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The client is still unconscious, nurse accompanies doctor who does visite to Luluk while
performing vital signs checks and along with Luluk’s mother comes to visit her daughter.
Mother : my dear..... (crying) What happened to you, dear? Doc, how is my
daughter now?
General doctor : mom calm first, currently your daughter has not been conscious, the
medical team has given the best proceeding for your daughter
Mother : yes doc, please help my daughter.
General doctor : yes, we will do our best.
Mother : ners, how can my daughter get to the hospital?
Nurse : based on the information of the citizen who brought your daughter here,
your daughter fell from the 3rd-floor office building and the incident happened around 3 p.m.
Mother : oh God. . .
Nurse : it’s better that you now, calm down first and pray to god asking for
healing for your daughter
Mother : thanks for your advice, ners
General doctor : how is the result of vital signs ms.luluk, ners? (while checking the
client's eyes with a penlight)
Nurse : the vital signs of ms.luluk: for her blood pressure is 100 / 70mmhg,
temperature 37°C, RR 20x / min, and pulse 110x / min.
General doctor : ok, check the client's vital sign periodically, and based information the
doctor at UGD, a client has broken the bone on his right leg. So, tomorrow please contact the
orthopedic doctor to do further checks to ms.luluk
Nurse : I'll do it, doc