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SUBCONTRACT CHALLAN ASHAPURA MINECHEM LIMITED JEEVAN UDYOG BUILDING, MUMBAI receipt in the account inthe processing factory '2.Quanity despatched (Nos ! Weight Lire / Meter ) and lentored in account [S.Nature of processing / manufacturing done Quantity of waste material returnes tothe parent fectory lor Geared fer home consumption Invoice no, and date [2untim of spi Goh ure an wrt) uh, “Fon Date: Ho be filed bythe parent factory in duplicate of challan on receipt of goods from factory. |Certned that We have receives the goods removed under the above challan, on jand have been taken credit of the amount vide RG23A / PLA entry no. INDIA +8 400001 GSTIN No. ABCDEFGHI111111 ‘CHALLAN For movements of hpus of patay Reg. No. processed goods under GST Rule 45 from Range 1" She of factory to ater tor father Dison BHAVNAGAR porary. Jcolecorste © AEMADABAD. supplrer PARTI name and address of the Mamutectare 5 Ge Sonoiio a mir esaNoTTE MANUFACTURING & name of U Chatlen Dele Sep 5, 2017 se, ioe Saye een ane ino os Tans Post year 2017 Inia Doe No, eee, cee aor [Factory Place of Supply ( 2ec*?! Currency INR lnsTionaL ELECTRIC WORKS LAnINAGAR fera0s in o8 te and Time ofleue: Sop5,2017 1200.00 aM TaaratcaTon a [Seno etor [Ouray [unt SW Goae [MET [het vue [ROS [uronay Rovomal 1 [r00zs7 | TO_ | 10020080 20s is [wR fo 1 A \ PARTI CGAST (oar ~ Quy fan SLa® 1. Date an tine of pach of ishing gods of parent * rf cory anther manufacturer and ery no and Gale ot I sapere ‘Signature of processor name of the factory | Address| PART It Signature of Manufacturer / Authorized