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Cleaner: a person who cleans the interior of a building.

Doctor: A person who takes care of sick people.

Electrician: A person who repairs electrical equipment.

Firefighter: person whose job is to stop fires from burning.

Hairdresser: a person who cuts people's hair.
Interpreter: A person who translates what someone is
saying into another language.

Journalist: a person who writes news stories or articles for
a newspaper or magazine.

Model: a person who wears clothes so that they can
be photographed .

Musician: a person who plays a musical instrument.

Nurse: a person whose job is to care for people who are
ill or injured, especially in a hospital.
Pilot: a person who flies an aircraft.

Police officer: a male or female member of the police force.

Salesperson: a person whose job is selling things in a shop.

Taxi driver: a person who drives a taxi as a job.

Teacher: someone whose job is to teach in a school.

Waiter: a man whose job is to bring the food to customers at their tables in
a restaurant.