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....If Its There In Equations, Its There In Your Life.

Saturday, 8 June 2013
|||| MATRICES are a way to help us understand the design or the content
of an object in real-life when put on a paper in a block-format.

Examples of matrices in real life.

|||| Basically. Einstein put the whole universe in a 4-dimensional matrix: 3 dimensions of space & one dimension of time. |||| The diagonal of the matrix is the axis along which the object is rotated. THE TRANSPOSE OF A MATRIX. |||| The latitudes and longitudes are also a matrix. . |||| The transpose of a matrix basically is nothing but the whole matrix ( or the object which you are representing as a matrix) rotates by 180 degrees. the graph paper that you use is also a matrix. its just a question of whether it would be useful for you to do so.BUT WHERE TO USE MATRICES? HOW DO WE KNOW WHEN AND WHEN NOT TO USE MATRICES? |||| Everything under the sun can be put into a matrix-format. |||| Well.

|||| You may have wondered why the diagonal elements of a matrix remain where they in spite of operations like taking a transpose. |||| On sea.e a mine or something). |||| Imagine a map. the object comes back to how it was. BINNOY at 06:28 Share No comments: Post a Comment . the content in that block of the matrix will go high. if you rotate the object twice by 180 degree. |||| Where there are mountains. A will come back to as it is . On this map you are plotting the height of every form of landscape of India. |||| Transpose of A = Rotation by 180 degrees. APPLICATION OF MATRICES. the value of that block in the matrix will be zero. |||| Therefore Transpose of (Transpose of A)= Rotation by 360 degrees = A |||| Thus transpose of ( transpose of A) = A is like saying that if you take a matrix A. |||| The diagonal of a matrix is very similar to the axle of car. |||| Now obviously . THE DIAGONAL OF A MATRIX. that place is below sea-level (i. |||| If the value in the matrix at any point goes below zero. level. In your matrix. rotate it first by 180 degree and then once more by 180 degree. obviously.

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