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Benefit Of Honey For The Health Of The Body

The benefits and efficacy of honey has long been known by man. Quality the quality of
nutrition and medicine from honey has been documented in the Vades, Greece, Roman,
Islamic texts and more. Doctors from antiquity, such as Aristotle (384-322 BC), Aristoxenus
(320 BC), Hippocrates, Porphyry, Cornelius Celsus (early first century AD) and Dioscorides,
and Arab doctors have referred to the healing qualities of honey. Although the scientific
argument have been made for the use of honey in modern times, its use is still considered part
of alternative medicine. Honey contains a powerful antioxidant with antibacterial and
antiseptic properties. Here are some of the benefits and efficacy of honey for health :

1. Prevent Cancer
The content of flavonoids found in the honey and antioksidan can reduce the risk of
cancer and heart disease. Meanwhile the content of carcinogens in honey can prevent
a variety of tumors.
2. Increase Of The Immune System (immune)
Honey is also rich in antioxidants which can improve the performance of the digestive
system of the body so that the body becomes more healthy and fit. Not only that, the
content of honey has a content of nutraceuticals can fight free radicals in the body.
3. Improve Stamina
According to research results, the honey can improve performance (ergogenic), which
can enhance the performance of athletes. Honey may help the body control blood
sugar and also help the healing of muscle and stamina recovery after strenuous
4. Sources Of Vitamins And Minerals
Honey is also known to be rich in vitamin and mineral content. The levels of vitamins
and the minerals depending on the nectar that is smoked by the honey bees.
5. Keep Out Bacteria And Fungi
Honey also contains antiseptic substance that acts to inhibit the growth of bacteria, it
is able to keep the body to avoid infection. If a person has cuts or burns, then the
honey is often made into medicine first aid to apply so as to avoid the occurrence of
6. Lose Weight
In contrast to the high calorie and sugar lukosa, honey contains vitamins and minerals
that the body needs. Many are convinced that the honey could be used as a natural
remedy for weight loss. Usually honey mixed with lemon juice drink in the morning
is believed to be able to eliminate cellulite.
7. Treat Cough And Strep Throat
Like just on point 6, antibacterial content in honey can fight microbacteri the cause of
inflammation, even honey can kill the bacteria that cause infectio in the throat.