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Born in New York in 1906 ‘Began her career as an advertising copywriter ‘An American playwright and children’s book author Her most popular book, Hailstones And Halibut Bones: Adventures in es. Each line has just about 2 ro 4 inthe form of a qu ‘This sto engage the readers in a jon, The poem ends with a question, too. ‘+ The poem is about the col persona speaks about various every day ite ‘+ Thete are even special days and feelings that are related tothe colour red. Lines 1 ~ 12 Red isa sunset Blazing and bright sound of a band. There are also a numberof things that are red in colour: + a sunburnt nose or a very Red squigeles out ‘Whea you cut your hand, Red isa brick ‘And the sound of a band, rd that seeps out from a + a brick Red isthe colour given to signify the feeling of embarrassment, anger and bravery (the Red ‘And want ta hide Fire-rackes,fir-engine Fire-licker red — And when you're angry Red trough yourhead, | | Pas) Ores abet sted nelude firecracker, fire engine, the flicker of aflame and the aments and decorations on the circus cat Lines 25 - 36 Red is lipstick Reiss chowt show-off. However, the persona ‘questions if we ea live without the colour red. But can you Living without Background ‘© What Is Red? is poem about the colour red. The persona isin awe though the colour red can be seen ‘we catnot live without this colour. Literary Devices set broadly in an every day envizonment. ia Te Mop lace oF time frame is mentioned, alate Persona + The persona isa chil, Howev + The persona talks about various i te personas not mentioned, fare red in colour, 3 Metaphor] Tone and Mood (@exiczen) a the many uses ofthe eo ings that are associated with the co ts and sounds of objects mentioned in the . them in detail. ate used for many ‘and to describe positive and negative Red isa sunset Blazing and beighe Red sages out ‘When you cut your hand. S Red isa lipstick imagery that are related to the sense of sounds Fire-cracker,fire-engine Red isa shout ‘Examples of imagery that Red red rose ‘+ Example of imagery that is related to the sense of touch and movement: Red squiggles out y When you cut your hand, ‘Metaphor * Redis used as a metaphor thr atthe poem such as. spot on the nose, the hotness you experience when yi and an Indian, the persona repeats the word ‘red’ to show his admiration ia ‘The actual word is largest