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Month of the Military Child

Military Child Essay Contest
- Starts April 2nd!!!
- Prompt: What does it mean to be a
Military Child?
- All grade levels are welcome to
participate in anyway comfortable
for your students!
- Due April 27th by end of day
“Wall of Heroes”
- Faculty and students can bring in
pictures of family members (or
selves) who have served or
currently serve in the military.
- Write the name of student and
homeroom on the back for
returning purposes
- Also write name, rank, and branch
of person in the photo

Ethan Brejcha
Ms. Miller
SGT Mark Brejcha Army
- Military Children will be honored
with special certificates for their
- Certificates will be handed out on
April 17th & 19th
- 17th: PK During their breakfast,
1st 9:30 and Kinder done during
intervention time
- 19th: 4th 8:30, 3rd 9:30, & 5th
Purple Up Day Friday, April 20th!