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Task 2: Reading a Story in the local UAE School

What the MST Does What the Children Comments
Teacher present the little egg Students answer the Students understand
story and ask the students teacher questions, the key vocab when
Pre-Reading what you see in the cove what they see on the they do the actions.
Activities page, what you think the cove page. The
Name the book / story. story will about? Teacher students set on the
present the key vocab words carpet and repeat
Describe how your MST gets using the power point and with
the words after the
children interested in the pictures to make it clear for the
story and wanting to hear / students. teacher and do word
read it. action.
This type of learning support

and Learning Methods, first

teacher shows the picture and

say the word than do the action,
students will repeat that.

while -listening stage, in this Students write Students do good job,

stage ensures that the learners different end for the because they are
While-Reading have something to do as they
story on the while writing for their
Activities listen. Teacher opine little egg
board, then each imagination.
How your MST keeps story, tell the students but your
finger on the word you listen. group read their
children interested and
Than teacher ask to the students answers.
actively involved.
to write different ending for the
In this stage teacher will check Students complete Some students
students’ comprehension in their story map in fiend this activity hard
Post-Reading Activities more detail. teacher will give
groups. because they can not
How your MST consolidates each students story map to write write, so teacher ask
what they figure out, then
the storyline and explores students you can use
teacher will ask the students to
opportunities for developing share their ideas is if they right. the story to help you.
language, topic related and This activity support Bruner
personal, social and theory about personal discovery
emotional issues. Bruner believes children learn
more by searching information
by their self.

Reflections on Observation Task 2: Reading a Story in the Local UAE

1. What preparation (i.e. pre-listening activity) did the teacher give the
learners before they listened to the text? Yes preparation

If they had some preparation, select (a) if they did not, select (b).

a. How did the pre-listening activity help students understand?
Teacher use pictures and word action to help the students to
understand the story.

2. Were the learners engaged in while-listening activity/activities? If they were, select (a);
if they were not, select (b). Yes, the learners engaged during while-listening.

a. What were the aims of the while-listening activity/activities?
To engaged the students while the listening to the story to don’t lose
their attention.

3. Did the learners have a post-listening activity/activities? If they did, select
(a); if they did not, select (b).
Yes, the learners do story map activity in post-listening.

a. What were the aims of the post-listening activity/activities?
The aims for post-listening activity to check student’s comprehension in
more detail and practice writing.

4. How many times did the learners listen to the text / recording?
The learners listen to the text twice.

b. Would it have increased their understanding if they had been allowed
to listen to the recording again? Explain.
I think yes, because in the first time they will don’t focus or did
understand whole story, second time the story will Clare in their

c. Did the learners hear the whole text at once, or in parts?
If so, which was the most helpful? the learners hear whole story once
than they hear it in second time because it short story.