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CITY OF ____________________ ) S.S



This SURETYSHIP AGREEMENT is made on _____________________ and effective until

_________________ and entered into by and between APRIL JOY I. LIM, single, of legal age, Filipino
citizen, residing at 88 Gen. Luis St., Bagbaguin, Valenzuela City, hereinafter known as CREDITOR;


ROLANDO N. PODEROSO JR., single, of legal age, Filipino citizen, residing at 8 Gold St.
Millionaires Village, Novaliches, Quezon City, hereinafter known as SURETY.


1. In consideration of Loan Agreement/s entered into by the SURETY with DEBTOR/S, the
CREDITOR has released and made available as payment to post-dated bank checks issued by
the DEBTOR/S as loan collateral, the amount of ________________________________________
Philippine Peso (PhP _________.__). Copies of Loan Agreement are herein attached and made an
integral part of this Suretyship Agreement;

2. The SURETY bind themselves, jointly and severally, to pay the CREDITOR the amount/s
indicated and due in the Loan Agreement/s entered into by the SURETY with DEBTOR/S;

3. Should the DEBTOR/S perform the covenants, conditions and agreements in Loan
Agreement/s, the obligation of the SURETY shall become extinguished, otherwise it shall
remain in full force and effect;

4. In cases when the post-dated checks issued by the DEBTOR/S bounced, is drawn from
insufficient funds and/or drawn from closed or unknown bank account/s, or any case of
default and non-payment, the SURETY agree to pay the amount in full, in form of cash, with
an agreed rediscounting interest of 2.5% monthly interest until satisfied, which shall be due
and demandable no later than 30 days after the giving notice of default.;

5. The PARTIES hereby agree that the CREDITOR shall not release, pay and/or make available as
payment for any further loan agreement transactions entered into by SURETY with
DEBTOR/S, should the agreed ceiling amount of ________________________________________
Philippine Peso (PhP _________.__) remains unpaid and unsettled;

6. The obligations of the SURETY under this Agreement shall not be prejudiced or affected in any
way by the bankruptcy and/or insolvency of any DEBTOR and/or SURETY. In case of
liquidation and winding-up of the affairs of any DEBTOR and/or SURETY and his company or
any composition with other creditors or scheme or arrangement, due to bankruptcy and/or
insolvency, whether voluntary or compulsory, the CREDITOR shall have the highest priority in
rank and preference of credit and payment, for its full claim in respect thereof, until all its
claims in respect to all loan obligations have been paid in full. Otherwise, the SURETY shall
continue to be liable for any balance and interest payments which may be owing to the

7. Upon and to the extent the SURETY has made payment under this Agreement, the
SURETY shall be subrogated to all of the CREDITOR's rights against the DEBTOR and
collateral and any other person liable to CREDITOR as a result of the default by DEBTOR;
8. The SURETY must account to the CREDITOR for any benefit, and hold as trustee for it any
principal and interest payments, and profits derived and received from any transaction
connected with Loan Agreement/s with DEBTOR/S, their heirs, successors, and assignees;

9. This Suretyship Agreement shall be binding upon SURETY, his heirs, successors and assigns,
and ensure to the benefit of the CREDITOR, his heirs, successors and assigns;

10. This Suretyship Agreement shall embody the entire agreement and understanding between the
CREDITOR and SURETY, and shall supersede all prior agreements and understanding related
to this subject matter;

11. This Suretyship Agreement shall be construed and enforced under the laws of
Republic of the Philippines.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties and their instrumental witnesses have executed this Agreement
under Seal, the day and year first written above at _____________________, Philippines.


Valid I.D. No. ____________________________ Valid I.D. No. ____________________________

Witnessed by:

_____________________________ _____________________________



Quezon City ) S.S.

BEFORE ME, a Notary Public, for and in Quezon City, this ____day of _________, 20___,
personally appeared the abovementioned parties, known to me and to me known to be the same
persons who executed the foregoing Suretyship Agreement constituting of two (2) pages, including this
page where the acknowledgement is written, and they acknowledged to me that the same is their free
and voluntary act and deed.

WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL on the date and place above written.

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