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LOOSE ANKLES FIRST MAHON Cae mel i= LOOSE ANKLES poveeas FAIRBANKS ».. and LORETTA YOUNG Lyrics by JACK MESKILL Music by PETE WENDLING Nee Cone Remick 219 W 46ST. New 2 From“LOOSE ANKLES”- A First National Picture LOOSE ANKLES Uruleloing AD FAB Lyric by ‘Tone Uke thus whon played with Piano Music by JACK MESKILL PETE WENDLING Moderato = PIANO a a = fl fi i = Im feel-ing that Im reel-ing when they strike up the band, Waltz mo-tion is my no-tion of no kind of a dance, > > how ||P mi FA AS fi Ee Each rhy-thmhas me with ’em, And [il say that its grand! Slow tan-goesand fan-dan-gos, No more lead to ro - mance, = od Copyright MCMXXIX by M. Witmark & Sons 985e4 Copyright transferred 1929 to REMICK MUSIC CORP, New York RIGHTS RESERVED International Copyright Secured PERFORMANCE FOR PROFIT MADE IN U.S.A. Fe Theres on - ly one rea - son You need syn-co - pa - tion. a gi if My feet_ want to fly, If you_would get by, > g = x ee BR fi i a pep-py, step - py, Im tell - ing you why. hap-py, snap-py, You un - der-etand why? > = REFRAIN, & fa When mu-sics good and I start to And all be - cause Ive got_. LOOSE Leaie Ankioo-a = = & a] Fa i fi a They nev-er think Im slow, — can show_. LOOSE AN Loose Ankles-4 8 88.8 8 #8 Just hold hands,so sweet But, now, to be in fash - ion, You > oe ra aii 5 at Fey I Ei must have danc-ing, pranc-ing feet. Those sweet-ies, oneand all, ff ga 2 8 a - € Pe ae = 4 ’Cause, Ive got what they call LOOSE Loose Ankles-4