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ED 345 Calvin College Teacher Intern Lesson Plan Template

Teacher Intern: Brynn Greenway Date: 4/18/18

Grade Level: 5th Subject/ Topic: Social Studies/Colonization
Approx. time spent planning this lesson: 30min
Main Focus: Vocabulary
Brief Context: Students will need to know the vocabulary for this unit so they can apply it later.
Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills: Students should know what a push and pull factor and how it
applies to colonization
Objectives: [Indicate connections to applicable national or state standards.]
Students should be able to provide a definition to the vocabulary words.
Students should be able to use the vocabulary words in a sentence.
Use context (e.g., cause/effect relationships and comparisons in text) as a clue to the meaning of a word or
Assessment: [Formative and Summative]
Formative: matching activity
Summative: kahoot
Worldview Integration: learning collaboratively
Instructional Resources: definition/vocabulary slips, projector, computers, kahoot:

Universal Design for Learning Networks/Domains (see UDL Guidelines )

Multiple Means of Multiple Means of Expression Multiple Means of
Representation Engagement
Options for Perception Options for action/interaction Options for recruiting
-listening -group talk interest
-talking -partner work -making connections to prior
-matching activity knowledge
-acting out -teaching the class
Options for Options for Expression Options for Sustaining Effort
Language/Symbols -matching slips & Persistence
-speaking aloud -talking aloud -working collaboratively
-acting -acting -communicating their thoughts
-using motions -teaching classmates

Options for Comprehension Options for Executive Options for Self-Regulation

-watching classmates teach Function -learning with the goal to know
-applying knowledge to kahoot -representing their vocabulary the vocab so they can win
in the way that works best for kahoot


COVENANT MANAGEMENT: Relationship & community building (Note any specific ways in
which you plan to build or strengthen relationships and community – student-student & teacher -
student.] student-student: group/partner work, teaching their classmates. Teacher-student: group
CONDUCT MANAGEMENT: (Behavioral expectations, strategies to encourage self regulation,
Identify at least 2 ways you will gain whole group attention: chimes, counting down from three
Strategies you intend to use to redirect individual students: eye contact, calling on names,

PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT: Note any specific ways you will use the environment to contribute
to the learning.
-students will be allowed to move around and sit wherever they want to work on their partner

Motivation/Opening/Intro: [Think creatively about how to engage your students into the content.]
Teacher will initially ask students to share what they can remember from yesterday. Then teacher will
pass out post-assessment and give students about fifteen minutes to work on this. Students should
use complete sentences and explain their answers very thoroughly. Teacher will collect when
students are done, if they have extra time students may draw on the back or read a book. Students
should also be presented with (attached) rubric before doing assignment.
Development: [It may help to number your steps with corresponding times.]
1. Teacher will explain to students that some students will be given a vocabulary word and some a
definition. Each vocab word has a matching definition that another student has. The students need to
try and find their match. Then they have to check their answers with the teacher. Then once they
have it correct, they need to come up with a way to teach it to the class such as acting, using
examples, or anything else they can think of. They must also use it in a sentence. (teacher will write
these instructions on the board)
2. Teacher will model what the conversation should look like (this is my vocabulary word, what is your
definition. I do not think that ours match because…)
3. Then teacher will ask for questions and if there are none, teacher will pass out slips to students.
Once everyone has one they may begin. Teacher will walk around and monitor students.
4. Once all students have had time to find their match and come up with a way to teach the class, the
teacher will regather them and draw sticks to have partners teach their vocabulary words. Teacher
will remind students that they’ll want to pay close attention because they will be playing kahoot after
5. Students will present and teacher will prompt students to explain further if needed or provide any
6. After all vocabulary has been taught, teacher will set up kahoot and monitor what words seem to
need more explanation. These will then be reviewed at the end.
Teacher will review any words that were difficult and ask students to clean up and put their things


CANDIDATE NOTED EVIDENCE OF PROFESSIONALISM: Please note recent evidence of your
efforts as a professional.
Student used complete sentences /2
with proper grammar, capitalization,
spelling, and punctuation.

Student listed at least 2 pull factors /4

and at least 2 push factors for the
Europeans moving to America.

Student gave reasoning behind /2

his/her push and pull factors.

Student used his/her best /2

handwriting and put student’s name,
number, and date at the top of his/her