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“ I Jakarta is a new ways of accessing library”

In the name of the lord Jesus, good afternoon and best wishes for all of us.
To the Jury and all participants of speech contest that I respected.
Let me take part of the speech contest with the theme ( IJakarta is a new ways
Accessing library )

Ladies and gentlemen, especially among students at this GLOBALIZATION ERA we
know that social media seemed to have become the main menu, because everything
that we need to stay "CLICK", then we will get the answer.

But for our fellow students, we want to always look for our needs, access via SOCIAL
MEDIA indeed rather difficult but enough already helped. Though, we had to wait a long
for the connection to load the page

In my experience, as a student, who always rely SOCIAL MEDIA, to help track down my
needs in seeking information for learning is a bit difficult and time consuming.

As a fellow student it is time we give appreciation and support to the governor Mr.
Basuki Tjahya (Ahok) as certifier "I Jakarta" the access we can relate to digital libraries
or online libraries.

This method while reducing our presence in SOCIAL MEDIA are not too important,
among students so that we can focus on learning through " IJakarta" in the digital
library, or what we call” Ijakarta is a new ways of Accessing library".

This is exactly what we were looking for, we need, as a student demanded by the nation
to become a intellectual student, hopefully with the existence of "I Jakarta", everything
related to the school lessons is available in there, we can "SUCCESS".
Last but not least, I congratulate especially all students of students in Jakarta as capital
city of Indonesia and at the same time preserving and inviting "I Jakarta is a new ways
of accessing library” THANK YOU.