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The excessive use of smartphone has increasingly become a problem for young adults.
Negative consequences may include psychological, behavioral, and performance issues.
Understanding the causes and consequences of smartphone addiction is an important
research issue to address.The objective of this study is to examine the negative impact of
smartphone to the IBA Senior at Huflit. Here, we analyze students’ interest in self-
tracking and their compliance with self-tracking using smartphones. Three dimensions of
self-tracking motivations were identified: productivity and health behaviors, well-being
and daily activities, and social life.

Relying on the theory and previous related studies, combining the appropriate research
methodology and skills, the research authors conducted a survey which subject is
freshmen, then gathered data and analyzed data, in order to finally make
recommendations as well as appropriate solutions according to the finding. Our results
demonstrate that there is a strong linkage between life stressor and smartphone addiction.
In addition, life stressor strongly impacts smartphone addiction. Smartphone addiction is
positively associated with digital overload and negatively associated with retention and
academic performance. The detailed content will be clarified through each of the
following chapters in this paper

The purpose of this research was to ANALYZING THE NEGATIVE IMPACT OF

seniors viewpoints. Our results demonstrated that smartphone addiction can be associated
with digital overload, academic performance and retention. Our study findings also
highlight the importance of helping the seniors with their initial entry to life and the
adjustment with the life as stress induced from away from family, academic pressure and
new environment can create opportunities for new students to retreat to smartphones for
comfort, support as well as social networking services. This study gives a good
explanation of addictive behavior in itself. Yet there are lots of improvements that can be

Smartphones are incredible invention which human created for their convenience,
demand, and knowledge. Nowadays, no one does not have or own at least a smartphone .
This shows the truth that smartphones are extremely essential for student. However, they
bring many trouble and problem for our life if we do not use it wisely. We must know
that we are not smartphone’s slave because we create them. Thus, we should control and
regulate it, not dependent on smartphones. Health, communication, and education are
only few consequences of smartphones which are given in this paper. Regardless, these
can increase highly if we keep on being a blind. Smartphone are undeniably convenient,
helpful tools for study and can be a hurtful source of distraction depending on the attitude
and use pattern of a student

The IBA seniors also experienced the loneliness due to the every time indulged in
smartphones, so in this way there is need to developed the strategies and support
relationship in all relatively context through parent, peers and teachers. Internet addiction
may lead to procrastination, which may further lead to poor academic performance of
students. Furthermore, the interpersonal relationships of students are also likely to suffer
as time spent online increases. The possible risks of internet addiction and consequences
of delaying important academic tasks need be highlighted. Parents, teachers, and
members of civil society need to monitor the internet use habits of students.

The current study was limited by time, financial position as well as the number of people
participating survey is too small, only 200 IBA Senior may not represent for all HUFLIT
IBA students who are learning at Cao Thang campus. Therefore, both information and
data collected may not be absolutely correct. Furthermore, because of lacking of
knowledge coupled with experience in this field, the findings from this research can play
an essentialrole as a foundation for further research in this area