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Assignment 3

Part 1

Read Linda Whitesitt’s “Women as ‘Keepers of Culture’: Music Clubs, Community Concert Series,
and Symphony Orchestras,” and answer the following questions. Upload your answers prior to class
on February 12.

1. How did women’s music clubs—and therefore the role of women—evolve in the late
nineteenth and early twentieth century?
2. Summarize the types of clubs and activities that are described on pages 66–69.
3. Who was Ella May Smith and what were her major accomplishments?
4. Who was Adella Prentiss Hughes and what were her major accomplishments?
5. How did women assist in the founding of permanent orchestras in Cincinnati, Philadelphia,
New York, and Cleveland? Be specific.

Part 2

Examine the scores and playlist. Come prepared to sing the following, since we will sing them on
our concert in a few weeks.

1. “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”
2. “Go Down, Moses”
3. “Steal Away”
4. “Deep River”

1. “There is a Fountain”
2. “Are You Washed in the Blood?”
3. “In the Sweet By and By”

You’ll also see transcriptions of Native American songs, which were made by Theodore Baker in his
doctoral dissertation. Edward MacDowell took these songs and used them as the basis for an
orchestral piece, Suite No. 2 (“Indian Suite”). I’ve given you the score for the fourth movement.
Print this out and mark where the Native American song is present and take note of how it is