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Kelsey May

Dr. Canady
CIL 621
January 31, 2018
IAAL Goal: Part 1
Professional Goal Why the goal is important to How will I document/provide
me evidence that I am working
on this goal
I will implement literacy My current role as a seventh I will create 5 lesson plans
strategies into lesson plans grade English teacher that include literacy strategies
and will create an online includes creating a that will increase reading
portfolio of curriculum curriculum based on NVACS fluency and help students to
resources, lesson plans, and standards that is also achieve mastery of ELA
assessment tools that can be engaging for students. NVACS standards. These
used to help build a course Creating an online portfolio lessons will focus on using
curriculum for 7th grade ELA. of lesson plans and literacy vocabulary, close reading
resources will help to develop strategies, citing evidence, and
a comprehensive curriculum other strategies that will help
that allows students to attain students to comprehend a text.
personal educational goals. I will research topics that are
relevant to my students and
will incorporate associated
texts in order to pique student
interest in the lessons. I will
also research literacy
resources that can be utilized
in the classroom to achieve
student success.