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Research Proposal content

Research Proposal

1. Introduction
(Introduce your study and the chapter)
1.1. Background of the study
1.2. Research Problem
 Describe exactly what the problem is.
 It should be very brief, and should clarify the area of the researcher’s concern
 It should indicate why you believe that it is, in fact, a researchable problem (could be substantiated with literature review
1.3. Research Objective: Be focus on the research problem you have identified, to develop objective
1.3.1. Specific Objective: You need to subcategorize the general objective from the general concept in to measurable variable
1.3 Research Question/Hypothesis
Your research question should target the objectives
1.4. Scope of the Study
Specify your limit and coverage where your study will cover or explains what information or subject you are going to analyze (you may have
scope in terms of time, geographical coverage and concept)
1.5 Delimitation of the study:
The delimitations are those characteristics that limit the scope and define the boundaries of your study. The delimitations are in your control.
Delimiting factors include the choice of objectives, the research questions, variables of interest, theoretical perspectives that you adopted (as
opposed to what could have been adopted), and the population you choose to investigate.
1.6. Limitations of the study: Limitations of the study are potential weaknesses in your study and are out of your control.
(NB: This part to be written after completing your study)
1.6 Definition of terms/ Operational Terms
1.7 Organizations of the study ( How your research is organized from chapter one to end)
2. Review of Related Literature
(Introduce the chapter)
2.1. Theoretical Literature Review (Which existing Theory base your study?)
2.2. Empirical Literature Review (findings of related studies conducted having consistent and contradictory findings)
2.3. Conceptual framework of the study
2.4. Identified Literature gap
3. Methodology of the Study
(Introduce the chapter)
3.1 Description of the study area (Briefly describe your study area from your Research concept perspective)
3.2 Research approach and design
3.3 Population and Sample Design (Sample size determination technique and sampling technique)
3.4 Data source and type
3.5. Data collection Procedure
3.6 Ethical Considerations
3.7. Method of data analysis and presentation
3.7 Validity and Reliability test


2. Results, Discussion, and Interpretation

(Introduce the chapter)
 Present your Result Objective wise,
 Discussion the result ,

Research Proposal content, © Dr Shiferaw M

Research Proposal content

 Substantiate your result with previous findings of scholars in the area


3. Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

(Introduce the chapter)
5.1 Summary of major findings
5.2 Conclusions
5.3 Recommendations
5.4. Future Research Recommendation
References (Adhere to the Harvard referencing Style)
Appendices (Data collection instruments, supportive statistical figures used for the study…etc)

Research Proposal content, © Dr Shiferaw M