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Sofiatin Nur Elisa1, Arifin Nur Budiono2, Moh. Arif Mahbub3

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Vocabulary plays an important role in language learning. Researchers
conducted observations in the seventh grade of MTs. Harral Fattah Besuki
Situbondo and approximately 40% of the data obtained shows students mean
scores is 55. This study aimed to determinehow can song be developed as a
strategy to improve the student’s vocabulary. Type of research is a classroom
action research (CAR). The procedure used is the model cycle based on these
results, the percentage of student learning activities in the first cycle of 55% and a
second cycle of 75%. While the results of daily test of students in the first cycle
obtained average value 65.05, while on the second cycle of 72.40. It is proved that
the activity and student learning outcomes can be improved with the
implementation of song. For a particular subject, learning of students through
song is used to avoid boredom in learning activities.
Keywords : Song, Vocabulary Mastery

Kosakata memainkan peran penting dalam pembelajaran bahasa. Peneliti
melakukan observasi di kelas tujuh MTs. Harral Fattah Besuki Situbondo dan
diperoleh data sekitar 40% menunjukkan nilai rata-rata siswa adalah 55. Penelitian
ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui bagaimana lagu dapat dikembangkan sebagai
strategi untuk memperbaiki kosa kata siswa. Jenis penelitian adalah penelitian
tindakan kelas (classroom action research / CAR). Prosedur yang digunakan
adalah model siklus berdasarkan hasil penelitian, persentase aktivitas belajar
siswa pada siklus I sebesar 55% dan siklus II sebesar 75%. Sedangkan hasil
ulangan harian siswa pada siklus I diperoleh nilai rata-rata 65,05, sedangkan pada
siklus II sebesar 72,40. Terbukti bahwa aktivitas dan hasil belajar siswa dapat
ditingkatkan dengan penerapan lagu. Untuk pokok bahasan tertentu, pembelajaran
siswa melalui lagu digunakan untuk menghindari kebosanan dalam kegiatan

Mahasiswa Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
Dosen Pembimbing Utama (DPU)
Dosen Pembimbing Anggota (DPA)
Kata Kunci : lagu, Penguasaan Kosa Kata

Acknowledgement teaching vocabulary makes students‟

The Background of the Study
became more enthusiastics and enjoy
The development of education
in teaching learning process.
requires teachers to change teacher-
Research Problem
centered learning styles into student-
1. How can song be developed
centered learning. From the
as a strategy to improve the
observations in the seventh grade of
student’s vocabulary of
MTs. Harral Fattah Besuki
MTs.Harral Fattah in the
Situbondo and approximately 40 % it
academic year 2016/2017?
shows that the students of seventh
Research Objectives
grade Have less satisfactory learning
The objectives of the study to
outcomes.While the results of daily
develop song as a strategy in learning
test of students in the first cycle
process to improve the student’s
obtained average value 65.05.on the
vocabulary of MTs. Harral Fattah in
other hand, They have low in
the academic year 2016/2017.
vocabulary, it becomes a big problem
Riviewof Related Literature
to the English teacher because they
Song and vocabulary
can’t memorize what the teacher
a. Definition of Song
given to them for a long time. So the
Song is short piece of music
researcher tries to apply a new
with word that we sing. Our
technique to improve vocabulary
parents use song to make us
through song that could help the
sleep when we were a baby,
students’ to improve their
we also usually consume
vocabulary. For a particular subject,
song from our favorite stars
learning of students through song is
every day and every night. If
used to avoid boredom in learning
the teacher apply song in
activities. Thus, student learning
learning process the students
outcomes will automatically increase
will not bored, It is because
because using english song in
songs can provide a relaxed
lesson on a hot boring day a word, it will build a new
and will make them more vocabulary.
attractive to learn vocabulary. Nation in Schmitt (2007:6)
They will not feel push of the states vocabulary knowledge
material, they will enjoy the is only one component of
song. The students will enjoy language skills such as
this way because they can reading and speaking. It can
sing together with the singer be said that vocabulary is one
and their friends (Oxford of the elements in language.
Dictionary, 2008:423). Among all the elements of
From the definition of song language have interaction
above the researcher with others elements.
concludes that song is a kind Language knowledge well
of arts work that are intended can be known from
to be sung either with or vocabulary used.
without instrumental In conclusion the researcher
accompaniments. tries to define the definition
b. Definition of Vocabulary of vocabulary based on all of
McWhorter (2009: 310) states the theory above as a list of
vocabulary means the ability words for a particular
to recognize individual words language including the
and to associate meaning with meaning taught by teacher in
the particular combination of the classroom. Vocabulary
letter that form of word. which is taught by teacher
Interpreting from McWhorter should be appropriate with
theory, vocabulary is the curriculum and
recognized from groups of environment of students.
letters that stand for or Research Method
represent build a word; this The research that was used is
word has meaning. Another classroom action research, Burns
states combining a letter into (2001: 30) argues the action research
is an effort to improve something or The research design that was
solve problem in social or used is classroom action

educational contexts practices research (CAR)

2. Data Analyzed Technique
systematically and carefully using
The data analyzed technique
technique which is done by teachers
that was used is quantitative
or collaboration of teachers and
Research Procedure
researchers by means their own
This research uses model
reflection about the effect of those
developed by kemmis&taggartin
action. The aim of action research is
Kasbolah & Sukaryana that is model
to improve practice in the classroom
of scheme which is seen as cycle of
conducted by teachers. Key concepts
stem. This research is designed into 2
of action research are:
cycles which in each cycle include:
a. Action research is
planning, action, observation and
participatory and democratic
reflection. If the first cycle of student
b. Action research is socially
learning outcomes have been
responsive and takes place
completed then the cycle execution is
stopped, but if the student's learning
c. Action research helps
outcomes have not been completed
then proceeded to cycle 2 with
examine everyday taken
activities such as cycle 1.
for granted ways in
Thoroughness in question if 75% or
which they carry out
more of all students have achieved a
professional practice
score of 70 or More than a maximum
d. Knowledge gained through
score of 100.
action research can liberate
Research Subject
students, teacher, and
The subject of the research
administrator and improve
was the seventh grade students of
learning, teaching and
MTs. Harral Fattah Besuki
policy making.
Situbondo in academic year
Research Design
1. Research design
The students of seventh grade To analyze the data, the
commonly come from the same researcher uses quantitative
social background. Economically, techniques. Quantitative meanwhile
they are classified into medium level. the data from the written test will be
Most of their parents work as a analyzed in order to prove a strategy
farmer and worker. in teaching vocabulary through song
The researcher chooses the seventh can overcome to students‟ problem
grade as the subject of the research in vocabulary mastery or not. The
based on a fact that they still get researcher uses mean formula, The
difficulties in learning English, formula is as follow:
especially vocabulary although they : x +y
have learnt English before . In this
research, the researcher was a teacher Where:
in the research process. x = mean of pre-test scores
y = mean of post-test scores
Data Collecting Method : sum of scores
a. Test Method N : number of sample
Test was used to know the
students’ vocabulary mastery. The As a reference to measure the
tests used in this research consist of success rate of student learning
pre-test and post-test. The pre-test activities we can use the table of
was given to the students aiming to values as follows:
know their thevocabulary before
conducting the first cycle. The post
Criteria of
test was be given to the students at Mastery
the end of the second cycle.The 91-100 Excellent
81-90 Very good
delivered the test to all students 71-80 Good
sample and asked them to do the test 61-70 Fair
50-60 Poor
individually and carefully. Less than 50 Very poor
(Adapted from Depdikbud, 1994;10)
Data Analysis Method
Based on the result of the Notes:
analysis, the students’ vocabulary T : Total of Students can
mastery through song can be get score 70-80
described as follows: P : Percentage
The average score of
vocabulary mastery through song Conclusion

was in the good category (72,40). In Having analyzing the result of

detail, the mean score of each cycle the research in improving students‟

is that ,The mean score of the vocabulary mastery in MTs. Harral

students for vocabulary mastery in Fattah Besuki-Situbondo, the

informal test is 55, It is in the range researcher sees that the using of

of 51-60.It means that the students’ English song is one of strategy to

vocabulary mastery is poor. Next, the improve students‟ vocabulary

students’ mean score in cycle one mastery, especially in graps the

(posttest) is 65,05. It is in the range meaning and pronounce the words.

of 61-70 which means that the Using English song in teaching

students’ vocabulary mastery is fair. vocabulary makes students‟ became

It happens to the students’ mastery in more enthusiastics and enjoy in

cycle two that the score shows more teaching learning process.

than enough It can be seen that the Besides, the researcher also

mean of the students’ score for finds that English song makes

vocabulary mastery is 72,40. It is the students can memorize the

range of 71-80 which mean that is vocabulary. They will easy to

good. From the description, It means understand and memorize new

that the teaching method through vocabulary. In the teaching learning

song is good and more effective for process, when the teacher uses

the students. The percentage of total English song, the students were

students learning activitiesas follows enthusiastic and enjoy. They were

: very happy because they could relax

and listen to the music. They were
Pretest Cycle 1 Cycle 2
Vocabulary 8 40% 10 50% 15 75%
confident when they were asked to Bibliography
sing the song. Oxford Dictionary, 2008:423
The first step in learning (Definition of Song)
McWhorter, 2009: 310
process through song is the
(Definition of Song)
researcher gives the lyric of the song Kemmis& Taggart in Kasbolah
&Sukaryana, (2001).Collaborative
or write it on the blackboard and let
them try read it first. After that, the Researchfor English Language
researcher read or sing the song with
Nation in Schmitt. 2007:6. Young
right pronounce. Then the students Learners.Oxford: Oxfords University
follow the researcher and repeat
Carter R A. 2005 Approach and
again. In the closing of learning if the Method in Language Teaching.
Cambridge :Cambridge
students can song or pronounce the
University Press
word with good or right sound that’s Ur, Penny. 2006:60. A Course in
Language Teaching : Practical and
mean improving students vocabulary
mastery through song is success. Cambridge
Wallace, Michael J. 2008. Action
Research for Language Teacher.
Embrace Publisher. My English
Book. English Course of Pare Kediri
Depdikbud, 1994;10 (Scoring for
Learning )

First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Allah SWT for
all his blessing and mercy that I could finish my journal.
Secondly, I would like to express my thank and appreciation to :
1. The Dean and the Secretary of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education
Islamic University of Jember;.
2. The first advisor, Arifin Nur Budiono,S.Pd.,M.Si and the second advisor Moh.
Arif Mahbub, M.Pd. who have patiently given me their guidance and advices
in finishing this journal. I could never do without their help. May God gives
the eternal to them.
I realize that my thesis has some weaknesses. So for the sake of
improvement, some constructive critics and suggestion are needed. Then, I hope
this thesis will also be useful for the reader, especially in the field of Teacher
Training and Education Faculty.

Situbondo, Pebruary 26th , 2018

The Researcher