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- Pains on urinating over whole abdomen. Vesical catarrh, discharge like fresh white of egg.

Red hard
crystals. Renal colic < left side. Agonising pain in abdomen

causing patient to bend double, with restlessness, twisting & turning to obtain relief. > hard
pressure. Pains < eating & drinking > warm application. Shooting pains like electric shocks.

Complaints from anger, indignation , mortification

DIOSCOREA VILLOSA Q- Renal colic with pains radiating to the extremities. Colic pains < bending
forward & while lying. > on standing erect or bending backwards. Violent twisting

colic, occurring in regular paroxysms as if abdomen were grasped & twisted by a powerful hand. Pain
suddenly shift to different parts, appear in remote localities as fingers & toes.

HYDRANGEA 30-It is considered as a stone breaking remedy. Renal calculi, gravel, profuse deposit of
white amorphous salts in urine. Renal colic, sharp pain in loins, especially left.

Burning in urethra & frequent desire. Urine hard to start. Bloody urine, heavy deposit of mucus.
Great thirst with abdominal symptoms & enlarged prostate.

PAREIRA BRAVA Q- Renal colic, pain going down the thighs. Neuralgic pain in the anterior crural
region. Constant urging, great straining. Can emit urine only when he goes on his

knees, pressing head firmly against floor. Black, bloody, thick mucus urine. Dribbling after
micturition. Urethritis, prostatitis.

FABIANA IMBRICATA—PICHI Q–Excoriating urine & calculi. Uric acid diathesis. A terebinthine
diuretic. Vesical tenesmus & burning after urination. Dysuria, cystitis, prostatitis,

gonorrhea. Cholelithiasis & liver affections.

HEDEOMA Q -Dull burning pain over left kidney. Pain along left ureter. Dragging pain from kidney to
bladder. Red sand in urine. Frequent urging, cutting pains. Frequent intense desire

to urinate & inability to retain urine for more than few minutes, better urinating.

EPIGEA REPENS Q– Renal calculi, gravel, uric acid deposits. Fine sand in urine of a brown colour.
Dysuria, tenesmus after urination. Burning in neck of bladder while urinating. Chronic

cystitis, mucopus, pyelitis, incontinence of urine.

ERYNGIUM AQUATICUM Q–Renal colic. Pain behind pubes. Congestion of kidneys with dull pain in
back, running down the ureters & limbs. Difficult & frequent micturition. Strangury

with nervous erethism. Tenesmus of bladder & urethra. Thick yellow mucus discharges.

THLASPI BURA PASTORIS Q–Renal colic. Accumulation of gravel. Brick dust sediment. Urine heavy,
phosphatic. Dysuria & spasmodic retension. Uric acid diathesis. Renal & vesical

irritation. Urethritis, urine runs away in little jets. Haematuria & albuminuria.

OXYDENDRON Q– Vesical calculi. Irritation at neck of bladder. Urine suppressed. Dropsy. Deranged
portal circulation. Prostatic enlargement.

SOLIDAGO Q– Urine scanty, reddish brown, thick sediment, dysuria, gravel. Pain in kidneys extends
forward to abdomen & bladder. Urine difficult & scanty, albumen, blood & slime.
Kidneys sensitive to pressure. Backache of congested kidneys.

PARIETARIA 3X– Renal calculi. Night mares, patient dreams of being buried alive.

STIGMATA MAYDALIS Q- Renal lithiasis, nephritic colic. Blood & red sand in urine. Suppression &
retension of urine. Dysuria, tenesmus after urinating. Uric & phosphatic gonorrhea.

Urinary symptoms associated with organic heart disease.

IPOMEA Q- Renal colic, aching in small of back & extremities. Pain in left lumbar muscles on
stooping. Aching in top of right shoulder.

UVA URSI Q- Calculous inflammation. Chronic vesical irritation with pain, tenesmus & catarrhal
discharges. Burning after the discharge of slimy urine. Frequent urging with severe

spasms of the bladder. Urine contains blood, pus & much tenacious mucus, with clots in large
masses. Painful dysuria. Involuntary green urine. Cystitis with bloody urine.

CROCUS SATIVA Q- Urinary calculi, urates & uric acid. Brick red sediment. Haematuria. Deep
coloured thick urine. Dysuria, urging to urinate. Lancinating pains from kidneys to

bladder. Chronic bronchitis complicated with gravel.

CHINIUM SULPH. 3X- Small amount of urea & phosphoric acid with excess of uric acid & abundance
of chlorides. Bloody urine. Albuminuria. Chronic interstitial nephritis. Turbid, slimy,

clay coloured, greasy sediment. Complaints from suppressed malaria