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In every stages of life we learn something new Different aspect of life, the
positive and the negative impacts make us learn.

In this subject PED 7, it makes me learn and realize something new. It
caught my attention and willingness to learn in the sense that one instructress
makes us perform variety of activities. We indulge ourselves in the field of learning
new concept in education. Honestly it really helps me a lot in a way that it teaches
me to view different aspects in the teaching learning process. I must say that it is
an effective way in guiding us the future mentor someday that we are aiming for
it has a good impact in our life in the sense that we’re just not learning to become
a good teacher but also to become a flexible person in dealing with different real-
life situation.

As I go further beyond education this subject will really guide me to become
also an effective, flexible and a warm-hearted mentor. Actually I’m a little bit sad
because we didn’t finish to discuss the whole chapter of it, but I understand also
that we don’t have enough time to deal with it. I know that our instructress gives
exact effort and give her very best to make us learn in this subject and I’m really
thankful to fill it. Through we sometimes encounter different minor problems in
this subject but we know how to solve and deal with it, it was part of learning

Last thing that I want to say in this reaction paper is that I enjoy while
learning, thanks to you Ms. Aicyl Soliva for sharing your knowledge with us. It has
really big impact in my studies in life.

Submitted by: Mario Zamora Ellis Jr.
You’re Student