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PRACTICING THE There is a specific practice which will

PRESENCE aid in the attainment of this spiritual

consciousness. It is a practice which
can be carried on throughout the day as
by Joel S. Goldsmith
the world crowds in upon us, reminding
us that we need this or desire that. To
every such insistent demand, let our
answer be: "No, no. This is not what I
need or want. Thy grace is my
I Spiritual Consciousness
sufficiency, nothing else—not money,
II Demonstrate God
not marbles, only Thy grace." Let us
III God the Only Power
learn to hold to that resolutely. If the
IV The Infinite Nature of Individual Being
need seems to be railway fare rent,
V Love Thy Neighbor
clothing, housing, or health, let us
VI To Him That Hath
steadfastly acknowledge that our only
VII Meditation
need is His grace.
VIII The Rhythm of God
IX A Moment of Christhood
Our work may require greater strength,
X The Vision to Behold
greater knowledge, or greater ability
than we seem to possess, or there may
be greater demands made upon our
purse than we can meet. Instead of
CHAPTER I accepting this apparent lack, let us
remember, "He performeth the thing that
SPIRITUAL is appointed for me. . . The Lord will
perfect that which concerneth me," or
CONSCIOUSNESS some other scriptural passage. The
human belief may be that there is a
physical, mental, moral, or financial
The secret of harmonious living is the
demand made upon us greater than our
development of spiritual consciousness.
ability to fulfill; but the very moment we
In that consciousness, fear and anxiety
turn to that He that is within us,
disappear, and life becomes meaningful
recognizing that He performeth that
with fulfillment as its keynote.
which is given us to do, He perfecteth
that which concerneth us, a weight
The degree of spiritual consciousness
drops off our shoulders, and the sense
which we attain can be measured by the
of personal responsibility lifts. All of a
extent to which we relinquish our
sudden, we are given the necessary
dependence on the external world of
ability, which we discover is not our
form and place our faith and confidence
ability at all; it is His ability being
in something greater than ourselves, in
expressed through us. Out of our
the Infinite Invisible, which can
weakness comes strength, but not our
surmount any and every obstacle. It is
strength; it is His strength, and we
an awareness of the grace of God.
perform the work through His strength. If Gradually, as over and over again the
it is rest that we need, we turn to temptation comes to say, "I need; I
Scripture and find: 'Come unto me, all want; I haven't enough; I am
ye that labour and are heavy laden, and insufficient"; We remember that our
I will give you rest." sufficiency is in the Infinite Invisible.
This practice deepens spiritual
One of the most comforting passages in consciousness. Brother Lawrence called
Scripture is: "My peace I give unto you: it practicing the presence of God. The
not as the world giveth, give I unto you." Hebrews called it keeping the mind
If we could spend a month with that stayed on God and acknowledging God
statement, it would open a whole new in all ways. Jesus called it abiding in the
world to us. We might ask ourselves Word. It is a practice that ultimately
what we know about peace. We all leads to a complete reliance on the
know the kind of peace that the world Infinite Invisible, which in its turn brings
can give, but that is not the kind of the visible into our awareness as we
peace that we need. Many of us think have need of it.
we would have peace, if we had enough
supply, or if we had our health, or if we Material living puts its faith in forms of
had the right kind of companionship. good. Spiritual living makes use of that
That might be true, but having those which is in the world; it enjoys the form,
things does not guarantee that we shall but its reliance is on that which is the
not be disturbed about something else. substance of the form, or that which has
As long as we look to people and created the form, the Invisible. All
situations for peace, we shall fail to find spiritual revelation has shown that the
either enduring satisfaction or peace: substance of this universe is in us. Our
"My peace . . not as the world giveth," consciousness is the substance of our
but "My peace." "My peace" is a gentle world. Therefore, in the Master's words,
spirit which wells up within us and has "Destroy this temple, and in three days I
no relationship to the state of our affairs, will raise it up." If anything in the world
although, ultimately, it settles all our of effect is destroyed, in a short period
affairs. of time it can be rebuilt, reestablished.

Faith in the Infinite Invisible deepens Great civilizations have been destroyed,
and increases, as we learn to depend and others have taken their place.
consciously on the He that performeth Anything that has been built can be
that which is given us to do. That He, rebuilt, because everything that exists in
the Infinite Invisible, performs whatever the outer realm exists as an activity of
is given us to do in the visible world. The consciousness. If we should lose our
Infinite Invisible perfects that which home, our fortune, or our family, we can
concerneth us. The Invisible Grace is be certain that the consciousness that
our sufficiency in all things. The Invisible built it could rebuild it.
Presence goes before us to make the
crooked places straight. As consciousness becomes more
spiritual, confidence in the Infinite
Invisible increases, and our love, hate, direction of life—is within us. We have
or fear of the external diminishes. We only to prove this in some one direction
see the Infinite Invisible as the law, and we shall have proved it in every
cause, and activity of all that is and drop direction. If we can prove twelve times
concern for the form, whether it be twelve apples to be one hundred forty-
person, thing, or condition. The four, we can prove twelve times twelve
realization of the Invisible as the to be one hundred forty-four, whether
substance of all form is vital to the applied to apples or people or millions. If
attaining of spiritual consciousness. The we can prove, in only one single way,
visible form is merely the natural result that the kingdom of God is within us,
of the activity of the invisible law and and that the life, activity, substance, and
cause. harmony of our being are determined by
the law of God within us, we shall have
Every issue of life is determined, not by no difficulty in proving this in every
external conditions and things, but by phase of our life, in the health of our
our consciousness. For example, the body, and in all the relationships of life.
body, in and of itself, has no power, no
intelligence, and is not responsible for The whole secret lies in the word
its actions. A hand, left to itself, would "consciousness." An intellectual
remain right where it is, forever and knowledge of the fact that God is all, is
forever. There must be something to of no value. The only value any truth
move it, and that something we call "I." has is in the degree of its realization.
That "I" determines how this hand will Truth realized is spiritual
be used; the hand cannot determine consciousness. If we are conscious of
that in and of itself. The hand exists as the presence of the Lord, if we are
an effect or as a form, and it responds conscious of the activity of God, then so
to direction. As a vehicle or tool, it is it is unto us.
obedient to us, and we impart to it
whatever of usefulness it has. This idea God is love; God is life; God is Spirit;
can be applied to other parts of the God is all. That is true whether we are
body. The consciousness that formed saints or sinners; it is true whether we
the body in the beginning is the are young or old, Jew or Gentile,
consciousness that maintains and Oriental or Occidental, black, yellow, or
sustains it. God gave us dominion white. There are no exceptions to God;
through consciousness, and this God is no respecter of persons. There is
consciousness, which is the creative no way in which God can be left out of
principle of our body, must also be its Its own universe, but we can leave
sustaining and maintaining principle. ourselves out of it.

Once we catch this principle, we shall God is; there is a God never doubt that.
have caught the entire principle of life. This God is infinite in nature, eternal,
Literally, the kingdom of God is within universal, impersonal, impartial, and
us; literally, the law of life, the omnipresent. But how do we avail
substance, the activity, the intelligent ourselves of that which God is? How do
we bring this that we know about God be receptive and responsive to the truth
into our individual experience? To that wells up within us. Then we do not
illustrate, we can turn to the field of think, read, or hear truth with the mind:
music. The principle of music is We are becoming aware of the
absolute. If, however, we fail to impartation of the Word of God from
understand its principle and the sounds within because the inner ear and the
produced turn into a jumble of inner eye have been developed through
discordant noises, we do not rail against our knowing the letter of truth and
the principle. We apply ourselves more dwelling on it.
diligently to practicing the principle until
we become proficient in its application. The letter of truth is made up of
So it must be in our God-experience. statements, quotations, and words,
God is, and God is here, and God is none of which, alone, is power. The only
now, but God is available only in power is God Itself. It is very much as if
proportion to our realization and the shades on the windows were drawn,
willingness to accept the discipline that and we sat all afternoon talking about
is necessary for the attainment of that sunlight: what it is, what it will do, and
mind which was also in Christ Jesus. how to avail ourselves of it. Then, after
several hours, someone very skeptically
It will do us no good to sit back and remarked, "But, it's still dark here. After
plead, "O God, when are you going to all this talking about light, it is still dark."
act in my life?" Let us rather realize, Yes, it is still dark, and dark it will remain
"God is good. God's part is done. Thank until we roll up the shades. So it is that
you, God, that this principle is and has we can talk about truth; we can read
been available throughout all time. Now truth; we can study truth; we can hear
show me what I must do in order to avail about truth and never once feel the light,
myself of this principle, this love, this never once feel the presence and power
life, this immortal body." When we have of God, unless and until we take the
reached that state of readiness, we final step of opening consciousness to
have begun traveling the road which the very presence of God. When truth
leads to spiritual consciousness. comes to our conscious awareness from
within our own being, we have gone
Spiritual consciousness is attained from the letter to the Spirit. That is the
through the activity of truth in most important phase of the activity of
consciousness. Dwelling on scriptural truth in consciousness.
quotations or statements of truth helps
to spiritualize thought. The more truth The second step, which leads to a state
that we read and hear, the more active of consciousness where we are
is truth in our consciousness. Thus we receptive and responsive to the still
learn to abide in the Word. This is the small voice, cannot be taken, however,
first step on the Way. unless the first step has been mastered,
that is, knowing the letter of truth. All the
The second, and more important step, is years that a person has spent in reading
to be able to receive truth from within, to truth, hearing truth, thinking truth,
attending church services, lectures, or talked about, prayed about, theorized
classes are fruitful in leading him to that about, and sermonized about; but It is
point where inspiration flows from within not experienced. It is the conscious
his own being. This inspiration, however, awareness, the actual feeling or
usually comes only after a thorough realization of the Presence which is
grounding in the letter of truth. necessary.

Jesus tells us to let "my words abide in How do we know when the Spirit of Cod
you. . . Herein is my Father glorified, dwells in us? If we are letting go of hate,
that ye bear much fruit." To live in that envy, jealousy, malice, self-seeking,
truth, to abide in that Word, is to bear self-glorification, prejudice, and bigotry,
fruit richly, that is, to live harmonious, we are making room for the Spirit of
spiritual lives. But if we forget to live in God, for God cannot dwell in the midst
the Word, to abide in it, and let it abide of such qualities. As long as these
in us, we become as branches that are qualities are present in our
cut off and wither. How can we abide in consciousness, we have more work to
this Word if we do not know it? We must do abiding in the truth and letting the
know the truth. We must learn what the truth abide in us, until such time as the
correct letter of truth is. Let us have a Christ has come so alive that such
specific principle with which to work and mortal thoughts no longer touch us.
let us stand on that principle, until the Then the Spirit of God dwells in us,
moment comes when we feel that "which is Christ in you, the hope of
spiritual awareness within us, which is glory. . . . Behold I stand at the door,
realization. Then we shall know that we and knock: if any man hear my voice,
have attained the spirit of truth, the and open the door, I will come in to him,
consciousness of truth, which is the and will sup with him, and he with me."
Word of God and is power. Anyone with
a sufficient desire for a realization of In most religious teachings, we are told
God can achieve that realization—the that the Spirit of God is everywhere, but
grace of God will guarantee it. that is not true. If the Spirit of the Lord
were everywhere, everybody would be
It is possible to know all the truth found free, healthy, wealthy, independent,
in the letter of truth and still be a branch joyous, and harmonious. No, the Spirit
that withereth, until we so abide in the of the Lord is present only where it is
Word and let this Word abide in us that realized. Unless we feel the actual
the very Spirit of God dwells in us. There presence of God, then, as far as we are
is a Spirit in man. There actually is a concerned, we do not have this Spirit.
Spirit -- the Spirit of God in man. No Again, it is a case of rolling up the
man is devoid of it, but most of us are window shades, or it is like saying that
as unaware of it as we are of the blood electricity is everywhere. That is true.
coursing through our bodies. God is with Electricity is everywhere, just as the
us. God's presence fills all space; the Spirit of God is everywhere. Electricity,
Spirit of God dwells in us. But how many however, will be of no value to us,
people have felt that Presence? It is unless it is connected in some way for
our particular use. So it is with this Spirit traveled step by step, and again, we
of God. It is everywhere, in an absolute, press forward.
spiritual sense, but It is only effective in
our experience to the extent to which It It is important to learn all that we can
is realized. about the correct letter of truth, to
understand every principle, and then to
The student of spiritual wisdom cannot practice these principles until we go
go through his day, satisfied that he has from an intellectual knowledge to an
read some truth in the morning, or that inner awareness of them. We build our
he is going to hear some truth in the foundation on specific principles. Some
afternoon or evening. There must be a of these principles are found in
conscious activity of truth going on all scripture: Christian, Hebrew, and
the time. That does not mean that we Oriental. Some of them are not found in
neglect our human duties and activities; any written form, but nevertheless, they
it means that we train ourselves to have are known to all the mystics of the
some area in consciousness always world. The further we go in this work,
active in truth. Whether we look out at the more necessary it is that we know
forms of nature such as trees, flowers, every one of these principles. They are
or oceans, or whether we are meeting the foundation of our understanding and
people, we find some measure of God they must become so much a part of us
in each experience. We train ourselves that when we are faced with a problem,
to behold the presence and activity of we do not have to think consciously of
God in everything around us and to any of them.
abide in the Word.
After many years spent in study and
The goal is very close to us, but practice, mathematicians can give the
nevertheless, as close as it seems, it is answer to many a problem the moment
far away, because with every horizon it is stated; they do not require even
reached, another beckons beyond. As paper and pencil for their calculations.
we go forward in our quest or search, An architect can draw a sketch of a
we can measure our progress in this beautiful home in such a short time that
way: We see the horizon before us and one marvels at his ability. An
we have the feeling, "Oh, I have just a experienced lawyer becomes so familiar
short distance to go." Sometimes, it with statutes and court decisions that he
takes only a few weeks or months to either knows the law as it applies to a
reach that horizon, and the whole world case or knows where to find it almost
of Spirit is spread out before us. Then immediately; but if he were questioned
we believe we really have entered the as to his knowledge, he would probably
kingdom of heaven, and we have for a say, "It has taken me twenty years to
few days. Suddenly, we become arrive at the place where I can do this."
accustomed to this light and we are
aware of another horizon that urges us So it is with us. Every time we are called
forward, another advance that must be upon for help, God puts the necessary
words in our mouth. Sometimes there
are no words at all, just a smile. To a chaos, relying on one thing today and
person experiencing financial difficulty, it on another tomorrow, never coming to
may mean, "Son, thou art ever with me, an understanding of that which is. A
and all that I have is thine"; to one alone spiritual life cannot be built without an
feeling the need for companionship, "I understanding of God the nature and
will never leave thee nor forsake thee"; character of God, the nature of God's
to one struggling with a physical law, and the nature of God's being.
problem, "Thou art whole"; to one
laboring under the weight of guilt, Take scriptural passages which embody
"Neither do I condemn thee. Go and sin spiritual principles and live with them.
no more." Hold them up as a banner in the
presence of any and every form of
If we solve enough problems and seek discord, until such time as these
to understand the truth behind issues principles become automatic. This is
and situations, day in and day out for dwelling in the secret place of the most
one, two, three, or more years, we shall High, living, moving, and having our
have all the answers available for being continuously in the consciousness
instant use. Years and years of of God, not just for a few minutes while
contemplating God and the things of reading a book or listening to a lecture.
God, meditating and communing with Despite the demands which are made
God, will have eliminated the necessity upon us by the world, we must pause at
for taking thought for the things of this frequent intervals during the day and
world. When a question arises, the right during the night for the practice of the
answer is immediately revealed. The Presence. This need not interfere with
listening attitude, the expectant attitude, our daily activities, nor does it mean that
developed through meditation, creates a we must stop what we are doing. We
kind of vacuum into which God rushes can be standing right over the cook-
with those things of which we have stove or running a lawn mower and all
need, whether it be wisdom, power, the time keep our consciousness open
grace, or whatever may be necessary. to God, remembering that "My grace is
sufficient for thee"; we can be out on the
An understanding of the principles of street, in the shops, or driving our car,
spiritual living, that is, a knowledge of always remembering:
the correct letter of truth, is necessary.
That is the foundation upon which we The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me,
build, so that we understand where we and that Spirit is peace and joy to me
are going and why, and what our and to all those who come within range
relationship to God and our fellowman of my consciousness.
is. It is necessary that we know these
things so that we do not stumble into a It is important that we let no hour of the
blind faith that at some time or other day go by without some conscious
may desert us. We need to know the reminder within us that the goal of life is
correct letter of truth in order that we do to attain that mind which was also in
not find ourselves in a state of mental Christ Jesus. The goal of the spiritual
life is to attain God-consciousness—to looking for supply or employment, the
live and move and have our being in an moment we are looking for healing, we
eternal awareness of God's presence. are seeking amiss. Until we have God,
we have nothing; but the very moment
Understand clearly that all spiritual we have God, we have all there is in the
wisdom is made up of two parts: first, world. There is no such thing as God
knowing the truth, and secondly, having and.
that mind in you which was also in
Christ Jesus. Take certain of these To seek for supply, health, or
specific principles which you will find companionship is an impossibility
stated in this book and live by them. spiritually, because spiritually, there are
Take them one by one. Carry one of no such things. Spiritually, there is only
them with you day in and day out for a God; but in attaining God, we attain all
week or a month. Then take another that God is, that is, God appearing as all
and live with it, using it as a yardstick form. Let us not seek the forms of God
with which to measure every but seek the allness of God, and in
experience. seeking the allness of God, we shall
have all the forms necessary to our own
It is possible for anyone to change the unfoldment.
trend of his life, not by hearing or
reading truth, but by making it an active Nothing is more important than this
part of his consciousness in daily point: Are we seeking a realization of
experience, until it becomes a habit God, or are we trying to reach God in
every moment of the day, instead of an order to get something through God?
occasional thought. Let these principles
operate in consciousness morning, When we come to any spiritual study,
noon, and night, until gradually the nearly always in the beginning we are
actual awareness comes. Then we seeking some good for ourselves. It
make the transition from being hearers may be a healing physical, mental,
of the Word to being doers of the Word. moral, financial or it may be peace of
Then we shall be abiding in the Word mind; but whatever it is, as a rule, we
and shall bear fruit richly. are seeking it for ourselves. Very
quickly, however, we discover that as
the light of the Spirit touches us, it is of
benefit not only to ourselves but also to
CHAPTER II the world. The person who is studying
DEMONSTRATE GOD and practicing the presence of God
soon has no problems, no needs, and
no desires. Those things which are
What are we seeking? Is it God that we necessary for his health and supply
are seeking, or are we seeking some have a way of taking care of
thing from God? The very moment that themselves.
we are looking for a home or
companionship, the moment we are
God is working out Its life as our life. It would be an impossibility to find
God is individual life. God is working out ourselves in the presence of God and
Its life in what appears to be the form of find anything of a harmonious nature
our lives. God is working out Its life as missing in our experience, because "I
our individual consciousness. God is am come that they might have life, and
working out Its plan in us and through that they might have it more
us. In this knowledge we relax and abundantly." How could we possibly
become beholders. It is no longer our have the presence of that I, the preence
life: It is God's life unfolding individually. of that God, and not have life and have
God appears on earth as individual you it more abundantly? But to seek people,
and me, and as we step aside, we begin or places, or conditions would be to
to see God shining through. The seek outside the realm of God. In that
harmonies that we experience are in the way lies trouble. Many have been
degree of our knowing that this is God's destroyed by the very things they have
life. It is only your life or my life when we devoted their lives to seeking, but no
take hold of it and try to manipulate it or one has ever been destroyed by
do something with it or try to make seeking and finding God. Seeking God
something of it. Rather should we leads to realization, to the actual
become beholders of God fulfilling Itself experience of God. The Master well
on earth, God appearing individually on knew that in that experience we have all
earth, God incarnate on earth. God because he said: "Your Father knoweth
actually is living on this earth as you and that ye have need of these things. . . .
as me. for it is your Father's good pleasure to
give you the kingdom."
When we desire only a God-experience,
heaven itself will open and pour itself To comprehend the full meaning of the
out at our feet in the form of every kind Master's statement, we must
of good. Let us be expectant of a Christ- understand the nature of God. Probably
experience, of a God-experience, all of us have been taught from
expectant of some kind of a spiritual childhood that there is a God, but few of
impulse felt within. That is the us know what God is. If we could put
demonstration we are seeking. Getting aside all books, including the Bible, and
rid of some disease and demonstrating live with but one question in our mind,
employment or companionship have "What is God?" meditating day and
nothing to do with a spiritual teaching. In night on that question, ultimately, God
a spiritual teaching, our desire is purely Itself would reveal the answer. We
that we may know God whom to know would have to do this, however, with a
aright is life eternal. When we have mind completely free of all concepts of
eternal life, we have all, because eternal God and begin as if we were completely
life includes health, harmony, alone with God. We would not accept
wholeness, vitality, youth, and anybody else's opinion, anybody else's
abundance. experience, or anybody else's point of
view: We would have our own
experience with God. If we could do
that, we should find that, sooner or later, has, is already ours. We can come into
God would reveal Itself to us in such the experience of this by relaxing from
unmistakable terms that never again the fear of what we shall or shall not
would we have any doubts as to what have tomorrow. If some night we could
God is or how to pray. sit at a window, noting how dark it is and
watching the movement of the stars and
There have been and there are men the moon, and if we could just stay at
who have known God face to face. We that window all night long until the
can be assured of the genuineness of morning light breaks, and then with the
their corning of full daylight when the moon
knowledge by the fruitage of their and the stars are no more but in their
teachings. John was such a one, and to place is the sun, we might ask ourselves
John, the nature of God was love. We what part we have played in all this.
might take the word "love" and see if we What did we have to do with it? If we
can arrive at some understanding of could watch trees or flowers blooming,
what that word means and how it would and when they are in full bloom, again
operate even on our level of ask ourselves what part we have played
understanding. For example, if we were in this, whether we have earned it or
completely and exclusively controlled by deserved it or been worthy of it, we
love, what would our relationship to our should soon find that God brought all
child be and what would our conduct these glories to us without any question
toward that child be? Would we find in as to our worthiness or unworthiness.
that love any trace of a desire to wound
or to cause him to suffer in any way? God is infinite intelligence, infinite
Would we find in our consciousness any wisdom, and infinite understanding.
desire to put him in prison as a There is never a need for us to tell God
punishment for his sins, or to imprison anything or to ask anything of God,
him in a diseased body or a diseased except perhaps for more light, more
mind? Would we find within ourselves a understanding, more vision. It is God's
single trace of a desire for punishment function to govern Its creation, to
or revenge? No, in love there is maintain it and sustain it, and all of this
correction and discipline, but there is no It does without any help from man. God
punishment; there is no withholding of does not need the aid of man; God does
any good. not need any suggestions or any advice
from man. We are God-governed only in
As we dwell on this, we shall gain an proportion as we understand this and
entirely new concept of God and begin entrust ourselves to God's care. Any
to comprehend the secret of spiritual attempt to tell God what our need is,
living. As long as we are clinging to a indicates a distrust and a lack of
God who can give us anything even understanding of the nature of God and
good we have not arrived at an acts as a barrier, keeping us from the
understanding of the true nature of God. very blessings that are rightfully ours as
God has nothing to give us. Everything heirs of God, joint-heirs with Christ in
that God is, we already are; all that God God. To know Him aright is life eternal;
to know Him incorrectly is to set up a To seek God without a purpose is the
sense of separation between ourselves ultimate of spiritual realization. To
and that which really is our life and the achieve that realization, we must come
continuity and harmony of our being. to that place in consciousness where
our whole heart and soul yearn for God,
We must understand the nature of God and only for God, than for any good, any
as fulfillment. That precludes the harmony, any healing, or any peace that
possibility of thinking of God as that may come to us. In that state of self-
from which we are going to get surrender we can say:
something. God is fulfillment. God is
fulfilling Itself, just as the sun, shining I seek nothing but Thee. I must know
and pouring forth its warmth and light, is Thee whom to know aright is life eternal.
fulfilling itself as the sun. We do not pray Let me live and move and have my
to the sun to send out more light or to being in Thee, with Thee, and I can
give more warmth. If we were going to accept whatever else may come. What
utter any kind of a prayer in regard to difference, then, will it make if I have a
the sun, our prayer would be an inner body or do not have a body, if I am
realization that it is—the sun is shining; healthy or unhealthy? "In Thy presence
the sun is warmth; the sun is light. is fullness of life."

So it is with God. We should never think When consciousness rises to that place
of God as that from which we expect to of devotion where God is God to us,
derive some good. We should never only for the sake of God, that is when
think of God as that which can bring we have attained The Infinite Way of
peace on earth. There is no such God. life.
The only God there is, is a God who is
life eternal: God does not give us life In The Infinite Way, life knows no
eternal; God cannot withhold life eternal; limitation whatsoever. There is no longer
God does not give us life today or any concern as to whether we are rich
tomorrow and then withhold life when or poor, sick or well. Our only object in
we are one hundred twenty. God is life life is to know Him aright, to come face
eternal, and our prayer is the realization to face with God, to be able to
of that truth. God is fulfillment. If we are tabernacle consciously with God, to be
not benefiting by the grace of God, that able to commune with God. This is a joy
has nothing to do with God but with our greater than has ever been known by
having removed ourselves, at least in the man of earth, regardless of how
belief, from the grace of God. Spirit is in many millions he may have acquired or
no way related to the human scene. A of how many honors may have been
spiritual God cannot be brought down to bestowed upon him. None of these
a material concept of life. Let us lift equals the joy, the peace, and the
ourselves above the material concept of infinite and eternal harmony
life into God. experienced by the person who knows
God. Now, there is a complete disregard
of the outward effects which are the
result of the practice of the Presence.
The whole heart and mind and soul are So with us. We learn not to try mentally
centered on realizing the Presence so to manipulate our lives, hoping that by
that we may come to that point within affirming some truth something good will
ourselves where the Spirit of God is be brought into our experience. Life
upon us, and we experience that inner becomes a complete joy, because just
joy which is the Presence. We feel that as we need have no concern for the
pulsing Spirit down to our very finger movement of the sun, moon, or stars, so
tips. Our whole being and our whole we need feel no burden of responsibility
body are alive and alert with It. for our supply or our health. All these
are a matter of God's grace. Our only
Meeting God face to face is the end of responsibility is that the Spirit of God
the road. There is nothing more to be dwell in us. At one time or another, we
desired. When we come to this point, must begin to make the transition from
we know exactly what Paul meant when being man whose breath is in his
he said, "I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth nostrils, who cannot please God and
in me." It is almost as if we were looking who is not under the law of God, to
over our shoulder and watching the being the child of God. From that point
Christ work in us and through us and for on we cannot fail: It is only a matter of
us. It goes before us. If supply is devotion.
needed, It provides it. If a home is
needed, It provides it. If transportation is We cannot use God, but we can yield
needed, It provides it. We never have to ourselves to God and let God use us.
take thought for these things; all we We can contemplate the things of God
have to do is to continue our life of and meditate upon the spiritual,
contemplation, and then we shall find invisible, and unseen, until we actually
that in our business, profession, or feel that spirit and presence of God
artistic pursuits, we shall have greater within us. Then let our prayer be:
discernment, ability, health, inspiration,
joy, and remuneration. However, we Give me more wisdom; give me more
shall not be praying to achieve these light; teach me how to abide in Thy
results: They will flow of their own Word. Let me want Thee for Thy sake
accord just as the sun rises in the only. Let me never ask for a single thing
morning or the sun sets at night without for any person. Let me tabernacle and
any conscious effort on the part of commune with Thee. Let my only
anyone. All that is necessary is to wait purpose be to unite with Thee.
just wait long enough and the sun will
come up tomorrow morning and go An occasional contact with God, like the
down again at night. We shall have had proverbial grain of truth, will work
nothing to do with it except to wonders; but we cannot expect a
contemplate it, behold it, watch it. We complete and perfect spiritual existence
did not have to pray to God about it, and simply because once in a while we
we did not have to know the truth about remember to turn to God, or to devote a
it. few hours to the study of spiritual books.
It requires prayer without ceasing to not to tell You my need, but to receive
make life a continuous experience of the fulfillment of my need. I come to You
good. Then we find that God, who is the now, not seeking things, not seeking
all-knowing mind, the divine persons, but seeking Your grace, Your
omnipresence, the divine omnipotence benediction, the gift of Yourself.
and omniscience, always goes before
us to provide those things necessary for Let the peace that passeth
our experience. That is the reason we understanding descend upon me -- Your
never have to tell It what we need; we peace, an inner peace, an inner grace,
never have to tell It that we need money, an inner joy, and an inner harmony. Let
a home, companionship, freedom, food, the Holy Ghost enfold and envelop me.
or clothing. We never have to tell God Let the Christ-Spirit fill my Soul, fill my
anything about our needs. mind, fill my being, and fill my body. In
quietness and in confidence shall be my
God is the infinite intelligence of the strength, because the Spirit of the Lord
universe, that which formed it, and that is upon me. It is a power of peace and
which maintains and sustains it without grace to all who touch my
any human advice. If God can do that consciousness.
for this great universe, let us trust our
individual being and body to that same Let us go to God for the joy of
Presence and Power. experiencing God and then see what
God does.
There is only one kind of a prayer which
honors God: We can begin this moment to take an
important step forward—give up desire.
Father within me, so much closer to me We must give up desire for any and
than breathing and nearer than hands every form of good. From today on,
and feet, You are the all-knowing there is only one desire permitted us,
intelligence of this universe, the and that desire is to experience God.
intelligence which created it. You are the
divine love which has supplied this earth We must demonstrate God—not
with vegetables and flowers, diamonds, persons, things, or conditions. This is
uranium, oil, gold, silver, and platinum. really the cardinal principle of the whole
You have filled the heavens with Your Infinite Way. The Infinite Way teaches
glory the stars, sun, and moon and the that we have the right to demonstrate
oceans with the rhythmic activity of the the Spirit of God, the right to
tides. I acknowledge Your presence in demonstrate the realization of God; but
all things and as all things. we do not have the right to demonstrate
any person, place, or thing. We must be
Even before I pray, Father, You know very certain that we are seeking only the
my needs. Even before I lift my eyes or realization of God's grace, that we are
thoughts to You, You not only know my seeking only to be in the Spirit of the
needs, but it is Your good pleasure to Lord. "Where the Spirit of the Lord is,
give me the kingdom. I turn to You now, there is liberty" from all limitation, all
discord, and all inharmony. Our entire liveth my life. The moment I have Christ,
demonstration must be the realization of I have no life of my own to live; the
God, the demonstration of God, the responsibility is on His shoulders. From
consciousness of God's presence. now on all I have to do is to follow
where He leads, into green pastures,
Realization is demonstration. It is the beside the still waters.
realization of the activity of God in
consciousness that makes all spiritual To make the contact with the Christ, for
good appear. It is the realization of no other purpose than to experience It,
God's grace as our sufficiency that is the highest form of demonstration
makes the demonstration. The there is on earth.
realization of any spiritual truth brings it
into manifestation as effect. Merely to
say, "He perfecteth that which
concerneth me" will do nothing for us, CHAPTER III
but a realization of this truth instantly
makes it effective in our experience.
Realization is demonstration; but it must POWER
be a realization of the kingdom of God,
realization of the activity of God, Thus saith the Lord, the King of Israel,
realization of the Spirit of God, and his redeemer the Lord of hosts; I
realization of God as one power, am the first, and I am the last; and
realization of God as one substance, beside me there is no God.
realization of God as the only cause, ISAIAH 44:6
realization of God as the all-in-all. And thou shalt love the Lord thy God
Realization of God is demonstration. with all thine heart, and with all thy soul,
and with all thy might.
If we know the correct letter of truth, if DEUTERONOMY 6:5
we understand that God's will is love,
that God's will is life eternal, if we know Throughout all time, scripture has
that God's will is that we experience His revealed that God is the only power, but
immortality, the infinity of His being, we who has accepted this literally? Even in
shall not concern ourselves with telling the Bible, there are accounts of people
God about our needs. All we would do is fighting, one against another. The
live in the constant attempt to realize teaching of most religionists of the world
God more and more, to have a deeper has been that there are two powers, the
and deeper realization of God, of that power of God and the power of the
God who is our very own being. The joy devil: The power of God is good and
of communing with God is enough: blesses; the power of the devil is evil
and damns. Always there are these two
Father, all I want is my relationship with powers; always God is battling the devil
Thee, my conscious realization of the for control of man's soul; and always the
Christ not for any reason, just for the joy question is: Who is going to win?
of sitting here with the Christ. Christ
Today it is the same story. Accidents, There is no denying the fact that this
disasters, and sickness are explained world today consists almost entirely of
either on the basis of two powers, or by sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, wars
making God responsible for these evils. and rumors of wars. Does that mean
How can God be held responsible for that God permits them? Not any more
any evil in the light of the message and than the principle of mathematics is
mission of the Master, which was the responsible for our mistakes in
healing of the sick, the raising of the arithmetic, or the principles of music for
dead, the feeding of the hungry, and the our mistakes in singing or in the playing
overcoming of every kind of disaster. of musical instruments.
The Master said, "I am not come to
destroy, but to fulfill," so none of these According to Genesis, "God saw every
things can possibly be the will of God. In thing that he had made, and, behold, it
the presence of God, there is no evil. was very good." Therefore, if there is a
devil, God made it, and even the devil
If God tolerates the sin, disease, and must be good. It is the setting up of the
death that we are experiencing, what devil as evil and God as good which
chance have we to survive or overcome separates us from physical, mental,
them? If God is permitting these evils, or moral, and financial harmony. There is
if God is a human parent teaching us a no mystery to evil. The Master's
lesson, how can we rise above them teaching is very clear on this point:
and return to the Father's house? From
the very beginning of our spiritual study, If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth
we have learned that God is the one as a branch, and is withered; and men
power, the all-power, and not only the gather them, and cast them into the fire,
all-power, but the all-good power. Is it and they are burned.
then possible for an all-good power to
create, permit, tolerate, or send forth If ye abide in me, and my words abide in
evil? you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it
shall be done unto you.
In The Infinite Way, we engage in what JOHN 15:6,7
is called spiritual healing so we must
have a principle which is exact. There If we do not let this Word abide in us,
must be no deviation from it, any more we should not be surprised at anything
than there is a deviation from the that happens to us, but we have no right
principles of mathematics or music. The to blame God. If we are not showing
spiritual healing principle is that God is forth the health, harmony, and wealth,
love, God is life, and in Him is no which are our spiritual birthright, it is
darkness at all. He is too pure to behold because we are not fulfilling the terms of
iniquity. But if we can be made to the agreement.
believe that God tolerates sickness,
knows about it, permits it, or is trying to The agreement is that if we dwell in the
test or punish us with it, we have lost all secret place of the most High, none of
possibility of ever producing a healing. these evils will come nigh our dwelling
place. That is the principle. Are we Since thou wast precious in my sight,
dwelling in the secret place of the most thou hast been honorable, and I have
High? Are we? We meditate for five loved thee.
minutes in the morning and read a book ISAIAH 43:2-4
for fifteen minutes later on in the day,
and then we think that we are abiding in Can we not readily imagine the state of
the Word and dwelling in the secret consciousness in which we would be
place of the most High. This is not living had we been taught exclusively
sufficient. We must read and study, and continuously throughout our
meditate and ponder, hour upon hour of childhood that God loved us and that He
every day until we are living would not permit any evil to befall us?
continuously in the presence of the Lord Then we would so live in the
beside whom there is none other. Let us consciousness of God as the only
accept in our mind a state of power that we should never fear, nor
consciousness in which we agree that should we ever lack for any good.
God is all power, God is infinite, and
beside God there is no other power. Yet now hear, O Jacob my servant; and
Israel, whom I have chosen:
In the forty-third chapter of Isaiah we
read: Thus saith the Lord that made thee, and
formed thee from the womb, which will
But now thus saith the Lord that created help thee; Fear not, O Jacob, my
thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, servant; and thou Jesurun, whom I have
O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed chosen.
thee, I have called thee by thy name;
thou art mine. For I will pour water upon him that is
thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground; I
If from the time we were small children, will pour my spirit upon thy seed, and
we had been taught this one truth, "Fear my blessings upon thine offspring.
not; for I have redeemed thee, I have ISAIAH 44:1-3
called thee by thy name; thou art mine,"
would we ever have known fear? Throughout our youth, we were taught
to look only to our parents, but here we
When thou passest through the waters, learn that God "formed thee from the
I will be with thee; and through the womb." We are children of God right
rivers, they shall not overflow thee: from the womb, under God's protection,
when thou walkest through the fire, thou and God, and only God, has always
shalt not be burned; neither shall the supplied our needs and supported our
flame kindle upon thee. activities. We learn that God alone is the
only power in our lives from everlasting
For I am the Lord thy God, the Holy One to everlasting. In this understanding, we
of Israel, thy Saviour. . . . can see what would have happened to
the devil: There would never have been
the fear of evil or the fear of
punishment. We would have found a that is within the world," greater than
love of God instead of a fear of God, any problem that is in the world. There
and we would never have believed that is only one power, and God is that
God could turn His back upon us. power.

To know God is to love God. As a matter There is no power in effect, and there is
of fact, it is only as we understand the no power apart from God. God is the life
nature of God that we are able to love of all being. This truth has been in
the Lord our God with a love so great existence throughout all time and has
that not even husband, wife, or child will been known to all peoples. In the sacred
come before God in our heart and soul. Hindu poem, The Bhagavad-Gita,
God then becomes a living being, not to translated by Sir Edwin Arnold as the
be feared but to be revered, to be loved, beautiful epic poem, The Song
to be welcomed every moment of every Celestial, we read:
day, and not just for an hour on Sunday.
There is not a moment of the day that I say to thee weapons reach not the Life;
we cannot consciously keep God alive Flame burns it not, waters cannot o'erwhelm,
Nor dry winds wither it. Impenetrable,
in our hearts by the remembrance that Unentered, unassailed, unharmed, untouched,
God is: Immortal, all-arriving, stable, sure,
Invisible, ineffable, by word
God is the intelligence of the universe, And thought uncompassed, ever all itself,
the love of the universe, the Thus is the Soul declared!
omnipresent Spirit that created,
maintains, and sustains the universe. Here again we see that there is one life,
God is the source of the beauty of the and God is that life; there is one power,
trees and flowers and fruits. God is the and God is that power. A consciousness
very substance of the vegetables and filled with the realization of God as the
minerals. God is the substance of the only power cannot fear anything in the
gold in the ground, of the silver, the realm of effect.
diamonds, and of the pearls in the sea.
God it is that fills the sea with fish. God Most religious teachings have not given
it is that fills the air with birds. us the truth that God is omnipotent in
earth as in heaven, but the day is here
God is in the midst of me. Where I am when every knee must bend to the truth
God is, and God's love is forever that there is but one power. All
enfolding me. God is the source of my metaphysical teachings have their origin
being. God is the source of my supply, in the revelation of God as one. But
the source of the very food on my table. what has happened to that teaching? It
God it is that gives me my life's work to has been lost in a modern devil, mortal
do. God it is that gives me the strength mind. Followers of orthodox teachings
to perform it. "He performeth the thing fear the devil, and those who follow the
that is appointed for me. . . The Lord will newer, more modern teachings fear
perfect that which concerneth me. . . . mortal mind. Wrong and ignorant
He that is within me is greater than he interpretations of truth bind us to the
belief in two powers, but the answer is
always the same: God is the only power. . . . for by strength shall no man prevail.
Every one of us in some degree in our . . . I SAMUEL 2:9
human experience has accepted two
powers: God and a power apart from Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of
God, a power that sometimes rewards this great multitude; for the battle is not
and sometimes punishes, a power that yours, but God's.
is sometimes available and at other II CHRONICLES 20:15
times cannot reach us and we are now
paying the penalty for such acceptance. Be strong and courageous, be not afraid
nor dismayed for the king of Assyria, nor
We must rise to a higher dimension of for all the multitude that is with him: for
life in which we see that there is no there be more with us than with him:
power in any effect; all power is in the
cause which produces the effect: With him is an arm of flesh; but with us
is the Lord our God to help us, and to
For my thoughts are not your thoughts, fight our battles.
neither are your ways my ways, saith II CHRONICLES 32:7, 8
the Lord.
Those who are materially minded have
For as the heavens are higher than the but the "arm of flesh." Those who
earth, so are my ways higher than your recognize God as the only power live
ways, and my thoughts than your without fear, with no concern for
thoughts. external power, regardless of its size.
ISAIAH 5 5 :8, 9 Whether it is a high fever, dire poverty,
or a hydrogen bomb, it is but the "arm of
If we are not spiritually alert, however, flesh"; whereas we have that which is
we can be made to accept any kind of invisible; we have that which cannot be
false teaching or propaganda if it is touched, for "no weapon that is formed
thrust upon us frequently and forcibly against thee shall prosper. . . Just as
enough. Through the mass hypnotism of David went forth to meet Goliath, armed
the press and radio, we have all been with faith in God, so can we meet any
victims of propaganda of one sort or suggestion of inharmony by our
another, but none of that could reach us recognition of one power.
if we but accepted the teaching that
God, the Infinite Invisible, is the only In the material sense of life, the word
power. "protection" carries with it the
connotation of defense or armor, of a
In our frantic, modern-day race for hiding place from an enemy, or of some
supremacy in armaments and material means of withdrawal from danger. In the
strength, it becomes necessary to stop mental sciences, protection implies
and ask ourselves: Where does all this some thought or idea, or some form of
end? Are superiority and size all there is prayer that would save us from injury or
to power? harm. The word "protection" suggests a
destructive or harmful activity, presence, a presence, and an activity apart from
or power existing somewhere from God; we have accepted the belief that
which we must find safety. some one or some thing outside of our
own being can be a power for evil in our
The moment the idea of God as one experience, and the acceptance of this
begins to dawn in consciousness, we almost universal belief causes much of
begin to understand that in all this world our discord and inharmony.
there is no power and there is no
presence from which those who are As we consciously bring ourselves back,
dwelling in the secret place of the most day after day, to the actual awareness of
High need protection. We shall see this God as one infinite being, God
as we dwell on the word "omnipresence" manifesting and expressing Itself as
and realize that in this all-presence of individual being, we understand more
good we are completely alone with fully that all power flows out from us and
divine harmony —a harmony which through us, as a benediction and
pervades and permeates blessing to the world. No power acts
consciousness, and is in itself the upon us from without our own being. It
allness and the onlyness of good. must become clear to us that nothing
outside of ourselves acts upon us for
Let us ponder this idea and meditate either good or evil. Just as we have
upon it. The revelation and assurance learned that the stars, the creation of
come to us from within our own being God in the heavens, cannot act upon us
that this is true: There is but One, and in accordance with astrological belief; so
because of the nature of that One, there we have learned that conditions of
is no outside influence for either good or weather, climate, infection, contagion, or
evil. There is no presence or power to accident cannot act injuriously upon
which to pray for any good that does not those who have come into a measure of
already exist as omnipresence, right understanding of the nature of God and
where we are. In our periods of the nature of individual being. We are
communion we feel the infinity of God's constantly being reminded that we
presence. There is no other power; should become more and more aware
there is no other presence; there is no of the nature of God, the nature of
destructive or harmful influence in any prayer, and the nature of individual
person, place, or thing; there is no evil being, so that we will understand
in any condition. God is one, and there ourselves as the offspring of God, of
cannot be an existence separate and whom it is truly said, "Son, thou art ever
apart from that One. with me, and all that I have is thine."

The Master has told us: "There is We must think seriously on this subject
nothing from without a man, that of protection because each day we are
entering into him can defile him: but the faced with suggestions of impending or
things that come out of him, those are threatened danger. Always some
they that defile the man." We have person, some place, or some thing is
accepted the universal belief of a power, being presented as a destructive force
which we fear or from which we seek a are no evil powers or destructive forces.
God to save us. God's all-ness makes it It is in this awareness of oneness that
utterly impossible for any destructive or we find our peace.
evil influence to exist anywhere in
heaven, on earth, or in hell so let us not Students should take this subject of
make the mistake of thinking of God as protection into daily meditation for a
some great power who is able to save month or two, not mentioning it to
us from a destructive person or anyone. They should not discuss this,
influence if only we can reach Him. Let but keep it secret within themselves until
us not make the common mistake of they arrive at a place in consciousness
thinking that practicing the presence of where they feel that God is one. The
God is just another means of using God, secret of protection lies not in seeking
or another method of praying to bring God to save us from some danger, but
God's influence into our experience in rather in understanding that safety,
order to overcome discord, evil, sin, and security, and peace are dependent on
disease. Its purpose is to bring to our remembrance and realization of the
individual consciousness the awareness truth of God as one.
of God as one of God as infinite,
individual being, of God as all-presence The world is seeking peace, just as it is
and all-power. The universal belief in seeking safety and security, outside its
two powers, good and evil, will continue own being; whereas, no peace, no
to operate in our experience until we, safety, and no security will ever be
individually remember this, you and I, found except in our individual realization
individually—reject the belief in two of God as one the only being, presence,
powers. and power. We cannot tell the world
about this peace, safety, or security; but
In this age, protective thought is the we can find it for ourselves and thereby
realization that God's allness precludes let the world see by our experience that
the possibility of any source of evil ever we have found a way higher than
existing in the world or operating in superstitious belief in some power of
individual experience. Our protective good that miraculously saves us from
work, or our prayers for protection, must some power of evil.
consist of the realization that nothing
has existed, exists, or will exist We cannot tell the world that there is no
anywhere, at any time, in our danger from outside sources,
experience of the past, present, or influences, or powers; but our
future, that is of a destructive nature. realization of this truth can make the
Through study and meditation, harmony and completeness and
eventually we shall come to that God- perfection of our lives so evident that
contact within us, wherein we receive others, one by one, will turn to seek that
the divine assurance, "Lo, I am with you which we have found.
always," the continuous assurance of
the one Presence, one Power, one Out of the teachings of two powers
Being, one Life, one Law in which there come the philosophies that cause men
to disagree among themselves. There is there is no saviour.
no way to resolve these differences
because those people who believe in I am the first, and I am the last; and
two powers are working from an beside me there is no God.
erroneous premise, good and evil.
Always good and evil are wrestling with And who, as I, shall call, and shall
each other and what a struggle it is! But declare it, and set it in order for me,
what happens when men relinquish the since I appointed the ancient people?
belief in two powers and rest in the and the things that are coming, and
consciousness of the Christ? Then it is shall come, let them shew unto them.
that they begin to understand what the
Master meant when he said, 'Thou Fear ye not, neither be afraid: have not I
couldest have no power at all against told thee from that time, and have
me, except it were given thee from declared it? ye are even my witnesses.
above." Is there a God beside me? yea, there is
no God; I know not any.
The mystics of the world, whether ISAIAH 43:1, 7, 10, 11; 44:6-8
Krishna of India, Lao-tse of China,
Jesus of Nazareth, or John of Patmos, And so, again and again, it is revealed
have given us the revelation that God is that God is one God; God is one power.
one. The Hebrew mystics also knew this
truth when they taught, "Hear, 0 Israel, They that make a graven image are all
the Lord our God is one Lord." of them vanity; and their delectable
Throughout Scripture we find, over and things shall not profit. . . . Who hath
over again, assurances of God's love for formed a God, or molten a graven
His children: image that is profitable for nothing?
ISAIAH 44:9, 10
Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I
have called thee by thy. name; thou art Each of us has made an image of God:
mine. One looks at it and sees Buddha;
another sees Jesus. Each has formed a
Even every one that is called by my concept of that which he thinks God is,
name: for I have created him for my and then he worships and prays to that
glory, I have formed him; yea, I have concept, while all the time God is saying
made him. to us: "Only I am God, not your concept.
Only I, the Invisible, am God I, alone,
Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord, am God." We must stop making graven
and my servant whom I have chosen: images in our mind, stop picturing what
that ye may know and believe me, and God is like, and trust the unformed
understand that I am he: before me Invisible which penetrates and
there was no God formed, neither shall interpenetrates all being.
there be after me.
"The kingdom of God is within you. . . .
I, even I, am the Lord; and beside me the place whereon thou standest is holy
ground"; and even if that place seems, brought about as an activity of
at the moment, to be in hell or in the consciousness. No one can do this for
valley of the shadow of death, God is us, but we ourselves.
right there with us. We must cease this
nonsensical belief in a God who God must become an activity in our
punishes and rewards, a God who is consciousness, or we shall struggle
present when we experience a healing through life as human beings believing
and absent when we do not experience in two powers and experiencing good
the healing we expect. God is never and evil. We begin with the theme that
absent from us except in our belief that God is one. God is one: "Hear, 0 Israel,
there are two powers, except in our fear the Lord our God is one. . . . Thou shalt
of other powers which we have set up in have no other gods before me," no other
our mind. We not only fear these powers, no other laws but one.
powers we sometimes fear God!
God is the only law, a law which
In reality, there is only one power: There maintains and sustains the harmony and
is no power of evil; there is no power of perfection of its own creation at all
sin; there is no power of disease; there times. Looking at the growing trees, we
is no power of lack or limitation. God marvel at a law which makes them bud
made all that was made; anything that and blossom every year. There is a law
God did not make was not made. The in operation bringing forth their fruitage.
world seems to be filled with the power The sun, moon, and stars, and the
of infection, of contagion, of hereditary ebbing and flowing of the tides bear
disease, the power of lack and witness to a divine law governing the
limitation, the power of evil in many universe.
forms. It is true that as long as we are
dealing with the human world in a These are laws and cannot be changed.
human way there will be two powers: Everything that is permanent is
the power of good and the power of evil. supported by law, but the discords and
That is the human picture. Some people diseases of the world come and go:
are sick more of the time than they are They are ever changing; they have no
well. The majority of people in the world permanence; they have no law to
are poverty-stricken. As human beings, support them. If disease were supported
we shall always have laws of sin, laws by law, this law of disease could not be
of sickness, laws of lack and limitation. violated, and no one could ever be
There will be two powers as long as healed or be free of disease. But
there is a human consciousness in the disease is not permanent. It can be
world; because the human healed_. sometimes physically,
consciousness, itself, is a divided sometimes mentally, sometimes
household, divided into two parts, good spiritually.
and evil. A state of existence which
transcends this and where these
opposites do not operate, but where To accept God as one is to accept only
only one power, one law, operates is one law and that law the law of God, the
law of good, always active and always faculty.
present in our experience. There is no
law binding us to any evil condition: The creative faculty is deep down in the
Soul. With our mind we become aware
Truth, omnipresent in my of the deeper truths and laws of God;
consciousness, is the law of elimination but it is the Soul, which is God, that is
to every form of discord in my the creative principle of existence. It is
experience. Spiritual law governs my the activity of the Soul that is power, and
being, my body, my household, and my out of it flow gentleness, humility, and
business. Spiritual law governs my patience, all of which Paul spoke of as
consciousness. Spiritual law permeates, the things of God which "the natural
maintains, and sustains me. man receiveth not . . . for they are
foolishness unto him: neither can he
Every day we are faced with the know them, because they are spiritually
temptation of death. It makes no discerned." The "natural man" is the
difference whether we are being told reasoning faculty. The things of God are
about the death of a friend, a relative, or received by the Spirit of God, the
some stranger in a far-off country. Every consciousness of God, the Soul which is
day the thought of death is consciously a deeper layer of life than the mind. We
brought to our awareness. Even though use the human mind as an avenue of
it may not concern us directly, the theme awareness, but we recognize the Soul
of God as one should be brought to as the creative faculty.
conscious remembrance:
To give power to anything external to
God is one life eternal, immortal, infinite, consciousness is idolatry. It is to
never beginning and never ending. recognize a power apart from God. We
There is only one God; therefore, there must come to the inner conviction that
is only one life. power does not exist in form -- any form,
no matter how good the form may be.
Many students of metaphysics, who no The form may come and the form may
longer believe in the power of a go, but the Spirit goes on forever,
personal devil, have created another renewing and reforming. As human
power separate and apart from God, a beings brought up in the material sense
power in the form of a superstitious fear of life, we hold ourselves in bondage to
of wrong thinking and a faith and form, and thereby we commit idolatry. In
reliance on right thinking. Let us give up other words, we bow down and worship
any such ideas, now and for all time to or fear some kind of a form. Let us not
come. Human thinking is not power; the love, hate, or fear that which exists in
human mind is not a power. Did not the external realm, because it is not
Jesus refute any such idea when he power. Once we see that God is the
asked, "Which of you by taking thought only cause, we shall not fear some other
can add one cubit unto his stature?" Let cause. Once we understand God to be
us put the mind in its proper place as an the only substance, we shall not fear an
avenue of awareness and not a creative over-substance or an under-substance.
Life is an activity of consciousness fulfillment in this phase of our existence.
reflected by the body, but life is not in Let us understand them, love them, and
the body. Love, peace, health, treat them as such, but remember that
wholeness, and perfection are all our life is hid with Christ in God, not in
activities of consciousness. There lies some outer form.
all power.
From morning until night, we are faced
We must not try to hold on to the forms with appearances which would make us
of body. We are not body; the body is an believe that there is power in effect.
instrument for our locomotion at this That is why, in a world so abundantly
particular moment. It is an instrument for supplied with all forms of good—
our activity, but we are not body. We are diamonds, pearls, silver, oil, vegetables,
not fingers, or hands, or legs, or hearts, fish, fruit people are still praying for
or brains. We are spiritual entity and we supply. They believe that all these forms
have a body given to us of God, eternal of good are supply, whereas supply is
in the heavens. Instead of trying to hold within themselves. These things are
on to this form of body, we hold on to effects of supply, but it is consciousness
the truth of our own identity, and the that is the source of supply. Supply is
body is maintained harmoniously. spiritual, an activity of consciousness. At
first, we may agree with this only
The Master promises that if we are intellectually, but the day will come when
willing to lose our life, we shall gain life it will be spiritually discerned, and then
eternal. If we will stop trying to grasp our we shall see that the world of supply is
life, as if we could hold on to it or lose it, within, although it appears visibly in the
and instead, realize that all life is God's without.
grace, we shall find life to be eternal.
We do not see, hear, taste, touch, or
The teaching is: Never worship effect; smell supply; but we see the form
never hate, fear, or love any effect. To supply takes. We become aware of the
worship form is to indulge in idolatry. form of the various substances which
The very moment that any form our supply takes; but to realize that
becomes a necessity in our experience, supply is internal, an activity of
we are placing our dependence, our consciousness, is to make our supply
happiness, and our joy in that, instead infinite, whether it be of words, money,
of in the Infinite Invisible which is the or transportation. If we see that supply
cause of the form, and we are idolaters. is the invisible Spirit of God in us, then
We shall continue to love all the good the effect of supply will appear in form.
things of life, but we should never love As rapidly as we use the forms as which
them to such an extent that we are supply appears, the invisible supply will
unwilling to see the form disappear and again become manifest, because it is
a new one take its place. All human infinite; it is always omnipresent, and
relationships, whether they are the supply itself, which is the Spirit of
relationships with parents, husband, God in us, will reproduce it. No longer
wife, or children, are given to us for our shall we live by bread alone, but by a
consciousness of God's presence which behold, thou art there.' " Even when we
requires no words, but rests in God as go down into hell, we find God, and in
one. finding God, hell is transformed into
heaven. A change takes place in our
As we persist in this throughout the day, experience the moment we
the night, the week, the month, acknowledge no source, no cause, no
gradually we reach a point where the effect, no power, no presence, and no
recognition of this truth is as automatic being but God.
as driving an automobile. When we
were learning to drive an automobile, we To practice this principle hour after hour,
had to watch our left foot, our right foot, day in and day out, for one month or two
our left hand, and our right hand; but by months, holding to God as the law of
the end of a month, we were driving our being, God as the source of our
without ever thinking of our hands or good, God as the activity of our day
feet. So it is with this, at the end of a changes our entire experience. At first,
month, we shall find that we do not this is all in the realm of the mind, but by
have to think consciously about God as constant practice, it leaves the realm of
one or God as life. We do not have to the mind and comes down into the
think of that at all, because it will be so heart, into the awareness, into
much a part of our consciousness that consciousness, and then it takes over
the moment a suggestion of evil touches and lives our experience.
us, it is erased without any conscious
effort on our part. And thou shalt love the Lord thy God
with all thine heart, and with all thy soul,
Now we have accepted as our principle: and with all thy might.
God is one; God is the only law; God is DEUTERONOMY 6:5
the only presence; God is the only
substance; God is the only power, and
there is no power in effect. Then in the
next breath, we turn around and give CHAPTER IV
power to some effect. What difference
does it make what the appearance is, if
God is the only power? Do we really NATURE OF
believe that God is the only power?
God alone is power. God is one: one
power, one life, one love, one Spirit, one There is an old, old story about a great
cause, one being, one source. Nothing spiritual teacher who knocked at the
comes into our experience unless it gates of heaven for admission into
comes from God. The next time paradise. After some time, God came to
something that we call evil comes into the door and inquired, "Who is there?
our experience, let us remember our Who knocks?"
principle and turn and say: "That, too, is
from God. `. . . if I make my bed in hell, To this query, came the confident
response, "It is I."
Let us take, as an example, a glass
"Sorry, very sorry. There is no room in tumbler and think of the outside of it and
heaven. Go away. You will have to come the inside of it. Where does the outside
back some other time." The good man, end, and where does the inside begin?
surprised at the rebuff, went away As a matter of fact, is there an outside
puzzled. After several years, spent in to this tumbler and is there an inside to
meditating and pondering over this it? Are there two sides to this tumbler or
strange reception, he returned and is there simply a tumbler? Is the outside
knocked again at the gate. He was met not the inside, and is not the inside the
with the same question and gave a outside? Are not the outside and the
similar response. Once again he was inside of this tumbler one and the same
told that there was no room in heaven; it piece of glass? Does not the outside of
was completely filled at that time. the tumbler perform one function and
the inside another?
In the years that passed, the teacher
went deeper and deeper within himself, When it becomes clear to us that the
meditating and pondering. After a long outside and the inside of this tumbler
period of time had elapsed, he knocked are one and the same piece of glass,
at the gates of heaven for the third time. we can then see the relationship
Again God asked, "Who is there?" between God and man. There is no
such thing as God and man, any more
This time his answer was, "Thou art." than there is an outside and an inside to
the tumbler, separate and apart from
And the gates opened wide as God each other. The outside and the inside
said, "Come in. There never was room are one.
for Me and thee."
God is our invisible Selfhood: We are
There is not God and you or I, there is the externalized form or expression of
only God expressed, manifested as that God, but we are no more two than
individual being. There is only one life— are the sides of the tumbler. We are
the Father's. We are outside of heaven only two in function: God is the creative
with no hope of ever gaining entrance to principle, the source, the activity, and
it as long as we believe that we have a the law of our being; and our being is
selfhood apart from God, a being God in expression or manifestation. We,
separate and independent of God. as individuals, receive our life, law,
cause, substance, reality, and continuity
All through the ages, duality has from the Infinite Invisible, and that
separated us from our good, but it is a invisible activity appears visibly as the
sense of duality, not duality, because harmony of our being. To return to the
there is no duality. The secret of life is example of the tumbler, we observe that
oneness, and oneness is not something any quality, which seems to belong to it,
that we bring about. Oneness is a state belongs to the glass of which it is
of being. formed. The glass then is the substance
of the tumbler, and it is the glass that We rise above this pair of opposites,
determines the quality and the nature of health and disease, as we realize that
the tumbler. So with us. God, our inner there is no selfhood apart from God.
selfhood, is the quality, the quantity, the The only thing that we can possess is
cause, the reality, and the substance of what God possesses. God's selfhood is
our being. All that God is, we are; all the only Selfhood neither rich nor poor,
that this inner selfhood is, is that which neither sick nor well, neither young nor
is manifest as my individual being and old, and neither live nor dead. It is a
as yours. state of immortality, eternal being,
unchanging, but nevertheless, infinite in
God is no respecter of persons. God its forms and appearances. To
has no favorites— no favorite religion, acknowledge no selfhood apart from
race, or nationality. So far as God is God is the meaning of the Master's
concerned, God is one. The degree of command to deny oneself. We should
our demonstration is the degree of our deny that we, of ourselves, have any
awareness of this relationship. If a qualities, character, strength, health,
person believes that he has a quality, wealth, wisdom, glory, or potentialities. It
nature, or characteristic of his own, he is our inner Selfhood, God, which
has set up a sense of limitation which appears outwardly as you or as me.
separates him from the infinity of his
demonstration. When he sets aside the The nature of our existence is
belief that he has qualities, activities, or immortality, eternality, infinity. Only by
characteristics of his own and realizes virtue of the fact that God is our being
that it is God, Itself, his inner Selfhood, can anyone say:
that is appearing outwardly, and that it is
this inner Selfhood that has and I am infinite; I am eternal; I am
possesses all the qualities, activities, immortal—not in and of myself,
and characteristics of his being; in that separate and apart from God, but
moment, he has begun to die daily. because God is the life and substance
of my being. Infinity is the quantity, and
This is the meaning of Paul's statement, perfection, the quality of being.
"I die daily." We must die to every
suggestion that we are or have The Word is made flesh; all flesh is
something of ourselves separate and formed of the Word of God. My body,
apart from God. We must die to the therefore, is the perfect Word of God
belief of health just as we must die to made flesh, made manifest. My body,
the belief of disease. Spiritually, there is being of the essence and substance of
no disease, and there is no health God, God-governed, can embody only
because we are or have nothing of our the activity, harmony, grace, joy, and
own. To suffer from disease or to enjoy beauty of God. Nothing external can
good health is to have something of our affect the perfection of my body,
own. God has neither health nor whether it is in the form of food, germs,
disease; God is Spirit, and all that we or other people's thoughts. Nothing
can possibly have is the Spirit of God. foreign to God can enter to defile it or
make a lie. is consciousness, Spirit, Soul; and
therefore, we are not subject to the laws
There is a common belief that food has of matter. God is infinite law, and this
power to nourish us for good, to make being true, the only law is the law of
us ill, or to make us fat or lean; but the God, operating in our consciousness as
fact is, our consciousness governs the a law of harmony unto our bodies.
organs and functions of the body. It is
our consciousness, God- If this realization were of great enough
consciousness, which is our individual depth, we would automatically rule out
consciousness, that is the law, the of our lives all physical discords; but
cause, the activity, and the substance of because in most cases it is merely an
the organs and functions of the body. intellectual acceptance, it is not effective
That same consciousness is the in our experience. Let us make it
substance and nourishment of the food effective by a specific act of
we eat. The food, in and of itself, has no consciousness:
quality or property of nourishment
except what we give it. Once we can Spirit is my true identity. I have now
agree that, in and of themselves, our come out and become separate; I am
digestive and eliminative organs have no longer of the world, even though in it,
no power to act, but that consciousness and therefore, I am not subject to the
is the animating power, directing their world's laws. None of these human
functioning, we can go forward to the beliefs is binding upon the child of God,
next step and realize that it is this same the offspring of Spirit, which I am. God
consciousness which imparts to our is the source of my being; God is the
food its value. activity and the law of my being, and I
consciously accept that. I am not
From the moment that we were subject to man-made laws; I am subject
conceived as human beings, we have only to grace. Thy grace is sufficient for
been under material and mental laws; me.
we have been governed by laws of food,
weather, climate, time, and space. Let us take every detail of our life our
Always as human beings, we are under body, our food, our business, our
some law, whether it is a natural law or home—and consciously make this
a law of materia medica or theology. transition: Realize that all these are no
These are really universal beliefs, but longer under the law of human belief, no
they act as law to our experience until longer subject to circumstance or
we consciously realize our immunity change. All that concerns us is supplied
from anything and anybody external to from this infinite store-house within our
ourselves and realize that the issues of own being:
life flow out from us. We are not the
victims of anything external to "I have meat to eat that ye know not of. .
ourselves. We are spiritual identity, not . . I am the bread of life: he that cometh
mortal beings conceived in sin and to me shall never hunger; and he that
brought forth in iniquity. Our true identity believeth on me shall never thrist." From
this infinite storehouse, I feed my body; the good the world beholds is God
I manage my business; I supply my fulfilling Itself as our destiny, when we
pocketbook; I maintain my relationship stand aside and permit it to do so.
with everyone. Since God is my
individual consciousness, It is the In this God-relationship, we can relax
substance of my life and It embodies all because now all that God is, is
good. It becomes the law unto my permitted to flow into being without the
experience, a wellspring of life gushing word "I" interfering, the "I" that says: "I
forth into life eternal. am not well enough educated; I am not
sufficiently experienced; I am too young
God fulfills Itself as our individual being. for this; I am too old for that." If there
If we can lose concern for ourselves, for were only God, would there be any lack
our welfare, and for our destiny, God of education or experience, or any
takes over and God fulfills Itself by problem of age or youth? To God all
providing us with the necessary wisdom, things are possible.
activity, opportunity, and prosperity that
It may be fulfilled on earth as It is in God is the universal mind or
heaven. This earth is only the earth in intelligence, but God is also individual
proportion as we see it as a place other mind or intelligence. Therefore, the
than heaven. Earth becomes heaven to nature of our intelligence and capacity is
the degree in which we let God fulfill infinity itself. Our mind is unlimited as
Itself as our individual experience. long as we realize God as its nature,
character, quality, and quantity.
There is only one Selfhood, and that
one is God. We entertain a false sense We are told to have that mind in us
of that Self: We call that false sense Bill, which was also in Christ Jesus. We
Mary, or Henry, and then we are already have it, but it is necessary to
concerned about Bill, Mary, or Henry. attain a realization of it. It is this mind
Always there is some problem to plague that transcends our education and
us: It is the rent; it is the heart; it is the experience and uses us for its own
mind; or it is the friend. This will be true purpose, when we come into a
as long as there is concern for conscious realization of it as our
ourselves. Once we give up concern for individual mind. The attainment of even
this human sense of self and realize a degree of this realization sets a
that we exist as God fulfilling Itself in an person apart. It may lift him out of the
individual way, and that the ordinary, everyday pursuits of life and
responsibility is on His shoulder, we make of him a painter, artist, sculptor,
relinquish this false sense of musician, poet, religious seer, architect,
responsibility. Then God fulfills Its builder, or a creative worker in one way
destiny as individual being. To the world, or another because he is drawing on
it may appear that we are healthy, something greater than himself,
happy, successful, or prosperous; but something greater than his education or
we know better. Only God is healthy, his own experience. Moses, a shepherd
happy, successful, or prosperous, and of the hills, became the leader of the
Hebrew people. Jesus, whom neighbors
knew as a carpenter, became the This I which is God has made us in Its
Messiah. own image and likeness, has given us
Its nature and Its character. It is a
God is infinite consciousness, and God Presence that will never leave us nor
is our mind and our consciousness. forsake us. Even if we go through the
Therefore, it is from your consciousness fiery furnace, this Presence, the Christ,
and from mine that the issues of life will bring us safely through, so that there
must come the activity of supply, the will not even be the smell of smoke
activity of health, harmony, and upon us. Whatever the experience is in
wholeness. There is no far-off God to life, even "in the valley of the shadow of
bring it to us. The activity of truth in our death . . . Thou art with me." We find our
consciousness appears as the miracle good in our oneness with God, and our
of the cloud by day, the pillar of fire by consciousness of the presence of God
night, manna falling from the sky, the appears outwardly as our daily supply,
Red Sea opening, water coming from as our opportunity, as our clothing,
the rock. God in the midst of us, this I at transportation, food, and as every
the center of our being, multiplies loaves expression of harmony and beauty in
and fishes, is our safety and security, life.
even in the midst of war, even in the
midst of atomic bombs, even in the All the discords and inharmonies of the
midst of hell. world come from the personal sense of
"I" from the sense that "I" am the
I am the Lord, and there is none else. I source, or "I" am the doer, or "I" am
in the midst of thee am mighty. I in the something or other. But "I" am nothing
midst of Moses made the cloud by day of myself; the Father is that which I am,
and the pillar of fire by night. I in the and "I" am but the instrument for the
midst of Jesus multiplied the loaves and Father, the instrument of the Father's
the fishes and healed the multitudes. glory, the instrument of the Father's life,
the lamp through which His light may
I AM is the Lord; I AM is the Saviour; I shine.
AM is God. This is not the personal
sense of selfhood which walks the earth "Rejoice, because your names are
calling itself Bill, Mary, or Henry, and written in heaven." Rejoice that you
saying arrogantly, "I am God." No, it have found your identity as a child of
comes as a gentle whisper in your ear God. Rejoice that you have awakened
and mine: "Know ye not: I in thee and into your heavenly consciousness. If the
thou in Me, we are one; I in the midst of Spirit takes hold of your hand and
thee am mighty." When we hear that begins to write, if the Spirit takes hold of
spoken in our ear, when divine intuition your voice and makes it sing, follow the
within tells us of this Presence, we know lead of the Spirit. Until that time, live
that that I is God, "closer . . . than your normal, natural life, but from
breathing, and nearer than hands or morning until night, and night until
feet." morning, remember to acknowledge that
it is the Infinite Invisible that is of it, the cause of it, and the harmonious
producing the harmony, the Joy, the maintainer and sustainer of it. In short,
peace, and the prosperity of the visible we make no change in our present
experience. As you persist in this mode of living, except as the Spirit,
practice, you will make a conscious Itself, may pick us up and direct us into
transition to a place where you will new activity.
actually feel and know:
There is a power governing us, caring
I am not living by food alone; I am not for us, protecting us, maintaining and
living by bread alone. There is another sustaining us. We may continue to be
power acting in me. Something other active in the business world, in politics,
than I is doing the work; I did not or in the home; but always present is
consciously plan it; I am not consciously that sustaining influence which goes
doing it; I did not consciously think of it. before us to make the crooked places
A power greater than I is responsible for straight. The sense of personal
this. responsibility and the fear of what man
can do to us drop away:
"I have meat to eat that ye know not of.
." I have bread, wine, water. . . . I am I in the midst of me is mighty; I go
the resurrection. All the power of before me to make the crooked places
healing, redemption, and regeneration is straight; I am with me in the deep
within me. waters; I am beside me in the fiery
This is the Master's transcendental
teaching. It is the conscious remembrance of the
/, the infinite nature of individual being,
As human beings, we place our reliance which must be continuously practiced.
on persons and things in the outer
world, on education, money, bonds, or Fulfillment comes about only as you and
investments. That man who has his I are able to relinquish the personal
being in Christ places his entire reliance sense of self, in order that God may
on Spirit and trusts it to bring forth all fulfill Itself. Let us be ever alert to avoid
that is necessary in the outer realm. any egotistical sense that God is
Whenever faced with some need or fulfilling you or fulfilling me, is doing
desire, let us realize Spirit as the source something for you or for me, or is doing
of its fulfillment; let us realize Spirit as something to you or to me. Spiritual
the law unto it, even the law of fulfillment means God fulfilling Itself,
multiplication should that be necessary. fulfilling Its destiny. Let God be the only
Then let us go about our business, presence; let God be the only power; let
whatever it may be, taking such human God be the light. "Arise, shine; for thy
footsteps as may be necessary at the light is come, and the glory of the Lord
moment. This is living a normal, natural
life, but letting the Spirit, the Infinite is risen upon thee." God's glory shines
Invisible, be the law of it, the substance eternally as infinite, individual being.
begin to love our neighbor, because it is
impossible to feel this love for God
CHAPTER V within us and not love our fellow man.
LOVE THY If a man say, I love God, and hateth his
NEIGHBOR brother, he is a liar for he that loveth not
his brother whom he hath seen, how
Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all can he love God whom he hath not
thy heart and with all thy soul, and with seen?
all thy mind. I JOHN 4:20

This is the first and great God and man are one, and there is no
commandment. way to love God without some of that
love flowing out to our neighbor.
And the second is like unto it, Thou
shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. Let us understand that anything of
MATTHEW 22 : 37-39 which we can become aware is a
neighbor, whether it appears as a
The two great commandments of the person, place, or thing. Every idea in
Master form the basis of our work. In the consciousness is a neighbor. We can
first and great commandment, we are love that neighbor as we see him or it
taught that there is no power apart from possessing no power except that which
God. Our realization must always be comes from God. When we see God as
that the Father within us, the Infinite the cause and our neighbor as that
Invisible, is our life, our Soul, our supply, which is in and of God, then we are
our fortress, and our high tower. Next in loving our neighbor, whether that
importance is the commandment to neighbor appears as a friend, relative,
"love thy neighbor as thyself," and its enemy, animal, flower, or stone. In such
corollary that we should do unto others loving, which understands all neighbors
as we would have others do unto us. to be of God, derived of God-substance,
What is love in the spiritual sense? we find that every idea in consciousness
takes its rightful place. Those neighbors
What is the love which is God? As we who are a part of our experience find
remember how God was with Abraham, their way to us, and those who are not
with Moses in the wilderness, with are removed. Let us resolve loving our
Jesus, John, and Paul, ministering to neighbor into a spiritual activity,
them, the word "love" takes on a new beholding love as the substance of all
meaning. We see that this love is not that is, no matter what the form may be.
something far off, nor is it anything that As we rise above our humanhood to a
can come to us. It is already a part of higher dimension of life in which we
our being, already established within us; understand our neighbor to be pure
and more than that, it is universal and
impersonal. As this universal and spiritual being, God-governed, neither
impersonal love flows out from us, we good nor bad, we are truly loving.
Self. There is only one Self, and that
Love is the law of God. When we are in which I do to another, I do to my Self.
tune with divine love, loving whether it
be friend or enemy, then love is a gentle The Master taught this lesson in the
thing bringing peace. But it is gentle twenty-fifth chapter of Matthew, when he
only while we are in tune with it. It is like said: "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto
electricity. Electricity is very gentle and one of the least of these my brethren, ye
kind, giving light, warmth, and energy, have done it unto me." What I do of
as long as the laws of electricity are good for you, I am not doing for you at
obeyed. The minute they are violated or all; it is for my benefit. What I do of evil
played with, electricity becomes a to you, will not hurt you, for you will find
double-edged sword. The law of love is a way to recover from it; the reaction will
as inexorable as the law of electricity. be on me. We must come to the place
where we actually believe and can say
Now let us be very clear on one point: with our whole heart: "There is only one
We cannot harm anybody, and nobody Self. The injustice that I am doing to
can harm us. No one can injure us, but another I am doing to myself. The lack
we injure ourselves by a violation of the of thoughtfulness that I show to another,
law of love. The penalty is always upon I am showing to myself." In such
the one who is doing the evil, never recognition, the true meaning of doing
upon the one to whom it is done. The unto others as we would have them do
injustice we do to another reacts upon unto us is revealed.
ourselves; the theft from another robs
ourselves. The law of love makes it God is individual being, which means
inevitable that the person who seems to that God is the only Self, and there is no
have been harmed is really blessed. He way for any hurt or evil to enter to defile
has a greater opportunity to rise than the infinite purity of the Soul of God, nor
ever before, and usually some greater anything at which evil can strike or to
benefit comes to him than he had ever which it can attach itself. When the
dreamed possible; whereas the Master repeated the age-old wisdom:
perpetrator of the evil deed is haunted "Therefore all things whatsoever ye
by memories until that day comes when would that men should do to you, do ye
he can forgive himself. The whole proof even so to them: for this is the law and
that this is true is in the one word "Self." the prophets," he was giving us a
God is our Selfhood. God is my principle. Unless we do unto others as
Selfhood and God is your Selfhood. we would have others do unto us, we
God constitutes my being, for God is my injure, not the others, but ourselves. In
life, my Soul, my spirit, my mind, and my this present state of human
activity. God is my Self. That Self is the consciousness, it is true that the evil
only Self there is -- my Self and your thoughts, dishonest acts, and
Self. If I rob your Self, whom am I thoughtless words we inflict upon others
robbing? My Self. If I lie about your Self, do harm them temporarily, but always in
about whom am I lying? My Self. If I the end it will be found that the injury
cheat your Self, whom do I cheat? My was not nearly so great to them as it
was to ourselves.
The Master has instructed us
In the days to come, when men specifically as to the ways in which we
recognize the great truth that God is the can serve our fellow man. He
Selfhood of every individual, the evil emphasized the idea of service. His
aimed at us from another will never whole mission was the healing of the
touch us, but will immediately rebound sick, the raising of the dead, and the
upon the one who sends it. In the feeding of the poor. The moment that
degree that we recognize God as our we make ourselves avenues for the
individual being, we realize that no outflow of divine love, from that very
weapon that is formed against us can moment, we begin serving each other,
prosper because the only I is God. expressing love, devotion, and sharing,
There will be no fear of what man can all in the name of the Father.
do to us, since our Selfhood is God and
cannot be harmed. As soon as the first Let us follow the example of the Master
realization of this truth comes to us, we and seek no glory for ourselves. With
no longer concern ourselves with what him, always, it was the Father who
our neighbor does to us. Morning, noon, doeth the works. There is never any
and night we must watch our thoughts, room for self-justification, or self-
our words, and our deeds to make righteousness, or self-glorification in the
certain that we, ourselves, are not performance of any kind of service.
responsible for anything of a negative Sharing with one another should not be
nature which would have undesirable reduced to mere philanthropy. Some
repercussions. people wonder why they find
themselves left with nothing when they
This will not result in our being good have always been so charitable. They
because we fear evil consequences. come upon lean days because they
The revelation of the one Self goes far believe that they have given of their own
deeper than that: It enables us to see possessions; whereas the truth is that
that God is our Selfhood, and that "the earth is the Lord's and the fullness
anything of an erroneous or negative thereof." If we express our love for our
nature which emanates from any fellow man, realizing that we are giving
individual has power only in the degree nothing of ourselves, but all is of the
that we ourselves give it power. So it is Father, from whom every good and
that whatever of good or of evil we do perfect gift comes, we shall then be able
unto others, we do unto the Christ of our to give freely and discovet that with all
own being. "Inasmuch as ye have done our giving there yet remain twelve
it unto one of the least of these my baskets full left over. To believe that we
brethren, ye have done it unto me." In are giving of our property, our
that realization, we shall see that this is time, or our strength reduces such
the truth about all men, and that the only giving to philanthropy and brings with it
road to a successful and satisfying life is no reward. The true giving comes when
to understand our neighbor to be our giving is a recognition that "the earth is
Self. the Lord's," and that whether we give of
our time or our effort, we are not giving hands, we must relinquish our
of our own, but of the Lord's. Then are animosities. Within ourselves, we must
we expressing the love which is of God. first of all pray the prayer of forgiveness
As we forgive, divine love is flowing out for those who have offended us, since
from us. they know not what they do; and
secondly, acknowledge within ourselves:
As we pray for our enemies, we are "I stand in relationship to God as a son,
loving divinely. Praying for our friends and therefore, I stand in relationship to
profiteth nothing. The greatest rewards every man as a brother." When we have
of prayer come when we learn to set established that state of purity within
aside specific periods every day to pray ourselves, then we can ask the Father:
for those who despitefully use us, to
pray for those who persecute us, to pray Give me grace; give me understanding;
for those who are our enemies not only give me peace; give me this day my
personal enemies because there are daily bread give me this day spiritual
some people who have no personal bread, spiritual understanding. Give me
enemies, but religious, racial, or national forgiveness, even for those harmless
enemies. We learn to pray, "Father, trespasses which I have unwittingly
forgive them; for they know not what committed.
they do." When we pray for our
enemies, when we pray that their eyes The person who turns within for light, for
be opened to the Truth, many times grace, for understanding, and for
these enemies become our friends. forgiveness never fails in his prayers.

We begin this practice with our personal The law of God is the law of love, the
relationships. If there are individuals law of loving our enemies -- not fearing
with whom we are not on harmonious them, not hating them, but loving them.
terms, we find, as we turn within and No matter what an individual does to us,
pray that brotherly love and harmony be we are not to strike back. To resist evil,
established between us, that instead of to retaliate, or to seek revenge is to
enemies, we come into a relationship of acknowledge evil as reality. If we resist
spiritual brotherhood with them. Our evil, if we refute it, if we avenge
relationship with everybody then takes ourselves, or if we strike back, we are
on a harmony and a heretofore not praying for them which despitefully
unknown joy. use us and persecute us.

This is not possible as long as we feel How can we say that we acknowledge
antagonism toward anyone. If we are good alone, God, as the only power, if
harboring within us personal animosity, we hate our neighbor or do evil to
or if we are indulging in national or anyone? Christ is the true identity and to
religious hatred, prejudice, or bigotry, recognize an identity other than Christ is
our prayers are worthless. We must go
to God with clean hands in order to to withdraw ourselves from Christ-
pray, and to approach God with clean consciousness.
We must go much further than that; we
dare not judge good of anyone either.
Love your enemies, bless them that We must be as careful not to call
curse you, do good to them that hate anyone good as we are not to call
you, and pray for them which anyone evil. We should not label anyone
despitefully use you, and persecute you; or anything as evil, but likewise, we
should not label anyone or anything as
That ye may be the children of your good. The Master said: "Why callest
Father which is in heaven: for he thou me good? there is none good but
maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on one that is God." It is the height of
the good, and sendeth rain on the just egotism to say: "I am good; I have
and on the unjust. understanding; I am moral; I am
MATTHEW 5:44, 45 generous; I am benevolent." If any
qualities of good are manifesting
There is no other way to be the Christ, through us, let us not call ourselves
the Son of God. The Christ-mind has in good, but recognize these qualities as
it no criticism, no judgment, no the activity of God. "Son, thou art ever
condemnation, but beholds the Christ of with me, and all that I have is thine." All
God as the activity of individual being, the good of the Father is expressed
as your Soul and mine. Human eyes do through me.
not comprehend this because as human
beings, we are good and bad, but One of the basic principles of The
spiritually, we are the Sons of God, and Infinite Way is that good humanhood is
through spiritual consciousness we can not sufficient to ensure our entry into the
discern the spiritual good in each other. spiritual kingdom, nor to bring us into
There is no room in spiritual living for oneness with cosmic law. It is
persecution, hatred, judgment, or undoubtedly better to be a good human
condemnation of any person or group of being than a bad one, just as it is better
people. It is not only inconsistent, but to be a healthy human being than a sick
hypocritical to talk about the Christ and one; but achieving health or achieving
our great love for God in one breath, goodness, in and of itself, is not spiritual
and, in the next breath, speak living, Spiritual living comes only when
disparagingly of a neighbor who is of a we have risen above human good and
different race, creed, nationality, political human evil and realize: "There are not
affiliation, or economic status. One good human beings or bad human
cannot be the child of God as long as beings. Christ is the only identity." Then
he persecutes or hates anyone or we look out on the world and see
anything, but only as he lives in a neither good men and women nor bad
consciousness of no judgment or men and women, but recognize Christ
condemnation. alone as the reality of being.

The usual interpretation of "judge not" is Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the
that we are not to judge evil of anyone. altar, and there rememberest that thy
brother hath ought against thee; our neighbor in humanhood. If we say, "I
have a • good neighbor," we are bearing
Leave there thy gift before the altar, and false witness against him just as much
go thy way; first be reconciled to thy as if we said, "I have a bad neighbor,"
brother, and then come and offer thy because we are acknowledging a state
gift. of humanhood, sometimes good and
MATTHEW 5: 2 3, 24 sometimes bad, but never spiritual. To
bear false witness against our neighbor
If we are holding anyone in is to declare that he is human, that he is
condemnation as a human being, good finite, that he has failings, that he is
or bad, just or unjust, we have not made something less than the very Son of
peace with our brother and we are not God. Every time we acknowledge
ready for the prayer of communion with humanhood, we violate cosmic law.
the Infinite. We rise above the Every time we acknowledge our
righteousness of the scribes and neighbor as sinful, poor, sick, or dead,
Pharisees only when we stop seeing every time we acknowledge him to be
good and evil, and stop boasting about other than the Son of God, we are
goodness as if any of us could be good. bearing false witness against our
Goodness is a quality and activity of neighbor.
God alone, and because it is, it is
universal. In the violation of that cosmic law, we
bring about our own punishment. God
Let us never accept a human being into does not punish us. We punish
our consciousness who needs healing, ourselves because if I say that you are
employing, or enriching because if we poor, I virtually am saying that I am
do, we are his enemy instead of his poor. There is only one I and one
friend. If there is any man, woman, or Selfhood; whatever truth I know about
child we believe to be sick, sinning, or you is the truth about me. If I accept the
dying, let us do no praying until we have belief of poverty in the world, that reacts
made peace with that brother. The upon me. If I say that you are sick or
peace we must make with that brother is that you are not kind, I am accepting a
to ask forgiveness for making the quality apart from God, an activity apart
mistake of sitting in judgment on any from God, and in that way I am
individual because everyone is God in condemning myself because there is but
expression. All is God manifested. God one Self. Ultimately, I convict myself by
alone constitutes this universe; God bearing false witness against my
constitutes the life, the mind, and the neighbor and I am the one who suffers
Soul of every individual. the consequences.

"Thou shalt not bear false witness The only way to avoid bearing false
against they neighbor" has a much witness against our neighbor is to
broader connotation than merely not realize that the Christ is our neighbor,
spreading rumors or indulging in gossip that our neighbor is a spiritual being, the
about our neighbor. We are not to hold Son of God, just as we are. He may not
know it; we may not know it; but the can, if they would, be good to us; or we
truth is: I am Spirit; I am Soul; I am think that there are some who are an
consciousness; I am God expressed influence for evil, harm, or destruction.
and so is he, whether he is good or bad, How can this possibly be true if God is
friend or enemy, next door or across the the only influence in our life —God, who
seas. is "closer . . . than breathing, and nearer
than hands or feet"? The only influence
In the Sermon on the Mount, the Master is that of the Father within, which is
gave us a guide and a Gode of human always good. "Thou couldest have no
conduct to follow while developing power at all against me, except it were
spiritual consciousness. The Infinite given thee from above."
Way emphasizes spiritual values, a
spiritual Gode, which automatically When we realize that our life is
results in good humanhood. Good unfolding from within our own being, we
humanhood is a natural consequence of come to the realization that no one on
spiritual identification. It would be earth has ever hurt us, and no one on
difficult to understand that the Christ is earth has ever helped us. Every hurt
the Soul and the life of individual being, that has ever come into our experience
and then quarrel with our neighbor or has been the direct result of our inability
slander him. We place our faith, trust, to behold this universe as spiritual. We
and confidence in the Infinite Invisible, have looked upon it with either praise or
and we do not take into consideration condemnation, and no matter which it
human circumstances and conditions. was, we have brought a penalty upon
Then, when we do come to human ourselves. If we look back over the
circumstances or conditions, we see years, we could almost blueprint the
them in their true relationship. When we reasons for every bit of discord that has
say, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as come into our experience. In every
thyself,' we are not speaking of human case, it is the same thing—always
love, affection, or friendliness; we are because we saw somebody or
holding our neighbor in spiritual identity, something that was not spiritual.
and then we see the effect of this right
identification in the human picture. Nobody can benefit us; nobody can
harm us. It is what goes out from us that
Many times we find it difficult to love our returns to bless or to condemn us. We
neighbor because we believe that our create good and we create evil. We
neighbor is standing between us and create our own good and we create our
our good. Let me assure you that this is own evil. God does not do either: God
far from true. No outer influence for is. God is a principle of love. If we are
good or evil can act upon us. We at-one with that principle, then we bring
ourselves release our good. To good into our experience; but if we are
understand the full meaning of this not at-one with that principle, we bring
requires a transition in consciousness. evil into our experience. Whatever is
As human beings, we think that there flowing out from our consciousness, that
are those individuals in the world who which is going forth in secret, is being
shown to the world in outward in thy sight.
. . . Blessed are the eyes which see the
Whatever emanates from God in the things that ye see:
consciousness of man, individually or
collectively, is power. What is it that For I tell you, that many prophets and
emanates from God and operates in the kings have desired to see those things
consciousness of man but love, truth, which ye see, and have not seen them;
completeness, perfection, wholeness all and to hear those things which ye hear,
of the Christ-qualities? Because there is and have not heard them.
only one God, one infinite Power, love LUKE 10:21, 23, 24
must be the controlling emotion in the
hearts and souls of every person on the Once we accept this all-important
face of the globe. teaching of the Master and our eyes see
beyond the appearance, we shall
Now in contrast to that, are those other consciously realize daily that every
thoughts of fear, doubt, hate, jealousy, person in the world is empowered with
envy, and animality, which are probably love from on High, and that the love in
uppermost in the consciousness of his consciousness is the only power, a
many of the people of the world. We, as power of good unto you, unto me, and
truth-seekers, belong to a very small unto himself; but that the evil in human
minority of those who have received the thought, whether it takes the form of
impartation that the evil thoughts of men greed, jealousy, lust, or mad ambition, is
are not power; they have no control over not power, is not to be feared or hated.
us. Not all the evil or false thinking on
earth has any power over you or over Our method of loving our brother as
me when we understand that love is the ourselves is in this realization: The good
only power. There is no power in hate; in our brother is of God and is power;
there is no power in animosity; there is the evil in our brother is not power, not
no power in resentment, lust, greed, or power against us, and in the last
jealousy analysis, not even power against him,
once he awakens to the truth. To love
There are few people in the world who our brother means to know the truth
are able to accept the teaching that love about our brother: to know that that in
is the only power and who are willing to him, which is of God, is power and that
"become as a little child." Those who do in him, which is not of God, is not power.
accept this basic teaching of the Master, Then are we truly loving our brother.
however, are those of whom he said: Centuries of orthodox teaching have
instilled in all the peoples of the world a
. . . I thank thee, O Father, Lord of sense of separation so that they have
heaven and earth, that thou bast hid developed interests separate and apart
these things from the wise and prudent, from one another and also apart from
and hast revealed them unto babes: the world at large. When we master the
even so, Father; for so it seemed good principle of oneness, however, and this
principle becomes a conviction deep animates our being, the one Soul, the
within us, in that oneness the lion and one Spirit of God. Anything we do for
the lamb can lie down together. each other, we do because of the
principle that binds us together.
This is proved to be true through an
understanding of the correct meaning of A difference is immediately noticeable in
the word "I." Once we catch the first our business relationships, in our
perception of the truth that the I of me is relationships with tradespeople, and in
the I of you, the Self of me is the Self of our community relationships ultimately,
you, then we shall see why we have no in national and international
interests apart from each other. There relationships. The moment that we give
would be no wars, no conflicts of any up our human sense of separateness,
kind, if only it could be made clear that this principle becomes operative in our
the real being of everybody in the experience. It has never failed and it
universe is the one God, the one Christ, never will fail to bring forth rich fruitage.
the one Soul, and the one Spirit. What
benefits one benefits another because Everyone is here on earth but for one
of this oneness. purpose, and that purpose is to show
forth the glory of God, the divinity and
In that spiritual oneness, we find our the fullness of God. In that realization,
peace with one another. If we we shall be brought into contact only
experiment with this we shall quickly see with those who are a blessing to us as
how true it is. When we go to the we are a blessing to them.
market, we realize that everyone we
meet is this same one that we are, that The moment we look to a person for our
the same life animates him, the same good, we may find good today and evil
Soul, the same love, the same joy, the tomorrow. Spiritual good may come
same peace, the same desire for good. through you to me from the Father, but it
In other words, the same God sits does not come from you. You cannot be
enthroned within all those with whom we the source of any good to me, but the
come in contact. They may not, at the Father may use you as an instrument
moment, be conscious of this divine for Its good to flow through you to me.
Presence within their being, but they will So, as we look at our friends or our
respond as we recognize It in them. In family in this light, they become
the business world, whether it is among instruments of God, of God's good,
our co-workers, our employers, or our reaching us through them. We come
employees, whether it is among under grace by taking the position that
competitors, or whether in management all good emanates from the Father
and labor relationships, we maintain this within. It may appear to come through
attitude of recognition: countless different people, but it is an
emanation of good, of God from within
I am you. My interest is your interest;
your interest is mine, since the one life What is the principle? "Love thy
neighbor as thyself." In obeying this
commandment we love friend and foe; CHAPTER VI
we pray for our enemies; we forgive,
though it be seventy times seven; we
bear not false witness against our
When the Master was called upon to
neighbor by holding him in
feed the multitudes and the disciples
condemnation; we judge not as to good
told him that there were only a few
or evil, but see through every
loaves and fishes, he did not recognize
appearance to the Christ-identity the
that there was an insufficiency. No, he
one Self which is your Self and my Self.
began with what was available and
Then can it be said of us:
multiplied that, for he knew that "he that
hath, to him shall be given; and he that
. . Come, ye blessed of my Father,
hath not, from him shall be taken even
inherit the kingdom prepared for you
that which he hath."
from the foundation of the world:
Scripture tells the story of the widow
For I was an hungred, and ye gave me
who fed Elijah. Even though she had
meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me
only a "handful of meal in a barrel, and a
drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me
little oil in a cruse," she did not say she
had not enough to share, but first she
made a little cake for Elijah before she
Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick,
baked one for her son and herself. "And
and ye visited me: I was in prison, and
the barrel of meal wasted not, neither
ye came unto me.
did the cruse of oil fail." She had little,
but she used what she had and let it
Then shall the righteous answer him,
flow out from her.
saying, Lord, when saw we thee an
hungered, and fed thee? or thirsty, and
Day after day we are faced with the
gave thee drink?
same question: What have we? If we
are well-grounded in the letter of truth,
When saw we thee a stranger, and took
the answer is clear and certain:
thee in? or naked, and clothed thee?
I have; all that God has, I have because
Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison,
"I and my Father are one." The Father is
and came unto thee?
the source of all supply. In this
relationship of oneness, I embody all
And the King shall answer and say unto
supply. How, then, can I expect it to
them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch
come to me from the outside? I must
as ye have done it unto one of the least
agree that I already have all that the
of these my brethren, ye have done it Father has because of my oneness with
unto me. the Father.
MATTHEW 25:34-40

Are we that which receives, or are we

that center from which the infinity of God sufficiency in all things. We do not need
flows out? Are we the multitudes who anything in this world except His grace.
sat at the feet of the Master waiting to When we are tempted to believe that we
be fed, or are we the Christ feeding the need things, we should bring to our
unillumined? In the answer to that lies remembrance the correct letter of truth,
our degree of spiritual fulfillment. "I and which is that His grace is our sufficiency
my Father are one" means exactly what in all things. As we stand in this truth in
it says. We dare not ever look outside of the face of every appearance, one of
our own being for our good, but we must these days a moment of transition
ever look upon ourselves as that center comes, and with it, an inner conviction
from which God is flowing. It is the that all that we need is God. It is true
function of the Christ, or Son of God, to that if we had God and everything in the
be the instrument as which the good of world, we would not have any more than
God pours out into the world: if we had God alone. If God is all-
inclusive being, all is included in God.
I am that center through which God
operates, and, therefore, I understand Our relationship with God, our
the nature of supply. Never will I attempt conscious oneness with God,
to demonstrate supply; never will I constitutes our oneness with all spiritual
attempt to get supply. Since the activity being and idea. The moment we realize
of the Christ, Itself, is supply, then all I this, good begins to flow to us from
need to do is to let it flow. Since "I and outside, from sources all over the globe.
my Father are one," and I am the Christ, Always it is the activity of God, not of a
or Son of God, I am that place through person. Every person comes bearing
which God flows. Therefore, I can meet gifts because everyone is an instrument
every demand that is made upon me in for the out flowing of God; but if we look
the recognition of have. to some specific person for our good,
we block it. Wives who look to
This marks a transition in husbands, husbands who look to
consciousness from being a receiver of investments, and business people who
good to a realization that we are that look to the public are all looking amiss.
point in consciousness through which The beginning of wisdom is the
the infinity of God's good flows to those realization that the kingdom of God is
not yet aware of their true identity. within us and that it must flow out from
us. We lose all sense of dependence on
From childhood, it has been instilled in the world as we stand in the correct
us that we need certain people and letter of truth and remember that His
certain things to make us happy. We are grace is our sufficiency in all things.
told repeatedly that we need money, Ultimately, this correct letter of truth
home, companionship, family, vacations, registers in consciousness, and the
automobiles, television sets, and all the Spirit takes over.
paraphernalia considered essential to
modern living. The spiritual life reveals
clearly that God's grace is our Life would become a miracle of
unceasing joy and immeasurable the conscious realization of God's grace
abundance, if only we could abide in the as our sufficiency. In other words, our
consciousness of this truth of His grace consciousness of truth is the source,
as our sufficiency in all things: substance, activity, and law of our daily
Thy grace is sufficient for my every
need, not Thy grace tomorrow, but Thy When we recognize God as the source
grace, since before Abraham was. Thy of all good, God as our sufficiency, and
grace is my sufficiency unto the end of that people and circumstances are but
the world. Thy grace of the past, the avenue or instrument of our supply,
present, and future is at this very instant we are likely to have the experience of
my sufficiency in all things. Moses with manna falling from the sky,
or Elijah with ravens bringing food,
Situations arise daily to tempt us to finding cakes baked on the stones, or a
believe that we, or our families, are in widow sharing. Anything can happen,
need of some form of good, either food, but one thing is certain to happen, and
housing, opportunity, education, that is abundance.
employment, or rest; but to all these
things we respond: "Man shall not live In every avenue or walk of life, it
by bread alone, but by every word that becomes necessary to carry truth out
proceedeth out of the mouth of God," into the world as an activity of
because His grace is our sufficiency in consciousness. You may say that this is
every circumstance. hard work, but it is much harder than
you think. That is why the Master called
Through the use of scriptural passages, the Way straight and narrow. There
we build such a consciousness of the were always multitudes corning to him
ever presence of the Infinite Invisible to be fed, but there were never
that although we continue to enjoy and multitudes multiplying loaves and fishes.
appreciate everything in the world of Healings can be brought forth through
form, everything that exists as effect, yet the work of teachers and practitioners,
never again do we have the feeling that but unless we, ourselves, embody this
we need or require anything. Inasmuch truth in consciousness, we shall have
as God's grace is our sufficiency, we do lost our opportunity to achieve freedom
not live by effect alone, but by every from limitation here and now.
word of truth that has been embodied in
our consciousness and by every "He that hath, to him shall be given; and
passage of truth that we have made our he that hath not, from him shall be taken
own. even that which he hath." That sounds
like a very heartless statement, but,
Every word of truth must be learned and nevertheless, it is the law, and an
made a part of our consciousness so important principle of life. If we are
that it becomes flesh of our flesh and faced with a problem and admit that we
bone of our bone, until the past, do not have enough understanding,
present, and future are all bound up in enough experience, or enough supply to
meet a particular demand made upon acknowledging that we have, we shall
us, we have declared the little that we demonstrate have. In the
have. Very quickly that little will be taken acknowledgment of God's wisdom,
from us because, in our admission of understanding, presence, and infinity
lack, we have done all that is necessary within us, the flow begins. We block our
to impoverish ourselves; we have own realization of harmony by claiming
declared our own lack, and the only an insufficiency of truth under the false
demonstration we can make is a perfect guise of humility. It is not our truth or the
one. We shall demonstrate perfect and truth we know, but the truth God knows.
complete lack. Everyone who desires
will make a perfect demonstration of If we agree with Scripture, "Son, thou
desire. Only in the degree that he art ever with me, and all that I have is
acknowledges fulfillment can he achieve thine," and that we are joint-heirs with
fulfillment. Christ to all the heavenly riches, we
shall realize that nothing we have in the
"To him that hath"! What do we have? Is world is ours by virtue of our own
there anyone who does not know one strength or wisdom, but by virtue of
statement of truth? Then take that one sonship, by virtue of divinity, by virtue of
statement and acknowledge, not that being the child of God. In our divine
you lack, but that you have. Sit in the sonship, how can we go about begging,
silence with that one statement and asking, pleading, or expecting our good
watch how rapidly another will come, to come to us from other people? There
followed by a third, fourth, fifth, and on is no consistency in that.
on into infinity. As many statements as
you need will flow to you, because you Let us agree that we are the branch,
will discover that it is not the truth you Christ is the vine the invisible Presence
know that is coming to you, but the truth within us and God is the Godhead with
God knows. God is imparting His which we are one. If we have a fruit
understanding and His truth to you. Your tree, which at this moment is barren and
only responsibility is to open your has no fruit on it, we do not ask anybody
consciousness and be receptive. to fasten peaches, pears, or apples on
our barren fruit tree. We do not expect
That which flows out is never from that one tree in the orchard is going to
ourselves: It is from the Father flowing supply another tree, or that one branch
through us, and the greater the will provide fruit for another branch.
demands that are made upon Him, the Each tree bears fruit from within itself.
greater the flow. We find that illustrated To a person who has never seen the
in the cruse of oil which never ran dry; miracle of a fruit tree, it must seem
merely by lifting it up and beginning to strange that from inside the tree, fruit
pour, the flow of oil was continuous. We comes forth through the branches.
find the same phenomenon in the Reason would ridicule such a possibility.
multiplication of loaves and fishes. By Here is an empty branch and here is an
taking that which we have and using it, empty trunk; now how are peaches
more keeps flowing and flowing. By going to come up from inside the trunk
and hang themselves on the branches? our supply.
It may be a mystery, but the fact is that it
is a regular phenomenon of nature. Once we realize "have," that "I and my
Father are one, and all that the Father
It is incomprehensible to the human hath is mine," from that moment on, we
mind to say that our supply does not find ways for that good to flow out from
come from one another that our us. We cannot get love; we cannot get
neighbors, friends, or relatives do not supply; we cannot get truth; we cannot
provide for our needs—but that we, get a home; we cannot get
individually, through our contact with companionship. All of these things are
God receive our supply from within our embodied within us. We cannot get
own being. Just as the spider spins its these things, but we can begin to pour;
web from within itself, so does our good we can begin to multiply. We must make
unfold from within our own being. the beginning. Just the recognition of
this principle may open the way for us to
"Son, all that I have is thine" is the experience all good, but, on the other
correct letter of truth, but merely to know hand, it may be necessary for us
it intellectually will not change lack into consciously to open out specific ways
abundance. This statement of truth for it to flow. If we need supply, we must
provides the basis with which to meet begin expressing it, and there are many
every suggestion of limitation, but one ways of doing that. People may give
day we no longer say it; we feel it, and part of what they have to some
in that moment, it becomes the law unto charitable enterprise, or they may even
our experience. From then on, we no make some unnecessary expenditure
longer have to take thought for what we just to prove that they have.
shall eat or drink or wherewithal we
shall be clothed, because the law of Money is not the only way to start the
divine inheritance has taken over. Our flow. We can begin spending love,
good comes to us at the right time forgiveness, cooperation, and service.
without any human scheming. It does Any bestowal that is meant for God or
not mean that we do not give serious, God's children is a giving of oneself.
conscientious thought to our work, but This is the application of the principle
from now on we do this for the sake of that no good can come to us; good must
the work and not to make a living. flow out from us.
Whatever we do, we do because that is
the work given us to do at this moment. Is it not clear that the expectation of
We do the best that we can possibly do, receiving good from any source outside
but not for the purpose of making a of our own being would be the very
living. Very soon we find that if we are attitude which would separate us from
not in the type of work that satisfies our that good, but that a constant seeking
Soul-sense, we are lifted out of what we within for greater opportunities to
are doing into something else. This will release the good already established in
never happen, however, as long as we us, to let it flow, to express it, to share it,
believe that our work is the source of would open the windows of 'heaven?
We should give because we have -- give reward or a return. Integrity is a state of
because we have an abundance, give being for no other reason than being. So
because we have love and gratitude to is Christhood. In achieving even a tiny
overflowing. Gratitude is not related to measure of It, there is no longer a
an expectancy of what we may receive personal self which needs to be served.
tomorrow. Gratitude is the sharing or Christhood is a servant, not a master; It
expressing of joy for the good already is that which bestows, gives, shares; but
received. It is a giving without a single It has nothing to receive in return,
sign, without a single trace of desire for because It already is the fullness of the
a return. Any form of giving, whether it is Godhead bodily. That is what constitutes
the giving of the tangibles, such as Christhood. As an individual expresses
money, food, or clothing, or the giving of integrity, not for a return, but because it
the intangibles, such as forgiveness, is the nature of his being, so it is that in
understanding, consideration, kindness, Christhood one lives his life as an
generosity, love, peace, or harmony, instrument through which God can pour
should be because we have an Itself out in Its fullness.
abundance. Then comes the
transformation in consciousness which The Hebrews were taught to share the
reveals our Christhood. first-fruits of their possessions by giving
10 per cent of their crops, cattle, herds,
Christhood never seeks to receive. and goods to the temple. This is the
There is no record in the entire New practice of tithing, which has been
Testament of the Master's seeking interpreted to mean that if we give 10
health, wealth, recognition, reward, per cent of our income for religious or
fame, payment, or gratitude. The Christ charitable purposes, we are fulfilling the
shines; Its complete activity is that of requirement of giving of our first-fruits.
shining. That is why the Christ is often But there is a much wider, broader
referred to as the light. Light cannot vision behind the idea of first-fruits. For
receive anything: Light is a flowing; light example, if we were to give of our first-
is an expression; light is an outpouring. fruits to one another, it would mean that
So is Christhood. It never has any we would give of our spiritual vision to
desire to receive anything; It is Itself the one another by consciously knowing the
infinity of God in individual expression. truth, by knowing God to be the source
The moment an individual gives thought of individual being.
to the seeking of a return, he is in
humanhood again; he is not in We give of our first-fruits to our friends
Christhood, because Christhood is the and our relatives in the recognition of
fullness of the Godhead bodily, made their true identity. Ultimately, we must do
individually manifest. this for our enemies as well. The Master
instructs us to pray for our enemies,
Christhood is very much like integrity. because he says it does not profit us to
Integrity is that which pours itself out, pray for our friends. We must pray for
but does not look for a return. Integrity our enemies and we must forgive. We
is not a quality of being that seeks a must forgive those who abuse us, those
who sin against us. This is not easy, but giving is God's, and that you are merely
that does not make it any the less the instrument as which it flows out into
necessary, because it is through this the world. Never look for a return, but
practice that the Christ is born in us. To rest in quiet confidence in the
agree that each one of us is the assurance that within is the fountain of
instrument of the Christ of God, through life, and His grace is your sufficiency in
which all blessings can flow out to this all things. In that certainty, born of an
universe, brings the experience of the inner understanding of the letter of truth,
Christ to us. you have. The cup of joy runs over, and
all that the Father has flows forth into
Giving of our first-fruits is casting our expression.
bread upon the waters. Only the bread
which we have cast upon the waters
can return to us. We have no right to the CHAPTER VII
bread which has been cast there by our
neighbor. There is nothing in the world
that has any way of returning to us
To him that hath shall be given . . . love
except that which we place out in the
the Lord thy God with all thy heart . . .
world. The principle is that life is
love thy neighbor as thyself . . I and my
complete within us. As we permit it to
Father are one": These are important
flow out, it flows back to us. We have a
principles for any aspirant on the
right only to the bread of life that we
spiritual path. But how are these
place on the waters of life, because God
principles to be realized? It is one thing
has planted in us the completeness of
to state what is, but it is another thing to
Its own being. The bread we cast is the
achieve it or accomplish it. Granted that
substance of life, that which sustains
there is this Father within of whom
and maintains us. Our casting of bread
Jesus spoke, this Christ through which
upon the waters consists of knowing the
we can do all things, how then do we
truth about God as the Soul of this
individually achieve the experience of
universe and as the mind, the life, and
the Christ, that is, how do we bring that
the Spirit of individual being. In that
divine Presence into our affairs? That is
knowing, we would be casting spiritual
the important point.
bread upon the waters, and then eternal
bread would be ours. Our realization of
In The Infinite Way, the ageold theme of
our oneness with God gives us the
meditation and inner communion is
fullness of the God-head bodily, and we
emphasized, the practice of which
are "heirs of God, and joint-heirs." Then
enables a person to come out and be
it can begin to flow out from us.
separate—whether he is sitting
reverently in a church, whether he has
The principle of abundance is: "To him
retired to some quiet corner of his own
that hath, shall be given." Practice this
home, or whether he is basking in the
principle by casting your bread upon the
sunshine of a garden and, forgetting the
waters, giving freely of yourself and your
things of this world, to turn within and
possessions, knowing that what you are
make contact with his inner forces, with whither shall I flee from thy presence?
that which we call God, the Father
within, the Christ The experience of the If I ascend up into heaven, thou art
Christ is a present possibility; the way to there: if I make my bed in hell, behold,
that experience is through meditation. thou art there.

Far too many aspirants to the spiritual If I take the wings of the morning, and
way of life know the letter of truth and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea;
are satisfied to stop there. "I and my
Father are one" is the correct letter of Even there shall thy hand lead me, and
truth. Does repeating these words or thy right hand shall hold me.
does an intellectual knowledge of them PSALM 139:7-10
help us in any way? How often do we
say: "I am God's perfect child; I am Where we are, God is; where God is,
spiritual; I am divine"; and then find that we are because we are one,
we are just as poor as we were before, inseparable and indivisible:
or in just as much trouble. These are
only statements. It is similar to sitting in I will never leave you, nor forsake you. I
a dark room and saying over and over will never leave you nor forsake you
again, "Electricity gives light." That is a wherever you are or whatever you are--
correct statement, but we shall still be Hindu, Jew, Christian, Moslem, atheist.
sitting in the dark until, by turning on the It is My nature to be the very heart and
switch, a connection is made with the soul of your being. Neither your
source of electricity. So nothing is going stupidities nor your sins can come
to happen to us, regardless of how between you and Me.
many affirmations of truth we know or
repeat, unless we attain the You may temporarily separate yourself
consciousness of that truth and realize from Me, that is, you may think you
our oneness with our Source. Meditation have separated yourself from Me, and
is that way. you certainly can separate yourself from
the benefit of my Presence, but that
The kingdom of God is within us; the does not mean that I have left you. You
place whereon we stand is holy ground. will find that at any moment, night or
Wherever we are, God is, in church or day, whether you make your bed in hell
out of church. The Master says, "Ye or in heaven, whether you walk through
shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at the valley of the shadow of death, at
Jerusalem, worship the Father." God is any time you like, you may turn and you
not found in places; God is found in will find that I am walking beside you. I
consciousness. God is where we are am the everlasting arms underneath
because "I and My Father are one." We you. I am the cloud by day and the pillar
cannot escape from God. of fire by night. I am that which sets a
table before you in the wilderness. If you
are hungry, I am the ravens that come
Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or bringing you food. I am the widow
sharing a little cake and a cruse of oil. senses are stilled, when we have settled
down into an atmosphere of expectancy,
I will never leave you. I will be manna to of hope, and of faith. In this state of
you in your desert experience. I will be relaxation and peace, we wait. That is
that which opens the Red Sea for you, if all we can do, just wait. We cannot bring
no other way opens. I AM THAT which I God to us for God is already here, in
AM, forever and forever. I have been this inner stillness, in this quietness and
That unto eternity and will be That, for I confidence.
am I in the midst of you. Whithersoever
thou goest, I will go. Meditation is an invitation for God to
speak to us or to make Himself known
God is not found up in heaven not in to us; it is not an attempt to reach God,
pilgrimages, places, or persons. God is since God is omnipresent. The
to be found within us. The very moment Presence already is. The Presence
that we can agree inwardly that this is always is, in sickness or in health, in
true, we have accomplished half of our lack or in abundance, in sin or in purity;
life's journey toward the experience of the presence of God always and already
heaven on earth; the other half remains. is. We are not seeking to reach God,
Now we know where the kingdom of but rather to achieve such a state of
God is, but how do we attain the stillness that the awareness of God's
realization of it? The men and women presence permeates us.
who searched for the Holy Grail, their
symbol of the kingdom of God, spent a We have been trained to pray with our
lifetime only to discover that it was a thinking mind as, if God could be
mistake to seek outside for that which reached through thought. God can
was already within them. They returned never be reached with or through
from their search exhausted physically, thought. No one can ever reach God
financially, and mentally, discouraged by with the mind; no one can ever reach
the failure of their mission. Then all of a God with conscious thinking: God can
sudden, they looked around and found only be reached through a receptive
the golden chalice hanging up in the state of consciousness. We never know
tree, or they heard the bluebird caroling when God will speak to us, but of this
its message of joy right in their own we may be assured: If we live in
home all of the time. That is what meditation, giving sufficient periods to
happens when we come to the maintaining our contact with the
realization that the kingdom of God is Presence, we shall be under God's
within us. One half of the journey is then government, and at any moment that
accomplished. there is a necessity or a need, God will
speak to us.
Hundreds of books have been written
on this subject, but those that have It is within us that the contact must be
been written out of the depths of made. Until it has been made, the Spirit
experience all agree that the presence of God in man is merely a promise; the
of God can only be realized when the Christ is but a word or a term. It must
become an experience, but until it does know that we have had the visitation of
become an experience, the question the Christ. Then we know that we have
may well be raised: Is there a Spirit experienced the annunciation and the
within man? Is the Christ real? conception of the Christ; the Christ in us
Withinness is the secret. is awakened, and from then on we are
able to say:
Centuries and centuries of looking for
our good in the other person's garden, "I can do all things through Christ," not
centuries and centuries of thinking that through my human wisdom, not through
our good must come to us by might and my muscles, not because I know a lot of
by power or by the sweat of our brow, words and have read many books; but
have separated us from the depths of through Christ, I can do all things. The
this withinness, so that it is as if there Christ within me strengtheneth me; the
were a great wall between us and that Christ within me is a Presence that goes
Christ. It takes constant turning within to before me to make the crooked places
tear away the veil of illusion, that straight.
middle-wall of partition which seems to
separate us. How speedily we shall This will no longer be a series of
pierce the veil has no relationship to our quotations: This will be an experience.
human goodness or to the depth of our
sins: It has a relationship only to the This inner experience will become the
depth of our desire to make the contact. substance of our outer experience. It
When we make that contact, not only can pour out of our mouth as a
are our sins forgiven, but they are message; it can pour out of our home as
healed. It is not a question of a person's happiness; it can pour out of our
first becoming good before he can come business as success; but it must be a
under God's grace. No, it operates in realized Christ, a risen Christ; it must be
reverse order: Let God's grace touch a a Christ felt in consciousness. It must
person, and it will make him good. The touch us; It must warm us; It must
Spirit within will change the outer life; illumine us.
the inner grace will appear outwardly.
Then we can rest, but not for too long,
If we persist in the realization: "The because the mesmerism of the world
kingdom of God is within me; the place forces itself upon us, and six hours later,
whereon I stand is holy ground; Son sensational newspaper headlines and
thou art ever with me, and all that I have radio news impinge on our
is thine"; and if we remember to do this consciousness, and the Christ begins to
two or three times a day, every day, one slip into the background. So we learn to
of these fine days something happens sit down again and renew ourselves, fill
to us: An experience takes place -- it ourselves with the realization of this
may be a feeling of warmth; it may be a presence of the Christ, and six hours
feeling of release; it may be a voice in later we do it again.
the ear; but it is something that takes
place within, and we, within ourselves, The day comes when this realization of
the Christ is an hourly practice, and to sacrifice of time or effort for reading,
finally, it becomes unnecessary at all, study, or whatever may be necessary to
because at that stage, the Christ takes arouse that sleeping, invisible Christ?
over and lives our life, and no further That is the measure of our love.
conscious effort is necessary. But
before this stage of development is When we arrive at that place where we
reached, conscious effort is necessary have no fewer than four periods of
to achieve that mind "which was also in meditation a day, we are beginning to
Christ Jesus," to achieve the realization obey Paul's injunction to "pray without
of the presence of the Christ; and this ceasing." The mystics revealed that in
conscious effort requires hours and quietness and in stillness is our
hours of meditation and contemplation. strength. In quietness and in stillness
It is in these hours of meditation and we find God, not in outside worship.
contemplation that we open ourselves to
the Christ. Words become unnecessary; Jesus went a step further and told us
thoughts become unnecessary. that we must pray in secret: We must
Thoughts now come to us from the enter the inner sanctuary, close the
Within. God's Word is spoken to us, door, and pray where men cannot see
uttered within us. We are no longer us. When we are alone, there is an
voicing words, but the Word. opportunity for something to take place
that can never take place in public.
How deep is our desire for the Why? Because when we are in public,
realization of God? How can we gauge the ego is on display. We cannot be
the depth of our love for God? The ourselves, even in the presence of our
answer is very simple: How much time loved ones. Anything that tends to
and attention are we willing to give to display the ego destroyes our spiritual
sitting down in the silence until we feel integrity. The more secret and
God's presence? That determines how sacred we keep our relationship to God,
much love for Cod we have. If we do not never making an open display of it at
have the time, if we do not have the any time, the more power there is in it.
patience, if we do not have the
willingness to give our whole heart and The ego must be destroyed to make
soul and mind to the realization of this way for the one Ego, our Christhood. As
presence of the Christ, we do not have human beings, we have a selfhood of
sufficient love for God. It is similar to our own which we like to glorify. The
having a mother living in a distant place. whole teaching of Jesus was the
How hard are we willing to struggle, how destruction of the personal ego: "The
great a sacrifice are we willing to make words that I speak unto you I speak not
to obtain the money to visit her or to of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in
send her the money to provide for her me, he doeth the works. . . . My doctrine
comfort? That will determine how much is not mine but his that sent me." He
love we have. We should use the same overcame his ego and left a blueprint for
kind of measuring rod in determining our us to follow: Pray in secret. He went
love for God. How much are we willing even further and said: "When thou doest
alms, let not thy left hand know what thy deep things and the sacred things must
right hand doeth . . . and thy Father, be hidden within our own
which seeth in secret, himself shall consciousness. The more we keep
reward thee openly." Every time we secret and sacred within us, the greater
make our charities and benevolences a is the power.
matter of public notice, every time we
pray in public to be seen of men, every Continuous inner meditation, continuous
time we give expression to our religious reaching toward the center of our being,
convictions in public, we are glorifying will eventually result in the experience of
our own ego, trying to show forth how the Christ. In that moment, we discover
much we do or how much we know. We the mystery of spiritual living: We do not
forget that our. Father, which seeth in have to take thought for what we shall
secret, Himself shall reward us openly. eat, what we shall drink, or wherewithal
we shall be clothed; we do not have to
There is a great spiritual mystery in all plan; we do not have to struggle. only
of this. It is a very strange thing that as Christ can live our life for us, and we
we draw closer and closer to God, and meet the Christ within ourselves in
the more that we keep everything meditation. The degree to which we
locked up within ourselves, the greater attain the experience or activity of the
is our spiritual unfoldment. When it is a Christ, the presence of the Spirit of God
secret deep within us, God, in His own in us, determines the degree of
way, makes it known outwardly to those individual unfoldment.
who may have any interest in knowing
about our benevolences or our When, through meditation, we have
relationship to God. attained this realization of the Spirit of
God, and abide in it, retire into the
The secret of meditation is silence: no center of our being, day in and day out,
repetitions, no affirmations, no denials— so that we never make a move without
just the acknowledgment of God's Its inner assurance, the activity of the
allness, and then the deep, deep silence Christ feeds us, supplies us, enriches
which announces God's presence. The us, heals us, and brings us into the
deeper the silence, the more powerful is fullness of life. Then, of a certainty, we
the meditation. The things that are holy, know, "I am come that they might have
keep holy; keep them sacred and keep life, and that they might have it more
them secret. There is nothing of a abundantly."
sacred nature that we need to share
with anyone. Everyone is free to search
for God in his own way and must
himself make the effort to find that for
which he is seeking. There is no
occasion for sharing the deeper things,
for sharing the more sacred things in
our relationship with God, because each
one is free to go and do likewise. The
myself without any help from God,"
CHAPTER VIII instead of making God the activity of the
THE RHYTHM day and thereby establishing ourselves
in the rhythm of God:
Father, this is Your day, the day which
A person who lives by meditation is You have made. You made the sun to
never again alone, and neither is he rise; You have given light and warmth to
ever again entirely a part of this world. If the earth; You have given us the rains
he is faithful in practicing the Presence, and the snows; the seasons of the year
within a few months he will find himself are Yours, "seed time and harvest, cold
in the contemplative mood most of the and heat, summer and winter, and day
time. Contemplating God and the and night." This is Your day.
invisible things of God, he becomes so
one with It that there is no place where You created me; I am Yours. You
God leaves off and he begins. That created me in the womb from the
which a person continuously dwells beginning. Use me this day, for as the
upon, that which he embraces in his heavens declare the glory of God and
consciousness, is that with which he the earth showeth forth Your handiwork,
ultimately becomes one. It is that so must I show forth the glory of God.
continuous state of oneness which This day let me glorify God. This day, let
enabled the Master to say, "Thou seest God's will be made manifest in me. This
me, thou seest the Father that sent me, day, let God's grace flow from me and
for I and my Father are one." through me to all those whom I meet.

Everything good must come into the Some other time, during that brief pause
experience of the Sons of God. Who are for inner communion in the early
the Sons of God? Are we? Not until the morning hours, these words may come:
Spirit of the Lord is upon us—"if so be
that the spirit of God dwell in you, then Father, it is Thy intelligence that I need
are ye the sons of God," and only then today—not my limited wisdom, but Thy
are we subject to the laws of God. If we infinite wisdom. This day, I need all the
walk out of our homes without the inner love with which Thou canst fill me. Give
awareness that the Spirit of the me Thy wisdom and Thy love in full
Lord is upon us, we are walking out into measure.
the world as human beings without any
law of God to uphold us; we are human Such a meditation springs from a deep
beings subject to human laws laws of humility, a great humbling of the spirit
accident, contagion, disease, and death. which is willing to admit, "Father, without
We have neglected the opportunity of Thee I can do nothing; without Thee I
admitting a divine influence into our can be nothing; without Thee, I am
experience, and our attitude virtually is, nothing."
"I can live this day all right under my
own power; I can take care of this day
It may be that the day holds serious Just that much is enough to start us on
problems which must be surmounted our day, not as the son of man, but as
and which are beyond our ability or the Son of God.
understanding, or beyond our financial
capacity to meet, or there may be A Presence abides in us, a
difficult decisions to be made. The transcendental Presence which cannot
answer does not lie in any personal be described, but which is recognized in
ability we may or may not have, or in our meditation. There is no greater gift that
material resources, but in contacting the can come to any man or woman than
infinite storehouse within: "He the unswerving conviction that God
performeth the thing that is appointed cares for us, but no one can have this
for me. . . . The Lord will perfect that assurance who neglects the continuous,
which concerneth me." To enter our conscious realization of the presence of
inner sanctuary and pray, not asking for God. If the Word abides in us, we shall
anything, but recognizing our divine bear fruit richly. God is glorified in the
sonship and dwelling on the promises of fruitage of our lives, and in no other way
inspired scriptural passages, fills us with is God glorified. In proportion as we live
a confidence which we carry with us in this Word and let it live in us, do we
throughout the day and which is experience a harmonious, fruitful,
adequate to prevail over any and every human life. True, there may be
obstacle which we may encounter: problems, but what of it? No one is
promised complete immunity from the
Father, I have great tasks today that are discords of life while he is on earth living
beyond my understanding and beyond a human life. Problems must inevitably
my strength, and so I must rely on You arise, but they can only be a blessing
to perform that which is given me to do. because it is through these problems
You have said that You are ever with me that we rise higher in consciousness
and all that You have is mine. Grant me and through that rising, harmony is
the assurance today that Your love is brought into our daily life.
with me, that Your wisdom guides me,
and that Your presence upholds me. The experiences that come to us when
Your grace is my sufficiency in all we live in obedience to the inner voice
things. are miracles of beauty and joy. Let us
not be afraid to follow that voice even if
Your grace! I am satisfied, Father, to at first we are so poorly attuned to it that
know that Your grace is with me. That is we do not hear it correctly. Many people
all I ask because that grace will be go through life accomplishing nothing
made tangible as manna falling from the because they are unwilling to do
sky, as a cruse of oil that never runs dry, anything for fear of making a mistake.
or as loaves and fishes that keep ever There is no need to be afraid of
multiplying. Whatever my need, Your mistakes or even of failures. Any
grace provides for it this day. mistakes which may be made by a
person who is obedient to the still small
voice will be few, and they will not be
sufficiently serious to be irretrievable; he We can pause before eating to
can quickly pick himself up again and remember that we do not live by bread
soon be wholly immersed in the Spirit. alone, but by every word that
Mistakes are not fatal; not one is proceedeth out of the mouth of God.
forever: Success is forever, but failure is Therefore, as we contemplate the food
only for a day. upon the table, we can silently express
gratitude for the Source of that food, for
If we make contact with the kingdom of That which brought it to us: "Thy grace
God within us, we shall be living through hath set my table."
God the rest of our days. Then spiritual
sonship -God expressing Itself as There is not a moment of the day when
individual Self-hood—will be revealed a spiritually alert person cannot find
on earth. God formed us to manifest some reason to say, "Thank you,
Itself on earth, to show forth Its glory, Father." Often there may be nothing for
and that is our destiny. God planted His which to thank God except perhaps that
infinite abundance in the midst of us. the sun is shining, but even that is an
Nothing need come to you or to me, but acknowledgment of the Presence.
everything must flow out from us. And Sometimes, when we are faced with
by what means? By that Presence, that frustrating or disturbing circumstances,
Presence which heals, supplies, we may wonder how we can praise
multiplies, and teaches. That Presence God, but if we are awake in spiritual
will perform every legitimate function of sonship, we can always find ways to
life, but It is only active in our life as we acknowledge God. This continuous
dedicate and consecrate ourselves to practice of the Presence,
periods of meditation. Devotion and acknowledging God in all our ways,
consecration are necessary to give us providing ample periods for sitting in the
sufficient purpose so that we remember silence, and waiting for an inner feeling
a dozen times a day to make no move that the Spirit of God is moving, makes
without the realized Presence, or at God the governing, maintaining, and
least without an acknowledgment of It. sustaining principle of our entire
experience. The real prayer of spiritual
There are ample opportunities in any understanding is a prayer that God's gift
person's day for acknowledging the of Himself may be given to us.
Presence. It is not too difficult to
develop the habit of waiting for a second Infinity is within us at this and at every
at every door we open or close to moment: all spiritual wisdom, all divine
realize: grace, eternality, and immortality—all of
these are embodied within us at this and
God is just as much on the other side of at every single moment. Let us begin to
this door as He is on this side. There is show forth this infinity. How? Begin to
no place where I can go today where pour. Search around in your spiritual
the presence of God is not. Wherever I house, your consciousness, and see if
am, God is. you cannot find some biblical passage,
some mite of love to express to
someone, or a few drops of forgiveness. which God's truth is flowing out into
Find something in your house. Begin to consciousness. You do not know where
let the few drops of oil you find there this truth is going or whom it is blessing.
flow silently, secretly, and sacredly. You do not know who is feeling the love
Keep them flowing, and as you do, be that is welling up within you, and it is not
receptive to what is unfolded from important that you should know because
within. Do not attempt to make up it is not your love; it is God's love. You
statements or thoughts. Wait patiently in are but the instrument through which it
a relaxed state of receptivity for them to is flowing. Always begin your meditation
come to you. Soon a second idea will be by realizing that infinity lies within you,
added to the original thought. that you are seeking nothing to come to
Contemplate both of them. Dwell upon you; you are never seeking to get, to
their meaning; dwell upon their possible acquire, or to achieve; you are seeking
effect in your life or in the life of another. only to let God's grace flow through you,
As you ponder these two ideas, the instrument, the Son of God.
sometimes gently, sometimes
explosively, a third thought comes, Perhaps someone is looking to you for
something which you had not thought spiritual blessings. Do not begin by
about before. And where are these believing that you have not enough
ideas coming from? From within you. understanding or have not read enough
Remember they have always been books or have not had sufficient
there, but now you are letting them out. experience to help him. Begin with the
Within that Withinness is the storehouse two drops of oil you already have, and
that is your individual storehouse, yet it you do that by knowing the truth, not
is infinite because it is God. The about the person, but about God:
kingdom of God is within you, and in
meditation you are drawing on it. How much truth do I know about God? I
know that God is omnipresent, and that
If there is not enough love in your life, it therefore, all God's presence and all
is only because you are not loving God's power are flowing through me.
enough, and that means that you are Where God is, there can be nothing but
not tapping the infinite source of love good; there cannot be sin, disease,
within your own being. Let that love flow death, lack, or limitation. In God's
out: Love this world; love the sun, the presence, is the allness of good.
moon, and the stars; love the plants and
the flowers; love all the people. What else do I know about God? God is
the only power. If God is the only power,
Let the love flow. That love which flows there are no powers other than God;
out from the infinite storehouse within there are no negative powers on earth
you will be the bread of life which will so there can be no power in this
come back to you. Let truth flow out condition confronting me. God is the
from you into this world. The more truth only life, life eternal and immortal
you release, the more truth you will without sin or disease, without blemish.
have. You are the instrument through God's life is perfect. God is love, and
that love enfolds me. God's love is my beside God there is nothing else. God's
protection, sustaining and maintaining grace removes every obstacle from our
me. path because the light of truth reveals
that there never was power in the so-
This is the way healing work is done: Go called obstacle. When we find our inner
within; get quiet; become still until the peace, we shall find that Omnipotence,
peace that passeth understanding omnipresent, is governing us, and all of
descends. the things which we feared -- people or
conditions -- automatically disappear
True spiritual healing is not something because of their nothingness. That is
that takes place in the body or in one's the miracle of spiritual teaching: It is not
affairs; it takes place in the truth over error; it is not God over evil; it
consciousness of the individual as the is not some great big God that does
soul is opened. It is a regeneration more something to some even greater and
than it is a healing. Everything more terrifying evil. A spiritual teaching
embraced within consciousness—body, is a revelation of God as infinite,
business, home -- responds as the Soul individual being as Spirit, omnipotent,
is opened to the light of truth and to the omniscient, omnipresent beside which
activity of God acting as individual there is no other. In that realization,
consciousness. darkness disappears, and light comes
Actually, there is no spiritual healing
apart from spiritual living, and there can "He uttered his voice, the earth melted."
be no spiritual living apart from the If we become so proficient in the
experience of God. God must be practice of the Presence that we can sit
experienced; God must be communed quietly with our attention focused on the
with in our inner being. The Infinite Within, the still small voice will thunder,
Invisible which we call God and our and the whole earth of evil will melt and
individual identity which we call the Son fade out of our experience. It may come
are one. It is within us that a point of as an actual voice; it may come as a
contact must be made so that an vision; but neither is necessary: Only
absolute conviction of this divine one thing is necessary and that is to
Presence can come to us. That wait until there is a stirring or a feeling
conviction can only well up from within; which is our assurance that God has
and as this Spirit of God fills us, we feel uttered His voice. When that occurs, we
a sense of peace, a deep breath within shall find that discord is replaced by
us, a release as of a weight removed; harmony, sickness gives way to health,
and then we go about our normal, daily and the people we meet are no longer
life, serene, secure, resting in the human beings but children of God. As
bosom of the Father, because now God, we contemplate God's presence, grace,
the Son, has God, the Father, with him. and power, God utters His voice and the
whole world of discord disappears:
God is not a healer of disease; God is
an infinity of being. God is Spirit, and
Closer to me than breathing is my God, but the child of God. In the stillness,
the All-Presence and the only Presence, when I have silenced all human
beside whom there is no other judgments as to good or evil, "a child is
presence. "The Lord is my light and my born," the realization of the Christ takes
salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is place, and "whereas I was blind, now I
the strength of my life; of whom shall I see." I behold the vision infinite—God,
be afraid?" the Father; and God, the Son.

What, then, is this discord that is God is maintaining and sustaining Its
claiming my attention, that I am fearing? own life which is my life, the life of
Is it a person? No, God is the Father of individual being, and God is maintaining
all: "Call no man your father upon the that life now--not at some future time,
earth: for one is your Father, which is in but now. This body is the body that God
heaven." Therefore, all men are gave me, a spiritual, eternal, and
spiritual, endowed only 'with the immortal body. God keeps my body in
qualities of God. God made all that was Its everlasting perfection. God is a
made and He called it good. In the continuous and eternal state of divine
beginning is only God. Has anything being, and that Being is my individual
been added to God? Has anything been being, for "I and my Father are one." My
added to God's universe? No, and in body is an instrument for the activity of
that recognition, I cannot be hypnotized God, a fitting vehicle to show forth His
into seeing or believing that which is glory. God is the very strength of my
unlike God. God is the only creative bones; God is the health of my
principle of man. All that He creates is countenance; God is my fortress and
created in His own image and likeness, my high-tower, my safety and my
in the image and likeness of perfection. security.

The Father within me is the only power The earth showeth forth His handiwork;
operating in this universe; the Father the heavens declare His glory. How can
within me is the only power operating in the heavens the sun, the moon, and the
this room; the Father within me is the stars show forth that glory, and not man,
only power operating within my own who was given dominion over the sun,
being. There is only God-being, the moon, and stars? Man shows forth the
power of God which flows out into this fullness of the Godhead bodily, not by
world, blessing all whom it reaches, struggling and battling to become that
friend and foe alike. fullness, but only as he relaxes and lets
the rhythm of God fulfill Itself in him.
"He uttered his voice, the earth melted" God's work is a complete work; man's
the discord disappears. The inharmony work is to rest in it:
and the person melt into His mage and
likeness. This person who was God in the midst of me is mighty, and
disturbing me, where is he now? He is because God is in the midst of me, I
not here; he is risen; he is risen out of need nothing; I lack nothing. Of myself, I
the tomb, no longer the man of flesh, have no ability; I have no understanding
of my own, but God's understanding is peace, is given unto me and through me
infinite. "He that is within me performeth to the world. That is the function of the
that which is appointed for me. . . . He light that is pouring through me. The
that is within me is greater than he that truth I am becomes the bread of life to
is in the world." I become the willing this world which does not yet know its
instrument of God, and through me, He own identity. I, my divine
utters His voice and the earth melteth. Consciousness, become the wine and
the water. This light which I am
I seek nothing for myself; I seek only to becomes the light of the world to the
be used as an instrument to bring light unillumined and my presence a
to those still in darkness. I do not use benediction.
Truth, but I permit Truth to use me. I let
Truth flow through me to the nations of There is an eternal rhythm in the
the world who are still seeking what they universe—"seed time and harvest, cold
shall eat and what they shall drink and and heat, summer and winter, and day
wherewithal they shall be clothed; but I and night . . to everything there is a
live, not by bread alone, but by every season, and a time to every purpose
word that proceedeth out of the mouth under the heaven." We become one
of God. Every truth that comes into my with that eternal purpose and rest in the
consciousness is the length of my days, rhythm of God as we contemplate the
my daily supply, and my wisdom and eternal flow of God's grace. The rhythm
understanding. All I need or ever shall of the universe flows through us:
need is to hear the still small voice
within me and rest in the rhythm of God. The heavens declare the glory of God;
and the firmament sheweth his
God's grace flows out into this world as handiwork. Day unto day uttereth
an invisible Presence and as an speech, and night unto night sheweth
invisible Power of blessing through me. I knowledge. . . . Let the words of my
am that center through which that grace mouth, and the meditation of my heart,
is bestowed upon the world my world, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my
God's instrument through which the strength, and my redeemer.
divine wisdom, the bread of life, the PSALM 19:1, 2, 14
wine of life, and the water of life are
reaching mankind. The nations of the
world seek bread, food, clothing, and CHAPTER IX
housing, but "not ye, my disciples"—not
I; I seek only the kingdom of God and I
let God's grace flow through me. CHRISTHOOD
The Spirit of God in me is the Christ. Its The correct letter of truth necessary for
function is to heal, raise the dead, open spiritual unfoldment is embodied in the
the eyes of the blind the materially and
principles as set forth in the foregoing
spiritually blind and illumine human
chapters • Love God with all your heart,
consciousness. "My peace," the Christ-
acknowledging that God is the only
power and that there is no power in any accomplish a tremendous amount of
effect; love your neighbor as yourself by work and yet never seem to be pressed
refraining from all judgment as to good for time, but always, even in the midst of
or evil, by forgiving seventy times seven, the most harassing circumstances,
and by praying for your enemies; maintain a gentle tranquility and a
recognize the infinite nature of individual never-failing equanimity. They move in
being, the corollary of which is that there and out of confusion and withstand
is only one Self; begin to pour, in the outside pressure with a quiet poise and
realization that to him that hath shall be an unruffled calm. What is their secret?
given; demonstrate God and not things; How have they developed this ability?
meditate on God and the things of God;
and live only in this moment, which is There is a simple practice by which a
the only moment there is. considerable measure of this peace can
be achieved, if persisted in day in and
A full realization of any one of these day out. It is by developing a
principles, living and working with it, day consciousness of nowness, a state of
after day and week after week, would be todayness. This state of nowness is
sufficient to transform our experience achieved by consciously training
and usher us into the kingdom of ourselves to live only in this minute, by
heaven. Instead of attempting to grasp recognizing, first of all, that we do not
the full meaning of truth in the short live on yesterday's manna. Since we live
span of a day or a week, with one only on the manna as it falls today, our
reading of this or of any other book, we dependence is only on that which
should begin working with some one comes to us today and not on anything
principle and take that principle into that was due from yesterday or was
meditation daily for at least a month, carried over from last month. We do not
dwelling on it until its inner meaning is waste time thinking about past
revealed, and it becomes the spirit that obligations people may owe us, nor
quickeneth," and then observe to what about past hurts or wrongs they may
extent our words and acts are in have committed.
harmony with it. Thus it becomes bone
of our bone and flesh of our flesh. Our responsibility is only for this day
and for this moment. Whatever demand
Many times we let the pressure of the is made upon us, let us fulfill it this
world rob us, not only of our peace, but moment. If a call comes to us for help,
of the time in which to have these quiet let us not wait until tonight to give the
periods of renewal which work the help, but answer the call at the moment
transformation in our lives. If we are it comes. If there is correspondence to
sincere in our desire to experience God, be handled, it must be answered this
we shall make it a matter of decision to day so that the next morning we come
let nothing interfere with our firm resolve to our work and our day with a clear
and steadfast purpose. Most of us know desk. It is surprising how much spare
people who have already discovered the time we have during the day when we
way to do this. These people are able to take care of everything as it is
presented to us. Most of us never have yesterday and no one can live tomorrow.
free days because we are always There is only one time in which we can
attempting to finish work which has live, and that is now, in this instant; it
accumulated from yesterday and the is what we are, in this instant, that
day before, work which should have constitutes our life.
been done the day it was given us to do.
In Isaiah we read, ". . though your sins
This practice of nowness develops a be as scarlet they shall be as white as
consciousness which is never pressed snow." In the same vein, the Master
from the outside because there is said to the thief on the cross, "Today
nothing to do except what is at hand this shalt thou be with me in paradise."
minute. Living in this consciousness, we These examples are indicative of but
are never worried about supply, nor one point, and that is that we live in a
about any obligation due tomorrow. constant state of nowness. Yesterday
There is only today; there is only this does not exist. As a matter of fact, even
hour of today; there is only this moment an hour ago does not exist, and,
of today. Then there develops in us -- therefore, all the things that belonged to
we do not do it -- It, the Christ of our yesterday or to an hour ago are as dead
being, develops in us a sense of peace, as yesterday's newspaper; they are no
a sense of quiet so that we hear within part of our being unless we revive them
us the words: "I can of mine own self do in this moment.
nothing. It is the Father within me that
doeth the works. . . . I can do all things Our demonstration is to maintain our
through Christ. I live, yet not I, but Christ integrity to the highest degree of which
liveth in me." we are capable at any given moment. If
we make a mistake, let us pick
When "Christ liveth in me," when Christ ourselves up and be sure that it does
lives my life for me, no demands are not happen again. It is only what we
ever made upon me; every demand is a carry over into the present that hurts us
demand upon the Christ. The Father not what happened in the past, but what
within can accomplish more in twelve we carry over into the present of what
seconds than we can in twelve hours. happened in the past. If each of us
Let us be willing to be called upon for could begin every day afresh with the
anything in this world, without realization, "I and my Father are one," it
resentment, without rebellion, without would make no difference what our
feeling that it is too much for us to do, or mistakes were yesterday as long as
that too much is being asked of us. It they are not repeated today. It is only
may be too much for John or Mary or when we revive yesterday and bring it
Henry to do, but it is never too much for into today that it injures us. We do not
the Christ. live on yesterday's manna, but neither
can we suffer from yesterday's lack of
There is only this moment —a moment manna. It is only what we are and what
of Christhood. We cannot live yesterday. we have this instant, what we are living
No one has it within his ability to live in this instant, that counts. It is only we
who, in memory, bring yesterday into "Neither do I condemn thee but go and
today. We can bring yesterday into our sin no more." This is our moment of
deeds, also, by making the same repentance. "Turn ye and live." This is
mistakes today that we made yesterday. our moment of adopting Christ; this is
our moment of accepting Christ; this is
If we, in this moment, revive our hates the moment in which we acknowledge
and fears and animosities of yesterday, that no longer will we indulge in
they are alive and active in our resentment, revenge, or retaliation, nor
experience today. Then we are subject will we put on any armor with which to
to the punishment of cosmic law, defend ourselves from somebody's evil
because it is this moment in which we deeds or thoughts, but in this moment
are in enmity or antagonism to the law we stand in our Christhood. We not only
of the Christ. But this moment let us stand in our own Christhood, but we
bring ourselves to the realization: stand in the Christhood of every person.
There is no such thing as standing in
Yesterday is gone forever; tomorrow will Christhood for ourselves unless we hold
never come; there is only today; and to the Christhood of every other person
today love is the fulfilling of the law. This as well. When we see Christhood in this
moment I acknowledge the Christ as my universe, when we see the Christ
being; I acknowledge the Christ as the appearing in form as human, animal, or
life of my friend or enemy; I vegetable, then all the power of the
acknowledge the Christ alone. cosmos works in us. It will work through
even our body to raise it up, to resurrect
Then, in this moment, we are Christ- it, to redeem it, to spiritualize it, so that
consciousness. In this moment, we are even this body becomes the temple of
aligned with cosmic law, and all the the living God and not just a carnal or a
power of the Godhead is flowing mortal body. This carnal body is
through us to "forgive us our debts as translated into its spiritual reality but
we forgive our debtors, [to] lead us not only in a moment of Christhood.
into temptation," to hold us on the
course leading to spiritual fulfillment. Let Yesterday that is gone. Our old days
us hold steadfastly to this Christhood. they are gone. Our animosities,
"Go and sin no more." It makes no jealousies, and bickerings—what about
difference how scarlet our sins were a them? Under ordinary circumstances,
moment ago, if, in this moment, we they represent only human ignorance;
realize the Christ -- Christ as but what happens when these are
omnipotence, Christ as our individual indulged in by those who have
being, Christ as the only power unto our acknowledged the Christ? Then it
experience. Then are we children of becomes spiritual wickedness in high
God, then are we aligned with the places. If a person has accepted the
cosmic power, and all the forces of the Christ—has put on the Robe and has
world unite to uphold us, support us, adopted Christhood—and then goes
sustain us, and maintain us. back to the indulgence of these human
errors, from him a double penalty is
exacted because he understands the with a sense of expectancy of what the
law and knowingly has violated it. He, Father will present for us to do. Once
then, is sinning consciously and not the work is given us, a quiet smile
ignorantly. The only final word is, "Go comes in the remembrance that He that
and sin no more." has given it to us, performs it. The entire
day is filled with joy in watching the glory
This life is not ours. This life is God's. of the Father unfold as our individual
We belong to God, and God is experience. We become beholders of
responsible for our life and for our God appearing as you and as me. And
fulffillment. Whatever of good takes what about all the people out here in the
place in our life is God in action; world with whom we come in contact
whatever of evil takes place is only in every day? They represent our finite
proportion as the word "I" is injected I, concept of God, but actually all that is
John; I, Mary; I, Henry. Let there be no here is God manifested as the Son: the
praise for us, no condemnation, and no Father and the Son one; God, the
weight of responsibility. When Invisible, and the child, the visible. To
responsibility comes, let us be sure that see this is to be able to live as a
we do not permit this human sense of "I" beholder of God performing that which
to come forth and say: "How can I is given us to do, a beholder of God as
accomplish this? How am I going to the divine law of adjustment. When this
perform that? My strength is not is brought into family relationships,
sufficient; my bank account is not community relationships, capital and
adequate." Jesus did not permit the labor relationships, this law of
word "I" to intrude when he was called adjustment operates to reveal the
upon to feed the five thousand. He eternal harmony.
acknowledged that he could do nothing
of himself. It is God's responsibility to see to it that
we are grateful to one another, that we
As we study, read, and meditate, we are cooperate with one another, because
developing a state of consciousness these activities are love, and love is of
which recognizes the Father within as God, not of man. Man is only the vehicle
the only actor and the only activity, and for its expression, the instrument for
we are paving the way for an actual God's love to be expressed. We shall
God-experience. The moment we have never glory in praise and we shall never
a God-experience, we no longer live our be hurt by censure if the Christ is the
own life: God lives Its life as us. We motivating force in our life. Then that
have nothing to do but to be very which is being praised is the Christ. If,
peaceful and quiet. It is like looking over however, that Christ is misunderstood, It
our shoulders, watching God unfold. may be condemned. There is no
condemnation for the person who
We become beholders of God and knows that the Christ, alone, is acting in
God's activity, and then all sense of him. With love and with grace, the Christ
personal responsibility drops away. can dissolve whatever condemnation
Early in the morning, we begin our day may come.
heavy load of responsibility and let the
We are in bondage to the world and divine Presence take over. We must
everyone in it as long as we look to it for begin with this minute. Everything that
that which must come from God and happens, happens now. This minute we
can only come from God. Fear and can begin to realize:
worry as to whether or not we have
sufficient understanding or wisdom to Only God functions as my being; only
discharge our responsibilities are God functions as any and every person
dispelled when we know that it is not our on the face of the earth. I loose
wisdom or our understanding, but God's everyone in my experience; I let
wisdom, understanding, justice, and everyone go and look only to God for
benevolence that govern all of us. The whatever it is that, heretofore, I was
whole question revolves around the use expecting from man.
and meaning of the words "I," "me,"
"mine"—my wisdom, my strength, or my That is the secret of life.
understanding; your appreciation or your
gratitude; and whether or not we have That is the secret of the first
risen high enough to realize: commandment. Only God is power:
Never worship effect; worship only God.
I am not concerned with whether Cease ye from man, whose breath is in
anybody is grateful or anybody is loving his nostrils for wherein is he to be
or anybody is just. I renounce all that. I accounted of. . . . Put not your faith in
look for love, justice, recognition, princes." It is the Father's good pleasure
reward, and compensation, in, of, and to give us the kingdom. Why, then,
from God. should we seek it from man? Why
should we look to man for that which it
The moment we take that attitude we is God's good pleasure to give us? Why
are free from the world. do we look to parents, children,
neighbors, or friends, when all the time I
The great Master said: "My doctrine is am come that we might be fulfilled.
not mine, but his that sent me. If I speak
of myself I bear witness to a lie." The The moment we live this life of the Spirit
whole teaching is that only God can which is a sufficiency through Christ,
perform, only God can love, only God none of the things that afflict the world
can think, only God is the healing, will afflict us. In that moment, we bring
feeding, and supplying agency, only ourselves into oneness with spiritual
God can express wisdom and joy. We law. We look to the I of our own being to
can do all things through God, but fulfill our every experience; we turn
without God we can do nothing; we are every responsibility over to the Christ of
the vehicles through and as which God our being. As we live in that life, freeing
appears. everybody from the bondage of
criticism, condemnation, and judgment,
Eventually, we must give up the the whole world may collapse; but it will
personal sense of selfhood with its not collapse where we are, for it will not
come nigh our dwelling. To the extent creative principle; the realization of God
that we are willing to loose the world as support and supply; the realization of
and let it go, are we free from the world, God as the health of our countenance;
from the things of the world, and from the realization that our sufficiency is of
the people of the world. God; the realization that only God can
love, and therefore, we must not look to
Loose man whose breath is in his man for love, but let God's love flow
nostrils, and he will never be a problem through us to man and then claim no
again. People resent, fight, and resist reward for it because it is of God and
us, only in proportion as we have some not of us.
hold on them. Only in proportion as we
are looking to them for something, do The Way is secrecy and silence. Within
they struggle to tear away from that us is a deep well of contentment, a vast,
bondage and have their freedom. The all-embracing silence into which we
instant we give them their freedom and relax and through which all good
say: "You owe me nothing. My good is appears to us. Seek the atmosphere of
of God, so let us live together and share God's presence and rest; seek the
together," we free ourselves from all the consciousness of His presence. In
hate, envy, and jealousy in the world. quietness and in confidence shall be our
What is more important, we live in strength." He leadeth us beside the still
conscious union with God. waters and into green pastures that we
may rest from strife, from struggle, and
This is the secret of spiritual living. It is from effort, and behold the glory of God
the secret of the mystical life. "I and my risen round about us. This is the inner
Father are one," and all that the Father meaning of The Infinite Way. In this
has is mine. Does that have anything to understanding, we have entered that
do with anyone else in the world? When sanctuary where the noises of the world
our reliance is on God, we can never be never reach, and where the troubles of
disappointed. God has never failed the world never penetrate. Where is
anyone. "I have never seen the this? It is in the very depths of our own
righteous begging bread." The righteous consciousness, in the very depths of our
are living in obedience to spiritual law, own Soul, when we have refrained from
the law of having no other gods save strife, from struggle, and from taking
only Me, loving their neighbor as thought.
themselves, praying for their enemies,
forgiving seventy times seven, holding
no one in bondage, but looking only to
the Christ for their sufficiency in all
things. The person who is living that life
will never beg bread.

This constitutes righteousness:

conscious union with God; the
realization of God as Father, or as the
shall know the truth . . . Ye shall love the
CHAPTER X Lord thy God . . . Ye shall love thy
THE VISION TO neighbor as thyself . . . Ye shall pray for
the enemy . . Ye shall forgive seventy
BEHOLD times seven . . . Ye shall bring the tithes
into the storehouse." In no place and at
In the beginning in the Edenic days, no time does he place the responsibility
man was complete, whole, and for our sense of separation from God
harmonious one with God. By the grace upon God, but upon us. To us is
of God everything flourished, and there addressed the entire teaching of Jesus
was peace. What man is now striving to Christ—not to God, to us.
attain in his search for God is the
reestablishment of that Edenic state of Lest, however, we should flounder, the
complete peace and harmony, a state in Master has given us the way, the where,
which we are not at war with one the when, and the how of this
another, but in love with one another; a demonstration of unity: The way is
state in which we do not deprive others, prayer; the where is the kingdom of God
but share and give to others. within us; the when is now this moment
of Christhood; the how is action. At first,
The hope of man has been that by the secrets that have been given to the
finding some supernatural power he God-inspired men and women of all
would be able to recapture that state of time can only be taught by imparting
bliss on earth. It must be clear to every that which is called the letter of truth.
thinking person, however, that in his Through the letter of truth, we learn to
attempt to find harmony, man has been stop that aimless searching for God,
searching in the wrong way and in the that fruitless praying to a faroff God for
wrong place. Individual harmony and something, that senseless wishing and
world peace will never be established by hoping that some form of worship will be
searching for some supernatural power. sufficiently pleasing to God to influence
Man's need is to reestablish himself in Him in our behalf; and we come into a
his original Edenie estate which is recognition, not only that there is a God,
oneness with God. but that God is the inner Self of our own
being, a God not separate and apart
Hundreds of years of frustration and from us to be worshiped from afar off,
failure should have proved to the world but actually a God closer than
that it is not the work of a God to do this breathing, nearer than hands and feet.
for us: It is our work to do it for
ourselves by establishing that original The correct letter of truth keeps us from
relationship of oneness. The Master indulging in idle daydreaming or in the
said, "Ye shall know the truth and the false hope that some miracle is going to
truth shall make you free." Nowhere bring God or his messenger down on a
does he indicate that this is God's cloud to wave a magic wand, and then
responsibility. Time and time again he all our troubles will disappear. On the
reiterates that it is our responsibility: "Ye contrary, this simple truth of the Master
causes us to withdraw our gaze from books now comes alive in us, and we
upward and outward and turn it in the live truth. These truths, lived and
only direction in which we can find practiced, become the very presence of
peace and harmony within ourselves. God. God is revealed as the creative,
When our attention has shifted from the maintaining, and sustaining principle not
outer to the inner, we can take the next our servant or our tool, nor something
step taught by every great master: Seek existing for the purpose of bestowing
Me within; seek; knock; if necessary favors upon us, but the infinite wisdom
plead, but always within. of this universe, the divine love unto all
that is. Now the Messianic message
The vision of oneness must ever be a given to the world two thousand years
beacon light on our upward path: "I and ago is beginning to be fulfilled in us:
my Father are one." Through inner God is love. No God can operate in our
contemplation of the Father within, experience except through love, and we
ultimately, "I and my Father" mold and must become the instrument through
melt into one, and that ancient unity is which that love is permitted to escape.
established. Now, "I and my Father are Henceforth, the commandment "Thou
one" is no longer an intellectual shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy
perception, but "I and my Father are heart and thy neighbor as thyself" will
one" becomes a demonstrable have no significance to us except in
relationship, visible in its fruits. No proportion as we are loving. This
longer do we seek for favors; no longer commandment has been known for
is there any need of favors; the Spirit thousands of years. Today now, in this
within is unfolding, revealing, and moment of Christhood—this teaching
disclosing Itself, acting in and through should be put into action; there should
us. The world's acceptance of a power be an end to the meaningless repetition
of good and a power of evil no longer of those words. Now that commandment
enslaves us; we rest serenely at peace must be brought down into the heart
in one power. There are no powers to and lived, implemented by obedience to
fight; there are no powers to fear! That the Master's injunction: "Do unto others
is why we do not have to pray for some as you would have others do unto you. .
great power to do something. Those . . Forgive seventy times seven. . . . Do
things which for centuries the world has not condemn. . . . Do not judge."
considered power and for which it has
been seeking a God, are not power. The There is no miracle-God except the
power is in the still small voice. miracle that becomes evident in the
living of our oneness with God. That is
At some period or other in this search the miracle. Knowing the truth with the
for God, that indissoluble union with the mind does not guarantee that it will be
Father begins to be recognized and felt. put into action: It is when truth seeps
The letter of truth becomes less down from the mind and penetrates the
important and the Spirit becomes the heart that the Spirit reigns, and love is
vital thing. The Spirit which we have enthroned. The letter of truth serves as
known only through the reading of a reminder to bring us into the
livingness of that truth. There are times do we become the Sons of God. And
when, through a sense of separation who can do this for us but we
from God, truth seems to be so far away ourselves? The way has been given to
that we must sit down and, by engaging us and that way is prayer and
in a discussion with ourselves, meditation. It is an enlightened form of
consciously remember that the Lord in prayer such as Elijah taught Elisha:
the midst of us is mighty: Look up and see if you can behold me
rising on a cloud. Lift up your eyes unto
What am I looking for? A god the hills from whence cometh your help.
somewhere? No, God's in His heaven, Behold the kingdom of God within you.
and all is well with the world. God is
already about His own business, and Elisha sought to succeed to the mantle
the Son of God is already about the of Elijah; he longed to be a great
Father's business. prophet -- he wanted that robe of
Christliness. When Elijah was about to
What am I seeking? A mythological God rise into a higher state of
up in the sky? A statue? A graven consciousness, Elisha asked one great
image? Am I looking for a man or a favor of him, that "a double portion of
woman to influence God in my behalf? thy spirit be upon me" -- that Elijah's
No, I and the Father are one, and only mantle be given to him. But Elijah, one
in my oneness with God can I have the of the very great, spiritually illumined
peace that I desire; only in the fulfillment souls of all time, knew that he could not
of that oneness, of that love, which give his mantle to Elisha, but that Elisha
exists between God and the Son of could earn it -- could deserve it, be
God, and between the Son of God and worthy of it, be ready for it -- and he told
God; only in the realization that my him how: "If thou see me when I am
heavenly Father is closer to me than taken from thee, it shall be so unto thee"
breathing, and nearer than hands and -- if when I rise out of sight, if you
feet, and that it is His good pleasure to behold me as I am, rising on a cloud out
give me the kingdom only in that, does a of sight, then my mantle shall fall upon
love flow out, a love that seems to be your shoulders.
flowing from me to God and from God
back to me, but which is actually an Elijah could not bestow his great
interaction within the oneness of my spiritual wisdom even upon Elisha, but
being in the realization of my oneness Elisha could achieve that spiritual
with the Father. consciousness for himself if his vision
could rise so high that he could
The Master taught that human beings of recognize that there is no death; there is
themselves can do nothing, but human no separation: There is only a rising in
beings reunited with the Father within consciousness. If he himself could
them no longer two but one—can do all ascend to that supreme height of
things, and they are the eternal and consciousness, then he would be a
immortal Sons of God. When the Spirit prophet of the stature of Elijah. In this
of God is upon us and dwells in us, then he succeeded. Elisha was illumined to
such an extent that he saw Elijah rising Master, it is better to give time and
in a whirlwind into heaven, and by virtue attention to one lowly sinner than to the
of his conscious oneness with God, he ninety and nine who are managing, very
saw the immortality of individual being well on their own. As long as there is
and the eternality of man in its fullness any individual, be he saint or sinner,
and completeness. reaching out for help, it becomes our
obligation and our duty to answer that
The responsibility is upon us to behold call. Everyone is not ready to respond
the vision and then to put it into action. on the spiritual level for he may not be
Teachers there have ever been and ready for the cornplete unfoldment of
always will be; the illumined we have spiritual truth, but because he is our
always had with us; but the Master said neighbor, we can at least help him on
that the workers are few. The laborers his level of consciousness while he is
are few who are willing to become evolving to a higher state of
reconciled to God, who are willing to consciousness.
contemplate the Soul within themselves
and then let it flow out in deeds of love. Let us, with patience, wait for the one or
"If a man say, I love God, and hateth his two to come to us -- the twelve, the
brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth seventy, the two hundred and then
not his brother whom he bath seen, how share this bread of life with them, share
can he love God whom he bath not the wine and the water. These are the
seen?" If the Master had not washed ones who will be able to appreciate its
the feet of the disciples, the world never taste; they will enjoy it and, moreover,
would have learned that the function of they will be able to assimilate it. Let us
the Master was to be a servant. The hold that which we have as a pearl of
function of the illumined is to serve great price and show it to the world by a
those who do not yet know their true living of it rather than by a talking about
identity. Our function, as seekers after it. When someone comes, who is
God and as truth students, is not to be a attracted not just by the loaves and
master over multitudes, but to be a fishes, but who perceives the nature of
servant unto multitudes—not to take this truth, and asks for bread, wine,
from the multitudes, but to give unto the water, and life eternal, let us share it to
multitudes. the fullest extent of our ability. No one is
ever going to be called upon to do
The kingdom of God is neither "Lo here! something greater than his
or, Lo there!" but within our own being. understanding because the only call is
And how do we find that kingdom? By to sit peacefully and quietly until the
love: Love this Lord that is in the midst Spirit of the Lord God is upon him, and
of you and demonstrate that love by then he can voice anything that comes
your love for your neighbor, the neighbor to his lips, or voice nothing at all.
who is not only your friend, but the
neighbor who is your enemy and the Love is the answer: the love of God, the
neighbor who despitefully uses you and love of truth, and the love of our
persecutes you. According to the neighbor. From this time forth, it should
be the function and the mission of those or the Ascension. Those are
of us who are practicing the Presence to experiences that are occurring every
reveal that God is experienced only in moment of every day, wherever there is
proportion as God is expressed. God is an illumined soul to behold them.
experienced in proportion as God is
permitted to flow out from us in the This very place upon which we stand is
form of love, truth, service, and holy ground, if we have the vision to
dedication. The power of love must be behold Elijah rising, if we have the
released from within ourselves. vision to behold the Master in the
experience of Transfiguration, if we
The presence of God is made available have the vision to behold the
on earth as it is in heaven through the Resurrection and the Ascension. It is all
experience of conscious union. That up to us: It is up to you; it is up to me.
calls for as great an effort and as much To what degree do we want to see
wisdom as Elisha demonstrated when transfiguration? To what degree do we
he beheld his master rising in a want to witness resurrection and
whirlwind, or as limitless vision as the ascension? To that degree will be the
disciples had when they witnessed the experience of it. The means of it?
Transfiguration. The Master was Prayer -- the prayer of inner
capable of transfiguration, but contemplation, the prayer of inner
something was necessary on the part of meditation, the prayer of expectancy
the disciples for them to have the vision which always knows that, at any
to behold it. The Master could not reveal moment, the Father is revealing Itself; in
transfiguration; he could only every moment, the Father is revealing
experience it: The revelation had to take Itself.
place in the consciousness of those who
were present in order for them to be God cannot force Itself into anybody's
able to witness it. mind or heart or soul. It is the individual
who must open himself to God. The life
Many miracles may occur in our of Gautama, the Buddha, illustrates this
experience, but only those who are point. On the day when Gautama first
themselves sufficiently attuned to realized that there was evil in the world -
behold them Will be conscious of what - sin, disease, poverty, and death he
has happened. Do we have eyes and do was horrified, tormented to such an
not see? Do we have ears and do not extent that he left his princely position,
hear? The miracle of Transfiguration is his enormous wealth, and probably,
awaiting our beholding. It is taking place what is more important to any man, his
in this world every day, every minute of wife and child. He left all of that and
every day, and at the very place where wandered away as a beggar, seeking
we are standing, if we can but open our truth for the one purpose of discovering
eyes to behold the vision of that which the great secret which would remove
is. The Transfiguration is not an sin, disease, and limitation from the
experience of two thousand years ago, earth.
nor is the Crucifixion, the Resurrection,
This was such a passionate call with opened unto you," indicating that it is in
him that he followed any teacher and the degree that we seek and knock and
any teaching which promised to lead plead, in the degree that we make a
him to the answer. For twenty-one years way within ourselves that the answer will
he roamed and wandered, sitting at the be given to us. It will not come by sitting
feet of first one teacher and then and waiting aimlessly and
another, following the practices of one superstitiously for some God to force
teaching after another, always with but Itself upon us.
one heart-hunger: What is the power
that will remove these evils from off the If we wish to become a master of music,
earth? And when he had given up all of languages, or of art, God can inspire
hope that the teachings and the us; but we must dig, search, study, and
teachers would reveal this to him, practice, until that which we are seeking
having seated himself beneath the opens up within our own being. I do
Bodhi tree, he meditated day and night believe that it is God who plants in us
until the great revelation was given to the desire to find Him, and that without
him: These evils are not real, they are God's performing that initial function, we
illusion; people accept them and then never would succeed. There is a power
hate, fear, love, or worship them, when of God in each one of us forcing us to
actually they have no existence except "knock and seek," but there is no God
in the mind of man. The mind of man that can do it for us: No God can save
has created the evil conditions of the us the years of sitting alone and working
world and the mind of man perpetuates alone, trying to penetrate the veil in
them. order to rise to that higher state of
consciousness where we, too, can
It was not God who forced Himself upon behold the risen Jesus, the ascended
Gautama and made him the enlightened Christ. Only God could make Gautama
Buddha. It was Gautama's devotion to stay on that path for twenty-one years,
the search for God, his passion for it, but only Gautama could persist and fight
which was evidenced by his sacrifice of and pray until the veil parted and the
himself and his willingness to travel the vision became clear.
length and breadth of India, seeking
wherever there might be some small So with us. No miracle-working, far-off
facet of truth until, in that moment, when God will come down to earth to change
he rose to a sufficient degree of spiritual us and reveal Its wonders and Its glories
illumination, truth revealed itself to him. while we sit idly by as spectators. The
burden is upon you and upon me. The
We do not actually know what led Christ very fact that we can sit for hours at a
Jesus to the experience which ultimately time, quietly, and at peace with the
established him in his full Christhood, message of God is proof that the Spirit
but this we do know: When he came to of God has touched us and has invited
reveal what he had learned, he said, us to the feast. The degree of knocking,
"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, searching, seeking, and pleading, and
and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be the degree of intensity with which we
knock, search, seek, and plead will The object of the search union, to be
determine the degree of the vision we united again with that from which we
behold. Some will see a little, and some became separated after the expulsion
will see a great deal, and some will see from the Garden of Eden, or after the
it all in the degree. experience of the prodigal son. When
the prodigal reaches that last mile, that
Above all things, success will depend last depth of poverty, then it is that his
upon secrecy. Secrecy and sacredness footsteps turn back to the Father's
go hand in hand. If the search for God is house, to be reunited with the Father.
sacred to us, we shall never permit it to That is not an experience in time or
be defiled by exposing it to the profane. space; that is an experience which
We will not wear a sacred robe in public, takes place within your consciousness
nor put on a sanctimonious face before and mine, When we have reached that
our friends. Outwardly, we shall appear last place beyond which there seems to
to be as all other men and women, but be nothing but despair, even death
inwardly, we shall remember the sacred when we have reached that place,
nature of the search for God and hold it something within us turns us to the
a secret to be seen only by its fruitage, spiritual life, and then slowly we begin to
but never by our voicing it, nor by our travel the path back to our Father's
trying to proselyte. That does not mean house.
that we should withhold the cup of cold
water, but having offered our cup of cold We, who are aspirants on the spiritual
water, let us remember that those to path, have reached the place where we
whom it has been offered will have to know that the kingdom of God is to be
drink of it for themselves, and they must found within ourselves: We have
be the ones to come back and ask for reached the place where we now know
more. that all of the outer forms are useless in
our search; we have reached the place
Everyone is entitled to whatever where we know what we are seeking—
measure or kind of religion he may reunion with That from which we seem
want, or he is entitled to have none. to have become separated. That cannot
That is the freedom which we must give take place outside our own being. No
to each other to let each have his own one can do this for us. Only in our inner
will within himself until that seed is meditation, in our inner contemplation,
planted that sends him out in search of can we find it, when inwardly we have
the Holy Grail. If we hold the Christ-child become gentle and when we feel a
within ourselves and never expose it, depth of love that would almost make us
the fruitage of it will be so glorious that open our arms to take the whole world
we shall be sought out, a nation sought in, as Jesus would like to have done for
after, and people will want to eat of our Jerusalem: "Oh, how I would love to put
fruit, meat, and bread, and to drink of my arms around you and draw you in,
our water. but ye would not. Come to me and feel
the warmth of love." We, too, shall find
that they would not, they will not— drawn a circle and included them in that
except the few. circle. They may not immediately know it
but we know it, and our knowing it is
We, who are practicing the Presence, sufficient because that knowledge
are of the few who know what ultimately transmits itself to those included within
will save the world. It is above all things that circle.
the acknowledgment that no man on
earth is our father: There is one We sit inside ourselves looking out upon
universal Father within us, and united the world without the use of force of any
with Him, we are united with every kind, even mental force, withdrawing all
spiritual child of God throughout the opposition; and this renunciation of the
world. Our love for God constitutes our use of the world's weapons is the only
love for the people of the world. We no means by which peace on earth will be
longer hate; we no longer fear. We need established. It may take years; it may
not punish; we need not seek take centuries before He come whose
vengeance: We need only withdraw into right it is, that is, before this is
ourselves and contemplate our oneness demonstrated on earth as it is in
with God and with one another. heaven, because there are only a few
people out of the billions on earth who
Our function is to love, to love all men are consciously practicing the Presence.
with a love which stems from the That little leaven, however, must leaven
realization that our union with God the whole lump.
constitutes our integrity. In this love,
there is no temptation to resort to Do you not see that if what you are
devious means such as lying, cheating reading is true and you feel it, you will
or chicanery in a futile effort to maintain be inspired to live this truth? Then can
ourselves because, in our union with you not also see that wherever you are
God, we have access to the mind of in time or space, if you so love God that
God which is infinite intelligence and the you will spend many periods a day, even
source of all life, truth, and love. We are brief ones, tabernacling in the temple of
fed, not by our position or our your own inner being with this
accumulated wealth, but by the bread Presence, one here and one there will
which is within our own being, by the be drawn to you? As an individual, you
wine, the water, and the meat. may believe that you can do nothing;
you are only one in four billion. But if
This is the secret which heals disease, you look at the great spiritual lights of
reforms sin, overcomes lack and the past, you will understand how untrue
limitation, and unites us, not only with that is, because you will see how one
our immediate circle, but with every individual called Gautama, the Buddha;
individual on the face of the globe, even one individual called Jesus, the Christ;
if those individuals have not yet become one individual like St. Paul influenced
aware of us or of the love that we feel not only his own generation but the
for them, and even if they have not yet generations that followed him and will
become aware of the fact that we have influence generations yet to come.
Think of the widespread influence that the inspired light which they
just one individual can have through experienced made them more than that
God's grace--one individual whose only to the world. In and of themselves, they
purpose in life is to find God and to were nothing; in and of yourself, you are
solve the mysteries of life. nothing; but in your conscious union
with God, all that God is, you are. All
This is the message I give you: I do not that the Father hath is yours. The very
care how great you are or how mighty of place whereon you stand becomes holy
yourself, you are nothing. I do not care ground because "I and my Father" are
how small you are or how insignificant there.
you are nothing, until the grace of God
touches you, until the Spirit of God You can rise no higher in consciousness
dwells in you, until the finger of the than to that place where the spiritual
Christ has moved you. From then on, Presence enters the heart, and you
you are infinite -- infinite in expression, realize it has happened the Presence is
infinite and eternal in life, infinite in within you. A new dimension has
power, infinite in experience, infinite as entered your heart when you entertain
an example and as a way-shower. But the Presence, but I must say to you that
never is it you, never is it I: It is the Spirit it is your responsibility to nurture it. That
of God which can find outlet only as is the only way to be sure that you will
human consciousness, as your not lose what you have gained. What
consciousness and mine. All the truth of you have gained is only a Babe; you
the world remains hidden except in must let it develop into full Christhood:
proportion as it can find a human Many times a day turn your thought as if
consciousness through which or as in the direction of your heart—not
which it can flow out to the world of because your physical heart has
men. anything to do with your spiritual
demonstration, but because the heart is
Whatever or wherever your community symbolic of love. 'chinking of the heart
is, this truth may remain locked up in as a symbol of love, as a symbol of the
space unless someone in that resting place of the Christ within you,
community is the instrument which gives turn your thought several times each
it outlet there. God does not act without day to that heart in recognition that the
a consciousness through which to act: Babe is enthroned there, that the Christ
God must have saints, sages, and has entered, and that It lives with you. It
seers. Let us put it this way: God must is you who must keep the Babe from
have lowly carpenters; God must have wandering out of your heart and getting
mighty princes; God must have simple lost. It is there, but I say to you that it is
housewives: Of these, God makes a Babe: You must watch It; you must
saints or sages to send out into the nurse It; you must acknowledge It, love
world to carry the light. Almost all those It. Watch It grow as you learn the ways
who have attained any degree of of loving God and of loving man. No
spiritual stature in the world have been improvement has ever been discovered,
the little nobodies of the world, and only no alteration has ever been made in the
two great commandments, "Thou shalt selfhood or a condition separate and
love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, apart from God.
and with all thy soul, and with all thy
mind . . . and . . . Thou shalt love thy Even when you have overcome for
neighbor as thyself." yourself every form in which this one
temptation may appear, the problems of
No longer plead with God for things; let the world will tempt you: storms at sea,
this Babe do all that for you. It will not disaster, war, poverty, and disease; but
have to plead: It will experience Itself as whatever the temptation, it will always
the added things. Do not look to God for be the one great temptation to accept
favors and do not look to God for two powers. This is when you must turn
strange powers to do things for you. to the Christ within:
Turn your gaze now to the place where
you have already felt that gentle The Christ within me is my assurance
Presence. Smile at It. Secretly and that only It has power theSon of God,
sacredly know that It is there and that It the Spirit of God in me. It will never
is fulfilling Its function and is about the leave me nor forsake me as long as I
Father's business. This Babe is given realize and recognize It and as long as I
unto you to restore the lost years of the live the life It tells me to live. I took to It
locusts and to return you to the Father's for guidance; I look to It for wisdom.
house and to your conscious union with Whenever a question is presented to
God. my mind, I look down toward my heart,
and the answer comes forth in whatever
It is the function of this Babe to reveal form is necessary.
that you are living in the midst of Eden
where you will always be tempted with Oh, do not be too literal about this.
only one temptation: There is only one Sometimes this Presence will seem to
evil in the Garden of Eden, only one sin be looking at you from over your
the belief in the power of good and evil. shoulder or sitting right on your
You, sitting back inside your own shoulder; sometimes It will appear as a
temple, must be able to look at that tree face in front of you, sometimes smiling,
of the knowledge of good and evil at all but always reassuring. Keep It alive.
times and resist the temptation to
believe in it. You, yourself, must be able The presence of this Christ, gentle and
to say: small as It may be, is the substance of
every experience that you will have on
Beautiful as you look, or horrible as you the outer plane. Seek neither health, nor
look, I now know there is no truth in you. wealth, nor fame, nor fortune. Seek first
There is no power for good or for evil in the realization of this inner kingdom and
any form, that is, in any person, place, be a beholder as these outer things are
thing, circumstance, or condition. God in added unto your experience. Do not
the midst of me is the only good, the hesitate to turn to It for revelation. Why
only power, and the only presence. The should not revelation be given to you as
only evil there is, is the belief in a well as to others who have lived before
you? "God is no respecter of persons."
Gautama was only the Buddha because
he worked for twenty-one years to
receive illumination; Jesus was only the
Christ because he gave himself to the
world; and you will be whatever degree
of love there is in you for God and for
your neighbor. You will be whatever you
permit yourself to be, but only by
acknowledging that you, yourself, can
never be anything; it is this gentle
Presence that you have felt that is to
carry you throughout your days back
into conscious union with God.

You know what the goal of life is to be

reunited with the Father, to be
consciously one with God. You know the
way, the prayer of inner contemplation
and meditation, the recognition of the
Christ, the love of God, and the love of
man. Now carry this message in your
mind where you will always remember
the principles; and in your heart, dwell
upon the gift which has been given you,
delivered to you from the Father the gift
of the realized Presence within you.
Bless It always that It may increase.