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Visa Interview

 VO – Good Morning Sir. How are you?

Me- Good Morning Sir. I’m doing well. Thank you. How are you?

 VO – Good. Can I have your passport please?
Me – Yes please.

 VO – Where are you travelling?
Me – Boston, Massachusetts

 VO – Why do you wish to go to US/Purpose/Objective/Agenda?

Me – Business meetings and to add some new features and to improve the shortcomings of the specific
project onsite in which currently involved and to explore new businesses under B1 in lieu of H1B. (Nitin)

Business meetings, to do coordination between various teams, on-site specific work for the project I am
currently working. In Boston, there is a company name ‘EnerNOC’ for which I am supporting one of their
division ‘Data Operations’ from India since last 2 years. Now, to get more exposure on these projects and
some R tool development work they have invited me to be on-site for implementation of further
modifications and enhancement our relation. (Money)

I have been supporting EnerNOC on Demand Response program by performing Data Operations tasks
like Visual Inspection, Proactive check analysis, tool development etc. To get more exposure on these
projects, I will be travelling at their head quarter to work on these projects which involve verification and
validation of meters for our clients and to attend team meetings to accomplish the goal of project.

 VO – For which company, you are currently working?

Me – Kamal Cogent Energy Pvt. Ltd. (It is a Jaipur based company).

 VO – What does your company do?

Me – It is a Green Building and Energy Efficiency consultancy where we are providing services to the
client related to Energy Audits, Commissioning and Data Analysis,. Also, my company provides services to
EnerNOC Inc. to check data health of its various customers enrolled under Demand Response.

 VO – What is your current salary?

Me – 10 lakh per annum/ 83 thousand 3,33 a month

 VO – For how long, you are working in this company?

Me – 4 year 5 months since May 2011.

Next two weeks. I will be preforming on-site verification and validation of meter quality. I will be involved in project tool development and automation. (Money)  VO – What is your guarantee you will come back to India? Me – I have been working with my current employer since 4. Also it seems like that I have chosen the wrong visa type last time. (Nitin) . There they want to see the current progress of the projects and will try to improve its shortcomings by internal coordination of its various teams and customer feedback under week on week basis by doing testing.  VO – For how long you will be stay in US? Me – 8 weeks  VO – 8 weeks. I am involved in one of its project named “Data Operations – Financial Settlement” for which they want me to visit on-site.!! Why so long Sir? Me – I am supporting one of our US based business associate named ‘EnerNOC Inc’ since last 3 years. Also.After coming back to India. I will be involved in data health monitoring and performing root cause analysis. (Nitin) Me – Post my return. I will trained my other juniors who are the part of this project.  VO – Could you please explain your weekly plan? Me – During first two weeks.5 years also I have signed a legal agreement which will be valid for another 16 months.. I will share my experience & feedback received from them over there with my team here in India to enhance productivity and quality deliverable work. so now I am applying for B1/B2 with annotation ‘B1 in lieu of H1B’ to accomplish the project related work. (Nitin) The project which I will be working over there involves on-site visit. In last 2 weeks. verifications and correcting the data quality issues by discussing our findings with other teams to implement optimum solution to the problem which requires the mentioned time. Also it seems like that I have chosen the wrong visa type last time. testing. verifications and correcting the data quality issues. In 5 th & 6th week. From last few months. I owe my personal property in Jaipur and my family is based from Jaipur from last 40 years. (Money)  VO – What you will do on your return? Me .  VO – What do you think your visa got rejected last time? Me – I am not sure about the reason of rejection but I think I have not mentioned the purpose of visit clearly last time. magnitude change detection and correction. so now I am applying for B1/B2 with annotation ‘B1 in lieu of H1B’ to accomplish the project related work. (Nitin) I could not convey my purpose of visit properly to the consulate officer.

. I will book as soon as possible once I get visa approval  VO – Do you have any direct relation in US? Me – NO.Where you will stay in US? I have a list of few rented rooms I will book one of them one my visa got approved. .R tool development and automation.Analyzing and reporting business critical data. my assets and family are here in India and I am the only son to my parents. In addition.I have signed a legal agreement with my employer (Kamal Cogent Energy) which will be valid for another 1 year.  VO .Not yet. (Priyank & Money)  VO – What is your educational qualification? Me .Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics and Tele-communication  VO – Do you have any specific date/plans of visit or intended date of arrival? Me – Somewhere ‘Between’ end October 2015 to January 2016. .I work as an Engineering Analyst in KCE to help EnerNOC in the ‘Demand response – Financial Settlement’ program by: .Identifying and correcting the issues in Energy platform. . (Nitin)  VO – Have you booked your flight tickets? Me. I will definitely come back to India. My exact schedule of visit depends upon visa approval but my intended date of arrival is “29 October”.  VO – What is your current role in the company? Me – I am Project Manager (leading a team of 10 members) in KCE.In-depth analysis of data quality issues. I am managing various data analytics tasks performed by my team. So. (Nitin) Me .