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12 March 2018

Department of Public Works and Highways
Port Area, Manila

Subject: Travel Authority for the Melbourne Water Study Tour

Dear Secretary Villar:

This is to respectfully endorse the attendance of the following MWSS Regulatory Office
(RO) officials and staffs to a Study Tour/ Appreciation of Best Practices of Melbourne
Water on 24-29 March 2018 in Melbourne, Australia:

1) Patrick Lester Ng Ty - Chief Regulator

2) Evelyn B. Agustin - Deputy Administrator
3) Claudine B. Orocio-Isorena - Deputy Administrator
4) Charmaine Shiela R. Abia - Supervising Water Utilities
Regulation Officer

Attendance of our officials to this kind of study tour is beneficial and an excellent
opportunity to learn best practices of Melbourne Water, as well as its emerging trends in
regulatory mechanisms. It will also enhance their economic, technical and policy
competencies necessary for the job which will ultimately redound to improved services to
the government and the people.

Attached is the letter-invitation from the Melbourne Water.

Atty. Ty was appointed Chief Regulator on 1 August 2017 and his “fixed- term”
appointment will end on 31 July 2022, Atty. Isorena was appointed Deputy Administrator
on 16 March and her “fixed-term” appointment will end on 31 July 2020, while Engr.
Agustin was appointed on 10 August 2017 and her “fixed-term” appointment will end on
31 July 2022. Ms. Abia holds a permanent appointment and was appointed to her current
position on 24 September 2014.

We likewise request for their entitlement to travel expenses and allowances in accordance
with the UNDP prescribed rates in the total amount of US Dollars Eight Thousand Eight
Hundred Eight (US$ 8,808.00) + Six Thousand Pesos (Php6,000.00) pre departure expenses
and in Philippine Peso, the amount of Three Hundred Thirty Thousand ( Php 330,000.00)
for the airfare or a total of Seven Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Eight Hundred Eight
Pesos and 72/100 (Php 794, 808.72.)

The said cost for this proposed participation shall not exceed 75% of the RO’s allocated
fund for foreign training. Please be informed that the foreign training budget in the 2018
RO Corporate Operating Budget approved by the MWSS Board of Trustees is Three Million
Nine Hundred Thirteen Thousand Pesos (Php 3,913,000), 75% of which amounts to two
Million Nine Hundred Thirty Four Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Pesos(Php 2, 934,750).

These requests are pursuant to Executive Order No. 459 “Streamlining the Procedure in the
Disposition of Requests of Government officials and Employees for Authority to travel
Abroad”. Section 5 of EO 459 delegated the approval of attendance for foreign trainings and
authorized the Head of Department to approve up to seventy-five (75%) of allocated travel
budget of the agency under it.

May we also inform you that Mr. Lee Robert Britannico, Deputy Administrator for
Customer Service Regulation, will be designated as Officer-in-Charge of the RO starting 24
March until 29 March 2018.

Rest assured that the attendance of the above- mentioned RO officials in the said study tour
will not disrupt/hamper the day to day operations of the RO.

We appreciate your usual support.

Very truly yours,

Chief Regulator