INTRODUCTION CRM is an acronym for µCustomer Relationship Management¶.

It¶s a set of strategies, processes ,metrics, organizational culture and technology solutions that enhance an organization's ability to see the differences in its present & prospective customers, track new opportunities to better serve customers and act, instantly and profitably, on those differences and opportunities. Recently CRM has taken a center stage in the business world with businesses concentrating on saving money and increasing profits by redefining internal processes and procedures. It costs a company dramatically less to retain and grow an existing client, than it does to court new ones. The aim of CRM is to optimize the use of technology and human resources. CRM services consist of the following major segments:

Consulting services

Implementation services

CRM Outsourcing services

Training services

Emphasizing on the importance of CRM one of the ICICI employees said. Its philosophy focuses on each and every customer¶s satisfaction. It alsoautomated the process flow tracking in the product sales process and helped generate customizedreports and promote cross-selling .´ ²Gurnam Saini. Assistant General Manager. ³With the overallimprovement in the ETL1 process made possible by PowerCenter. ICICI Bank CRM at ICICI Bank involves increased communication between the bank and its present and prospective customers. which resulted in quicker analysisand timely reporting. we benefited from greater dataimmediacy for business users and more reliable information. CRM facilitated coordination of multiple business functions & multiple channel ofcommunication with the customers to carry out customer management more efficiently.

. Why use CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT? Every insurance company faces the challenge of servicing their customers quickly and with all the necessary background information.. No matter what the business.more.more.. This nascent software initiated the birth of a new philosophy in business strategy... We specialize in providing tools for effective CRM in insurance companies. .. a proper CRM is especially important in order to gain a complete view of the customer which addresses all the facts involved. No one can deny that the dynamic of a customer service phone conversation should be different when handling requests for a motorhome insurance quote and when navigating questions about Life Settlements.What is CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT? CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT first came unto the scene as mere software that organized and displayed customer information in a format that enabled customer service agents to offer fully informed and holistic customer service. For whom is CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT intended? CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT is a necessary solution for any service oriented company looking to maximize the potential of their customer relationships.more. Is CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT practical for every business? For every business that relates to customers in multiple ways and from multiple aspects of the company. Integrated merchant accounts including credit card payments by phone and mail. As the character of insurance provider businesses expands to encompass a plethora of details... CRM for Merchant Account Integration? Integrate your merchant account with your CRM! Connect your portfolio to your credit card receivables. a CRM can be tailored to fit your needs and integrate your existing applications.more.

Lead generation via outbound tele-calling on databases provided by ABN AMRO (Life Saver. Aviva Life Insurance is steadily establishing its presence in the country and with a strong sales force of over 3000 Financial Planning Advisers (FPA¶s). giving Aviva as a µpreferred choice¶. They have pioneered an innovative µneed based¶ sales approach to the of India's oldest and largest groups of companies. Aviva products are available at over 131 locations in the country. family life. ‡ All Tele calling scripts follow IRDA rules with regular audit of outbound calls.) Follow up for closure of leads Lead generation by tele-calling to databases sourced by IVG based on target audience. Through the Bancassurance partnerships. FAQ¶s and other insurance related queries with special emphasis on understanding the needs of the customer based on attributes like age. IVG agents are comprehensively trained on product knowledge. Aviva has also pioneered Bancassurance in the country through its tie-ups with leading private and nationalised Banks in the country. various other policies etc.Aviva Life Insurance µSubsidiary of the World¶s Oldest Insurance Group¶ ± Our Partner Since 2002 Introduction Aviva Life Insurance India is a joint venture between Aviva plc ± UK¶s largest insurer and Dabur . Life bond. . etc. Buddy system between tele-callers and sales managers of Aviva to ensure feedback on each lead with a joint focus on conversion. IVG¶s Services include: Telemarketing Bancassurance . Our Solution IVG team provides outbound tele calling solutions to promote the concept of insurance as an investment. Requirement Aviva wanted to outsource their telemarketing and collections process with an objective of increasing their customer base and facilitating premium collections. profession. Reminder calls for payment of insurance premiums.

The system went live in 2004. taking just four to five months to go online.Early on. The portal initiative started sometime in 2003. Although using the extensive SBI group platform for cross-selling products and services was a viable option. . the insurance major had little enterprise software to support its business and the processes were carried out in an ad hoc manner. the top management realised that technology was a crucial driver for product and service delivery. Earlier. reaching and engaging the customer cost effectively required a technology backbone.

cost-effective and robust to expand its presence in the insurance sector and achieve a higher degree of service differentiation. The challenge was to meet the demanding service and fulfilment levels of the growing insurance sector. SBI Life was on the lookout for a technology solution that was easy to implement.The need for system automation became critical at SBI Life Insurance. .

. maintaining and enhancing customer relationship in multi service organizations. maintaining relationship with them yield better result he reason There has been an influx of private life insurance companies in India after the liberalisation of the Indian insurance sector. The key to success lay in knowing potential customers better.Customer Relationship Management is concerned with attracting. Customers are the backbone of any kind of business activities. To do this. CRM goes beyond the transactional exchange and enables the marketer to estimate the customer¶s sentiments and buying intentions so that the customer can be provided with products and services before the starts demanding. it was one of the last players to enter the market. and in bringing out products and services tailored to customer requirements. When Aviva entered India in 2002. it went in for an enterprise-wide deployment of Talisma¶s e-CRM suite even before it launched Indian operations in June 2002.

. y It has facilitated the timely analysis of the company¶s sales and marketing initiatives. The customer service team at Aviva has successfully leveraged it to provide superior service across multiple channels. thus helping Aviva modify its products and services to the tastes and requirements of customers.Benefits for Aviva y Aviva¶s entire sales and marketing operations have been integrated through the deployment of the e-CRM suite. y Aviva can share real-time customer information across its customer-facing departments across locations.

. not IT-driven and must permeate the strategic and marketing thinking of an organisation.There is little doubt that the concept of CRM is a vital element in success. Before starting a CRM initiative it must be clear what the benefits will be. but to ensure that success it must be a business-lead issue. If this is not the case CRM will end up merely as another revenue hit with little discernible return. how they will be realised and what the implications are for an organisation.

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