACC will automatically appear in line. You can now choose your target company. Start Typing For Auto search: Type company name there. in the context of its historical performance. in the context of the performance of its peers and in the context of the performance of its industry. an expertise in analysing companies built over three decades. The tabulations and charts readily available in Prowess are the easier way of getting information on the specific company.

The Chart Assistant can be used to generate a line graph. highlighted by red circle. How to Generate Charts There are two ways of generating charts and graphs.Click on the report viewer button i. pie chart or fast line graph. point graph. Share prices. . _ Then select the type of chart or graph that you wish to generate say “Bar”. bar graph. area graph. Now the output is generated in the form of Report. One could get the information about particular company report. various financial ratios. _ For making a chart from the output sheet.e. financial report. Asset & liabilities etc. _ Click on the icon to open the Chart Assistant. select the data that needs to be charted. You can either generate charts and graphs from the data in the output sheet or you can directly generate a chart from the database without having to generate and output.

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