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Assessment Plan

Grading Plan

Summative Assessment (See Rubric) – 50%

 Part I – 25%
 Part II – 15%
 Part III – 10%

Participation – 25%
 Comes to class prepared – 3%
 Follows class norms and expectations – 5%
 In-class work
o All in-class work completed and turned in – 5%
 Do Now/Journal Prompts 7
o All 7 Do Now/Journal Prompts completed and turned in – 7%
 Exit Slip
o All 5 Exit Slips completed and turned in – 5%

Mirror Poems – 5%
 Turned in on time and fully completed

Homework – 20%
 Homework is turned in on time – 10%
 Fully Completed – 10%
Summative Assessment

“Into the World” Project:

For this Unit, you will be creating an “Into the World” Project. This project will represent
all that you have learned throughout the unit regarding code-switching, how language is a part of
your identity, and how to demonstrate respect towards your peers and their work. This project
will be comprised of three parts (see below for details). For Part I, you will be creating a “text”
that will demonstrate your ability to code-switch. Part II, will be an artist statement and/or
reflection of how you feel language is a part of your own identity, and finally, for Part III, you
will be giving and receiving feedback on your peer’s projects.
These projects will be presented as a Gallery Walk on the last day, so make sure to mark
your calendars at home, spread the work, and invite friends and family to see all of the hard work
you have put in to this project. A reminder about the Gallery Walk will be sent home a week
before the date as a reminder to students and parents.

Part I:
 Create a “text” (Oral, written, or multimedia) that demonstrates your ability to code-
switch for specific audiences and purposes. (Objectives 2, 4, 5)

o First, you will need to determine whether or not you wish to work individually on
this project of with a partner. While you may self-select for groups, the group
should be no larger than 3-4 students.
The groups will need to be finalized by Day 7.

o Next, you will need to determine the audience and topic for your project. You
will also need to determine the format of your project (ie. Song, poetry/writing
compilation, picture book for elementary students, mini-lesson for parent’s night,
podcast, talk show…).
This information will need to be finalized by Day 8.

o There will be plenty of time to work on this part of the assignment in class, but if
your group needs more time to work on it, it is your responsibility to work on it
outside of class.
The final project is due at the end of class on Day 11.

*If you wish to work on this at school during lunch, please see me in class, or send me an email,
and I will make myself and my classroom available to you during that time.

Part II:
 An artist statement/reflection where they will describe how they feel language is a part of
their own identity. (Objective 1, 3 & 6)

o The first component of the reflection will be to briefly discuss how you feel the
creation and presentation of the project went. This is your opportunity to express
how you felt the group dynamic was, how you felt the Gallery Walk went, etc.
o The second component will be to reflect on how you feel language is a part of
your own identity. To guide you, think about all the different language variations
you have learned in the unit, their history, and how different authors have
attributed their language variations to their identity.
The reflection will be due at the end of class on Day 11.

 After final gallery walk presentation, the students will give and receive feedback. They
will identify characteristics from their peers’ projects that they respect or admire.
(Objective 3 & 7)

o The first component of this part will be the project presentations during the
Gallery Walk. You will be presenting your projects during the first hour of the
class period. You will also get the opportunity to explore, and look some of the
projects your peers have created in order to give them feedback.

o The second component of this part will take place during the last 30 minutes of
class. You will be asked to give feedback the two peer projects that you were
assigned to, and that you observed during the gallery walk.

o The entirety of Part III is due in class on Day 12.

Summative Assessment Grading Rubric

Part I: “Into the World” _________/25 points

Powerfully Quite Competent Rethinking Missing

Proficient 4-3 Required 0
5 2-1
 Grammatical  Grammatical  Grammatical
Translation patterns for each patterns for only patterns are used
language variety one of the incorrectly for all
x2 used are correct language varieties language
and evident, either used are correct, varieties used.
through spoken or or grammatical
written word. patterns are only  Translation from
partially correct. one language
 There is a clear variation to
and correct  Translation from another is unclear
translation from one language and/or incorrect.
one language variation to
variation to another is mostly
another. clear and correct.

 The student  The student  The translation of

Respect for demonstrates a demonstrates a each language
Language non-judgmental mostly non- variety is
Varieties translation of each judgmental judgmental,
language variation translation of each student’s project
used, by language variation indicates a belief
indicating that one used. that one language
language variation variation is
is not inferior to inferior to
another. (e.g. No another. Students
mockery) exhibits mockery.

 Student uses the  Student mostly  Student does not

Audience and proper language uses the proper use the proper
Purpose variation language variation language
according to their according to their variation
x2 audience, and audience and according to the
purpose. purpose. audience and
Part II: Reflection of Language and Identity _________/10

Powerfully Proficient Quite Competent Rethinking Missing

5 4-3 Required 0
 Student reflection  Student reflection  Student reflection
Identity illustrates how somewhat minimally
Through language illustrates how illustrates how
Language variations language language
Variation demonstrate both variations variations
personal and demonstrate both demonstrate both
group identity. personal and personal and
group identity. group identity.
 Student uses  Student uses some  Examples student
Examples ample and specific examples to uses to support
examples to support argument. argument are
support the Examples are scarce and vague.
x1 argument. general.

Part III: Feedback _________/15

Powerfully Quite Competent Rethinking Missing

Proficient 4-3 Required 0
5 2-1
 Student has given  Student has given  Student has
Academic feedback on both feedback on only given sparse to
Responsibility projects that were one of the no feedback on
assigned to them. assigned projects, the projects that
x1 or feedback is were assigned to
incomplete. them.

 The feedback  The feedback  The feedback

Quality of directly relates to somewhat relates does not relate to
Feedback the projects being to the projects the projects
assessed by the being assessed by being assessed
student. (specific the student. by the student.
references to the
text of the

 The feedback  The feedback  The feedback

Respect uses respectful mostly used showed little
language with no respectful respect. It
mockery, language included
x1 ridiculing, or regarding the mockery,
inappropriate projects being ridiculing or
comments made assessed. inappropriate
about the projects comments
being assessed. regarding the
projects being

Total: ________/50