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plaster /ˈplɑː·stər/ noun a substance that is spread The plaster on the
on walls in order to make walls was cracked
them smooth and flaking.
blister /ˈblɪs.tər/ Noun [C] a painful swelling on the New shoes always
skin that contains liquid, give me blisters.
caused usually by
continuous rubbing,
especially on your foot, or
by burning
hit it off (with /hɪt ɪt ɒf/ Phrasal verb to be friendly with each We hit it off
someone) other immediately: immediately
swell /ˈswəʊ.lən/ Verb [I or T] to become larger and It was obvious she
rounder than usual; to had broken her
(cause to) increase in size toe, because it
or amount: immediately
started to swell
sympathetic /ˌsɪm.pəˈθet.ɪk/ adjective used to describe someone He suffers from
who shows, especially by back trouble too,
what they say, that they so he was very
understand and care sympathetic about
about someone else's my problem.
sting on /stɪŋ ɒn/ verb If an insect, plant, or I got stung by a
animal stings, it produces wasp yesterday.
a small but painful injury,
usually with a poison, by
brushing against the skin
or making a very small
hole in the skin
filthy /ˈfɪl.θi/ adjective extremely or unpleasantly Wash your hands -
dirty they're filthy!
strike /straɪk/ verb to refuse to continue Democratization
working because of an has brought
argument with an workers the right
employer about working to strike and join a
conditions, pay levels, or trade union.
job losses
knock over /nɒk ˈəʊ.vər/ phrasal verb to hit something or Who knocked over
someone someone so that the the chair?
person falls down
landmark /ˈlænd.mɑːk/ noun a building or place that is The Rock of
easily recognized, Gibraltar is one of
especially one that you Europe's most
can use to judge where famous landmarks.
you are
groundbreaking /ˈɡraʊndˌbreɪ.kɪŋ/ adjective If something is His latest movie is
groundbreaking, it is very interesting, but not
new and a big change groundbreaking.

from other things of its type .