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Learn how ancient

shamanic practices
and modern neuroscience
can help you transform
yourself, launch a
successful career,
and live a life you love.

“The Light Body School is the

Harvard of Neo-Shamanism.”
–Harper’s Bazaar


As a medical anthropologist, I traveled the Amazon Rainforest and the high Andes
for more than 25 years to work with Native American shamans. In my journeys I
discovered how these healers change the energy matrix of the body to create the
conditions for health, so that disease does not manifest in the body.

They are masters of the art of prevention, and they learned the secrets to switching
on the longevity genes inside every cell.

Today you can learn the shaman’s extraordinary tools for healing from the comfort
of your own home! Our program is designed for the person dedicated to their
personal growth and committed to creating health and meaning in the world.

You will learn the ancient shamanic healing practices and how they intertwine
with the most recent discoveries in neuroscience—and you will learn to use these
millenary tools to create a new life and successful new career for yourself.

At the Light Body School, we are committed to your future as an Energy Medicine
Practitioner and Health Coach.


Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.


“The luminous energy field contains a blueprint of how you will heal, how you
will age, and how you might die… Energy medicine creates the conditions for
health, so that disease goes away, or never happens.”
–Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

Discover how to... At the end of our program,

you will have learned:
Clear the imprints of disease from the
Luminous Energy Field (LEF), extract The science of energy fields
intrusive energies and emotions, and
How to turn wounds into sources
heal yourself and others from trauma.
of wisdom and compassion
Up-regulate the energy matrix that How to reset the fight-or-flight
informs your body. system to feel safe in the world

Switch off the cellular death-clock The shamanic fire ceremony

responsible for premature aging, and the The rites of passage and initiations
genes that create disease.
The Illumination Process
Detox the body and brain, and upgrade
Shamanic Tracking Skills
the LEF to grow a new body that ages
gracefully, heals rapidly from trauma, and Soul Retrieval
dies consciously.
The Extraction Process
Help clients and loved ones attain and The Great Death Rites
maintain exceptional health.
Dying Consciously
Help others die gracefully, and families
You will also receive a Certificate
recover from loss.
of Completion in Shamanic Energy
Medicine from the Four Winds Society.

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We know that online learning is new for many

people, and we want you to know that you will be
supported by our faculty and your fellow students
every step of the way.
Every week, you participate in live Q&A sessions*
This is how our online program works: where our lead faculty discuss the materials
Your training starts with a live welcome session reviewed during the past week and provide
with Dr. Alberto Villoldo and senior faculty, further insight. Dr. Villoldo joins these Q&A
where you will learn about the teachings, the sessions every two weeks. During these weekly
history, and other free courses you have access Q&A sessions, you have the opportunity to
to as a student of our Online program. During share experiences and ask any questions on the
this welcome session, senior faculty will share practices and material you studied. At the end
announcements and other key information, and of these weekly sessions, lead faculty will let
you will also have the opportunity to meet your you know the material that you are expected to
fellow students. review during the coming week. If you are unable
to join a live Q&A session, these will be available
During your training you connect with a small in the platform’s resource section so you can view
group of peers who you’ll continue to engage at your convenience.
with throughout your coursework.
At the end of the six months, you will be fully
You join a virtual village, meeting in a password- prepared to launch a successful new career
protected site that can only be accessed by making a difference in peoples’ health, and in the
fellow students and your faculty, where you will world.
participate in live Q&A sessions*, meet with
faculty, read and post in Village forums, and Many of our graduates establish successful
where you will find the resources that can help wellness practices and recover the cost of their
you deepen your studies and research. tuition even before they graduate!

Each week you will have access to video-rich

chapters; not just talking heads, but visits to the
Amazon and Andes mountains and intensive
*The live Q&A sessions take place at 7:00 p.m. EST. Prior to
teaching and demonstrations from Alberto, your course start date, you will be notified which day of the week
Marcela, and senior teachers. your online class will meet for the live Q&A sessions.

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4. I have not been able to find the cost of

the training. Do I need to speak to someone
to get that information?
Yes. Our Academic Advisors talk to all our
1. Will online lectures and demonstrations prospective students first to determine if this
be streamed so I can view them at my is the right program for them, and then to go
convenience? over our rates, scholarships, payment plans and
other financial incentives.
The video classes are available to you
anytime during the course. Live Q&A 5. How does the online program work?
sessions with senior faculty take place
every week, with Alberto joining us every Please see page 2 for details.
two weeks. You can attend the live video
conferences, or stream the recordings at a 6. Is there anything I can do to prepare for
later time, as they will be available on the the course?
platform. Yes, as soon as you sign up, you will receive a
list of reading and viewing materials that you
2. Is there a limit to the number of can start going through.
Yes, the maximum number of students for 7. How much time should I allot for the
each course is 50. In addition to Alberto, there course?
will be lead teachers and numerous assistants You should plan on dedicating 10 to 12 hours
to coach you through the training. a week. Certain weeks may require more time
for practicing the skills and processes with your
3. Who should take the training? peers, family and friends.
This program is designed for those who wish
to practice shamanic energy medicine or 8. Will I have access to the materials after
integrate the techniques into their existing my online course ends?
medical, psychological, health or wellness Students will be able to access the online platform
practice; or for anyone who wants to explore for one month after they complete their online
the philosophy, meditations, and healing training. So, if your training ends on July 15th,
practices for their own personal growth and for example, you will have access to the online
learning. platform until August 15th of that same year.

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9. Will I have access to the faculty after my At these in-person reviews, you will have
online course ends? the opportunity to work on your technical
excellence under the guidance of Four Winds
After you complete your online program, you
Senior Faculty, master the healing practices
have a complimentary one-hour mentorship
in your online training, and get feedback on
session with one of our Academic Advisors, all
your client cases. You will also receive and
of whom are energy medicine practitioners.
renew your Rites of Passage, and join your
You can schedule your mentorship session for
Four Winds Ayllu in fire ceremonies. Dates and
the full hour, or do two 30-minute sessions,
locations for the Light Body School review can
whichever works for you. Faculty will not be
be found in the Calendar page of the Four
available beyond this complimentary time.
Winds website.
10. What does the training offer
12. Are there graduates I could speak with
or hear their testimonies?
Students who complete the training receive
Yes, you can view testimonials on our website
a Certificate in Shamanic Energy Medicine
from the Four Winds Society. In addition,
We will also be happy to put you in touch with
and most importantly, you receive a valuable
one of over 10,000 graduates from around
set of skills you can use in your health and
the world who have completed our training
healing practice and personal life. Shamanic
Energy Medicine offers a time-tested set of
technologies for attaining and maintaining
13. Are there any opportunities to further
optimal health, and helping our clients and
my studies?
loved ones to do the same.
Yes. We offer an Advanced Master
11. How do I know if I’m doing the Certification for students who complete five
practices correctly? Will I get enough advanced master classes. Three of these are
hands-on experience? mandatory: Advanced Divination, Advanced
Soul and Destiny Retrieval, and Mastery of
The program has very detailed video
Time. The other two classes are elective. Visit
demonstrations of all the practices and you
our website to find out more about our other
can ask questions during the weekly live Q&A
advanced master class offerings.
sessions. In addition, you can attend any
of our Light Body School Reviews, offered
tuition-free to all our students and graduates.

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The Way of the Shaman
Shamans believe everything we perceive is a Objectives and Outcomes
mirror of an internal map or blueprint that we
call reality. Understand the fundamental premise of
shamanic energy medicine: how we are light
These maps are stored in what scientists tightly bound into matter; how our LEF is an
call neural networks in our brain, and what information field that organizes, heals, and
shamans define as the Light Body or maintains the longevity and health of the body.
Luminous Energy Field (LEF). The LEF can be
thought of as the software that informs your Recognize our interconnectedness with all life
DNA—the hardware—to repair your body. and all beings.

Ordinarily, your LEF creates your health Become aware that we are not our stories or the
(and your emotional scripts) following the terrible or beautiful things that happen to us.
instructions inherited from your parents—it We are infinite beings on a journey through the
replicates the heart conditions, the breast stars.
conditions, and the emotional dramas that cut
across generations. Learn how to break free of the stories handed
down to us in our genetics and from our family
By working directly with the energetic matrix of origin.
that informs the human body, and all living
beings, we can break free of this inheritance
and create a new destiny.

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The Illumination Process:

The Practice of Shamanic
Energy Medicine Objectives and Outcomes
(The South Direction) Understand the anatomy and physiology of
the LEF.
Shamanic energy medicine upgrades the
quality of the LEF and instructs your cells and Learn to track in the invisible world of energy.
your genes to express health.
Understand the relationship between the
The Illumination process is the core practice of chakras, the nervous system, and endocrine
energy medicine. It is systemic, healing your system. Learn how imprints are bundles of
physical body and your emotions. You will information stored holographically in the
learn to clear toxic energies from the chakras LEF, and how they download their limiting
and to overwrite the imprints that predispose beliefs through our chakras and can hijack
us to disease. You will learn how the LEF is the nervous system.
actually the light body that we bring with us
from lifetime to lifetime, and how to clear the Learn to reset the fight-or-flight system to
karma and history of violence and suffering help your clients live in a world that is safe
encoded in the LEF. again.

Through the Illumination process, you can Understand how we are our stories, and
switch off the genes that create pathology and how we can become the storytellers and
erase the imprints of disease from the LEF. not the pitiful or heroic characters that have
been dreamed up for us by our family or our
You will begin to grow a new body that heals culture.
and ages gracefully, and be able to help your
loved ones and clients to heal from toxic
emotions and prevent disease.

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The Neuroscience
of Enlightenment:
Detoxing the
Body and Brain
Objectives and Outcomes
Shamanic energy medicine helps you grow a
new body that ages, heals, and lives joyfully. Understand how the mind can heal or kill you,
and that a healthy mind requires a healthy
Longevity of the individual is of no interest to brain.
nature, but it is to you and me. Shamans of old
discovered how to hack our DNA to activate the Learn how pesticides in our food; toxins in
longevity programs that are stored in password- our water; environmental pollutants including
protected regions of our genetic code. mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, can
damage our brains.
You begin by experiencing the 10-Day Detox
Program, where you learn how to repair your Learn to work with powerful detoxifiers and
gut with intelligent probiotics, how to trigger neuro-nutrients in superfoods to detox the
the production of stem cells in the brain, brain and upgrade the quality of your mind and
the benefits of ketosis, and how autophagy nervous system. You discover how to create
(recycling and elimination of cellular waste) psychosomatic health for yourself and others.
switches on the longevity genes.

By switching off the genes that create disease

and switching on the ones that create health,
you are able to prime your client’s brain to
experience the higher states of consciousness
that create lifelong wellbeing.

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Grow a New Body

Objectives and Outcomes
For 5,000 years, shamans have known what
modern science has just recently discovered: Understand the seven key detox principles,
how to modify our genetic expression to and how gluten, dairy, corn, and peanut
switch on stem cell production in every organ allergies affect the body and the mind.
in the body. This section covers the basics
of cellular regeneration—from ridding the Learn how to switch on autophagy and
body of toxic substances and healing at the how ketosis causes our higher brain to
molecular level, to adopting healthy dietary manufacture bliss molecules.
norms, and growing a new body that heals
rapidly and ages gracefully. Learn how the shaman’s pathway—the NRF2
detox pathway—switches on the production
You’ll learn about the phytonutrient-rich plants of new mitochondria and longevity genes,
shamans have consumed for centuries, and and the role of resveratrol, curcumin, and
the superfoods that are readily available at sulforaphane in turning on free radical
your local health food store or farmers market. scavengers.
We’ll cover the role that essential vitamins
and supplements play in maintaining a strong, Understand how organ regeneration is
healthy body and brain and a renewed sense possible when we switch on stem cell
of purpose in life. production.

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One Spirit Medicine:

The Extraction Process
(The West Direction) Objectives and Outcomes
Learn that we are not our stories, no matter
Shamanic energy medicine allows you to leave how tragic and painful, but we can become the
behind the tired, worn-out stories and illnesses storytellers.
of your family of origin.
Understand the two types of intrusive energies,
The shaman learns to shed the death that grow your shamanic tracking skills to find
has been selected for him by culture and by intrusive energies, and learn how to extract
genetics. In this part of the training you learn to them.
break out of the bell curve and not become a
statistic. Learn how intrusive entities operate. These are
earthbound spirits and hungry ghosts trapped
The Extraction process clears the biological and between this world and the next, and can
karmic imprints of your family of origin and the attach themselves to a loved one and express
emotional legacy inherited from your ancestors their ailments through them. You will learn
and former lifetimes. It clears the intrusive how to extract these entities and send them to
energies of earthbound spirits that are trapped healing centers in the Spiritual world.
between this world and the next, and which can
attach themselves to a person, expressing their Practice shamanic family constellation, where
ailments through them. you come into right relationship with your
ancestors, help them make their way to the
Through Shamanic Journeying, you visit light, and make sure they no longer haunt your
three former lifetimes. You learn to clear the health or home.
karma that we brought into this lifetime, in
order to help ourselves to die peacefully and
consciously. In this section, you also learn the
journey beyond death.

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Walking with Protection

in the World
Objectives and Outcomes
Shamanic energy medicine shines light on the
Learn to reset fight-or-flight to help your
dark shadowy elements of life so we can walk
clients and loved ones live in a world where
with beauty in the world.
they feel safe.
In Walking with Protection, you come to
Strategies for protecting yourself from
understand the high level of integrity and
psychic attack.
ethics that come with stepping into the role of
the shaman.
Tame your demons, the unconscious forces
within that we misinterpret as evil.
You see how the unhealed parts of your being
make you vulnerable, and learn how to clear
Discover the fruitful shadow, with its dark and
these imprints so that you no longer fall victim
hidden faces.
to abuses of power in the world.
Break free of generational curses and
You learn how to create a safe world for
explore your family secret.
yourself and your clients.

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The Way of the Ancient Wisdom:

Soul Retrieval
(The North Direction)
Shamanic energy medicine teaches us how to Objectives and Outcomes
master time and step into infinity to fix things
before they are manifest in the world. Learn the shaman’s art of journeying into
the past and future, how time is relative, and
The mystery teachings become available to us pretzels and figure eights onto itself.
once we start our healing journey. You discover
the practices of Invisibility, of Mastery of Time, Break free of linear time and of cause and
and of Keeping a Secret. effect, and step into synchronicity.

In this section, you learn how trauma can Shed the limiting roles that keep you from living
cause soul loss, where a part of our essential a fuller, richer life.
self leaves, and the “wounded self” remains
behind. When this happens, our destiny is Learn to renegotiate ancient soul contracts that
derailed and we fall into the grip of fate. And are still operant in your life.
the problem with fate is that it is pre-ordained.
We are no longer free, and become victims Meet the gatekeeper to the lower world and
of our genetics or our karma, or of the tragic the collective unconscious of humanity.
stories from our childhood.
Learn the “beginner’s mind” and the practices
Mastery of Time teaches you how to step into of living consequently.
infinity to fix things before they are born. Just
as a person is able to track a deer through Discover the shamanic teachings of
the forest, you learn to track into the past to hummingbird—of drinking only from the nectar
discover an ancient wound that needs to be of life and practicing stillness even in flight, in
healed today. Or to track into the future to find motion.
a healed state that can reach back like a giant
hand and guide your client to the health and
wellbeing they seek.

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Working with the Sacred:

Engaging the Ancient
Objectives and Outcomes
Shamanic energy medicine trains you to work
at the level of myth and archetypes—a level Learn the journey to wholeness for men &
beyond psychology, beyond the mind. women.

The archetypes are the gods of old. They are Psyche: The tests and trials of the feminine.
the forces of nature that shape and mold our
lives in the same way the wind and tides shape Parsifal: The tests and trials of the
the landscape. masculine.

In Working with the Sacred, you will acquire Learn the techniques of shamanic
tools that allow you to honor the mythic, dreamwork.
including the seemingly “negative” elements,
so that you can draw the lessons from them Understand the Hero’s Journey.
and bring healing, transformation, and
balance to every life situation. Learn how healing entails saying yes to your
We explore the shaman’s archetypes, and
how to interact with them creatively. We learn
about the masculine and feminine journeys for
becoming whole, by following the stories of
the ancient gods and goddesses.

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The Way of the Visionary:

The Journey beyond
Death (The East
Objectives and Outcomes
Through shamanic energy medicine we can
dream our world into being. Master the art of sand painting and mandala
making as a tool for bringing spirit into matter.
For the shaman, the world is always mirroring
back to her the condition of her love and her Master the art of helping a client or loved one
intent. When your love and intent become pure, die consciously.
the world reflects this back to you perfectly.
Learn the practice of Indigenous Alchemy.
This is what we call reality. We learn that
everything we perceive is simply a reflection Learn to create huacas, or sacred spaces.
of the condition of our love. So to change the
world, we change the map of reality within. Learn how all perception is a projection of an
internal map we carry within us.
Full of energy, we want to change the world…
full of wisdom, we want to change ourselves.
Turn your sacred cows into hamburger.
The journey beyond death is central to the
shamanic teachings of all peoples around the Learn to set your intention and let Spirit take
world. You learn practical tools to help a loved care of the details.
one or client who is passing, to return to the
world of spirit consciously, with no unsaid “I love
you’s” or “I forgive you’s.”

We learn to set the luminous body free and bring

our consciousness with us at the moment of
death—a practical skill we will all need someday.

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Reading the Signs

of Destiny
Shamanic energy medicine shows us how to
dialogue with nature, where we are able to
discern her many signs and read her symbols. Objectives and Outcomes
In Reading the Signs of Destiny you learn Learn to track through time, and journey to
to recognize the messages provided by view and select alternate destiny lines.
nature, randomness, and chance events. As
you practice the art of shamanic seeing and Learn divination arts, including the I-Ching,
perceive the world of energy, you heed the the Tarot, leaf and stone reading.
cautions and seize the opportunities that Spirit
offers you. Learn how the future can inform the
present, and how we are not only the
When we left the Garden of Eden we stopped product of the past.
speaking to the rivers and trees. When we
lost our dialogue with Mother Nature, we lost Discover how time is linear and flies like an
her protective embrace. When you return to arrow, but there is another kind of time that
nature, you are able to discern her many signs turns like a wheel.
and read her symbols. You can heed cautions
and seize opportunities.

Later, as you master the art of journeying, you

will be able to track along a client’s timeline
into the future to retrieve a desired destiny, or
a future state of health, and learn to install this
into their life.

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When Spirit calls,
You’ll find that things
start falling into place . . .

…Your schedule suddenly frees up

…Your budget plan comes together
…Your spouse/family pitch in
to give you time to study
…You can now train online from
anywhere in the world

There comes a time in our lives when we

are presented with the opportunity to effect
positive change—in ourselves, our community,
our world.

Over the past 25 years, the Four

Winds Society has supported students to
create extraordinary health for themselves
and others.

Reach out to one of our academic

advisors today—they are all FWS graduates
and energy medicine practitioners whose
journey began much like yours.

Contact us today, we are here to support your

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