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Acknowledgment 02

Abstract 03

Introduction 04

Vision statement 05

Mission statement 05

Goals and objectives 05

Core values 05

Financial strategies 06

Product lines 09

CSR and corporate governance 11

Company techniques 12

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Firstly we would thank Allah for giving us the opportunity and the resources to be able to do
something productive with our lives. Without His blessings we would not have been able to
come as far as we have.

Then our sincere thanks to Sir, Rameez for helping us throughout this project. His guidelines
have been very useful for us in preparing this project.

This project would not have been possible without his cooperation and continuous direction.

Last but not the least we would like to thanks our families for their incessant support and

This project is about the Engro Foods from the time when Engro foods came up with the idea
of adding a new product line to their already well established and long set of product lines to
the point that they are still heavily promoting their product. We talk about the introduction,
financial strategies, corporate social responsibilities, governance policies, product lines of the

Introduction of ENGRO Foods
Engro Corporation limited (formerly known as Engro chemical Pakistan limited.) is one of the largest
industrial corporations in Pakistan.

It operates in various sectors





Business automation solutions

It is a public sector company listed on KSE.

The current market share price of Engro Corporation limited as of June 10, 2011 is PKR 187/- per
share. It starts its operation in 1957as an Esso/ mobil joint venture.

It has following business units

Engro polymer

Engro energy

Engro fertilizer

Engro foods

Engro foods supply chain

Engro Foods limited was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Engro Corporation in 2005,
Headquartered in Karachi. The plant located at sukkar on 23 acre land, has the raw milk reception
capability of 300,000 liters per day. The plant has been established at a cost of Rs 1 billion which
provides direct employment to 750 peoples.

Engro foods entered the food business through milk processing and sale with the company’s vision to
pursue growth opportunities based on country fundamentals and own strength. It starts its operation
in 2006 and become major player in food industry.

Mission statement
Build branded business to improve quality of life by offering tasty, affordable and high
nutritional products to our consumers while maximizing stakeholder’s value.

Vision statement
Aim at transforming the company within the five years into firs national food industry giant,
then into regional force and finally into a global player.

Objectives and goals

Engro Foods main objectives are to supply everyone their favorite Lopper’s milk and to satisfy
the consumer need and wants. Engro Foods second objective is to increase the value for the
stakeholders and company value. We want to be the major player in the food industry.

Core values
1. Leadership.

2. Innovation.

3. Diversity and international focus

4. Quality and continuous improvement.

5. Candid and open communications.

6. Individual growth and development.

7. Enthusiastic pursuit of profit.

8. Ethics and integrity.

9. Safety, Health and environment.

Financial strategies of Engro foods
This condensed interim information has been prepared in accordance with the requirements
of international accounting standard 34 interim financial reporting and provisions of and
directives issued under the ordinance 1984. In case where requirement differ the provisions
of and directive issued under the ordinance have been followed.

Accounting policies
The accounting policies and methods of computation adopted in the preparation of
condensed interim financial information are consistent with those applied in the preparation
of the annual financial statements.

Financial strategy components


There are two ways an organization can finances assets.

1. Debt
Debt falls into two categories; obtaining a loan or selling bonds
2. Equity
Financing with equity includes selling stock. When investors purchase stock, the
organization receives cash to finance their assets

Utilize money for the purpose of earning profit in long term or short term securities

It is a part of profit which is distributed among shareholders

Debt and equity percentage of Engro foods

description 2016 2017 2018

debt 30.5% 40% 50%
equity 69.5% 60% 50%

Company information for 3 months

31 march 2017
AMOUNT(million) 2016 2017 change
Net sales 11.743 8.812 (25%)
Operating profit 1.656 474 (71%)
Sales % 14.1% 5.4%
Profit after tax 1.108 331 (70%)
Sales% 9.4% 3.8%
Profit per share 1.45% 0.43% (70%)

Financial information

description 2013 2015 2016 2017 2018

Share price 133.58 107.67 156.85 162.44 162.44
Exercise price 191.89 182.85 230.76 268.36 247.05
Expected 32.54% 30.32 34.86% 25.74% 25.74%
Expected life 3years 3.5years 3.5years 3.5years 4.5years
Annual risk 9.42% 7.93% 6.15% 6.12% 6.12%
free interest

Product line of Engro foods
It launches multiple products

Fruit juices

Milk powders

Engro rice basmati

Engro khaki flour

Flavored milk
1. Olper’s milk
2. Olper’s lite
3. Olpers badam, zafran milk
4. Dairy omung and Dairy Tarang

Ice cream

Product with future prospect

Engro foods diversified portfolio

1. Elengy Terminal Pakistan Limited

(LNG storage and marketing company)

2. Engro EXIMP (Pvt.) Linited

Engro CSR and governance policies
Engro corporation has been ranked Pakistan’s leading company for CSR, in the first Asian
sustainability Rating (ASR). Engro also achieved the distinction of being the only Pakistani
company included in ASR’s top 50 Asian companies.

Engro’s efforts in building sustainability in Pakistan are demonstrated by its commitment to

consistently contribute 1% of profit before tax towards social investments.

Engross major social spending is in the areas of skill development, education, health,
environment, emergency relief efforts and philanthropy.

Governance policies
The board of directors ensures compliance with the code of corporate governance as issued
by the securities and exchange commission of Pakistan

The code primarily helps in establishing a system whereby a company is directed and
controlled by directors in accordance with the best governance practices to safeguard the
interests of the stakeholders. The code emphasizes upon openness and transparency in
corporate affairs and decision making process.

Besides striving for good corporate governance by preventing unnecessary wastage of natural
resources, investing in our human capital and sharing our business gains with all our
stakeholders, we also feel a great sense of responsibility towards our communities.

Following policies encompass some of the different aspects of corporate governance at Engro

 Anti-restrictive practices
 Conflicts of interest
 Directorships in other companies
 Ethics and business practices
 Gifts and business entertainment
 Health safety and environment
 Human resource management
 Insider trading
 Internal control system
 Procurement of goods and services

Engro foods techniques

1. Candid and open culture
2. Recognition
3. Training and outbreaks
4. Work life balance and day care center
5. Compensation programs
6. Benefits given by efl
7. Compensation regarding inputs and outputs
8. Birthdays off
9. Off track policy
10. Employee welfare

Engro foods performance

S.NO Key factors 2016 2017
1 Return on investment 1.41% 5.70%
2 Return on equity 3.43% 12.31%
3 Profit margin 0.84% 2.92%
4 Market share 31% 45%
5 Debt to equity 51% 51%
6 Earnings per share 0.31% 1.22%
7 Sales growth 25.8% 42.6%
8 Asset growth 27.23% 33.53%

Engro foods limited have been winning brand of the year’s award of 2006 and 2007.
According to a survey the size of EFL is not that big since EFL is only 13 years old organization.

EFL is leading company in food business and it is being faced with a huge challenge of
diversity as it has fast moving consumer goods. As per the manager, EFL does not really go
thru the theories to motivate the employees are very effective and this organization seems to
make huge market share in the near future.

 A steady person seems to be the most appropriate for a managerial position.
 Do not focus too much on existing incentive profiles, since they may not be suited for
the organization
 Feedback and communicating with employees and consumers are a great part of the
managerial work task which contributes to increased employees motivation and
consumers satisfaction.

Company’s reports
Company’s profile