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A Holiday At Lava – Lolegaon – Rishap –

Posted by Krishnandu Sarkar | Apr 11, 2015 | Travelogue, West Bengal | 152 |

It all started with “Cho Mondarmani Jai. Good Friday te tana 3 din chuti” (Let’s go to
Mandarmani. We’ll get 3 long holidays due to Good Friday) by one of our friend. We all had
already been to Mandarmani number of times and we all got bored by visiting the same place
again and again. But then we thought about other probable options? Generally Bengali’s can’t
think of anything else other than same old Digha, Mandarmani etc. as Weekend Destination, may
be due limitations of not much options from Kolkata, I believe.

After discussing for 3 days over different destinations, I thought of North Bengal. Well, North
Bengal is a heaven for Travelers with numbers of destinations and different options. First I
thought of Lava and Lolegaon (also spelled as Loleygaon), but then after doing my research I
thought of including Rishap (also spelled as Rishyap) and Kolakham. While doing my research I
came upon Pedong and Charkhol, both of which are awesome destinations, but due to shortage
of time, we thought of limiting this of our trip to Lava, Lolegaon (Loleygaon), Rishap (Rishyap)
and Kolakham.

I quickly chalked out an Itenary and shared with my friends. Finally after few revisions, we fixed
our stay at Kolakham and Rishop (Rishyap) instead of commonly chosen destination, Lava and
Lolegaon (Loleygaon). All these places can be covered as Sightseen as well as you can stay, if
you choose to. As not much options are there, instead of enjoying the scenic beauty.


 Day 1 : NMZ to Kolakham. Post Lunch visit Changey Falls. O/N at Kolakham
 Day 2 : Kolakham to Rishap (Rishyap) via Neora Valley and Lava. O/N at Rishap
 Day 3 : Rishap (Rishyap) to NJP via Lolegaon (Lolegygaon) and Delo (Dealo)

All these happened in the 3rd week of March and all the trains to NJP were full. I quickly booked
tickets for our onward journey at about Waiting List of 30, but we were out of luck for our return
journey as the Waiting List was of above 150. So we thought of booking Tatkal by some agent,
but suddenly on 26th March, I came upon a special train, NJP SRC Special (New Jalpaiguri to
Santragachi), announced by Indian Railways as Summer Specials which will run only on
Sunday’s. Without wasting a single second, I typed IRCTC in my browser and booked the

Now that all the arrangements were done, we just waited for the D Day to arrive. Believe me,
this moment of waiting for your hard planned trip is like spending every day as a week. But as
the trip was of only 3 days, we knew once it comes up, it’ll end just in few moments. So we all
enjoyed the verge of this moment.

Finally the day came and we started our journey with Kanchankanya Express from Sealdah.
Kanchankanya Express is the only train which goes upto New Mal Jn. (NMZ). If you are going
to Lava / Lolegaon (Loleygaon) / Kolakham / Rishap (Rishyap) / Pedong / Charkhol etc., it’s
always wise to go upto New Mal Jn. (NMZ) and take a cab upto Lava, which will cost you
around 2200/-. From there, book a cab to your destination from Lava Car Syndicate. You can
start your journey from NJP, but the cost will be much higher and also, you’ll have a hard time
finding cab for Lava. Shared cabs for Lava is available from Siliguri, but nothing is guaranteed.
Also, while going to NMZ you can enjoy the scenic beauty and thrilling experience of moving
through caves.

Day 1 : NMZ to Kolakham. Post Lunch visit Changey Falls. O/N at Kolakham

When we reached New Mal Jn. (NMZ) our Driver Ramen Da was waiting for us. Soon we
started moving towards our first destination Kolakham. En-route to Kolakham, we took a break
at Malbazar, for taking Cash out of ATM and getting our Drinks. Kolakham, Rishap (Rishyap),
Lava, Lolegaon (Loleygaon), Pedong, Charkhol etc. these are very less known destinations as
well as small villages with very few options. So up there you’ll hardly find any ATM. At Lava
there’s an ATM, which will be out of Cash 90% of the times. Also the cost of the Drinks will be
high, as you move upwards with very limited options. So it’s always best carry cash and choice
of your drinks from plains. Don’t even think of using your plastic money there, else you’ll end
up ruining your trip and going back down to get cash.

It took us around 3.5 Hours to reach our Hotel, Silent Valley, in Kolakham with few breaks in
between. It really felt like Silent Valley, where practically you have nothing to do rather than
enjoying the scenic beauty. Kolakham is a small village in Kolbong Forest within the Neora
Valley. While moving through Neora Valley, in between through the Pine trees, we all wondered
how God have designed the Nature and soon we realized how we city people have destructed it
and now we thrive for it with different Go Green pledges. It was just awesome. Wish I had more
words to describe the scenic beauty of the nature here. We were greeted warmly by the staff and
they took to our room.

When we entered the room we were just speechless. Wow..!!

I had already called Mr. Subrata (the owner of Silent Valley) beforehand, when we were at
Malbazar and informed about our hereabouts. So, the lunch was ready when we were there. Soon
we were served Lunch at the Restaurant. This was the best lunch I ever had.
Post lunch, after taking rest for few minutes, we started for Changey Falls. Within 30 minutes we
reached the point from where we trekked down to see the falls. The road was steep and while
going down we noticed halt rooms around the turns. Though we didn’t understand the
significance of these while going down. But it was not too late for us to understand why these
have been made while returning back.

Way To Changey Falls

It was around 5:30 PM and we left for our Hotel. As soon as we reached we were given some
snacks and Tea. Rest of the evening we enjoyed doing masti among ourselves. At around 9 PM
we were called for Dinner. Though in hilly areas people sleeps early but we City people couldn’t
adjust with that. So we enjoyed with our Antiquity Blue till 1 AM in the midnight and after that
we went to sleep

Day 2 : Kolakham to Rishap (Rishyap) via Neora Valley and Lava. O/N at Rishap

It was 6:30 AM in the morning when we woke up and was amazed when we removed the
curtains. We all were excited to see Kangchenjunga (actually pronounced and spelled as
Kanchendzonga). We just couldn’t move from the window for few minutes. Soon we were
served Bed Tea and after that we started getting ready for moving along, according to our
Itenary. After breakfast we left Silent Valley and Kolakham at around 9 AM.

First we went to Lava to get our permits to enter Neora Valley. Though technically we were
staying in Neora Valley only, as Kolakham is in Neora Valley base area. But to go up to Zero
Point one needs to get permission from Lava. But we didn’t do that previous day while going to
Kolakham as we were not aware about the same. So we got permission for Chaufadder Point .
While in Lava we ordered our Lunch at Hotel Tibet.

It took us around 2 Hours to reach Chaufadder Point. After waiting for few minutes and few
formalities, the Guide took us further for the trek. It was an awesome experience. This was first
time we were trekking in Forest. Though we didn’t came across any Red Panda, but we did
managed to see few birds and butterflies. Finally when we reached the end point we just felt that,
we are at the source of Changey Falls. The paths around it is dangerous as you need to walk
above the roots of the trees which are slippery. After spending some time and few clicks we
returned. The trek was about 1 Hour.

Way To Neora Valley

When we reached Chaufadder Point, we ordered Green Tea. It was authentic Green Tea and
nothing else was available. We all felt hungry, so without wasting any time we started for Lava.
The weather at Lava was just awesome. We could touch the Fogs, as it was flying so low. It felt
really cold.

Post lunch we did some shopping in and around. Finally we visited Lava Monastery. We have
been to various Monastery before, so we felt nothing special here.

At around 5 PM in the evening we started for Rishap (Rishyap). It took us around 30 Minutes to
reach our Hotel, Himalayan Hut in Rishap (Rishyap). While on Lava, we had already informed
Mr. Bimal Gurung (owner of Himalayan Hut).

Upon reaching our Hotel, Mr. Tamang helped us getting into our rooms. I just couldn’t believe
my eyes, it was the whole 180 Deg Kangchenjunga (Kanchendzonga) view. We asked Mr.
Tamang to arrange Bonfire and Barbeque. We had already informed about the same to Mr.
Bimal Gurung when we were at Lava, as everything needs to be arranged beforehand, as there’s
nothing much at Rishap (Rishyap). We ordered 2KG Chicken for us which they had already got
from Lava when we called Mr. Gurung.

Mr. Tamang informed us that weather at Rishap (Rishyap) is very unpredictable, so it could rain
anytime. It was chilly and was around 2 – 3 Deg Centigrade. So we didn’t wasted any more time
and rest of the evening we spent enjoying Antiquity Blue, warming ourselves in the heat of
Bonfire. After few minutes Mr. Tamang started roasting Chicken and soon we were served the
same. It was just fabulous. We had tried Barbeque before, even at home we do it sometimes, but
it never tasted like this.

At around 8 PM it started raining, so we hurried ourselves into our room. It was raining heavily
and electricity was cut off as trees fell due to the storm. At around 9 PM we were called for
Dinner. After having dinner at around 10 PM hotel staff turned off the generator. So practically
we had nothing to do, at 3 Deg C while raining, so we followed Early to Bed mantra

Day 3 : Rishap (Rishyap) to NJP via Lolegaon (Lolegygaon) and Delo (Dealo)

Though we are not an early riser, but due the early sunrise we woke up at around 5:30 AM. It
was cloudy morning as it was heavily raining whole night. But as time passed by, at around 7
AM, the sky started getting clear and gradually we were getting the 180 Degree view of
Kangchenjunga (Kanchendzonga). We packed our bags as it was the last day of our trip. We got
ready and left Himalayan Hut, Rishap (Rishyap) at around 11 AM.

We went to Lolegaon (Loleygaon), but due to the storm, day before, and rain there were few
road blocks as the trees fell down on the street.

But finally after all the hassles we reached Lolegaon (Loleygaon) at around 1 PM. But we were
out of luck as the Hanging Bridge, Canopy Walk itself got broken due to the storm. Still we
helped ourselves to climb up and enjoy the ride..!!

At around 2 PM, after having some Momo at a nearby shop (infact the only shop near Hanging
Bridge, Canopy Walk) we left for Delo (Dealo). It took us around 3 Hours to reach Delo (Dealo).
We tried bargaining about the Paragliding, but it didn’t helped us. So we enjoyed rest of the
evening at Delo (Dealo) and left for NJP at around 5:30 PM.
It was around 8:30 when we reached NJP. Our train was at 23:00 Hrs, but it got delayed for
another hour.

Finally we were back to Kolkata. The train was late by about 3 Hours, and it reached Santragachi
(SRC) at 1 PM instead of 10 AM. It was scorching hot at Kolkata. We helped ourselves to book
a Mega Cab to our home. Finally the trip ends with some loving memories. We felt like we were
travelling for 4 – 5 days whereas it’s just been 2 days. May be because we all were together after
a long gap.

Costs Involved:
Silent Valley, Kolakham – 4 Bedroom @ 2200/- and 3 Bedroom @ 1700/- = 3900/-
Himalayan Hut, Rishap (Rishyap) – 4 Bedroom @ 1500/- and 3 Bedroom @ 1300/- = 2800/-
Total Accommodation = 6700/-
We were 7 persons and so we booked exclusive vehicle for our entire trip @ 3500/- per day =
Fooding were 425/- per day per person. (This includes Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner)
[Note : It’s the meal plan of hotel]
Bonfire = 350/-
Barbeque = Chicken 350/- per KG.
Train Cost – Onward Journey via Kanchankanya Express @ 385/- and Return Journey via NJP
SRC Special @ 350/- = 735/- per head

Cost Effective Suggestions:

 If you are not interested in exclusive vehicle, then you can go ahead with point to point
 From NMZ cabs to Lava will take around 2200/- upto Lava. From there you need to book
another cab upto Kolakham
 The price for different areas are set by the Syndicate so you will pay the fixed price
 If you are planning for Lava better go to NMZ instead of NJP, as the prices of cabs upto
Lava is much higher from NJP
 There are buses and shared cabs available from Siliguri, but there’s no guarantee, so it’s
always best to start your journey from NMZ. Also enroute to NMZ you can experience
great scenics and few thrilling experience of passing though caves.
 If you are planning to stay at Lava, better go for WBFDC cottages.

Regarding us, upon contacting Lava Car Syndicate about the point to point prices we figured
that, it’d cost us 10,900/- so we thought of keeping exclusive vehicle for our entire trip.

Tips For The Visitors:

 Lava, Lolegaon (Loleygaon), Kolakham, Rishap (Rishyap), Pedong, Charkhol are

interconnected with each other by around 30 minutes to 2 Hours, with Lava being the
largest and well known Town around. Except Lava and Lolegaon (Loleygaon) everything
else is lesser known destination. All these destinations can be covered as sightseen, by
staying at single destination, as you have nothing much to do on most of these places
except enjoying the scenic beauty. I’d suggest staying at Rishap (Rishyap) / Kolakham /
Charkhol if you want to enjoy the scenic beauty and love to be isolated from crowd in
Lava. Also if you are there for more than one days, try to stay in different destination.
This way you won’t get bored (as I already said, you practically have nothing to do) and
you can experience different ambiance.
 As for Sightseens, you can go to Lava Monastry at Lava and can do some shopping in
Lava. There’s Hanging Bridbe, Canopy Walk at Lolegaon (Loleygaon) and Changey
Falls at Kolakham. So expect these three places, nothing is there for sightseen. So if you
are not a nature lover, you’ll be bored easily.
 Always carry cash, for the whole trip. There’s no ATM at these forest areas. You’ll
encounter one ATM at Lava but chances are that will be out of service or out of cash
most of the times. And don’t even think of using your Plastic Money there.
 If you are planning for Paragliding, you can easily do one in Delo (Dealo) or Kalimpong.
It costs around 3000/- for 15 – 20 Mins and 4000 for 30 Mins.
 The same goes for River Rafting (known as White Water Rafting) as well. But the point
is different. It’s on the junction where you take the route to Gangtok. It costs around
5000/- per boat for 30 mins.
 If it’s raining, avoid stepping into the grasses, as there are possibility of Jok, so if
possible please carry some salt to be safe.
 Lava is the entry point of Neora Valley National Park. Where you need to arrange the
 Except Lava and Lolegaon (Loleygaon), other destinations are very small villages with
around hardly 10 families. So be generous when you visit any hotels (Cottages) over
there. Also keep in mind, that anything you want, please arrange it or tell them
beforehand, as everything needs to be arranged from Lava. So please don’t be cruel.
 Carry your drinks from Malbazar / NJP / Siliguri, from where you are starting your
journey. Because as you go above the charges will increase and options will be limited.
 Don’t spend your entire time in the journey. Enjoy the scenic beauty of nature which we
city people have destroyed. Also, don’t make much noise as this disturbs the environment
of forest and these places.
 It’s recommended to book exclusive vehicle throughout the trip.

This trip would not have been such a memorable one without

 TripAdvisor Lava Forum

 India Mike Tour Guidance
 Sticky Thread Regarding Lava-Lollegaon-Rishap and the other threads at India Mike
West Bengal Forum

Special Thanks To:

Mr. Dipankar (North East Travels) for helping us brushing up our itenary and booking Hotels
and Car. He really is a very knowledgeable person of North East areas and can provide great
solutions for your trips in these areas. He himself is an avid traveller. He just not only does
business with you, but always provide cost effective tips. I always love DIY, but I’m really
happy after dealing with Dipankar Da.
Thanks to Dipans, Ashis Roy and other active members from TripAdvisor Forum for their
contributions. Thanks Dipans for suggesting Mr. Dipankar.

Mr. Dipankar Roy (North East Travels)
Email :
Phone : +918972247306

Driver : Mr. Ramen – +919679868649

Silent Valley, Kolakham : Mr. Subrata – +919830190503 / +918981530735

Himalayan Hut, Rishap (Rishyap) : Mr. Bimal Gurung – +919733093588

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About The Author

Krishnandu Sarkar

Hi, I'm born and bought up in Kolkata in the midst of what bongs are best known for - Eating,
Sleeping and Travelling. A developer by profession and a traveler by passion. I have been
travelling since I was kid but recently started drafting my travel experiences to help future
visitors having a pocket friendly smooth travel experience.

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Sushmita nandi on April 11 at 10:14 AM

Awesome journey


Krishnandu Sarkar on April 11 at 8:43 PM




rajib mallick on July 1 at 11:59 AM

Crisp description with notable info. Can this tour be clubbed with a tour to murti?


Krishnandu Sarkar on July 1 at 10:12 PM

Thanks a lot Rajib. I would not suggest clubbing it with Murti. As both are in
different direction. Better enjoy it with Suntanekhola River Camp or Jhallong
River Camp. You can check out my expriences about Jhallong River Camp at A
Night At Jhallong River Camp



KRISHNENDU on September 21 at 11:17 AM

Can you provide me the phone number of lava car syndicate


Krishnandu Sarkar on September 21 at 12:11 PM

Hi Krishnendu, You can try contacting Somnath (NJP) for more details at

BTW just to let you know it’s the car owners syndicate. So price is fixed.



SUMAN BHATTACHARYA on January 7 at 6:39 PM

Hi Krishnendu,

Very detailed and crisp extravaganza narrated by you,we want to go for a trip to
paren,bindu,jhallong,todey and tangta for 2 days ,1 night stay at paren WBFDC nature
resorts,can it be covered?


Krishnandu Sarkar on January 7 at 6:54 PM

I don’t think you’ll be able to make it. Infact it’s not much doable.

It will take one full day to enjoy Bindu, Paren etc. And you’ll have many things to
there. It’ll take almost half day to reach Kolakham. And for Neora Valley
Trekking and moving to Rishyap it’ll require another full day. There’s many
things to see there and here also.

Even if you make it in hurry you won’t be able to enjoy any of the place. Thus I’ll
suggest to limit this trip to your choosen destinations and plan for this one in
another trip later.

You can check out A Night At Jhallong River Camp where you can plan a stay!!
It was awesome experience staying there.



videsh on February 25 at 5:58 PM

hi krishnensu , we are 4 adult with one baby, is small available there?


Krishnandu Sarkar on February 25 at 6:02 PM

Hi Videsh, I do not understand your question. Please rephrase your question and
I’ll surely help you out



Videsh on February 26 at 1:03 PM

we r 4 adult with a baby so we don’t need big car (8 seater). In lava and rishyap syndicate
small car (4seater) available for sight seeing and drop point to point like (lava to
lonegaon, Lava to rishayp , Lava to Kholakham) etc? we dont want exclusive car cause
we want to stay rishyap 2 night according to sydicate rule more than one night u stay
there u need to book cra from then.


Krishnandu Sarkar on February 26 at 1:06 PM

Right. Yes small cars (4 Seaters) are available.



Videsh on February 26 at 5:37 PM

how is my travel plan?

18/05/2016 train
19/05/2016 Nzm to Kolakham
night Stay Kolakham
20/02/1216 visit Changey Falls
and Return lava
chaek in lava hotel
lava sight seeing
night stay Lava
visit lonegaon morning and back to lava
chaek out hotel
Lava to rishyap
chaek in rishyap hotel
sight seeing rishyap
night stay rishyap
morning sunrise
enjoy full day at rishyap
night stay rishyap
morning at rishyap
chaek out for nzm train
any addition by u?

Krishnandu Sarkar on February 26 at 6:32 PM

The plan is perfectly fine. But as you are planning to stay in Rishyap for 2 days,
I’ll suggest you to plan Pedong or Sillery Gaon on 22nd.



Videsh on February 27 at 8:30 AM

Thank u very much Krishnendu. Have u any idea about there point to point syndicate car
fare? Like mzm to lava? Lava to kholakham? Kholakham to lava next DA return via
chrngry falls? Lava sight seeing? Etc.


Krishnandu Sarkar on February 27 at 9:55 AM

HI Videsh, NMZ to Lava would be 2200/-. I’m not aware about other fare as we
had hired exclusive vehicle.



videsh on February 27 at 10:10 AM

yes i know … i read


Krishnandu Sarkar on February 27 at 10:13 AM

If you are interested on hiring small vehicle exclusively you may call Mr.
Dipankar. He can arrange small car I believe. Just tell him my name, he’ll


videsh on February 27 at 10:34 AM

thanks… from where neora valy park nearer? rishop , lava?


Krishnandu Sarkar on February 27 at 10:42 AM

Well Kolakham falls under Neora Valley base area and if you are talking about
the trek and zero point then it’s nearer from Lava. And you have to go through
Lava only as you have to get the permits from Lava.


videsh on February 27 at 2:36 PM




Videsh on March 9 at 1:03 PM

hi krishnenu , how r u?
As on said about pedong or silary gaon is it possible one day up and down and stay night
at lava(21 may) then another day lava to rishyap?
my up and down train from NMZ.


Krishnandu Sarkar on March 9 at 3:00 PM

Yes you can. But I’d highly suggest to stay one night at Sillery Gaon to
experience it. Generally both sillery gaon and pedong doesn’t offer much
sightseeings. So you need to plan a stay to enjoy the natural beauty of the same.

Final decision is always upto you


b mukherjee on March 18 at 10:48 AM

Dear Krishnandu, very informative, the cost involved analysis very good. We 4 families
have planned to visit the same from 4th Apr’16 to 7th Apr’16. We have planned to stay at
kalimpong and visit the places as small kids are with us. Hope car syndicates are
available at Kalimpong.
best wishes and happy blogging


Krishnandu Sarkar on March 18 at 4:48 PM

Thanks a lot for your appreciation

I’m glad that you liked it and the post proved helpful to you.

Yes you’ll get cars at Kalimpong. Though you nay not get shared vehicles for all
the destinations but you’ll get exclusive vehicle for such.



Shuvo on April 20 at 5:38 PM

Hi Krishnandu Da,
Alas!! tomar blog ta porar agai amar train r tickt booking hoa geche.. Iccha toh Lava
Lolegaon jaor…. 1st May will reach NJP .. so missed booking tickets for NMZ…:( ..can
you please help to draft a itinerary for d tour..3 days 2 night trip..ami nd amar dada..
return from NJP on 3rd May nyt.. ektu guide koro… bdw Mr. Dipankar Roy (North East
Travels) r sathe contact korte parini phn a..


Krishnandu Sarkar on April 21 at 10:35 AM

Hi Shuvo, First of all I’m sorry for replying a bit late. I was travelling across West
and South Sikkim. Dipankar Da was there with me on West Sikkim with his
family. That’s why I think he couldn’t take your call. So you can try calling him
once again. Give my reference, he’ll recognize.

Anyway, coming to your question, you can follow the below itenary.

1st May : NJP to Kolakham. Visit to Changey Falls. O/N at Kolakham.

2nd May : Kolakham to Rishyap via Lava and Loleygaon. O/N at Rishyap.
3rd May : Kolakham to NJP via Pedong and Dealo.
Let me know if you need help with anything else.



dhiman on April 28 at 12:45 AM

krishnendu da, can i travel in lava and lolagaon in a day including neaora vally o point
visit.give me an idea about car fare from rishyap to lava,lolagaon ,kolkakham,kalingpong.



Krishnandu Sarkar on April 28 at 7:08 AM

Hi Dhiman, You can but it can be hectic. So start early. Lava and Loleygaon in a day is
not an issue at all. Trekking Neora valley takes some time.

Car fares over there are fixed by Lava Car Syndicate. It’d be around 1500 – 2000 for
small car.



Anirban Saha on May 6 at 7:15 PM

Dear Krishnendu,

Just gone through your trip details. Must say you had an awsome time. Just one question:
Can I book exclusive car from NMZ all the way to Kalimpong (via Kolakham (1day)
+Rishop(1day) +Icchegaon (1day) )and leave the car after reaching Kalimpong? I plan to
stay at Kalimpong for 2 nights so don’t want to keep a car on standby.
please let me know.
Thanks in advance

Anirban Saha


Krishnandu Sarkar on May 6 at 8:51 PM

Hi Anirban, Yes of course you can. It’s upto you that for how many days you’d
like to keep the exclusive vehicle.



Hi, Krishnendu. Read your blog. Useful details with nice pics all around. I’ve planned a
visit to Rishyap and Lava next month around 11th June. We are 8 persons. We have
already booked WBFDC cottages in Lava and Rishyap. It will be 2nights in Rishyap and
1 night at Lava. So will it be beneficial for us to have exclusive vehicle for the trip? We
would be coming from Jalpaiguri. Also can you please mention some sight seeing from
Rishyap? There is another issue about the syndicate. If we take our own vehicle for the
entire travel will they cause any harassment?

Our tour itinerary:

June 11: JPG to Rishyap via Malbazar.
Night stay at Rishyap.

June 12: Early morning sunrise and Kanchanjungha view. Please mention some sight
seeing spots for the rest of the day.
Night Stay at Rishyap.

June 13: Morning: Rishyap to Lava. Here also please mention some spots from Lava.
Night stay at Lava.

June 14: Return to JPG via Kalimpong, Deolo, NJP.



Krishnandu Sarkar on May 15 at 1:38 AM

Thanks a lot and I’m glad that you liked it

Rishyap, Kolakham, Lava, Loleygaon all are very close to each other.

So on 12th June you can go to Kolakham, see Changey Falls..

Again on next day you can see Lava Monastry and do Neora Valley Trek (very short and
easy trek of around 30 minutes). You can visit Loleygaon on this day too.

Regarding cab, exclusive vehicle would be very helpful here. Because you wont get cab
from Rishyap. So you have to book it from Lava only to pick you up next day.

You can also ask your hotel to arrange one, but the charges will be hefty amount.
No there’s absolutely no harrasment for exclusive vehicle. Don’t worry at all.


Piya on May 17 at 12:36 PM

hi, krishnendu…is it possible one day tour kalimpong and lonegoon from lava?
lava…..kalimpong(mainly delo)…..lanegaon(jhandi dara)….lava.? how much time


Krishnandu Sarkar on May 17 at 1:18 PM

Hi Piya,
I dont understand your question clearly. Do you mean you want to visit
Loleygaon and Dealo in Kalimpong from Lava as a day trip?


Animesh Roy on June 5 at 9:16 AM


It’s by sheer coincidence that I chanced upon your blog.

And it was a treat that it’s all about the places which were high on my priority must visit

Is Jun…entire month…good & safe for travel to these locales?

I specifically mean the roads & rains & land-slides.

Also it’d be nice if you could share your WhatsApp no.

And lastly…even if it may sound repetitive… You write real good…!



Krishnandu Sarkar on June 5 at 5:18 PM

Hi Animesh, Thanks a lot for your appreciation

To tell you the truth I don’t suggest these places on June as being monsoon season
you’ll entirely miss the Mt. K view and the road to Rishyap not being in a good
state it’d be very uncomfortable in June.
But other than that there’s no risk as far as I know!!

I’m mailing you my WhatsApp number on your Email ID.



Probal Basu on June 8 at 3:50 AM

I will visit in december this year. 4 day stay. 4 of my family members including me. I
want to make a low budget tour bcoz of financial cricis. But can not refuse demand of
family. Lava, lolegaon, and rishop, will be my destination. Want a comfortable but
budgeted tour. Can we complete the tour within Rs30000/- for 4 of us?
Please let me know if possible. Else I have to cancel the tour. 9830126686 is my no.


Krishnandu Sarkar on June 8 at 9:54 AM

Hi Probal, If you are ready to do a budget tour and stay in a single room then 30k
would be more than enough for the destinations you mentioned even if you hire
exclusive vehicle.

You can check the costs I have given in my post, that will give you a basic idea.



Promiti Ganguly on June 18 at 2:42 PM

Krishnendu,your travellogue is very interesting.I and my husband have a plan to visit
Lava Lolegaon.and Kolakham in Oct.We are above 65 yrs.We want toenjoy the
Nature.Can you please plan our trip for 7days.We cant afford a hectic tour
We are from Kolkata.So please start the tourplan from NJP


Krishnandu Sarkar on June 18 at 3:26 PM

Hello Madam, Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad that you liked it.
Regarding your tour plan, you really have handful number of days. You can
follow the below tour plan for a relaxing holiday

Day 1 : NJP to Lava

Day 2 : Explore Loleygaon as day Trip and stay at Lava.
Day 3 : Lava to Kolakham
Day 4 : Kolakham
Day 5 : Kolakham to Chakhol
Day 6 : Charkhole
Day 7 : Charkhole To NJP

I have kept 2 days at each destination so you don’t have much journey.

You may also check out or stay at Icche Gaon / Sillery Gaon / Pedong. You can
check the destination once.

Let me know your decissions, then I can alter the tour plan accordingly.

Also you may stay at Rishyap instead of Lava if you want to avoid the general
crowd and stay at Nature’s Lap. But the road to Rishyap is not in good shape, so
that can be an issue at your age.



Promiti Ganguly on June 18 at 8:31 PM

Krishnendu.It is very nice of you to reply so soon.what is your opinion if we stay a
couple of days in Lolegaon? Do you think willi it be enjoyable? I am very thankfull to
you for your sugessions.Can we stay in Rishop instead of Lava?
Thanx Krishnendu


Krishnandu Sarkar on June 18 at 8:49 PM

Hello Madam, Yes I very much suggest you to stay in Rishyap instead of Lava as
I have already mentioned in my previous comment.

The reason is, both Lava and Loleygaon is over hyped and thus crowded. So you
may choose to stay at Lava and/or Loleygaon too depending on your taste.
But if you want to relax with a view of natural beauty, Rishyap and Kolakham is
recommended. And all these places being close to each other (within 30 minutes
driving distance) you can cover the places as a sightseeing trip too.



Promiti Ganguly on June 20 at 11:54 AM

Krishnendu.Thanks for the tour plan you have scheduled for me.I think it is grand.I’ll
contact you if any querry is there.Thanx a lot.


Krishnandu Sarkar on June 20 at 1:37 PM

Sure. Let me know if you have any queries. I’ll be glad to help



PRIYAM on June 20 at 7:10 PM

Mr. Subrata – +919830190503,SILANT VALLY RESORT,BANGALI FOOD



Krishnandu Sarkar on June 20 at 9:28 PM

Hi Priyam, Yes Bengali food is available



PRIYAM on June 20 at 8:06 PM



Krishnandu Sarkar on June 20 at 9:29 PM

Hi Priyam, I’m only aware of Mr. Subrata’s number. He’s the manager and owner
of the resort I believe.



Promiti Ganguly on July 2 at 8:02 PM

Hi . is very nice of you tohelp me with tour plan.I have chalked it as below
1st day Kolkata to Njp
2nd day Njp toKalimpong
2days stay at Kalimpong
4th day Kalimpong to Lolegaon
2days stay at Lolegaon
6th dayLolegaon to Rishop
2days stay at Rishop
8thday Rishop to Kolakham
2days stay at Kolakham
10th day back toNjp.Is the plan ok?Thanks in advance


Krishnandu Sarkar on July 2 at 9:15 PM

Yes Maam, you can go ahead with this tour plan too.



Promiti Ganguly on July 13 at 8:49 PM

Krishnandu,Thank you so much for helping me .But now I need a little more help from
you.I’ve sent you my tour plan ,but now I am little confused ,will you please plan my tour
I’ve bought tickets from Sealdah to NJP for 22.10.2016.staying in Kalimpong for2days
Now I want to visit Lollegaon charkhol Lava Rishop andKolalkham .Our return
on31st Oct.from NJP.I will be very thankful if you please chalk out aplan for us.Thanks
in advance

Krishnandu Sarkar on July 13 at 9:09 PM

Hello Maam, You may follow the below itinerary..

22nd : Board Train from Sealdah

23rd : Reach NJP in the Morning and Proceed to Kalimpong. O/N at Kalimpong.
24th : Kalimpong Sightseeing. O/N at Kalimpong.
25th : Kalimpong to Kolakham via Lava. O/N at Kolakham.
26th : Day At Leisure. O/N at Kolakham.
27th : Kolakham to Rishyap via Lava and Loleygaon. O/N at Rishyap.
28th : Day at Leisure. O/N at Rishyap.
29th : Rishyap to Charkhole.
30th : Day at Leisure. O/N at Charkhole.
31st : Charkhole to NJP.

Hope that helps

Let me know if you have any doubts or need help with anything else



Promiti Ganguly on July 13 at 9:45 PM

Thanx Krishnandu,May I ask you one or two question.Can I get vehicle from each
placefor the trip.Will it be pocket friendly?WII Charkhol be shorter from
Kalimpong(somebody missguided me)Best hearty wishes for you and your family.


Krishnandu Sarkar on July 13 at 10:01 PM

No, you won’t get cars from Rishyap and Kolakham. So the days you’ll be in
Rishyap and Kolakham, you have to book the car earlier from Lava Car Syndicate
while passing through Lava while going to these places. So, as you are going for a
leisure trip, it’s not recommended to keep exclusive vehicle as most of the days
you’ll be doing nothing but just spending the day in leisure.

So there are two options for you…

1. Either book a car preliminary for the days you plan to return from Kolakham
and Rishyap from Lava Car Syndicate.
2. If the above seems complicated to you, you may contact the hotel owner to
arrange a car, but that will be enormous charge.

Charkhole is around 15 KM from Loleygaon.


Promiti Ganguly on July 13 at 10:06 PM

Thanx Krishnandu

Krishnandu Sarkar on July 13 at 10:07 PM

You are welcome

Let me know if you have queries with anything else


Promiti Ganguly on July 14 at 9:57 AM

Krishnandu.It’s a lovely plan But I wamt to stay in Lava forest for a couple of days.Can
you manahe it in the plan.Sorry to disturb you again.Thanx

Krishnandu Sarkar on July 14 at 12:15 PM

Hello Maam, It’s not about disturbing, I’m glad to help always
BTW by Lava Forest, I hope you mean Neora Valley Forest. In that case you are
staying in Kolakham which is within Neora Valley base area.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you wish to stay in Lava. I have just ommitted it
as Lava is really overcrowded and lost its charm.


Pradip on August 3 at 12:18 PM

Krishnendu You seem to be very much helping nd friendly otherwise no one gives such
details of travel plan, vehicle, budget. I have an unusual plan of staying at Rishop for five
days together and visiting Lava and Lolegaon in day time and back to Rishop every day.
ATM is the only problem. Carrying Cash is difficult. Any suggestion.

Krishnandu Sarkar on August 3 at 1:25 PM

Hi Pradip, Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad that you liked it!!

Yes I’m a budget traveller and always love to plan my tour on my own as that
helps me to keep the cost minimal.
Anyway coming to your query, you don’t need to carry cash from here (in train).
But withdraw all the cash you need for your entire trip while going to Rishyap i.e.
from Malbazar or en-route. You need to get and carry your drinks from there too.

You might buy those from Lava, but in Malbazar the charges will be less in

Those areas still operates in Cash so your plastic money won’t work there. Also in
Lava there’s only one ATM at the moment which is always out of cash most of
the time.

So eveyone who goes there withdraws cash while proceeding towards Lava. So
don’t worry of theft and all, as those kinds of things are not there up hills.

We did the same too!!



Sayan Roy on August 31 at 10:32 PM

Hi Krishnendu, read your post, it was really informative and very well described.
This December I am planning with my friends for this route for 6N/7D. Initially I have
decided to stay at Kolakham 1 night, Rishop 1 night, Shivakhola 2 nights (which is
another lesser known place but I am sure a traveler like you must aware of it). Can you
please suggest me another place which can be done with these for rest 2 nights? Can
Jhallong River Camp be done or it will be too off the track from above mentioned places?
Looking forward to your reply.


Krishnandu Sarkar on August 31 at 11:24 PM

Hi Sayan, Thanks a lot and I’m glad that you liked it!!

Yes I’m aware of Shivakhola River Camp. I even have contacts with Mr. Pradhan of
Shivakhola, but due to my hectic IT Schedule, I’m yet to pay a visit there!!

Well, Jhallong River Camp is presently undergoing renovation. Govt. is demolishing the
tents (which I believe to be the original charm of Jhallong River Camp) and replacing the
same with Cottages same as like Suntaleykhola River Camp.

So I’m not sure whether the same would be completed by December, otherwise, Jhallong
is not accepting any booking as of now due to the same. You may check Jholung River
Camp Revisited and A Night At Jhallong River Camp
Well, as you are already visiting Kholakham and Rishyap, I’d suggest you to stay one
night at Charkhole and one night at Pedong instead. Tru Jelep La Village Resort in
Pedong and in Charkhole try Blue Pine Retreat!!

Enjoy the view if you choose to stay at above destinations!!


Sayan Roy on September 2 at 10:31 AM

Thanks Krishnendu for your prompt reply.

Please send name of the contact persons and contact numbers of the concerned
persons for booking hotels and cars in Kolakham, Rishop, Charkhole, Pedong,


Sayan Roy on September 2 at 10:32 AM

And Shivakhola too.


Krishnandu Sarkar on September 3 at 10:29 AM

Hi Sayan, Contacts for the abive location except Pedong and Charkhole
are there given in the post above.

Anyway here are they again for your reference.

Mr. Dipankar Roy (North East Travels)
Email :
Phone : +918972247306

You may contact him for car.

Silent Valley, Kolakham : Mr. Subrata – +919830190503 /


Himalayan Hut, Rishap (Rishyap) : Mr. Bimal Gurung – +919733093588

Paras Konwar, Jelep La Village Resort, Pedong : 03552-281222 / +91 99-


Blue Pine Retreat, Charkhole : Blue Pine Retreat

Biplab, Shivakhola Adventure Camp : +91 97-33-454779

Hope that helps



Sayan Roy on September 2 at 11:14 AM

And also Shivakhola.



Rumi on September 21 at 10:05 AM

Hello krishnendu, it is really great to see your post. I am planning of honeymoon trip for
my brother. He only chose the location as lava. However, following your advice I have
booked the ticket up to NMZ. I think they should stay at Rishap and Charkhole. They will
be visiting on 7-12 dec week. Any idea of how many days will justify the trip? what is
your say.


Krishnandu Sarkar on September 21 at 12:06 PM

Hi Rumi, Yes you have done the right thing by booking tickets upto NMZ instead
of NJP.

Yes, Rishop and Charkhole is great destination. Lava is overcrowded so I’d

suggest to avoid staying at Lava and cover it as a sightseeing trip instead.

Well mumber of days depends on what all they want to cover. You may also look
at Kolakham and in that case they may stay one night at each destination or more
if they want to spend quality time in the lap of nature by doing nothing but just

And if they have more time as you are planning for 7th Dec – 12th Dec then you
can also include Darjeeling.

Let me know if you have further queries

Saurav on September 24 at 1:24 PM

hallo krishnandu,
it was great reading your tour details and plans… i have booked a holiday with my family
(wife, son of 8 years and myself) at darjeeling and rishyap from 24th october to 1st
november, including the train journey days… but unfortunately, got to see your
wonderful tour plans and details after the hotel bookings are completed…

we are going to rishyap on 28th october, afternoon from darjeeling and will be staying
there upto 31st october afternoon.

1. can you please suggest a tour plan for that 3 days…? we wish to visit pedong,
kolakham (changey falls), lava, lolyegaon and trek at neora valley. are all these possible
in 3 days…?
2. probably, we require a exclusive cab for ourselves… can that be booked from
darjeeling…? what could be the approximate fare for a 4 seater cab booked from
darjeeling for a trip as mentioned above…?

i will grateful if you can give some suggestions for the trip… also, can the cab bookings
be done from calcutta…?

wish you a happy travelling…..and happy blogging always….


Krishnandu Sarkar on September 24 at 1:47 PM

Hi Saurav, Thanks a lot and I’m glad that you liked it

Yes 3 days are enough to explore all the destinations you mentioned. But the issue
is, there’s pretty much nothing much to see on those destinations. The destinations
are something to “feel the charm” in the lap of Mother Nature by staying there.

But as you are done with the hotel bookings and have no way to change anything
now, you can visit places according to below plan…

28th : Reach Rishop and Sightseeing at Changey Falls

29th : Trek to Neora Valley and Sightseeing at Lava (Nothing else other than
Lava Monastery)
30th : Loleygaon Canopy Walk and Roam around in Kolakham (Again nothing to
see in Kolakham, except the enjoying the sunrise with 180 deg view of Mt. K in
morning). Kolakham is one of the best place for Birding, if you are at all
31st : Trek to Tiffin Dara View Point.
There’s nothing to see practically in Pedong and Charkhole, unless you stay there
to enjoy the view. You’ll even pass through Pedong the day you go to Kolakham
from Rishop.

Yes keeping exclusive vehicle is a good idea in this region. You can hire it from
Darjeeling / Lava (wherever you wish). Or even you can pre-book it to pick you
up from Darjeeling from Mr. Dipankar (from whom I hired the car. Contact given

Let me know if you have further queries


branko on September 24 at 1:29 PM

extremely helpful in all respects…


Krishnandu Sarkar on September 24 at 1:30 PM

Thank You Branko



Saurav on September 26 at 11:27 AM

Thank you very very much for your suggestions… We are, actually nature lovers and
should have extended stays at that region and not at Darjeeling…. Anyways, we may try
that some later time, with more suggestions from you….

I will contact with Mr. Dipankar at the mobile number given earlier…..

I may ask you for more suggestions, if required….

Thank you very much for your kind help always….

Wish you and your friends & family a very very happy durga puja ahead….



Krishnandu Sarkar on September 26 at 8:54 PM

Thank You

I’m glad that you liked it

Sure. Let me know in case of any more queries.

Yes you may contact Dipankar and tell him my name, he knows me well



Saurav on October 21 at 7:29 PM

Hallo Krishnandu…. Hope u had a great Durga puja…..

I wrote to u earlier for some suggestions about the darjeeling-rishyap-kolakham trip (for
last week of October) on 24th and 26th September for which I again thank you for your
extremely valuable advices…. I have modified slightly our tour plan as per your

Regarding hiring of exclusive cab for rishyap onwards trip, I tried to contact Mr.
Dipankar Roy @ 8972247306 (as given by you earlier) many times in the last two days
for which the number is not responding at all…

1. Do you have any alternate mobile/phone number of Mr. Dipankar Roy….?

2. Can you suggest any other person/syndicate from darjeeling where we can hire a
exclusive cab….?

I will be again very grateful to you for your advices….




Krishnandu Sarkar on October 21 at 9:33 PM

Hi Saurav, Last when I spoke to Mr. Dipankar last Tuesday, he had an accident,
due to which he might be busy. You can drop him a mail at and try calling him at another alternate number
In the mean time, I’ll try to contact him and ask him to get in touch with you
urgently. If that doesn’t works, I’ll pass on some more numbers of drivers and
agencies whom I used before.


Saurav on October 22 at 11:00 AM

Hallo Krishnandu,

Thank you very very much again for your kind help….

Had a contact with Mr. Dipankar Roy @ his alternate number and got his
advice about cab bookings…

Thank you very much always….




Krishnandu Sarkar on October 22 at 12:24 PM

Hi Saurav,
That’s great!! You are welcome!! Have a nice holiday



Videsh on November 3 at 3:36 PM

hi, Krishnandu,
How r u? Your post helped me lot about our last tour (lava rishop kolakham). Our next
plan is old silk route (March last week, 2017) tour.
Please help me for a tour plan for old silk route. We prefer 4N 5D Plan. We are 6 adult
and one baby girl (4years 6 month). How much it approximate cost for total tour? Is there
any place where we can get some snow in march?

Krishnandu Sarkar on November 3 at 8:56 PM

Hi Videsh,
I’m doing fine. I’m glad that my posts helped you
I just returned from Old Silk Route on October!! I’m working on the article, it’ll
be ready to publish within a week or two So you can keep an eye on that

Or you may subscribe the blog posts below to get mail updates!!

For 4N/5D you can follow..

Day 1 : NJP – Sillery Gaon
Day 2 : Sillery Gaon – Zuluk
Day 3 : Zuluk – Gnathang
Day 4 : Gnathang – Mankhim
Day 5 : Mankhim – NJP

Homestay rates are fixed here. It’s 800/- – 900/- per person per night including
fooding and lodging. You’d need a exclusive vehicle at this region which would
cost you around 3000/- – 3500/- per day.


Videsh on November 4 at 2:57 PM

Thank u very much. I think i silently follow your footstep. Is Gnathang night stay with
my daughter(4.5 year) be a problem for high altitude ? what will be better for one night
Mankhim or Rishikhola? What will be better go with package or make booking myself?

Krishnandu Sarkar on November 4 at 4:57 PM

Hi Videsh, Yes you may stay there but as a matter of precaution carry camphor
and popcorn. In case of breathing issues, smell the camphor and eat some popcorn
which will help to regain the oxygen level in body. It’s at 13,500 ft avobe sea
level, this it should not cause much issue.

I loved both Reshikhola and Mankhim, but I’d suggest Mankhim. Because to
reach Reshikhola one have to walk around 1KM crossing the Reshi River and
then through a forest to reach the homestays. So if that’s not a problem to you,
you can choose Reshikhola.

The post regarding Silk Route will be up within next 2 days. So I’ll ask you to
wait a bit and go through the pictures and post of mine before you take the

Regarding package, I’d say if you can take the pain of calling everyone of them
and setting up the tour then go ahead with it else make the bookings through

Just wait for 2 days you’ll get all the contact references I used while on my tour!!
Let me know if you have further queries

Krishnandu Sarkar on November 5 at 2:56 AM

Hi Videsh, The Silk Route post is up

Here’s the link

You can take a look and comment if you have further queries



Saurav on November 26 at 11:45 AM

hallo krishnandu…..

i am saurav, back from a family trip to darjeeling-rishyap-kolakham-lava in the first week

of november this year….

my wife and myself must thank you from the bottom of our heart for your wonderful tour
planning and constant help that is otherwise almost impossible to get nowadays….
probably one of the best trip we had with our 8 year old son….. we enjoyed a lot and
fallen in love with the quiet calm nature of rishyap and kolakham, as we are nature
lovers…. its a pity that we could’nt extend our stay there….nyways….. its because of
your kind help and great tour planning and others, our trip was memorable and relished
most…. thank you very much….

i am sorry for my late response, as i was bit busy with my work…..

we plan for the silk route trip or bhutan tour next year, 2017…. your posts will be our
basic guide book….

thank you always…. hope you are fine and doing well… keep touring….and blogging….




Krishnandu Sarkar on November 26 at 2:26 PM

Hi Saurav, Thanks a lot for sharing your experience after coming back.
I must say that it’s readers like you who keep inspiring to keep on blogging

Thanks a lot again and I’m glad that it helped you planning a perfect trip



Samraggi Bose on December 31 at 12:24 AM

Hello Mr.Krishnendu,
I have planned a trip to the following places.want your expert advice and suggestions
regarding this.
Day 1-NJP to Icchegaon,overnight at Icchegaon
Day 2-Ichhegaon to Sillery gaon trekking,overnight at Icchegaon
Day 3-start for Rishop,overnight at Rishop
Day 4-Rishop to Loleygaon,stay at loleygaon
Day 5-start for Lava,sight seeing n return to NJP

I will be very thankful if you guide me whether this plan is alright?


Krishnandu Sarkar on December 31 at 10:36 AM

Hi Samraggi, Yes the plan is perfectly fine. But can I suggest you some better
offbeat places instead of crowdy Lava & Loleygaon?

If yes, do consider staying at Charkhole instead of Loleygaon and Kolakham

instead of Lava. They being nearby to each other, you can cover Lava &
Loleygaon on the way


Soham on January 6 at 10:32 AM

Hi Krishnendu,

Hope you had a great winter vacation!

We are planning for Lava Lolegaon Rishyap Tinchuley tour in April end. Kindly look at
the itinerary. We are in a group of 9 friends.

Day 1: New Mal to Kolakham

Day 2: Kolakham to Rishyap via Lava (including Neora Valley zero point trek)
Day 3: Rishyap-Lolegaon-Delo- Tinchuley
Day 4: Tinchuley to NJP
Kindly suggest if we can modify the itinerary. We have few queries.

1) We have to visit Changey Falls in Day 1. Kindly let me know how we can reach
Changey Falls. Do we have to trek from hotel or we have to hire separate cab to get

2) You visited Neora Valley zero point in Day 2. So my question is from where we have
to start for Neora Valley Resort? Is it a trekkable route or we have to reach there by cab?
Also let us know how much time it will take.

3) What are the sight seeing places in Rishyap?

I know that I have asked you many questions. But it will help me to plan the trip better.

Krishnandu Sarkar on January 6 at 11:47 AM

Hi Soham,
The itinerary is perfectly fine!!

1. You can walk up to the point, but the distance is a bit long, so best is to hire a
cab. Use the same cab who drop you at Kolakham unless you are hiring it
exclusively for the whole trip. You can also ask the homestay / hotel to arrange a
cab for Changey Falls from Syndicate.

2. You need to hire a vehicle, first you need to go to Lava to get the permits and
then you need to go to the point from where trek starts. The trek is about one

3. Nothing much, just enjoy the nature and the Mt. K view!! You can trek to
Tiffindara to experience the sunrise / sunset!!

Hope that helps!! Let me know if you have further queries


Ranit bhowmik on January 13 at 11:47 PM


It is been nice reading your diary…. Quite informative.. I have a query… Is shared
vehicle available for Lava-Rishyap-Lolegaon from NMZ?

Thanks in advance

Krishnandu Sarkar on January 14 at 12:02 AM

Thanks a lot Ranit

Unfortunately there are no shared vehicle in these region. You can either keep
exclusive vehicle for throughout the tour else hire car everyday as per your
itinerary from car syndicate out there. Fares are fixed for everything at the

From NMZ it’d take around Rs. 2000/- – 2500/- for Lava / Loleyagon / Rishop /


Ranit bhowmik on January 14 at 2:01 PM

Even at off-season I mean now the price is fixed? What about from
NJP/Siliguri.. Are shared vehicle available?


Krishnandu Sarkar on January 14 at 2:27 PM

Well you can try bargaining the price. No even from NJP / Siliguri
there’s no shared vehicle in this region.



Diptyajit Paul on March 18 at 3:04 AM

can you please tell me how much car fare will be there only for lava to loleygaon trip?
will be there any share car ?

Krishnandu Sarkar on March 18 at 9:07 AM

Hi Diptyajit, Unfortunately there’s no shared car on this region and tourists must
hire cars from Car Syndicate only if you are staying for more than one night at
each destination.

Otherwise if you are staying for only one night at each destination then you can
bring outside vehicles exclusively for the whole tour.

Lava to Loleygaon would be within 1000/- – 1500/-. But you don’t need to worry
on this front, as the fares of syndicate are fixed and you won’t be foolled.

Diptyajit Paul on March 18 at 12:07 PM

Thank you Krishnandu. My trip plan is like this->

5/4- gorumara stay and jungle safari
6/4- gorumara to kalingpong dello via lava and night stay at rishyap
7/4- rishyap to lava by trekking and then lava to loleygaon and night stay at lava
8/4- lava to kolakham and night stay at lava
9/4- lava to jpe and boarding at train

So can you please tell me that the trip plan is alright or not !! and I have some queries on
fares as we are college students (4 people) and we have a limited budget.
1) lava to kolakham car fare?
2) Is there any hill top point up from Rishyap where we can trek?
3) what are the places to see in lava by a trek?
and you told lava to loleygaon car fare will be within 1000-1500/ is that price for
lava to loleygaon and then come back to lava again?
and if you have any suggestion in your mind to modify our trip please inform me.
Thank you,

Krishnandu Sarkar on March 18 at 2:16 PM

Hi Diptyajit, Yes the itinerary is fine, but I’d like to suggest one change for “8/4-
lava to kolakham and night stay at lava”, instead of staying at Lava for 2 nights,
stay one night at Kolakham, you’d love the experience of staying inside Neora

1) lava to kolakham car fare?

A. Around 1500/-

2) Is there any hill top point up from Rishyap where we can trek?

A. Yes you can trek upto Tiffindara.

3) what are the places to see in lava by a trek?

A. Nothing much. You can go to Lava Monastery and roam around the market.
Lava is kind of a town. You can visit Neora Valley Nature Interpretation Center.
You can go and trek to Neora Valley from there.

and you told lava to loleygaon car fare will be within 1000-1500/ is that price
for lava to loleygaon and then come back to lava again?

A. No round trip fare is around 1500/- – 2000/-.

and if you have any suggestion in your mind to modify our trip please inform me.
A. Ahhh I have already suggested that above!!


Jayasish Ghosh on April 17 at 1:09 PM

hello krishnendu…thanks for the beautiful description..i was planning a trip with my 75
yrs mother and sister’s family. i choose kolkham-rishyap-ramdhura after reading your itinerary is like this..
21st april –20:30 p.m. kanchankanya express(13149) from sealdah
22nd april— 09:20 a.m. arrival at New Mal junction—go to kolakham village via jhandi
dara view point (by car) —Night stay at kolakham silent valley resort
23rd april— Sightseeing (chungey falls etc) by walk—Night stay at kolakham
24th april—after breakfast go to rishop (by car via lava and neora valley sightseeing) —
reach rishop by afternoon—-night stay at rishop at Himalayan hut hotel.
25th april—after breakfast leave rishop—go to ramdhura village via lolegaon sightseeing
by car—night stay at ramdhura
26th april—after breakfast leave ramdhura—go to new mal junc via delo sightseeing—
train kanchankanya exp from new mal at 6:30 p.m.
27th april—back to sealdah at 8:15 a.m.
Is that ok??if yes..i have some queries…hope u can help..
1. what about the tempareture there in last week of april?i am a bit worried about my
mother. they are saying one sweater is that true??
2.we booked an exclusive vehicle for the whole journey and he is taking 12500/ that a
fair amount?? is food there?
4. to stay in risyap or other places is permission mandatory??if yes ,all members of the
grp should have an id card right?my mother lost her will that be a prob??
I like to travel very much.actually trekking is my passion.but this time i am a little bit
worried about my pls help me…thanks in advance

Krishnandu Sarkar on April 17 at 2:04 PM

Hi Jayasish, Thank you and I’m glad that you liked it. Your itinerary is perfect.
But I don’t think it’d be a good idea to take your mother to Changey Falls, as to
reach the same you have to go downhill by walk a lot. Which can be an issue for
her, while coming back. Rest all looks like. You may also exclude her from the
Neora Valley Trek, which is also not feasible at her age.

1. what about the tempareture there in last week of april?i am a bit worried
about my mother. they are saying one sweater is that true??

A. Yes temperature would be moderate in April. Just to ensure the safety, carry
sweater along with either one of a jacket / windcheater / thermals / woolicot. That
would be more than enough.
2.we booked an exclusive vehicle for the whole journey and he is taking
12500/ that a fair amount??

A, Yes the amount is very good.

But here’s something for your information.

In this region, there’s a rule that states if one is staying for more than one night at
any destination, he/she must hire vehicle from Car Syndicate and cannot use
outside vehicle. Hotel / Homestay owners are very closely tied up with the
syndicate and may cause an issue due to the same.

You are allowed to hire your own exclusive vehicle (outside Car Syndicate) if you
are staying for one night at each destination though. But the issue is for more than
one night.

But, the catch is, if you don’t use the vehicle on the 2nd day of your stay at
Kolakham (i.e.23rd April) and you really walk to Changey Falls from your hotel,
then it’s fine. The thing is you won’t be able to use the vehicle 23rd April for
Sightseeing without checking out completely. If you need a vehicle on 23rd April,
you have to hire it from Car Syndicate.

Though this depends on whether the homestay owner co-operates with you and
doesn’t complain the Syndicate. is food there?

A. Homely and tasty I’d say!!

4. to stay in risyap or other places is permission mandatory??if yes ,all

members of the grp should have an id card right?my mother lost her
will that be a prob??

A. There’s no such permission required. For hotels, you need to give photocopy
of Voter ID Card, which any one can do. It’s not required for every member.

Hope that helps


prasenjit Roy on May 15 at 6:28 PM

hi krishnandu,

i have booking 1 nt at kolakham and 2 nt ryshop. 3nt / 4day planning.

day 1- NMZ to Kolakham and rest
day 2- Changi Falls (Morning), after breakfast/ lunch towards Neora Vally Zero Point,
lava monestry. nt stay ryshop.
day 3- Morning tiffin dara. after breakfast delo n sillary gaon. nt stay ryshop.
day 4- lolegaon and charkhol. afternoon NMZ.

is this plan ok???

should i book a exclusive vehicle for the entire trip. Some1 cost us 12000/- for 4 days.

Krishnandu Sarkar on May 15 at 7:01 PM

Hi Prasenjit, Yes the itinerary is fine. But you might not be able to do Charkhole
and proceed to NMZ on Day 4 due to the time constaint.

If you book an exclusive vehicle, make sure it belongs to Syndicate, otherwise

you can’t use that vehicle on Day 2.

Outside vehicles are not allowed to do sightseeing unless you checkout of the
hotel / homestays. It’s a rule there to help employment of the locals.

If you can’t get a vehicle of Syndicate, which is very tough to hire exclusively for
the whole tour, as they prefer to do day tours only, I’d suggest you to book
vehicles on spot on point to point basis. Otherwise you’d be loosing out on Day 2
as you won’t be able to use the outside vehicle and must hire a vehicle from
Syndicate anyway.


prasenjit Roy on May 16 at 3:23 PM

Dear Mr Krishnendu,

Thanks for your reply.

No1. You told me not to book a exclusive vehicle because on day 2 at ryshop they wont
allow us exclusive vehicle. So if I book on spot on point to point basis, then total vehicle
expenses should be higher. Right?? IF yes, then please can you tell me How Much (the
difference amount)??

No2. you told me we cant cover charkhol on day 4 bcz of shortage of time. So what
should i do?? you know our itinerary. please suggest or rearrenge our itinerary.

btw our journey dates 23 – 26 th May. (22nd eve train from sealdah & 26th eve train
from NMZ)

Krishnandu Sarkar on May 16 at 9:34 PM

Hi Prasenjit, Yes, because if you hire exclusive vehicle you’ll be paying for it day
wise, say Rs. 3500/- per day. But on Day 2, you’d not be allowed to use that
vehicle anyway and you’d have to hire another vehicle for again Rs. 2500/- –
3000/-. So on Day 2 you’d be paying 3500 + 3000/- = 6500/-. It’s not like point to
point vehicle expenses are higher, but it might not cost you Rs. 3500/- every day.

Let me explain, the reason of keeping exclusive vehicle is, they would charge us
day wise say Rs. 3500/- per day. But for point to point vehicle you’d be charged
at fixed rate from Syndicate according to the distance. So whatever it is you have
to pay as the rate is fixed by Syndicate.

So for say Kolakham – Rishop might be done in Rs. 2000/- – Rs. 2500/-. A Day
trip to Changey Falls and Lava Monastery might be done in Rs. 1500/- – Rs.
2000/-. So you get my point right?

So you want to do Charkhole? In that case you can do it like…

23rd : NMZ – Kolakham. Visit Changey Falls.

24th : Kolakham – Rishop via Lava & Neora Valley.
25th : Rishop – Charkhole via Loleygaon & Kaffer
26th : Charkhole – NMZ.

1. Now as you are not staying for 2 nights at any of the destination with the
modified itinerary above, you may hire exclusive vehicle.
2. Even if you hire exclusive vehicle, that vehicle might not be able to do Neora
Valley. Check with the driver first. So you might have to hire another vehicle for
Neora Valley Zero Point.
3. I have ditched Sillery Gaon, as it’s on a different route. Plan it different time
along with Silk Route.
4. You may or may not be able to include Dealo and Kalimpong on 26th
depending on the time you have, as Dealo and Kalimpong is on a different route
than NMZ. It’d have been possible if your ticket was from NJP instead. Anyway
check with the driver again on this.

Hope that helps


Geeta on May 20 at 5:37 PM

Dear Krishnandu,
Very informative,and cost effective analysis. I want to go Lava Lolegaon ( any other hill
area in north Bengal )trip for 3/4 days with my 12 years son in his summer vacation(till
15th june) please suggest my tour plan from kolkata.

Krishnandu Sarkar on May 20 at 11:00 PM

Hi Geeta, Thanks a lot and I’m glad that you liked it

If you want to do this Lava, Loleygaon, Rishop, Kolakham trip in mid June, you
may go for it. But please notice that during that time it may rain a bit.

So for 3-4 days it’d be like

Day 1 : NMZ – Kolakham

Day 2 : Kolakham – Rishop via Lava & Neora Valley
Day 3 : Rishop – Charkhole via Loleygaon
Day 4 : Charkhole – NJP via Teesta Barrage / Kalimpong & Dealo.


Prasun on May 22 at 12:58 PM

Dear Mr Krishnandu,
we are planning a trip in North Bengal during DURGA puja this year. Pl guide us
whether it is posible to stay 2 nights at Samsing and will explore Sultanekhola and then
move to Kolakham for 2 nights. Otherwise you can suggest me a itinerary for 4 nights 5
days in North Bengal . Pl guide.

With thanks,

Krishnandu Sarkar on May 22 at 2:06 PM

Hi Prasun, Well you for 4N/5D you may plan around Lava, Loleygaon, Rishop,
Kolakham, Charkhole otherwise you may plan around Samsing, Suntaletkhola,
Jhallong, Bindu along with Chapramari and/or Gorumara in Dooars.

Please let me know your preference, I can then suggest you a proper itinerary.


Prasun on May 23 at 12:13 AM

Krishnandu,thanks for your early response. It is clear from your post that
you are not preferring Samsing -Sultanekhola-Kolakham tour plan . Then I
may plan like this

Day 1: From NZM or NJP directly Rishap .

Day 2: Rishap to Charkhol via Lava Monastery .

Day 3 & 4 : At Kolakham.

Day 5 : Njp or NMZ

PL share your opinion.



Krishnandu Sarkar on May 23 at 4:46 PM

Hi Prasun, Actually Samsing, Suntaleykhola comes under Dooars

region. Though you may definitely combine both Kolakham along
with these two, but in that case you’d miss out some picturesque
destination along that route.

So I’d suggest you to concentrate on either of the region and have

another trip to the other!!

Ahh your route plan is not right, please find the correct route plan

Day 1: From NMZ – Kolakham

Day 2: Kolakham – Rishop via Lava & Neora Valley

Day 3 : Rishop – Charkhole via Loleygaon

Day 4 : Charkhole.

Day 5 : Charkhole – NJP via Teesta Barrage / Kalimpong & Dealo

And if you want to do Samsing / Suntaleykhola

Day 1: From NMZ – Kolakham

Day 2: Kolakham – Rishop via Lava & Neora Valley

Day 3 : Rishop – Suntaleykhola River Camp via Kalimpong

Day 4 : Day Trip To Samsing, Jhallong, Bindu

Day 5 : Suntaleykhola River Camp – NJP

Prasun on May 23 at 1:39 PM

Dear Krishnandu, really obliged with your suggestion. Can you please guide me which
place will be better for 2 night stay – Kolakham or Charkhol ? Even if, u already planned
2 night at Charkhol. May we enjoy Rishikhola during return time to NJP by road?
PL suggest best accommodation at Rishap and Charkhol. I visited Rishap and Lava in
2010. At that time we stayed at Neora Valley Resort at Rishap. Planning stay in
Kolakham Retreat at Kolakham.

At last I have been going through your every travel blogs and became a fan of you. ?


Krishnandu Sarkar on May 23 at 5:01 PM

Hi Prasun, I’d suggest to spend 2 nights at all of Rishop, Kolakham &

Charkhole!! They are so beautiful and best to relax overviewing the
Kanchenjungha. But the problem is as per the rules, if you stay more than one
night in Kolakham, Rishop, Lava & Loleygaon, you have to hire Syndicate
vehicles for sightseeing and cannot use the exclusive (outside) vehicle you’ll hire.

In simple words, the thing is you cannot use your own vehicle that you bought
with you before checking out of the hotel. Thus I suggested staying 2 nights at

Ahh, Reshikhola is on different route. I won’t suggest going that way, as cars will
charge you a high rate for that in that case.

I’d suggest you to make another trip to Reshikhola, Sillery Gaon, Icchey Gaon,
Ramdhura, Pedong etc.

And if you don’t want to stay 2 Nights at Charkhole and looking for exploring
another gem nearby, look at Kaffer village!! Most peoples think Loleygaon and
Kaffer to be same (due to the marketing strategy), but they are different!! Or you
may check Chuikhim as well, but alcohol is strictly banned in Chuikhim (if that

For Charkhole, Blue Pine Retreat is the best accommodation option available.
And for Rishop, you may try Himalayan Hut, where I stayed. Please check above
images and reviews for details of Himalayan Hut.


Prasun on June 8 at 10:38 AM

Dear Krishnandu , Now it becomes my habit to go through any of your
blogs of different places everyday. So nice you have presented everything
there. Last of all I have booked hotels at RIshap for 2 nights & Kolakham
for 2 nights. Now one problem has come that we r reaching Siliguri on
Nabami and will start journey to Rishap early morning on 39/10. As that
day is Dusera , I have great doubt whether I will get any shared hip for
Lava or not . At that case I am planning to reach Kalingpong with shared
hip or by bus and from there Rishap by exclusive vehicle . Pl share your

Krishnandu Sarkar on June 8 at 10:51 AM

Hi Prasun, I’m glad that you find my post helpful

Yes, Dussehra being the key festival among Nepali’s there will be
shortage of cars on that day, but you’ll still find other vehicles by
Hindu drivers on that route.

Otherwise, go as per your plan i.e. take a shared vehicle to

Kalimpong and then hire a exclusive vehicle to Kolakham / Rishop
as per your itinerary.


Anirban on May 25 at 4:24 PM

Can’t have a better guide with details … great job!

Krishnandu Sarkar on May 25 at 10:18 PM

Hi Anirban, Thank You and I’m glad that you liked it


priyanka das on June 7 at 3:23 PM

eta pore khub bhalo laglo. khub sundor. ami o jete chai. NMZ theke Lava Rishyap
Lolegaon Sillerygaon tour plan ki korbo??

Krishnandu Sarkar on June 7 at 3:40 PM

Hi Priyanka, Thanks a lot and I’m glad that you liked it

Let me know when you are planning and for how many days. I can then suggest
you an itinerary.
PRIYANKA DAS on June 7 at 3:51 PM

in the month of October and for 3/4 days.


Krishnandu Sarkar on June 7 at 5:17 PM

You may do it like..

Day 1 : NMZ – Kolakham

Day 2 : Kolakham – Rishop via Lava
Day 3 : Rishop – Sillery Gaon via Loleygaon
Day 4 : Sillery Gaon – NJP

You may do it in exact reverse order too, but I’d suggest to stick to
the above plan, as you get to experience train journey through
Dooars!! And if you haven’t travelled to NMZ before via
Kanchankanya, then this is going to be an unique experience for

PS ; Book Kanchankanya Express for NMZ.


PRIYANKA DAS on June 7 at 6:00 PM

thaks a lot.
ami NMZ kanchankanya te gechilam doors a. takhn doors darjeeling pelling gantok
korechi 15dys total legechilo


Krishnandu Sarkar on June 7 at 10:15 PM

Hi Priyanka, That’s great!!


Indrarup Saha on June 8 at 1:28 PM

Great work Krishnandu da… have really been a great help to so many travelers and
tourists, as evident from your blog page. Really appreciate it.
I too have a query related to North Bengal travel.
We have our rail tickets confirmed from Kolkata to NJP on 19th Sept 2017 (night) and
from NJP to Kolkata on 26 Sept 2017 (evening).
We are a group of 14 members (all adults, with 4 senior citizens) – all fit and fine.
Our tentative itinerary is given below :-
19.9.17 – Darjeeling Mail from Kolkata (night)
20.9.17 – NJP to Darjeeling via Kurseong (overnight at Darjeeling)
21.9.17 – Darjeeling and in and around (overnight at Darjeeling)
22.9.17 – transfer to Kalimpong via Takdah (overnight at Kalimpong)
23.9.17 – transfer to Rishyap (overnight at Rishyap)
24.9.17 – Sight seeing at Lava, Lolegaon – back to Rishyap (overnight at Rishyap)
25.9.17 – transfer to Kolakham – Sight seeing at Charkhole & Neora valley National Park
(overnight at Kolkakham)
26.9.17 – Kolakham to NJP via Gorubathan – Darjeeling mail (evening)
27.9.17 – Kolkata

Kindly, advise if this itinerary is O.K. We do prefer quaint, serene natural beauty…but,
most of us have not seen Darjeeling before, therefore had to dedicate 2 days there (mainly
for the rarest of rare glimpse of Kanchenjunga, the next morning) . What do you suggest?
Any deletion, addition, route change as per your views?

Also, we have always been budget travelers….so our permissible budget for this tour per
head (inclusive everything) is around Rs8500/- to 10,000/-, is this feasible.

Thank you a lot,

Indrarup Saha

Krishnandu Sarkar on June 8 at 3:19 PM

Thanks a lot Indrarup I’m glad that you liked my post.

Yes your itinerary is mostly fine, but one small issue with the route is that, go for
Kolakham first and then Rishop as you are approaching the same from

Also Charkhole is not a place for sightseeing. Dedicate a day if you want to see

So the modification I’d suggest is…

23.9.17 – transfer to Kolakham (overnight at Kolakham). Visit Changey Falls

24.9.17 – Sight seeing at Neora Valley & Lava – transfer to Rishyap (overnight at
25.9.17 – transfer to Charkhole via Loleygaon
26.9.17 – Charkhole to NJP – Darjeeling mail (evening)
If you don’t want to shift hotels everyday then you may drop Charkhole entirely
and can stay back at Rishyap and do Loleygaon sightseeing on 25th.

Hope that helps


Indrarup SAha on June 8 at 9:46 PM

Thank you a lot Krishnandu da…..

Thank you a lot for your prompt and well thought out reply and helping us
modifying our itinerary,

Looking forward to our tour….would definitely share our experience with

you, once it’s done !!!!

Thank you again,


Krishnandu Sarkar on June 8 at 9:59 PM

You are welcome Indrarup

Yes, I’d love to hear your feedback


KOUSIK CHOUDHURY on June 16 at 10:38 PM

HI Krishnendu,

Just going through you blog…Really nice and informative.

Please help us to make our plan for the below mentioned dates.

Kolkata (Sealdah) to NJP on 26.09.2017

Return Back to Kolkata (Howragh) from NJP on 01.10.2017
Earlier we have planned for Lava,Rishop,Lolygaon and Zuluk. Is it ok? Or we will cancel
Zuluk and include Kolakham.

Amra 3 te Family Jabo , each family 3 members . So total 9 Members.

Please help us to plan our tour .

Thanks a lot in Advance.

Krishnandu Sarkar on June 16 at 11:03 PM

Hi Kousik, Thank you and I’m glad that you liked my blog

I think it’s better to include Kolakham instead of Zuluk. As driving to Zuluk for
one night doesn’t makes much sense to me. As Silk Route is more of a journey to
enjoy, so better plan it seperately next time along with other Silk Route

So you may do it like…

27th : NJP – Kolakham

28th : Kolakham – Rishop via Lava & Neora Valley
29th : Rishhop – Charkhole via Loleygaon
30th : Charkhole
1st : Charkhole – NJP

KOUSIK CHOUDHURY on June 18 at 8:10 AM

Thanks a lot Krishnandu. Working on your advice , shall let you know
once finalize…..

Krishnandu Sarkar on June 18 at 11:10 AM

Sure!! You are welcome


Sudipto sarkar on June 20 at 5:40 PM

Hello Krishnendu,

We are planning a tour to visit Lava, Lolegaon and Rishop in the month October’2017.
We set the plan for 4N,5D( 7th to 11th Oct).

Day1- NMZ to Kolakham ( Night stay- Kolakham)

Day2- Kolakham Sight seeing (Night Stay- Rishop)
Day3- Rishop Sightseeing ( Night Stay- Rishop)
Day4- Rishop to Siliary Gaon ( Night Stay- Siliary Gaon)
Day5- Siliary Gaon sightseeing ( Back to NMZ at night)

Is this plan work for the month October? If not plz suggest a better plan.

Krishnandu Sarkar on June 20 at 6:18 PM

Hi Sudipto, Yes the plan is perfectly fine. You can just return to NJP on Day 5 as
there are less trains from NMZ after evening.


Abhijnan Banerjee on January 30 at 12:27 AM

hi krishnandu,
first of all, I must congratulate you on the wonderful job you are doing. I am sure your
blog is awakening and giving wings to the sleepy wanderlust of many people like me.
I am planning a Dooars family trip in May-June 2018, 6 people, 4 adults including 1 sr
ctzn (quite fit) and 2 kids (aged 5 and 4). The first part of the trip is set as Sdah -Noq (1N
in train) -Buxa RBK (1N) -Hollong (2N)-Murti (2N). Having come thus far, I am tempted
to include the hills as well in the same trip. But I am pressed for time. I am considering 1
night stay in Kolakham and 1 night stay at Darjeeling (have to do it! family demand..:)).
As conveyance is an issue, I am running my tentative plan by you for your suggestions-
I intend to book a taxi for 2 days… first day start from murti wbfdc/nmz to kolakham…
experience natural serenity for one day, overnight kolakham, car stays.. next day
kolakham to darjeeling hotel drop via sight seeing on way (lava, deolo, kalimpong)….
will it be too hectic especially 2nd day? can it be managed?
is car booking like that available at murti/new mal jn? what could be the tentative taxi
cost if i go as per this plan? can you give me number of some reliable driver who could
do this programme…

Thanks in advance,

Abhijnan Banerjee

Krishnandu Sarkar on January 30 at 10:26 PM

Hi Abhijnan, Thanks a lot and I’m glad that you liked it

Frankly speaking, your plan is fine and keep it to dooars only. Reducing days
from the above plan and including it in Kolakham and/or Darjeeling is not at all
justified. But if you plan to add more number of days, then it’s fine. Even in that
case, Kolakham is fine for 1N, however for Darjeeling, you need to allocate
minimum 2N. Else believe me, it’s a waste of money, time and energy.

Also for Lava, Loleygaon, Rishyap, Kolakham, having 2N is better to cover all of

Yes you can book vehicles from Murti / NMZ to Kolakham. And yes Kolakham >
Lava > Dealo > Kalimpong > Darjeeling can be done in a day but as a transport.
Kalimpong needs around half day for sightseeing. So Lava Sightseeing + Dealo +
Kalimpong Sightseeing + transfer to Darjeeling will be like rushing through
things which I won’t suggest. If you still plan to do something sort of this, just
drop Kalimpong Sightseeing. After Kolakham, it won’t be much worth it.


Anindya Sundar Bhattacharya on February 12 at 12:42 PM

Thanks a lot Mr. Krishnandu … have really been a great help to so many travelers
and tourists, as evident from your blog page. Really appreciate it.
Our group member is 10 along with my 2 years son. My father is a post bypass surgery
patient (Done on 24th Oct’ 17). Doctor has given permission for the trip. But we do not
want to change our staying everyday. We want a fixed place for staying and which will
be convenient for LAVA, Loleygaon, Rishap and Kolkakham.
Our journey date will be 29th April’ 18 and reach NMZ on next day.
So, where we can stay. Please suggest.

Krishnandu Sarkar on February 12 at 9:19 PM

Hi Anindya, Thanks a lot & I’m glad that you liked it

Well frankly speaking, by staying at same place and taking day trips to the above
mentioned places would be like killing the precious time of the day travelling to
& fro. Also the above mentioned places do not have much sightseeings to do,
instead these are the palces where you need to stay to enjoy or feel the charm of
the place.

But still if you have no other way, I’d suggest to choose the halt according to your

Lava : Lava is more of like mini town with various shops / restaurants / eateries
etc. Lava is also the center of all the above mentioned places. So if you’d like to
be in a town (which I don’t recommend personally) and be in center of other
destinations you can stay at Lava.

Loleygaon : Loleygaon is just few KM’s away from Lava and a bit tucked in too
with good scenic beauties and clouds all over.

Rishyap : Rishyap offers 360 deg view of Kanchenjungha from your room itself.
One of the best scenic destination among all above. The route being in good
condition, I’d personally recommend staying at Rishyap if you are into scenic
beauty and Kanchenjungha. Rishyap being tucked in is also disconnected from the
hustle bustle of the town and thus offers peace and tranquility

Kolakham : Well, Kolakham also offers good views of Kanchenjungha and

scenic beauty as of Rishyap. However Kolakham being situated within base
region Neora Valley Forest, the route is not at all in good condition, in fact I
should say worst of all above. However if your idea is to stay within a forest,
being disconnected from the hustle bustle of the town, then you may choose
Kolakham. However I won’t recommend doing journey everyday (i.e. making day
trips) from Kolakham with a bypass surgery patient.

Hope that helps


Anindya Sundar Bhattacharya on February 28 at 12:48 PM

Thank you very much.


Krishnandu Sarkar on February 28 at 10:50 PM

I’m glad that you liked it



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