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Focus on the importance of building relationships in business and look at how to
engage associates effectively in conversation

Procedure and results.

Title: Preparing Corporate Entertainment
Open your book on page 7.
Read the instructions in exercise 3 and listen to the audio 1.01.
Make notes about the meeting
Share your findings with the teacher

Speaker 1. Wants to make something cultural about the city, and a small dinner
Speaker 2. Wants to go to a big dinner so they can talk about business.
Speaker 3. Wants to go dinner, but he does not want to talk business.
Speaker 4. Wants to give them something about the city, and make the visit like more

Competence 2. Reading

Title: Researching Corporate Events

Go to page 7 and follow the instructions on exercise 4. Read about four different corporate
events on pages 118 and 129 of your books.
Make notes on the positive and negative qualities of each event, based on the listening in
the previous activity.
Go online and research other events in London that you could take the Russians to.
Result: Share your findings with the teacher

Russians read a lot, they like to go threatre, they are a cultured nation
I make a Little research about how Russian people are, is more attractivefot them the
“Banquet on board the Rotal Yach Britania” The only problem is that is far from London, so
we could choose another place, not necessarily eating on the British Grand Prix. London is
a great city and we can find a better place where they are going to be more confortable and
About pag 129 they will enjoy the London eye and provate Tour, tan Going to the
Championship of Tennis, You don’t need to waste a lot of money, you can give them
activities where they more used to do.
Activities that i recommend.

 See theatre Elizabethan style with a groundling ticket to the Globe

 Revisit the Routemaster at the London Transport Museum

 Admire London from above at The View from The Shard

 Explore a gory past at the London Dungeons
 See Charles II’s loo at Hampton Court Palace

T. (Ed.). (2012). Russian People and Their Lifestyle. Retrieved 2018, from
T. (n.d.). 101 things to do in London. Retrieved January 13, 2018, from

Competence 3. Speaking

Title: Planning Corporate Entertainment

Go to page 7 and follow the instructions in exercise 5. Decide which event your company
will take the Russians to.
Share your research with your teacher. Discuss the pros and cons of each event.
Finally, come to a decision.
Competence 4. Writing

I already said in the question before what event would be the best, and i gave the pros and
cons of each event.

So the dinner would be one that i found on the internet Fornum and mason, these
restaurant is one of the most classiest in London, it is gourmet food, and a lot of British
people like it.

Title: Corporate Entertainment Report

Individually, according to the last activity, write a report about your committee's decision.
Include the process involved in researching the different events and how the group reached
a decision.

A group of Russians businesspeople, who are going to collaborate with me on international

projet are visiting me on my London office, so I start planning where can w ego to celebrate
there visit.
Honestly the recommendations that are on the book are too fansy, the people of Russian
are more culture and they know a lot of history, so we decide of give them a tour around the
city, visiting the most famous places and close our tour on the theatre of the city.