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Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola

Bangladesh Perspective

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Submission Date: 08/12/2009

Consumers today have become much more clever and conscious in their consumption behavior
than they were one or two decades ago. Now a day, in consuming products and services
consumers go through an extensive thought process which determines one’s certain action in
their consumption behavior. Also, people get influenced by their parents, peers, relatives and in
most cases by their previous experiences which help them to create a certain perception or image
about any brand or product. This perception drives them into showing different attitudes towards
different products and eventually buying or rejecting these products in the reflection of
satisfaction or dissatisfaction. In this report, we have also tried to find out these similar aspects

Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 2

but in the form of a specific brand and it is Motorola, one of the leading mobile phone
manufacturers and sellers in the world. We have conducted a broad survey among certain age
groups within a specified sample size to get the idea about people’s perception and attitude
towards Motorola and their purchase behavior in purchasing mobile sets. We have asked question
which would help us to find out which demographic group is showing what type of purchase
behavior. Also, we have tried to measure the features that are valuable to the consumers while
consuming mobile sets, through specific sets of question. Analysis of the answers of these
questions would give us a clear indication whether the consumers are satisfied or not and from
these findings companies can undertake necessary customer satisfaction and customer retention
programs. Also, if Motorola can recognize their customer’s preferences and predict their attitudes
then it would be very easy for the company to position its products at the right time, at the right
place with proper product design which will guarantee better services. In the last half of the
questionnaire, we have gone into more depth regarding purchase behavior of the customers as
how much loyal they are to their brands and what can motivate them in switching their brands.
In a whole, this analysis of customer perception, preference and purchase behavior would help
the company to draw proper marketing strategies which will eventually help Motorola to
increase its market share in the market like ours where competing brand like Nokia has been
dominating since the emergence of mobile sets in our country.

As Bangladesh is a developing country. writing. mobile phones are probably the most accessible and user friendly gazettes human beings can carry to communicate to each other. In today’s world. Motorola mobile phone is a part of Motorola electronics which is one of the key segments of Motorola group. The consumers of Bangladesh accept the telecommunication industry heartedly and that’s why a lot of telecommunication service provider companies and mobile companies are coming and doing business in our country very rapidly with lots of profits. This requires a symbolic activity. In fact. Being from a strong background. communication refers to the transmission of data and information from one location to another. There are several mobile phone companies who are competing to each other in providing better services to its consumers. because of the prices charged both by the cell phone manufacturers and cell service providers. the need for these modern communication means is always there. After a slow start. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 3 INTRODUCTION The age we are living in is an age of science indeed. or information. information is sent from a sender or encoder to a receiver or decoder. as by speech. Motorola is one of the leading mobile phone companies in the world which believes in its value proposition towards its consumers. And nothing does it better than the mobile phones. . In a simplistic form. signals. Communication means exchange of thoughts. the growth rate of the cell phone market in the early years in Bangladesh has been very high. or behavior. Motorola is one of them. Though our country is poor and less developed still because of some foreign investors and Bangladeshi entrepreneurs this new information technology also has become available in Bangladesh. It is the process of sharing information. The revolution of the mobile phone industry has been astonishing for the last two decades. Motorola mobile phone industry added a new dimension in each and every mobile phone markets in the world and Bangladesh is also one of them. sometimes via a language and sometimes via electronic media. Every foot steps of our lives are being carried forward by the modern innovations of science. it is higher than the countries that are manufacturing it or the developed countries. There is not a single activity of our life which is not influenced by it and our communication network is of no exception. In the electronic world. messages.

to retain the market leadership. etc. advertisement. product. We also have wanted to get a clear view of attitudes and perception towards the Motorola cell phones by the young generation and whether the company can sustain in the long run and will it can attract consumer group in the near future or not. concept and/or tool from the textbook and apply to an idea. brand. It is Integra communications. Now there is only one dealer of Motorola in Bangladesh. Motorola is gaining popularity day by day and thus increasing its market share more than ever before. company. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 4 OUR OBJECTIVE: In this project we had to select a topic. We as a group have tried to find out the pre and post purchase behavior of the consumers in buying mobile phones of different brand. They are always aware of what actually consumer wants and what they are looking for. each and every dealer has their goal and mission and that goal is the same. But dew to the core and focused marketing strategy. But it has no corporate office in Bangladesh like Siemens. According to the statement of sales department of Integra communications. service. Itself Integra communications has several distributors spreading all over the country. Its solo efforts has been making a slow but steady progress into the growth of Motorola’s market share in a market where its competing brand like Nokia has been leading the cellular market for number of years. MOTOROLA IN BANGAGLADESH: Motorola’s journey in Bangladesh started with the hand of Integra Communications. Apply the concept in the context of Bangladesh. Motorola’s major selling mobiles are within the price range from 5000tk to . Their continuous surveys have found some interesting data which is almost similar with our findings.

we have not got the primary data. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 5 15000tk and people normally don’t change mobile as long as it becomes out of order. In the last four to five years it was really successful in terms of revenue. According to them the cellular firm’s market share are as follows: Firms Market Share (%) Nokia 35 Motorola 22 Sony-Ericsson 20 BenQ-Siemens 14 Motorola 4 Others 5 . near future there’s a big chance of a corporate office in Bangladesh so that they can provide much extensive and direct services to its consumers. THE MARKET SHARE OF THE MAJOR PLAYERS: Cell phone companies are always reluctant to provide their sales figures and market share data. lost or hijacked. But through our survey and asking in some mobile phone stores we got some data from Eastern plaza. So. So. They also find that Motorola has a huge prospect in developing country like Bangladesh.

opportunities. Motorola with a growing number of shares is about to catch on Nokia. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 6 According to the data we can clearly see that. and threats. We will analyze the Strength. But the fact also cannot be denied that. That will help them to reduce the price of their cell phone and also can let them earn a lot of profits with less effort. weakness. Motorola is one of the leading cellular companies having some strength.O. .T. Opportunity and Threats of Motorola that will help to tell us about the reason behind its working ability and prospect. ANALYSIS: SOWT Analysis is a method of analyzing the capability of anything from the business perspective. S. Study of these topics about Motorola will give us a complete overview about the organization. But Motorola can easily challenge its competitors by establishing a corporate office in Bangladesh.W. Nokia is by far dominating the market and market leader. Weaknesses.

 No corporate office available here. Especially in country like important in our country’s ours where competing brands like perspective. is very minimum compare to its competitors. Its packaging facilities are of high quality. This allows the company to be flexible into the different socio. Different utility  Less organized distribution. Motorola branded mobile sets are head phone. the  Good and top quality of products company fails to attract lower class with solutions. specially the quantity of it. The devices like external memory card. Most of the mobile customers who are a major sets offer high quality image and segment into the cellular sound. technology.  Efficient after sales service.  Using advanced high tech  High turnover rate of top officials. having good Brand Image. USB portable cables. because of the lack of distribution channels. Motorola has always put quality over price. . Motorola looses that  Strong background and thus competitive edge in this regard.  Lack of consistency in promotional economic conditions which is very activities. The supply of the hand sets.  Not sourcing product at cheaper prices like its competitors.  Excellent job done by the dealers  Less compliance to market demand. companies’ success in our country. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 7 Strengths Weaknesses  Wide product line and product mix. not accessible to the people living TV cable are being provided with outside the major cities just the sales pack. Nokia has a huge success by undertaking extensive promotional campaigns. So.

be one of the leading brands. If they do so then competitors a competitive edge over they will have much greater opportunity Motorola in reducing their prices. exists but among small groups of people.  Giving up Post-sales support in order to  R&D sector now require more increase the sales. We took people from different age groups as our sample population and we have restricted our sample size into 30 people. We have tried to ask them about their perception and usage pattern towards different mobile sets. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 8 Threats Opportunity  Foreign currency fluctuations and  Gaining brand loyalty of the customers devaluation of the local currency. this gives its office in this country.  Large number of smuggled product comes from abroad. This by providing quality services in the long will force the company to change its run is one of the potential field where pricing strategies and thus changing its Motorola can build up its brand image structure to run in our country. As Motorola has always improved by establishing a corporate put quality over price. Sony Ericsson. DATA ANALYSIS: We have conducted a survey based on the perception of the people about Motorola mobile phone. As our objective is to find out the peoples view and . BenQ Siemens sourcing product at a  Motorola’s customer care can be cheaper price. among larger segments which already  Competitor like Nokia. But in to grow as a company in the context of terms of quality Motorola will always our country. investment to research to develop better products than the competitors.  New competitors are trying to get the market share.

a. We have also analyzed the demographics data of the respondents and we came to know that 65% of them are within 20-25 age groups and 42% of the population have gross family monthly income of TK 35000-45000 and very few of them have gross income more than TK45000. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 9 perception about Motorola. . from that we can say that mobile phone is the most accessible communication mean to the people.5% of the total population. And only 5% of them are graduates and they have recently entered into their jobs. no Survey Result: yes-100% no-0% Purpose and Explanations: Our first question for the people was whether they use cell phones or not. People whose income ranges from TK25000-35000 mostly live in a rented house and they are 36. So. yes b. Survey Question: ►I use cell phone. Among them 100% uses the cell phone. we have tried to relate the findings with Motorola mobile phones perspective in order to get clear indication of what people want and what Motorola need to do in order to be much more successful in its operations. Most of the respondents have a degree of HSC and A Level and now studying in undergraduate level. Most of them either live in their own apartment or own house.

From the survey we found that about 28% people use more than one cell phone at a time. As there is more chance that people may carry different brands of mobile sets that gives Motorola a better indication about how to position its market into several classes of customers which can be derived from their demographic background. in every one year or less: 11 responses b. in every one year or less b. no Survey Result: 28% people said ‘yes’ and 72% people said ‘no’. yes b. Survey Question: ►I change my cell phone: a. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 10 Survey Question: ►I use more than one cell phone at a time. So. Purpose and Explanations: Our purpose here was to see how many people use more than one cell phone at a time. in every 1-2 years: 17 responses . Also. in 3-4 years e. a. we came to know that people who carry more than one handset has the greater possibility to carry different brands. in 2- 3 years d. It gives us an indication about the usage pattern of the consumers. 72% people use only one handset at a time. never changed yet Survey Result: a. in every 1-2 years c.

20% of the people change their sets within 2-3 years. From these findings we can say that. most of the people usually change their sets in 1-3 years of time and from the demographic profile we can find out the different age group of the customers who are showing different usage pattern in terms of their loyalty. in every 2-3 years: 8 responses d. 40% of them change their sets within 1-2 year. never changed yet: 1 response Purpose and Explanations: The main purpose of ours behind this question was to know that how frequently consumers change their mobile sets. According to our survey. in every 3-4 years: 3 responses e. This behavior pattern of the customers can give Motorola a key indication of when the company should precede its selling strategies. we have found that about 25% of the people change their sets within one year. Survey Question: ►I usually buy: (rank in order of preference)  BenQ-Siemens _________  Nokia _________  Motorola _________  Sony-Ericsson _________  ____________ _________ (if other please specify) . Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 11 c.

Purpose and Explanation: Through this question we have tried to find out the preferences of mobile sets among general people and which they like the most and the least.preferred at 1st (10 respondents). and 4th (5 respondents) position.(rank in order of preference)  TV _________  News paper _________  Magazine _________  Billboards _________  Peers _________  __________ _________ (if other please specify) . Survey Question: ►I got information about the brand from. 2nd (13 respondents) & 3rd (4 respondents) position.preferred at 1 st (7 respondents).preferred at 3rd (8 respondents). It gives us the opportunity of ranking these different mobile sets in order of their consumers’ preferences and then comparing them in certain product categories which will help us to determine where Motorola stands in terms of its product preference. 2nd (9 respondents) and 5th (7 respondents) position. 2nd (18 respondents). 3rd (8 respondents) and 4th (8 respondents) position.preferred at 1st (6 respondents). Motorola. Sony-Ericsson. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 12 Survey Result: BenQ-Siemens.preferred at 1st (23 respondents). Nokia. 2nd (17 respondents). 3rd (7 respondents). 4th (15 respondents) & 5th (17 respondents) position. Motorola.

billboards (6 response). newspaper (2 responses). billboards (7 responses). magazine (1 response). billboards (12 responses). peers (10 responses). Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 13 Survey Result: 1st preference: TV (8 responses). newspaper (14 responses). 2nd preference: TV (13 responses). 4th preference: TV (6 responses). magazine (17 response). family (3 responses). peers (2 responses). billboard (9 responses). billboards (11 responses). From our . newspaper (16 responses). 3rd preference: TV (9 responses). magazine (11 responses). peers (6 responses). peers (17 responses). newspaper (11 responses). Purpose and Explanations: We have asked people of their experience and preference of knowing about their brands from the media where they would like themselves to expose. So. The knowledge that from where people are deriving the information given about product of certain brands is very important from a company’s viewpoint and it gets even more technical when we are talking about the mobile phones as the product. newspaper (3 responses). magazine (2 responses). family (3 responses). our main purpose behind this question was to know the main source of information from where people are gaining knowledge about a product such mobile phones and then applying the findings into the Motorolas different marketing strategies. 5th preference: TV (1 response).

packaging facilities. durability. television and billboards also got a faire share in terms of being the prolific source of information about mobile sets among people.5 responses. So.9 responses.8 responses. shape/style.6 responses. Also. extra added features.9 responses. visual and sound quality. size/ weight. size/weight.13 responses.9 responses.6 responses. visual and sound quality.3 responses. availability-1 response. in terms of buying mobile phones people are hugely motivated by their peers and family members. price. price. People do seem to buy or try out different mobile sets by following the advice or suggestions given by their peers and family members. size/weight. 2nd preference: durability.2 responses.5 responses. extra added features. shape/ style-2 responses. visual and sound quality.7 responses. shape/style.9 responses. 4th preference: shape/style. Survey Question: ►While buying mobile phone.5 responses. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 14 findings we can say that.3 responses. . newspaper and billboard media in promoting their products have been most successful. extra added features.3 responses. extra added feature.1 response.1 response. the most valuable feature to me is (Please rank in order of preference)  Price ________  Packaging facilities ________  Durability ________  Availability ________  Size/weight ________  Shape/style ________  Extra added features ________  Visual and sound quality ________ Survey Result: 1st preference: Price-14 responses. from our survey we can conclude that companies who have followed the marketing strategy towards friends and family orientation through TV.8 response. 3rd preference: visual and sound quality.5 responses. extra added features. packaging facilities.3 responses. packaging facilities.3 responses. durability. price. availability. 8th preference/ least preferred: availability.8 responses.8 responses.8 responses. shape/style.8 responses.6 responses.5 responses.2 response. packaging facilities. price.11 response. durability. availability.4.

visual and sound quality of the sets is important features to the consumers while buying mobile sets. Other features like shape/style and extra added features of the mobile sets are important to the customers who have already bought . Also. About 25% of the people thought that these features can least influence their decision making. the most important feature to the people is the price where we have got 14 responses out of 40 people.5% of the respondents. Visual and sound quality got 9 responses which is 22. So this is nearly about 35% of the total sample. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 15 Purpose and Explanations: We have asked this question to the people to know. Durability also doesn’t lack behind. From our survey we came to know people like to buy sets which are long-lasting. From our survey result we can see that. From our survey. we came to know that the least important features to the customers in buying sets are their availability. while buying mobile sets which features are important to them and which features are less likely to influence in their purchase behavior.5% of the total response as being the third most important feature that influences consumer purchase behavior. packaging facilities and size/weight. Durability has been preferred second by 32.

Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 16 several mobile sets and never afraid of trying out new products. from all these analysis Motorola can draw out its product development and positioning strategies that could benefit the company in the long run. Very satisfied b.4 responses. I am _______ with my brand. neither satisfied nor dissatisfied d. charge durability. low memory are the main reasons behind their dissatisfaction. high in visual and sound quality and good look of their respective mobile sets. less costly.13 responses. . somewhat satisfied.16 responses. So. a. being less durable and being low in quality in sound and graphics. Somewhat dissatisfied e. the usual answers that came in front of us are user friendly nature. They are least affected by the price and may be durability. Some of them are very dissatisfied with their sets and in answering why they have told us being not user friendly. But there were also some customers who are very satisfied with their current brand because till now they have not incurred any problem with their sets. somewhat dissatisfied.7 responses. very satisfied. Somewhat satisfied c. b. very dissatisfied. In answering why they are satisfied. very dissatisfied Why? __________________________________________________________________ Survey Result: a. good quality. Survey Question: ►At present.

Motorola can value its customer satisfaction which is the individual’s perception of the performance of the product or service in relation to his or her expectation. less costly.5% and 7. charge durability. 7 people out of 40 are somewhat dissatisfied and 3 people out of 40 are very dissatisfied which are 17. Survey Question: ►If I buy a cell phone and it turns out to be dissatisfying I would love to have a service of- o Replacing it with a new model within the same price range o Changing it with the same model o Modifying/customizing it .loyalists.5% of the total population is somewhat satisfied and there is none who is neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. User friendly nature. Studying these behaviors. From the data that we have collected we can conclude that. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 17 Purpose and Explanations: The purpose of this question was to know the satisfaction level of the consumers regarding their mobile sets. high in visual and sound quality and good look of the mobile sets have been the main reasons of satisfaction of the people. defectors. terrorists and hostages. lack of these qualities with lower memory adds up the dissatisfaction level of these consumers towards their mobile sets. Another. about 40% people are very satisfied with their respective mobile sets. these types of analysis would help the company to identify its several types of customers as. Also. good quality. Also. apostles.5% of the total population respectively. 13 people which is 32.

Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 18 o Getting the money back o __________________________________ (if other lease specify) Survey Result: Replacing it with a new model within the same price range.6 responses. changing it with the same model.5 response. getting the money back. So. this strategy of customer retention makes it in the best interests of customers to stay with the company rather than switch to another firm.1 response. in these cases consumers want extensive after sales service .7 responses. From the data given above we can say that. 12. Purpose and Explanations: The overall objective of this question is to know how the company’s aim should be to provide value to customers continuously and more effectively than the competition and to retain highly satisfied customers.5% of them think of changing the defected cell with the new one of the same model. 52.5% of the total population wants to replace their sets with a new model within the same price range in situations when they find their newly bought mobile sets are dissatisfying.21 responses. modifying/customizing it. buying another new cell in regardless of the cost.

quality sound and picture. g. 15% of the population wants to modify/customize their existing cells. f. b.4 responses. f. c. unique features c. long lasting nature. user friendly c.6 responses. unique features. From the graph we can also see that 17. it is more expensive to win new customers than to keep existing ones. But they are not price sensitive as customization or modification needs extra money. Also. packaging facilities g. Survey Question: ►When I hear about Motorola the first thing that comes to my mind is its- a. Motorola should keep these options open in terms of its after sales services because in almost all business situations. reliability. packaging facilities. d. quality sound and picture e. Reliability b.5 responses. So.1 response. But this would reduce the number of customers of the company.7 responses. charge durability. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 19 while keeping the price in check. So.6 responses. d. long lasting nature b. user friendly. Motorola should be careful in dealing with such customers and provide them extensive services to retain them. This is because small reductions in customer defections produce significant increase in profit.5% of the people want their money back. charge durability Survey Result: a.11 responses. . e.

no c. Survey Question: ►If I get the chance to change my mobile set right now I would prefer Motorola.15 responses. But Motorola needs to create a sense of reliability among consumers which will eventually trigger more sells. yes. From the data above we saw. 11 out of 40 people which are 27. neutral Survey Result: a. We have tried to gain perception and attitude of people towards Motorola and what comes to their mind first when they here about Motorola. neutral. people perceive Motorola as having unique features and better packaging facilities. All these aspects create a brand image among the people. Yes b. no. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 20 Purpose and Explanations: Previous questions were asked to the people in general terms whereas in this case we went more specific towards Motorola as the brand to be consumed.9 responses. a. b.5% of the total population relate quality sound and picture with Motorola.16 responses. . c. Also from these data we can say that.

So.5% who are not willing to change their sets with Motorola and most of them are users of Nokia. In the first sets of question we tried to find out some general aspects of purchase behavior of the people like. All these factors play a major role in the purchase behavior of the consumers. Motorola needs to target these 40% and convert them into apostles if not loyalist towards Motorola.what they usually buy. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 21 Purpose and Explanations: We kept this question for the last in order to get the clear indication of the consumers’ preferences to Motorola mobile sets. But Motorola can raise its popularity among customers by providing durable sets with unique features in different shapes/styles and most importantly at lower prices than other leading brands. what are there main sources of information. while buying sets what features they take into consideration the most and the least and so on. Motorola can do nothing about the people who do not like Motorola brand and are loyal to other brands but they can only create a perception in their mind that will make them think that Motorola is the second best thing that they can turn into. From the analysis of these questions we have found that. . Sufficient price setting is very important in the context of our country as most of the consumers are price sensitive. Most of the Motorola models that are available in our market are at higher price than its competing brand like Nokia. SUMMARY OF THE SURVEY: From our first to the last question we have tried to find out the purchase behavior which include pre-purchase and post-purchase behavior of the consumers in buying mobile sets and then relate them into the Motorola’s perspective to gain a clear indication of the people’s perception and attitude towards this brand. Also. But worrying number is 37. in Bangladesh Nokia is by far the most dominating mobile phone brands in the market and people prefer Nokia ahead of any other sets. These can only be done through developed and extensive customer satisfaction and customer retention programs. We have found 22. And rests of the 40% of people are neutral which indicates that they may change or may not change with Motorola.5% of the people agreeing to buy Motorola mobile set if they get any chance to change their sets. in terms of shape/style of the mobile sets Motorola is less innovative and flexible than its competing brands.

Most of the people that we have surveyed hold some positive perception about Motorola as being high in quality in sound and picture. we have found out the satisfaction level of the mobile set consumers and several factors like. We have also gained important information about what consumers want as their after sales services from the company. Another section of the population wants to modify/customize their sets and they are less sensitive about their costs. Also.user friendliness/ not user friendly. people like to consume the same brand as long as it gives better services than other brands. From our survey it is clear that. Also we found out that service gets priority over the price change. having unique features and better packaging facilities and so on. charging high prices and in some extent lack of availability. durability/less durability. most of the people want to replace or change their existing sets with a new model which would not cost them anything. Some of them want their money back. From the previous analysis we have found out that. quality sound and picture/bad quality. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 22 In the last half of the questionnaire. we have gone into more depth regarding purchase behavior of the customer as how much loyal they are to their brands and what can motivate them in switching their brands. charge durability/ less charge durability that contribute to their satisfaction and dissatisfaction. In the last two questions we have gone into much more specific terms about Motorola to know the perception and attitude that people hold about this brand. But people who are loyal to other brands are reluctant to buy Motorola and this may be because of several reasons such as lack of product innovation. So. . But the people have also become very conscious and they believe that leading brands can not always ensure higher safety and thus they would switch to the brands that would give them advanced services and increased security. Motorola should keep all the options open for the after sales services and thus it can gain competitive advantage over its competitors.

we are able to come up with the following recommendation:  Build a corporate office and make it popular by vast advertisement.  Should try to stop the smuggling of set.  Increase post-sale services to attract more customers. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 23 RECOMMENDATION: Having analyzed the problems of the company and the opinion of the users and potential users of Motorola mobile phone.  Be consistent in promotional activities. The supply of the hand sets.  Should make more show rooms with their all latest sets.  Provide special offers for young generation to popularize its product.  Require availability of new set at a reasonable price.  Sourcing products at cheaper prices to attract lower-class consumers. specially the quantity of it.  Increase distribution channels to cover more ground in terms of gaining more market share.  Persuade Government to remove the tax on imported mobile phones.  Special focus on the young generation as they are the most frequent user of cell phone.  Be innovative in product designing and selling strategies. .  More compliance to market demand. has to be equal if not more compare to its competitors.

That will make Motorola’s customer perception and attitude always remain positive. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 24 CONCLUSION: Motorola is a company which is operated more than 130 countries in the world. Keeping good connection with the customer by providing quality and innovative products at higher quantity with lower prices will help Motorola to retain its consumer and also attracting new customers. But one thing Motorola also need to remember that it is easy to build good customer relationship but the easier thing to break or hamper the relationship. The company is very big but it keeps its unit very small because they think that big company losses market sensitivity and customer expectation level. -------x-------- . This company gives priority to customer of the whole world and its MOTO is innovation to reach customer expectations.

com Integra Communications Showroom .wikiepedia. www.motorola. Hatirpul C/A. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 25 BIBLIOGRAPHY: Mobile Phone Market Owners. Eastern www. Sonargaon Road. Dhaka.

20-25 c. Below TK 15000 b. Please tick / circle your answer. it depends on your personal judgment. 25-30 d. TK 15000-25000 c. TK 25000-35000 d. 15-20 b. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 26 APPENDIX ►Sample Questionnaire We are conducting this survey to learn about a product. We only want your honest opinions. __________ (please specify) ► Gross Monthly Income: a. Male b. All information provided will be treated as confidential. TK 35000-45000 . Please answer all the questions. There is no right or wrong answer. ► Gender: a. Female ► Age Group: a.

Govt. Billboards _____________ e. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 27 e. Dhanmondi d. Rented House c. never changed yet ► I got information about a brand from: (rank in order preference) a. Nokia _____________ d. Own House e.Ericsson _____________ f. Motorola _____________ b.Siemens _____________ c. Graduate ► Resident Location: a. O Level d. Own Apartment d.__________________(please specify) ► I live in: a. Magazines _____________ d. Quarter f.______________ (please specify) ► I use cell phone: a. News papers _____________ c. Sony. Gulshan b. Peers _____________ f. TV _____________ b. every 4 years e. LG _____________ g. No ► I change my cell phone: a. in every 2 years c. BenQ. Samsung _____________ e. ____________ _____________ (if other please specify) ► I prefer this Brand Because: . More than 45000 ► Education: a. ___________ _____________ (if other please specify) ► I usually buy: (rank in order preference) a. A Level e. Yes b. No ► I use more than one phone at a time: a. Yes b. SSC b. Uttara e. HSC c. every year or less b. every 3 years d. Rented Apartment b. Banani c.

Reliability b. Sound & Camera ______________ ► If I buy a cell phone and it turns out to be dissatisfying I would like to have a service of: a. Moderately dissatisfied e. _______________________________________ (if other please specify) ►When I hear about Motorola cell phones the first thing that comes into my mind is: a. e. Neutral d. Packaging ______________ c. Changing it with the same model c. _______________________________________ (if other please specify) ► If I get the chance to change my mobile set right now I would prefer Motorola – a. Very satisfied b. very dissatisfied Because : _____________________________________________________ (please specify) ► Most valuable features in my selected brand are. Nokia. User friendliness f. Getting money back h. Yesb. Style ______________ g. Sound/ entertainment e. Size/ Weight ______________ f. Replacing with a new model with the same price range b. Unique Features c. Moderately Satisfied c. Neutral “Thanks you for your cooperation” . BenQ: (if other please specify) a. Durability d. Modifying / customizing it d.g. Extra Features ______________ h. Availability ______________ e. Durability ______________ d. Price ______________ b. Consumer Attitude Towards Motorola 28 ____________________________________________________________________________ ► At present I am _______ with my brand: a. No c.