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Choose the correct answer to the questions.

Once upon a time, there was a farmer living in a hut near the forest. The farmer lived alone and he
was very poor.

One day, he went to the forest to get fruits to eat. There he found a white goose. He decided to take
the goose home and he made a nest for it.

The next morning, when he was feeding the goose, he found that the goose had laid an egg. Much
to his surprise, the egg was not white like a normal egg. It was yellow and glittering. The egg was a
golden egg. The farmer sold the egg at the market and he got much money from that. Every
morning the same thing occurred. The white goose laid a golden egg every morning. The farmer
soon became rich by selling his eggs.

As the farmer grew rich he grew greedy. He wanted to be richer. He was thinking to get many eggs
at once. So, he killed the goose and opened its body. However, he found nothing inside.

The white goose was dead. The greedy farmer soon became poor again.

1. Where did the farmer find the white goose?
A. at the market B. in the forest C. in a hut D. in a nest E. at home

2. Which one of the following is true according to the text?
A. The farmer bought the goose from the market.
B. The goose laid white eggs.
C. The goose killed the farmer.
D. The farmer bought golden eggs from the market.
E. The farmer got much money from selling golden eggs.

3. Why did the farmer become poor again?
A. because he was feeding the white goose every day
B. because every morning the white goose laid golden eggs
C. because he was killed by the goose
D. because he couldn’t get golden eggs anymore
E. because he found a goose in the forest

4. What is the moral of the story?
A. We should not be greedy D. We should not sell golden eggs
B. We should get more money to be richer E. We should not kill animals
C. We should go to the forest to find a white goose

Lina and I ______ (5) to Kerobokan beach last Saturday. We _____ (6) Lina’s motorcycle to
get there. We _______ (7) at four o’clock in the afternoon. When we got there, we had to pay
two thousand rupiahs to ______ (8) the beach.
We ________ (9) a plate of grilled fish. The grilled fish was delicious. When we
__________(10) the fish, a big cat came by and stole our fish. That made us very angry.

Some of the students from our school went straight home after the celebration. taking photographs on the bridge E. buying D. D. We travelled without knowing where we wanted to go. E. my father was there. B. C. I went to school as usual. The writer just graduated from high school. They had asked a paranormal shaman about it. enters E. D. eaten C. C.5. A. All of the grade XII students in our school passed the exam. eat B. were eating E. I joined that convoy. gone D. because I am still in grade X! 11. goes 6. but also because I was supposed to be at school. during the math lesson. because they were very angry at the writer. A. E. Why were the teachers and the writer’s father angry at her? A. because they wanted to study. was arriving 8. We ate bakso together in Tajun. went B. Which of the following is true according to the text? A. rode C. 12. so they celebrated their graduation happily. When I arrive at the office. studying. entering D. because she didn’t invite them to the convoy. A. Almost all of the students sprayed their white shirt with colorful paint. A. because she posted her photos in Facebook. because she was supposed to be at school instead of joining the convoy. We went to many places. arrived C. viewing Mount Batur D. C. The writer skipped school to join the convoy. Tuesday D. 16. but the others rode their motorcycle in a convoy. It was really fun. . eating bakso 13. because they were still in grade X. We took photos of ourselves on the long bridge in Plaga. was eating D. Thursday 14. because she ate bakso in Tajun. Sunday B. bought C. go C. We visited Penelokan village in Kintamani where we stopped to view the Mount Batur. I was called to the office by the teachers. ridden D. because they did not pass the exam. eating Last Wednesday was the day of the announcement about the National Examination results. rides 7. and the teachers saw those photos. Why did some students go in a convoy? A. A. However. They met her on the road. They saw her photos on Facebook. arrives E. spending the night at a hotel C. because she went to the school the following day. B. B. How did the teachers know that the writer had joined the convoy? A. C. The following day. buy B. The writer told them herself. Which activity is not mentioned in the text? A. arriving D. enter B. entered C. going E. On what day was the writer called to the teacher’s office? A. singing loudly on the road B. A. was buying 10. B. D. The writer posted the photos of herself at the bridge in Plaga on Facebook D. ride B. Monday C. was entering 9. Somebody had posted photos of me at the Plaga bridge with my friends on Facebook. E. as well as the headmaster and some teachers. The writer passed the national examination. because they wanted to celebrate their graduation. arrive B. Wednesday E. The writer was a grade XII student. not only because I had joined the convoy. buys E. The writer’s father told them about it. riding E. My father and the teachers were very angry at me. 15. E. We sang loudly on the road while we were riding our motorcycles.

I ____________ it yet. Comic books and magazines E. . Fluent in Japanese and English E. seeing C. public apology B. invitation to a party C. Which of the following is not the requirement needed to apply for the Assistant to President Director position? A. Able to operate computer 4. If you enter my brother’s room. All of my friends __________ it. When you open the door. Female under 30 years C. Receptionist. you would not want to stay there for a long time. majoring in Business. Fluent in English. There are comic books and magazines on the bed. His dirty clothes are under the bed. What does the writer describe? A. have seen D. His brother’s room B. majoring in Intermediary Accounting. have done E. Receptionist High school graduate. Good command in English preferred. seen VACANCIES A dynamic. do B. They say that the movie was amazing. A. majoring in Business.17. Teacher : Have you done your homework? Student : I’m sorry. you can see that everything is not in its place. as well as Bahasa Indonesia. growing joint venture in multi finance company is seeking self-motivated people for: 1. Able to operate computers. Marketing Staff/Loan Officer University graduate. Accounting Assistant B. She is fluent in Japanese and English. a copy of your diploma. but it is very dirty. C. Santi has just graduated from SMA N 2 Tejakula. Aggressive and hardworking 2. his shoes. don’t 18. Able to operate computers B. obituary 20. Which position can she apply to? A. Able to operate computers. The pillow and the blanket are on the floor. His brother’s desk C. Loan Officer My brother’s room is big. Female under 25 years. and his helmet. see B. A. BOX 4887 JAKARTA 12048 19. Marketing Staff D. and your recent photograph to: PERSONNEL MANAGER P.O. Assistant to President Director E. Accounting Assistant SMK graduate. His desk is on the corner of the room. Aryo : What are you going to do this weekend? Lina : I am going to see the new Avengers movie at the cinema. His brother’s bed D. Female under 25 years. Aggressive and hadrworking 21. and on the top of his desk there are snacks wrappers and his robot toys. She is also able to operate computers. How to clean a room. Female under 30 years 3. Between the desk and the bed. 22. didn’t C. Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and good command in English preferred Please submit your application in English together with your resume. job vacancy D. product advertisement E. haven’t done D. University Graduate majoring in Business D. Assistant to President Director University graduate. sees E. contact details. There are also big posters on the north wall. you can find his skateboard. Fluent in Japanese and English. It is not comfortable. What is the above text about? A.

D. You’re such a good friend. Dirty clothes B. Congratulations C. ______________ tonight. I fixed it C. is it true that you won the first prize of the National Students Olympiad? Ayu : Yes. I don’t like it! E. Agus. Agus has just get married E. I have fixed it E. I have been fixing it 26. What a pity E. Abu and Mrs. I buy it 27. was played Mr. (32)_______ house is next to my house. I think I am too ugly. What can we conclude from the dialogue? A. Lina are my neighbors. On the corner of the room C. A. Dinda only thinks of Agus as a friend. Robot toys C. Dinda : Thank you. C. My condolences. Agus : Congratulations on your wedding. What are on his bed? A. play B. Ayu : What do you think about my painting? Dewa : It’s really beautiful! ______________________ Ayu : Thank you. Between the desk and the bed 25. you’re not ugly. On the wall E. . was playing C. Adi : Really? Okay. Dinda : Nobody wants to be my boyfriend. Where does the writer’s brother put his shoes? A. is playing E. Agus congratulates Ari on her wedding C. You are so talented! D. In fact. A. playing D. Agus is not Dinda’s boyfriend. Big posters E. How embarrassing 28. B. Dinda : _________________! I’m really happy for you! A.23. My condolences B. I was buying it C. I was fixing i D. Snack wrappers 24. B. Adi : I know. Agus is married to Ari 29. Dewa. On the top of the desk B. Dinda : Ayu. Ari congratulates Agus on his wedding D. A. Agus. Dewi : We are running out of shampoo. I feel sorry for you. Under the bed D. I have been buying it D. 31. I _______________ at the mini market after lunch. Becky : What's wrong with you. Agus thinks that Dinda is ugly. Ari is still single B. Dinda doesn’t have a boyfriend. A. because (34) ________ always help my family when (35) ______ are in trouble. Which of the following is not true according to the dialogue? A. C. Agus : No. Your painting is ugly! 30. Ari. E. Agus compliments Dinda on her beauty. I will fix it B. I am going to buy it E. Everyone in my family likes (33)_______. Dicky? Dicky : I sprained my ankle when I _______ football. I feel sorry for you D. I hope you’ll live a happy life! Ari : Thank you very much. I did. Dewi : The refrigerator is broken. I think that you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. I bought it B. Comic books and magazines D.

. You’re my end and my beginning all your perfect imperfections. they B. He can’t accept her like the way she is. themselves 34. refusing the invitation 40. Through every mood. their C. Give your all to me I’ll give my all to you 38. much. Septa’s stomach is hurting D. He doesn’t like her imperfections. Love your curves and all your edges D. ‘Cause I give you all of me B. Which of the following is not true according to but I’m breathing fine the lyrics? You’re crazy and I’m out of my mind A. And you give me all of you.32. “Love your curves and all your edges. Septa’s stomach hurts because she ate so much rujak. my rhythm and blues. ESSAY TEST Translate the following sentences into English. theirs D. ‘Cause all of me C. From the dialogue we know that Henny is . The singer doesn’t want to be with the girl. A. The singer thinks that the girl should go out of I can’t stop singing. What do the lyrics of this song tell us? How many times do I have to tell you? A. it’s ringing his life. you’re beautiful too B. The singer can’t stop thinking about the girl. C. stating agreement B. All your perfect imperfections E.. C. Ketika Joni sedang bermain bersama teman-temannya di pantai. A. My head’s under water. Ayu sedang memasak makan malam bersama ibunya. B. us E. ours D. them E. they B. The singer doesn’t like the girl he is singing You’re my downfall. 41. our C. Use the correct tenses and pronouns. ourselves …. 37. Akbar : What happened to you? Are you okay? Septa : Uuugh…my stomach hurts.” Even when I lose. Septa didn’t eat any rujak the day before.. their C. seorang polisi memanggil mereka. The singer wants the girl to love him too. D. 43. they B. 39. D. He thinks that she is not perfect for him. themselves 33. I’m winning What do the underlined words mean? A. but I don't think I can. A. II. I’m around him. themselves 35. Which one is not true according to the dialogue? A. My worst distraction. Septa ate much rujak the day before E.. their C. them E. The singer have told the girl many times that loves all of you she is beautiful. we B. Akbar asks Septa if she is okay B. giving an opinion C. asking for permission E. The singer thinks that the girl is ugly. you’re my muse. I wish I hadn't eaten so much rujak yesterday. He loves her just the way she is. about. them E. He wants her to change to be a perfect person (John Legend – “All of Me”) E. There's so much homework to do tonight. 36. Bobby : Will you go to the movie with me tonight? Henny : I'd love to. theirs D. oh-oh C. in my head for you E. The singer tells the girl that he loves her very Even when you’re crying. Saya membeli baju ini tujuh tahun yang lalu. A. 42. The singer tells somebody to go away from The world is beating you down. The singer loves the girl with all of his heart. theirs D. A. accepting an offer D.

. Saya sudah menulis sebuah surat tadi malam.44. Ayah kami selalu menjual durian di depan rumah Joni setiap hari Minggu. 45.