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Full time

The BFB Foundation, a public charity established in the USA that supports education for girls
and women in Guatemala, plans to hire a professional, based in Guatemala, who is deeply
knowledgeable about Guatemala’s educational system and can assist primarily high school
students develop plans for success in future careers and higher education study.

After reviewing the position requirements, additional qualifications, duties, and information
about the Foundation and its work, interested applicants should submit electronically a resume
and cover letter explaining their motivation to:
BFB Foundation Director, Elizabeth Maddrey

The BFB Foundation is focused on empowering women, and providing them with the skills and
confidence they need to fully participate in the lives of their communities and in the
development of Guatemala. The Foundation seeks applicants who wish to work in career
counseling and academic advising at its three (3) partner schools in Guatemala, serving
primarily high school aged girls along with some work developing the educational and work
aspirations of girls at its partner institutions’ middle schools, and occasional interaction with
alumnae who have entered university and/or the job market.

Position Description:

Responsive Services
o Provide individual counseling to assist approximately 100 students with information about a
wide variety of education and career paths
o Provide small group interventions in areas such as problem solving, peer relations, goal
setting, and assisting students to resolve their concerns

Individual Planning
o Advocate with parents and community leaders for the needs or best interests of individual
o Consult and coordinate with school personnel, parents and community agencies to bring
together resources and information to meet the needs of students
o Collaborate with sending and receiving schools to provide developmentally appropriate
transition services

Systems Support
o Evaluate and regularly update comprehensive guidance program
o Disseminate information about the comprehensive guidance program to students, teachers,
staff, administration, parents, BFB Foundation and its consultants.

Essential Position Requirements
The successful candidate must have: a baccalaureate degree from an accredited university in
Guatemala or the USA; native fluency in Spanish; a level of English that will enable easy
communication between the counselor/advisor and Foundation colleagues; three to five years
of successful work experience after university graduation in business, the education sector, the
non-governmental organization sector, or government; demonstrated commitment to working
for women’s advancement through volunteer efforts, employment, educational focus or similar
combination; familiarity with Guatemalan post-secondary educational institutions and their
admissions policies and standards; and familiarity with the Guatemalan job market and
potential employment growth areas. In addition, the candidate must be willing to travel to and
meet with students at the several locations in Guatemala where the Foundation has
partnerships, and to meet students when necessary at non-standard times. Finally, the
successful candidate must demonstrate high level organizational skills, self-starting
characteristics, an ability in writing and speaking to communicate effectively, and a fully
functional ability in standard office budgeting, finances, and technology utilization.

Additional Qualifications
The successful candidate may also demonstrate capacity and skills that are not essential to the
smooth functioning of the counsellor/advisor role but could enhance the staff member’s
effectiveness. These additional qualifications could include: skills communicating in one or
several of Guatemala’s indigenous languages; experience working as a guidance counsellor in
secondary education in Guatemala; familiarity with the social and psychological constraints
hindering educational and professional attainment among indigenous and economically less
advantaged women in Guatemala.

Experience and Education Requirements
Degree in Sociology, Psychology, or Education with an emphasis on Counseling, Educational
Administration, and/ or Life-long learning.

3 - 5 years as a High School Guidance Counselor and Additional Teaching Experience

o Fluency in Spanish. Mayan a plus.
Established relationships with college admissions officers, preferably in Guatemala
o Knowledge of the University application process
Experience working in a Guatemalan High School environment as a Guidance counselor
o Desire to assist students in identifying higher education goals and plans to pursue those
o Willing to travel between Antigua, Quiche and Solola, Guatemala. (Expenses paid)

o Computer literate, ability to multitask and work with multiple students
Ability to work as part of a team, in a school setting, and in collaboration with the
foundation and its consultants.
Candidate must be able to collect data on students and report to the school and BFB

The counselor will provide support primarily to students living in Antigua, Solola and Quiche.
Preference is that the candidate lives in/ around Guatemala City or Antigua and willing to travel
to Solola and Quiche.

University Scholarship Program
We are currently supporting 20 University Scholarship recipients (2018) who have graduated
from our partner high school for indigenous girls in Antigua, Guatemala. Additionally, we are
expanding into two more schools with the goal of offering the scholarships to more students.
Areas of study include accounting, law, psychology and teaching/ education administration.
Criteria for University Scholarship Recipients: Strong academic skills (maintaining a certain
grade point average), commitment to leadership, community service, and furthering their
education, demonstrated family support, completion of a community service project in their
native village.

About BFB Foundation
The BFB Foundation headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA is a non-profit public
charity whose mission is to strengthen developing communities by supporting education-
focused initiatives for girls and women.

In addition to supporting high school students on their path to University, BFB Foundation also
provides funds and support to three primary schools and 12 libraries in Guatemala. Key
program initiatives we support include the Aflatoun curriculum (financial and social literacy),
Early Childhood Development and Nutrition through Women’s Leadership Projects, and
scholarships for students at each educational level.

More information can be found on our website at

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Posting Date: April 26, 2018

Candidate Interviews will be scheduled for July 12 – 16, 2018 (Guatemala City and Antigua)